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In Which Jay Mariotti Is the Voice of Reason

I know, right? But it's true. Mariotti on Denver fans booing the franchise, Jay Cutler:

When the fans boo Cutler, aren't they really venting bitterness over the demise of their beloved franchise? Cutler has moved on to a town that will adore him and a team that should make the playoffs, if not contend for a Super Bowl in a hazy NFC. The Broncos? They're a mess -- and might be for a long time. Getting to Cutler with blitz packages might be the highlight of the a long season ahead. In the end, they can boo all they want, but they really should be booing McDaniels and Bowlen for running a franchise quarterback out of town at the pre-prime age of 26. And receiving in return a mediocre Kyle Orton, two No. 1 draft picks and a third-round pick? How stupid was that?

It's true. And Pat Bowlen looked sickly in his suite last night. I think he is a man full of regret at this point. The old adage "It's gonna get worse before it gets better" can be applied to the once proud Broncos.



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bumstead57 said:

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Mariotti is no milquetoast writer, and because of that I will always read him. As loud-mouthed as Glenn Beck, yes. But not as critical to national dialogue so who cares. Bring Jay back to print!

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Well Jay was the one that left print of his own volition. Fabulous writer, just rode fences too much.

bumstead57 said:

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I read a rumor he might be headed to the Tribune. I find that difficult to believe considering his rants agaisnt the "Tribsters" and the enmity between the sports writers there and him. However, considering he could potentially drive hits to the site, I can't dismiss this rumor as having no substance.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Well, even Dennis Rodman came to play for the Bulls. But I really doubt that Mariotti will be coming to the Trib.

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