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Jay Cutler vs. Kyle Orton

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Where did the neck beard go?

It's only preseason, but throughout the year we will take a look at what Kyle Orton does compared to Jay Cutler. And since Cutler is hearing it a bit after a shabby performance against the Bills, we thought we'd check in on Orton.

Orton is off to an interesting start in Denver, being booed in training camp for getting picked off and then again for his performance against the 49ers in week 1.

Woody Paige wrote this about Orton:

"I've said my piece and now have made my peace. I wrote for weeks that the Broncos shouldn't trade Cutler. You can't rewind the tape machine back to months ago and alter McDaniels' words to "Jay, I'm truly sorry. I was so wrong. Please forgive me, pretty please. I love you, man. You can throw the ball whenever and wherever you want and do whatever however you want."

It has been noted here that Orton has the third-strongest arm among the Broncos' quarterbacks; he is probably about the 20th best quarterback in the NFL, and that he is the Third Coming -- the first was Steve DeBerg and the second Brian Griese -- of "a smart, efficient, studious quarterback who throws a catchable ball." Ask the 49ers. They know he throws a catchable ball."

The column is also about how Denver will have to learn to live with Orton, and that they should wait and see how it plays out. Should we just go ahead and tell them?



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mommasboy said:


Lisa: Dad, do you know what Schadenfreude is?
Homer: No, I do not know what shaden-frawde is. [sarcasm] Please tell me, because I'm dying to know.
Lisa: It's a German term for `shameful joy', taking pleasure in the suffering of others.
Homer: Oh, come on Lisa. I'm just glad to see him fall flat on his butt! [getting mad] He's usually all happy and comfortable, and surrounded by loved ones, and it makes me feel... What's the opposite of that shameful joy thing of yours?
Lisa: [nastily] Sour grapes.
Homer: Boy, those Germans have a word for everything!

Poor Neckbeard. I actually liked him as a Bears QB. He was scrappy and although physically limited, was actually playing pretty well last year before he got hurt. (Plus he was an All-Pro when it came to Jack Daniels and poon, so that's kind of awesome.)

Orton never asked to leave Chicago; he got shipped out when we upgraded to Cutler. Let's not pile on, eh? The guy's got to feel bad enough that the new Bears QB is better than him in every way--including pounding the sauce and scoring tail.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


perhaps. but if he would have kept the neck beard...

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