Jay Cutler Superstar

A Real NFL Offense, Starring Jay Cutler

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Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

In his preseason home debut Jay Cutler tore up the Giants and the Bears offense looked explosive. Checking the board:

6: Number of times I thought "Kyle Orton couldn't have made that play"
2: Number of times I thought Cutler looked like Orton
3: Consecutive completions to start the game
27: Number of yards on first completed pass, a 3rd & 8 laser to Earl Bennett
38: Number of yards gained on pass to Aromashodu, longest completion of the night
1: Number of times Cutler seemed to correct Devin Hester
12: Number of yards gained on a 3rd & 6 scramble
0: The number of games Cutler ever wants to play again without Olsen or Forte
2: 3rd down completions (3 attempts)
6: Number of different receivers that Cutler hit for completions
3: Number of possessions
3: Number of Bears scores on those possessions
2: Number of scoring drives that were 80 or more yards
11: Number of plays on the 92-yard drive that ended on the Play Action TD pass to Desmond Clark
1: Number of Mannings that Cutler outplayed on Saturday
117.8: Cutler's QB rating for the game
22: Days before Cutler does the same thing to the Packers.

Overall, Cutler was 8-13, 121 yards, 1 TD. The last number of this post is zero. That is the number of words that can describe how much fun that was to watch. It's only preseason but that was just awesome.



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Mike Burzawa said:


How about 91: yards that the bomb to Hester would have gone for had Devin actually run through the ball? Great to see a real offense.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


I guess those are the types of things you have to deal with when you have a receiver that has been playing the position for just a few years.

Was fun though!

BearsSuck said:

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How about the interception that was dropped by Terell Thomas? How about the fact the Giants were playing without over half their defensive starters? How about the fact it was a preseason game that the bears had everything to lose and the Giants had nothing to gain. Don't get too excited yet, the curse of the bears QB will strike again.

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