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...Thursday, Friday, Happy Days. Saturday, what a day, groovin all week with you

Three days, three gigs, lots of fun!  Also a good primer for the upcoming tour.  Here's a few pictures.

Thursday 20th, The Lodge Pub, Lisle IL. Our first "all ages" club show and hopefully more to come.  A cool place to see a band with a decent stage, nice sound, and ample floor space separate from the restaurant/bar on which to rock out.  Plus, they have a flat-screen Golden Tee machine!  I've been really into this game lately so if you play, let me know and we'll meet up for a round sometime.


Chris Merritt from Washington DC opens the show.



Chicago's Helicopters performed second.



Truly an "All Ages" gig.  This kid brought his own guitar!  We eventually brought him on stage for Zelda but I don't have any good pictures of that.



This is one of those awful pictures you see as you go through your camera and instantly delete.  Instead, I thought I'd share it with you.



Oh wait...I do have a picture with the kid on stage!



Friday 21st, Points East Pub, Milwaukee WI.  Our second Milwaukee performance following up our show last April at the Rave in which we were an opener for Dragonforce.  The stage is kind of cramped for a 6-member band but the sound was good and crowd was fun!  (And, incidentally, they also had a Golden Tee machine :) )

This is The Rattle Can Kings, one of the bands we performed with.  While our styles were a bit different, they were a lot of fun to watch and someone somewhere has pictures of IFD getting down to their tunes (which I hope are never posted because I am a horrible dancer).



A tight fit but it works...






























Saturday 22nd, Lake View Music Festival, Chicago IL.  We got home from Milwaukee at around 2AM and performed at the Lake View Music Festival just ten hours after. You would think we'd be tired but we really kicked it into high gear for this. Good times and glad for the opportunity!

Big stage!



Nice shot of Bill and the machine.



























Packy and I rocking out behind the vocals!



Can you guess what song this is?





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Will Sexy said:


Oh Hari...I love your wit!

When you mentioned having a picture with the kid on stage, I really thought you were referring to yourself! I didn't notice the actual little kid in the picture until my second or third glance!

Hari Rao said:


Given that I am standing in military pose about to march around on stage with my guitar, I can see why that might have been confusing. :)

Packy Lundholm said:


Hari, your "candid" shot looks like you're being punched in the face by the Invisible Man. I get those shots all the time - I commend you for putting it out to the world like that.

Hari Rao said:


I wanted to say "you should see the other guy" but I guess that wouldn't work too well.

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