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Interview: Jay Cutler "Cry Baby" Jersey Guy

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The photo of the guy with the Cutler "Cry Baby" jersey was such a hit, I thought it would be cool to have a chat with him. So Chicago Now flew me out to Denver I hit him up with some e-mail questions and he was kind enough to reply. His name is Jeremy Glasoe, and he runs a sports site called "Colorado Sports Desk". 
JCS: Your "Cry Baby" jersey pic was a huge hit! Was that you in the pic? If so, did you make the jersey?

CSD: Yes, that's me in the picture, although I did not make the shirt. On the last day of the Broncos Training Camp, I noticed a fan selling them across the street from Dove Valley-- I just had to have one. I told him he needed to make Brandon Marshall shirts next, he says they are in the works.

JCS: I never saw Cutler as the bad guy in the offseason. I thought that the Broncos foolishly let go of Shanahan, then brought in McDaniels, who made overtures toward Cassel. Let's say you had a good year at your job, they bring in a new boss and that boss considered replacing you. Wouldn't you want to leave? Didn't Cutler have a right to be mad and find more stability for his career?

CSD: I think as Broncos fans, we were probably spoiled with Elway and when we got Jay Cutler everyone saw the similarities. Big arm, mobility, smarts. We thought we had our next franchise, so when he didn't want to be here, it cut deep.

I loved Mike Shanahan, but sometimes you need a new voice.  It's like the Charlie Brown teacher, wha wha whaa wha. Shanny seemed to get soft in the later days, players like Cutler and Marshall were coddled and babied. When Josh McDaniels came in with a hard nosed approach, Cutler got a culture shock. I don't know what happened behind closed doors, there seems to be holes in both sides of the story. There were reports that Cutler and McD were getting along great before the Cassel fiasco. I really think this was all a huge misunderstanding on both sides. I can't even fathom the Broncos shopping Cutler, it doesn't make sense. My guess is the New England Patriots called wanting to bring the Broncos in on a three-way trade, knowing McD worked very closely with Cassel in New England.  Word leaked, and this is where we are at.

JCS: I've seen that some Broncos fans are so angry that they've followed Jay and became Bears fans. But there is also a huge outcry against Jay for wanting to leave. What would you say the overall feeling in Denver is about the whole ordeal?

CSD: I don't think those that followed Cutler to Da Bears, ever were Broncos fans. For instance: If Brian Urlacher were to leave Da Bears, would everyone defect to his new team?  I don't think so, Bears fans are die-hard. So are Denver fans. I have worn that shirt in public twice now, and I can't believe how many compliments I get. I think as a whole, everyone agrees with what the shirt says, on the ordeal.

JCS: Pat Bowlen said in his letter to fans that,"It is important that you know that at all times we represented ourselves to Jay with honesty and integrity." Do you think that's true? Is there integrity in trying to replace a Pro Bowl QB without telling him?

CSD: Once again, I am not sure the Broncos were actively pursuing the trade of Jay Cutler.  Pat Bowlen is a great owner and has always done what's best for the team. He has always been about winning and has shown a willingness to give all his resources to win. Bowlen has always represented the team with honesty and integrity and there is no reason for me to believe that has changed since McD arrived.

: I saw on your blog that you and the rest of Denver aren't exactly thrilled with Orton just yet, though he was solid last week. Do you think he can take you to the playoffs or even to the big game?

CSD: I don't think Kyle Orton can lead the Broncos into the playoffs this year, but that's not necesarrily all on his shoulders.  This is a team that is changing every phase of the game.  New coaches, new quarterback, the Defense is switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4. With that being said, I don't think it's fair to put all the weight on the shoulders of the qb. I look for about 8-9 wins this year. I think it will be next year, when Kyle leads the team into playoffs.

JCS: Thanks Jeremy! And shoot us a pic of the Marshall jersey when it's ready. In fact, just send us Brandon Marshall!



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docksquad said:

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nice job!

Ajax said:

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"CSD: I think as Broncos fans, we were probably spoiled with Elway and when we got Jay Cutler everyone saw the similarities."

Like how Elway whined & moaned his way out of Indy? So you should admire Cutler even more!

Colorado Sports Desk said:

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That's funny, Elway was never with Indy. Check your facts!

Mike Burzawa said:


I think Ajax missed that back in the day, the Colts used to be in Baltimore, not Indy. This from Elway's Wikipedia page:

Elway had publicly stated that he refused to join the Colts organization, feeling the team could not allow him to be successful. If they did not trade him he said he was going to play baseball. Eventually, Colts owner Robert Irsay gave in. The Colts traded him to the Denver Broncos for QB Mark Herrmann, rights to OL Chris Hinton and a first-round pick (OG Ron Solt) in the 1984 NFL Draft on May 2, 1983.

Sounds familiar, huh?

Colorado Sports Desk said:

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Now, that does sound familiar. I think it's safe to say the Broncos did better with their picks from the Cutler trade, than the Colts did with the Elway trade.

I watched all of training camp, if u are wondering how I can come to that conclusion.

Jimmy Greenfield said:


That's a tad premature, wouldn't you say? I don't know who the Broncos picked but nobody has played a down. And don't they have the Bears' first pick next year also? There's still a lot to know.

Chris Hinton went to seven Pro Bowls. Ron Solt went to a Pro Bowl. Herrmann is probably not as good as Orton, but Orton is probably an NFL backup.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


exactly. there have been a ton of training camp superstars that never pan out once the real games begin.

Jimmy Greenfield said:


Thanks, BGO. And phenomenal Cutler vs. Orton "Who's the better drinker?" post on www.Beargoggleson.com. Highly recommended.

Timboconqueso said:


"CSD: I don't think those that followed Cutler to Da Bears, ever were Broncos fans. For instance: If Brian Urlacher were to leave Da Bears, would everyone defect to his new team?"

I don't think he is taking into account the fact that some fans are way too passionate about their team. Not only are they fans, but they are so into the whole thing that they will get emotional and act crazy when something doesn't go right. Including burning their gear and disowning the team.

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