Jay Cutler Superstar

Denver's Really Taking This Jay Cutler Trade Hard

Embrace the Orton, Denver. Embrace him.

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mommasboy said:


It's like the family-friendly version of this one.

Stormin Norman said:

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Come on, let go of it Denver! This Bronco fanbase is so bitter. Why? I don't get it.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Because franchise QBs and coaches don't grow on trees. And they lost one of each in the last few months.

Stormin Norman said:

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"Lost"? You mean ran out of town, right?

Brian said:

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Hardly - good riddance. He started whining like the crybaby he is as soon as Shanahan was let go because he wasn't included in the decision and just wouldn't stop. How quickly he forgot that he's a player - not the owner.... and then he wouldn't return Pat Bowlen's phone calls? Come on, even the slowest person realizes that when the owner of the company you work for calls - you call him back!

Enjoy having your prima donna up there.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


After tonight it appears like we will. And you enjoy Orton!

http://twitter.com/Yesterdayi8 said:

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By now, I could care less what Denver fans think of Jay Cutler -- he's ours now and he will be the Bears franchise QB STAR for years to come. Thank you Jay Cutler, I will wear your jersey proudly and look forward to many successful Bears' seasons.

SnowGirl said:

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Wait until Cutler doesn't get his way....
We welcome all Bears Fans in Denver to come to the Exorcism of Jay Cutler's Denver Bronco Jersey's.
We are having a Jay Cutler Jersey Burning Party - Saturday at Wrigleys on Colfax in Golden...We will be burning and defacing Cutler #6 Jerseys and will even have Cutler Sucks t-shirts @ the event.

We hope you will consider joining our Broncos tailgating group. You can get to it by going to http://www.meetup.com/Denver-Bronco-Fans/

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