Jay Cutler Superstar

It's Burn Jay Cutler Jerseys Month!

Hark! The young Broncos fan has spoken. He proclaims that it's "Burn Jay Cutler Jerseys Month", at least in Denver. The little fella reads a written statement while flaming up a Cutler #6 Broncos jersey in this video:

They took all that time to create and upload that video, they could have at least added a soundtrack to it. I'm thinking "The End" by The Doors would have been sweet.

Tip of the Hat to my guy Mike who found the video. He posted it at his site Bear Goggles On, one of the best Bears blogs out there.



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dhaab said:


Just saw this on ESPN. Looks like the national media isn't convinced that Cutler is a superstar either. :)


MaddBearFan said:


Gee , I'm sure that young lad wrote and directed this video as well. What ten year old kid is concerned about maturity. Who ever put a 10 year old kid up to do this, is more of an immature asshole than Jay Cutler could be!! Show your own face and do your own dirty work!! I would have a lot more respect for your opinion than making a kid that young do it.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


"Hey Dad, wanna have a catch?"

"Son, I have a better idea..."

Mike Burzawa said:


Thanks for the Hat Tip! That August 30th preseason game AT Denver should be a HOT ticket! JC had better bring some bodyguards and a fire extinguisher!

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