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Jay Cutler 2009 Predictions

I assembled a team of bloggers, rallied them from a slumber in their mom's basements and got them to offer up some predictions on Jay Cutler's first season as a Bear. I asked for a few things: yards, TDs, INTs and wins. They may have had to run the DVR on "Golden Girls" instead of watch it live, but they came up with some good predictions. Do you have predictions on Cutler's season? Add them in the comments.
Site Yds, TD/INTs, Ws
Adam Best FanSided 3800, 22-16, 9 wins
Stormin Norman Not Qualified to Comment 3000, 22-15, 11 wins
Jeff Hughes Da Bears Blog 3485, 29-14, 13 wins
Mike Burzawa Bear Goggles On 3900, 30-16, 11
Marcus Leshock WGN: The Leshock Value 3583 23-16 9 wins
Detroit4Lyfe Detroit4Lyfe 3748, 20-16, 8 wins
Big Al The Wayne Fontes Experience 3550, 24-12, 10 wins
The World of Isaac The World of Isaac 2,200, 14-20, 6 wins
Paneech Paneech 1450, 8-7, 4 wins
Tom Fornelli Foul Balls 3375, 22-14, 11 wins
Matt Gibbs YepYep 3500, 20-18, 6 wins
Rex Jaybels i94 Sports 3500, 24-14, 10 wins
BDCB Blog Down, Chicago Bears 3200, 26-16, 11 wins
Walter Cherepinsky Walter Football 3675, 23-13, 11 wins
Matt Clapp Sharapova's Thigh 3200, 21-14, 10 Wins
Ricky O' Donnell Tremendous Upside Potential 4100, 23-13, 10 Wins
Matt Lo Cascio Jay Cutler Superstar 3474, 27-17, 10 Wins

Some notes: Paneech and Isaac went low on their predictions. Paneech thinks Cutler will be hurt by week 8. Isaac is a Lions fan that hopes Ernie Sims knocks Cutler out.

Jeff from Da Bears Blog thinks the Bears are going to the NFC Championship game. Mike from Bear Goggles asked me, "Do you need my playoff stats now or can you wait on those?"

Big Al said, "Being a fan of your rivals, the God awful Detroit Lions, I'd love to predict disaster for Cutler, that he becomes the next Jack Concannon, Bobby Douglass, Shane Matthews or Cade McNown....but I can't. He's the best QB in the NFC North, and it's not even close."

Let's hear about your predictions in the comments.



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mommasboy said:


3700/26/14 (plus two more TDs rushing) with, say, 11 wins in the regular season.

MaddBearFan said:


12 wins- Win NFC North

IrishSweetness said:


If healthy .... my man JC will throw 35 TDs, 17 INTs and lead us to 13-3 record and henceforth to a superbowl victory. Really. I mean we almost went 12-4 last year with The Zohan at QB ....

dhaab said:


I wonder what the projections will be like next season for Jay. The guy pretty much did what he's always done so far in this league. Threw for over 3000 yards, but made a bunch of bad decisions in the process.

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