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Fierce Fandoms and Cutler's Comments

Mike Klis of the Denver Post has a follow-up piece about Cutler's comments on the difference between Broncos and Bears fans.

There are many people in Colorado whose idea of sport is skiing, rafting, bicycling and hiking. A Chicagoan may encourage another to "take a hike," but he's not about to set an example, not with that weather outside.

When a Coloradan sees the number "6" they don't think shortstop, as so many Chicago sports fans would -- or at least did until Cutler came along.

Yet, these same outdoorsy, well-balanced, and, yes, maybe even sports-geek Coloradans are nevertheless passionate about the Broncos. A Coloradan may hear "five-tool" player and envision a hammer, pliers, wrench and two screwdrivers hanging from a guy's belt. But that same Coloradan would also say, "Go, Champ!"

In this way, Broncos fans are a 10. And no one else -- certainly not a Bears fan -- is a close second.

cutler fans.jpg

I think that's all Cutler was trying to say. He was speaking to the rabidity of the fans. And if you are going to rank fanbases by that measure, is there any doubt that Bears fans are near the top of the list? When you think about die-hard, fierce NFL fandoms, what teams come to your mind?

Da Bears. Packers. Raiders. Chiefs. Jets. Steelers. But Broncos? Doubtful.

And essentially that is what Klis points out in his column. It doesn't make Broncos backers a lesser grade of fan, it just makes them different.



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docksquad said:

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anything cutler says about denver is always going to be overblown by the denver media now...

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