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Does the NFC North Have the Best QBs?

Now that Brett Favre has signed with the Vikings, does the NFC North have the best stable of quarterbacks in the NFL? Here's a rundown by division:

NFC North: Cutler, Rodgers, Favre and #1 overall pick Matthew Stafford.
NFC East: Manning, Romo, McNabb and Jason Campbell.
NFC West: Bulger, Warner, Hasselbeck, Shaun Hill
NFC South: Brees, Ryan, Delhomme, Leftwich

AFC North: Flacco, Palmer, Roethlisberger, Quinn
AFC East: Brady, Edwards, Pennington, Sanchez
AFC West: Russell, Orton, Rivers, Cassel
AFC South: Manning, Collins, Schaub, Garrard

It's a tough call. If Stafford has a rookie season like Ryan did a year ago I might say that the NFC North does have the best. The NFC East could be the best too.



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Alan Thavisouk said:


Great question. A great case can be made about the caliber of the NFC North's QB. Comparing the squad to the other NFC division, I would have to eliminate the South and the West out of the discussion. Bulger and Hill kill it for the West. Plus, Hasselbeck has been off his game for a couple of season. As for the South, Brees is the only top notch QB there. Now for the NFC East. Manning has come on strong the last two seasons. Romo can't win the big one but produces. McNabb is capable as any QB. Campbell is growing yet still inconsistent. Comparing them to the North, I would say the Rodgers is a legit and has proven he can dominate. He is still young and inconsistent but has great upside potential. Favre will have a field day in MN in the dome and a strong running attack to balance the offense. When healthy, he is dangerous. Stafford can not be expected to produce Pro Bowl numbers and it is always tough to place high expectations on a #1 draft pick. If he lives up to his potential, he might be the wild card for the North. Cutler has all the talent. I just hope he has the WR crew to manifest that talent. It is almost a toss-up and I would say right now the East has more established QBs and wins this debate. I wouldn't be surprise if the North surpasses them though. Great question!

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Thanks for the comment. I totally agree. One thing is certain: the NFC North is going to be a lot of fun to watch this year.

Alan Thavisouk said:


I agree to that. I hope the Bears fix that defense. Yeah, it is only preseason but Buffalo without TO made it look too easy! Cutler and Forte should be just enough to get the offense moving and scoring.

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