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Cutler and Hester: It's All Good

So apparently Jay didn't say what he said. In the papers. Which he clarified with a text. Whuh? Whatever, it's all good between Hester and Cutler. Of course, the only ones that seemingly cared about this "slight" were the media and the Jay-Haters.

Vaughn McClure has the details about how initially Hester was offended at first by Cutler's comments.
"I was when I read it, but then he said he didn't say it," Hester said, referring to a text message sent from Cutler. "You can't go with what the papers say. You've got to go to the source ... and he told me he didn't say [any] of that.

"What Jay told me, he said he didn't mean I wasn't a go-up-and-get-a-jump-ball type guy, but I was one of those guys you've got to throw it out there and then go get it. ... It wasn't criticism or anything like that. He was saying, you are not a 6-foot-8-inch receiver. You can't go up and get everything."

Hester was asked about his relationship with Cutler.

"It's growing stronger and stronger every day," he said.

Honestly, Devin Hester shouldn't care what Jay Cutler says. Because if Cutler can even increase Hester's numbers by 10% this year, Devin will be on his way to securing another big contract. Here or somewhere else.



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