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Jay Cutler On Broncos Fans

Check out this quote from Jay Cutler on what training camp was like in Denver in terms of fan attendance:

Interviewed Tuesday night on ESPN Radio in Chicago, Cutler was asked about the 20,000 fans who showed up to the Bears' practices over the weekend. Cutler said Denver didn't compare as a football town.

"In Denver, we didn't have this many fans at all," he said. "We weren't even able to accommodate that many fans (at practice). That's Chicago Bears fans for you. They're proud of their Bears.

"It's a lot (different). Denver's like a 6 and Chicago's like a 9. It's a quite bit different. Just the fans and how passionate they are, that's probably the biggest difference.

I'm not going to be a Cutler apologist on this site, but is what he said that bad? Isn't he just stating facts? But then we look at some of the headlines for this "story":

  • Bears QB Jay Cutler Disses Bronco Fans On Radio Show
  • Orton Tries to Stay Out of Fray
  • Cutler Disses Denver Fans On Radio Show
  • Cutler Remark Draws Ire
Get over it. He's just pointing out the difference in the camps.



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MaddBearFan said:


Well it's kinda like this, as long as JCut doesn't throw too many interceptions he'll be loved and adored by us. And I'm not going to even begin to capare him to anyone. He is his own person and has a good attitude, work ethic, and a great deal of pontential. But we'll know more when we get into the season and how he does too see how his popularity holds up. So far everybody likes what they see, myself included!

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