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Not Everyone's Riding the Cutler Train

We know that Denver fans and bloggers traded in their tickets for the Cutler train. They recently downgraded to some economy coach tickets, also known as "Orton". That train is not as fast, doesn't move as smoothly and sometimes doesn't reach it's destination.

Here in Chicago we've had an upgrade to the "Cutler". It's like a ticket for the first-class super sleeper. It's rocket fast and totally new to us here in Chicago. But not everybody wants to hop on board.

Says Rick Morrissey about Cutler:

The reason for the enthusiasm surrounding Cutler is obvious. The Bears haven't had a good quarterback in a long time. And his arm seems to be fitted with a hydraulic slingshot. But if I might be the fly in the Kool-Aid, let's see what this guy can do in, you know, a real game before we crown him the next Peyton Manning.

But that's the whole point for the outrageous optimism -- he hasn't played a game yet.
The fawning stops on September 13th if the Bears lose and Cutler has a bad game. But for now we celebrate something that the Bears have never done before: a bold trade to get a young superstar QB not yet in his prime. Lovin' every minute of it. For now. What's wrong with that?

Morrissey then writes:

Unless Cutler cures cancer and gets "Jon & Kate Plus 8" canceled, I don't see how he possibly can live up to the hype.

Well he could win a Super Bowl. I'm pretty sure that would be living up to the hype. He could make multiple Pro Bowls and for once in the last half-century stabilize a position that has seen its share of Orton-type QBs. And if that doesn't happen? There will be time for ripping on him just like Bears fans have done for every other QB that has played here. But for now, we all just want to keep sniffing that new car smell.



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jric said:

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No one in Denver can blame Bears fans for being overly excited about Jay Cutler and his rocket arm. It was amazing to watch in Denver the last couple of years no doubt. But as amazing as he is with his long across the body throws, he will need to learn a few skills if he is to survive in Chicago. Between the 20's there may not be a better QB in the league right now. He'll need to learn Clock management. (total = 3 pts all last season in 2 minute drills). Ball security in he Red Zone. This is where he struggles the most. Instead of throwing the ball away, and saving field position, he sometimes relies on his arm more than his brain, and believes he can simply rocket the ball through triple coverage, when a field goal would have sealed a victory. May'be he will grow out of this in Chicago. Only time will tell, but if not, Lots of pro-bowls and no Super-bowls is what Jay may have in store for the Windy City.......

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Cutler is just 26 and has only played 2 full seasons. Based solely on that I would think that he has yet to reach his ceiling or understanding of reading defenses, etc.

The Broncos also gave up 30 or more points 9 times last year. So he had to take his share of chances.

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