Jay Cutler Superstar

Mini Conan O'Brien Raps About Jay Cutler

"Powder" aka Mini-Conan graces the internet with this rap about how Jay Cutler sucks. It's really more of a Peter Brady "When It's Time to Change" rendition, toned down to a whisper. Dig the 70's recliner the kid is sitting on.



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Josh Reichlin said:


Hilarious. I've never heard a rap with so much emotion and such rhythm.

I bet Cutler is devastated.

MaddBearFan said:


Gosh, that was soooo............hang on, it'll come to me, just can't quite put my finger on it.......wait for it...wait for it.....ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

MaddBearFan said:


Wait ...I've got... this is a perfect example of why there should be some sort of laws enforcing selective breeding!

Matt Lo Cascio said:


So Madd, he's not going to be the next big star?

SnowGirl said:

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