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Jay Cutler Makes Receivers Better, Not the Other Way Around

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Just listened to (again) an excellent interview with Jay Cutler by Mully and Hanley from The Score. The interview touches on the pressure here in Chicago, Jay's "Q-Rating", the Urlacher issue and much more. It was a very personable interview, better than the usual standard fare. It was more like a conversation and because of that we received some in-depth answers from Cutler.

The best part, in terms of giving fans a window into how Cutler really thinks, came when Mully asked "Everybody knows the Bears don't have the best receivers...what they're selling now is that the quarterback makes the receivers. Is that how it works? Is it that simple?"

While Cutler acknowledged that you have to have talent, his true colors came out in the rest of his response:

"I kind of look back at Denver and we got Eddie Royal he was a punt return/kick return guy. We really weren't looking for him to step into that role, he caught 90 balls his rookie year. Brandon Marshall was a 4th round pick. They thought him kind of as a project, played safety a little bit in college, had only played receiver a couple years...you know, I feel good about it. I feel good about the guys we got."

So for all the fans that think the Bears don't have enough in the receiver corps, Cutler basically just told you it's not about them at all. It's about him, and he's good enough to turn any receiver with some talent into a stud. That's some sweet, sweet music. Because since the trade the only time the excitement was dialed down was at the mention of those that will be receiving Cutler's passes. Now he basically comes on the air and says he will make them good.

We can now return to our full-throttle freakout, Chicago.



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VanDSIRROM said:

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There are more than a few 'nay-sayers' when it comes to Jay Cutler.
However, 'naysayers' from the University of Tennessee vanished on Nov. 19, 2005 in Neyland Stadium in Knoxville.
With under two (2) minutes remaining in the game, Vanderbilt took possession of the ball on UT's 20 yardline. Four (4) plays later--all pass plays from Cutler to true freshman Earl Bennett--Vanderbilt scored the winning TD.
All 106,000+ fans and the 11 UT defensive players knew the plays would be passes from Jay to Earl; however, no one could stop the inevitable.
Bears fans are in for a very memorable ride for the next few years.

VanDSIRROM VandyNorth.com

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