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Giving Whole Foods A "Peace of Your Mind"

Many businesses struggle with how to get feedback from their customers. We ask, we cajole and we bribe our customers to try them to tells what they truly think. Usually the very happy or  the very mad people tell us what about how we helped or hurt them.

However, the most important part of the process is not just getting the feedback, it's what we do with it.




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ChicagoKTU said:


I just re-read a section of your book, "B-A-M!: Delivering Customer Service in a Self-Service World", that told the story of the waitress at a favorite restaurant that said that a meal could not be split. The waitress checked with the manager, and indeed the the meal could be split, apologizes given along with a free desert. But it still left a bad feeling. Explaining why something doesn't work the way a customer thinks it should work doesn't seem to be enough for most people.

Sima Dahl said:

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I think there is a perception that small businesses can and should accommodate customer requests more readily because the path to the top is much shorter. What impresses me most when things go awry is an expression of empathy and an honest attempt to make it right. I'm more willing to give a small business a second chance if I believe the are trying to earn my business.

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