Jay Cutler Superstar

21 Pic Salute to Packers Fans

I wrote earlier in the week that this will be Jay Cutler's first trip to Lambeau. We gave him a video preview of what to expect. Now, we honor one of America's fervent yet freakish fandoms with a 21-pic salute.


Hey Frozen booger man with little kid's toy on head!


Yeah, Tommy? It's Bill. So listen, about the game. I got this buck I killed. I'll throw some green sunglasses on him. And some beads. And I'll wear him on my head. Tommy, you there? Hello?

Lots more pics...after the jump.

I know they're gonna love our outfits...Well, I hope they do. You still think they're gonna like 'em? Shirley? Shirley you're hurting my hand...

pack 9.JPG

Unabomber loves him some Packers football!!!

pack 12.JPG

Awwwww, how cute. Freezing your dog to death for a cute picture and possible Packers game ticket.


Really? Elvis? Really?


I love the frozen gingerbread houses on our heads idea, but I think it needs something else...what about sunglasses with stickers on the lenses so we can't see a thing at the game?

pack 6.JPG

Packers fan in Bears-like jacket goes outside in the freezing cold and puts the TV in the car. I have nothing else on this one.

pack 8.JPG

Wonder Twin powers activate! Shape of Lady Gaga! Form of that lady from Drew Carey!

pack 13.JPG

It's Vince Lombardi. Or Truman Capote. Or just awful.


What is the deal with these people and their odd head adornments?

pack 15.jpg

Steve tried to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, but he didn't realize it was much, much too late.

pack beavis.gif

This one actually makes perfect sense.

pack 16.jpg

Their chest paint was fading. But they didn't care because they weren't exactly sure how to spell "Packers".

pack 17.jpg

Ernie still can't figure out the whole 'mirrors reverse images' deal.

pack 11.JPG

Math fail.

pack 21.jpg

We shudder to think what Brenda showed off next.

pacl 19.jpg


pack fans2.jpg

I got the lipstick to rub all over our chests. Did you get the sausages? You did? Score!

cheesa bra.jpg

Gina eventually tired of the question, "Uh, is that real cheese?" and just put on a shirt.

bad touch.jpg

Bad touch! Bad touch!!



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SpawnOfDitka said:


Eff the Eff'en Cheesehead idiots!!!

Blue Max said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

The ironic thing about these pix -- it's 14 September and all of the folks you see above are still smiling!

onso716 said:

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In that last picture isn't that Greg Jennings doing a Lambeau leap after scoring the game winning touchdown after burning Nathan "Cement Shoes" Vasher?

Matt Lo Cascio said:


those weren't cement shoes--he tripped over some tall blades of grass.

gopackgo said:

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Yeap This is who are:) also see more fun stuff at packer fan's site gopackgo.org, Go Pack Go!!!

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