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11 of the World's Most Unusual Apartments

MSN has put together a list of the 10 most unusual apartments in the world - from an apartment building made entirely of shipping containers, to a former state prison - check out some pretty interesting apartments.  (Oh, and I added one from my hometown of Mentor, Ohio!)

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This weekend on HomesPlus: Best of the 'Burbs!

On this weekend's show:

From the North Shore to the western suburbs, we've compiled our top 5 home tours of the year!  Here's a sneak peek, but don't miss the show this weekend to revisit some of the coolest homes that were on the market this year in the suburbs.

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Favorite Homes of '10

It's October 1st and that means the begining of the end...Halloween, Thanksgiving and before you know it, you're wearing a stupid hat, listening to people blow those paper horns and toasting to the new year.  Where did it all go???  Well, at HomesPlus our year was spent checking out some of the most incredible homes across Chicagoland.  And now, as the year draws to a close, we're preparing our annual "best of" episode, where we showcase our favorite homes of the city and suburbs.  This is where you come in - take another look at the tours of the year and let us know which ones are YOUR favorites!  We'll review the list and you'll get to see which homes made it when the best begins at the end of the year!

My personal favorite was this one - a gorgeous Lake Forest estate.  What's yours?!



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Top 3 Homes for a Labor Day BBQ

This weekend's show is a rerun because we figured everyone is out enjoying the last of the beautiful summer weather (like we are) and probably isn't inside waiting with baited breath for the next episode of HomesPlus to come on.  (I mean, every other weekend, of course you are, but just not this weekend.)

So in honor of a life lived outside (while the weather allows it), here are our three favorite home tours that include killer outdoor space.  Perfect for your Labor Day bbq if you close before Monday.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone :)


77 Wentworth Avenue, Glencoe:

This place has everything you need for a great outdoor party - a pool, an incredible back patio complete with fireplace in case the evening gets chilly and best of all - 240 feet of private beach to enjoy.  I'll bring the sangria.


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Neighborhood Tour: Edison Park

Why live in Edison Park:
Edison Park is located on Chicago's Northwest Side. Back in the 19th century it actually was a suburb of Chicago before being annexed. The community is full of restaurants and tree-lined streets. Chicago Magazine's Dennis Rodkin calls it a "very little Italy" with the Italian restaurants you can find in the neighborhood. Edison Park is a quiet, walkable neighborhood.

Fun Facts about Edison Park:

1. Edison Park became part of Chicago in 1910

2. Local traditions include the annual Edison Park Fest - which dates back to 1972

3. Edison Park has a population of about 10,000 residents.

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Suburban Tour: Naperville

Why live in Naperville:

It's sometimes hard to remember that Naperville is a suburb of Chicago. With more than 144,000 residents, this is a large American city. It's located about 30 miles from Chicago.  Among its great features: restaurants, shopping, cultural attractions and businesses. Plus, it has a walkable downtown area that is great for a night out with family and friends. Naperville really has it all, which is why it's been ranked by multiple publications over the years as one of the BEST palces to live in America. 

Fun Facts about Naperville:

1.  Naperville is the 5th largest city in Illinois.

2.  Naperville was settled by Joseph Naper back in 1831 along the banks of the DuPage River.

3.  Naperville is home to Rib Fest - one of the most popular festivals in Chicagoland each Summer.


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Does this firepole make my butt look big?

We recently toured a $4.95 million dollar home in Naperville where the owner installed this firepole for her grandkids...and apparently random tv hosts who have a hard time growing up.  (See the tour on the show 8/28!)




Historic Renovation in Lake Forest

On this weekend's show, we're checking out an $8.499 million dollar estate in Lake Forest that was originally built in 1911 and has been painstakingly restored to its full splendor by a husband and wife architect team over the last couple years.  Here are some pics, but be sure to watch for the full tour!

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The Perfect Summer Home in Glencoe

It doesn't get much better than living on the lake during the summer.  And lakefront living doesn't get much better than this Glencoe home, featured on the show this weeeknd.  

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Inside a Lake Forest Mansion

At 1270 Longmeadow Lane, it's possible to forget that you are not, in fact, in a chateau in the south of France, but rather in a suburb of Chicago.  Of course, the mammoth master bathroom and sub-basement basketball court do their parts to remind you that you're still in the good old US of A, but still.  The place has an old European feel that is difficult to duplicate. 

Just in case you missed the show this past weekend, be sure to check out the tour of this Lake Forest home, below.


Top 3 Single Family Homes in the City

If you're living the standard Chicago city experience then you most likely live in a 3-flat or a high-rise and struggle with the space issue.  For most of us city-dwellers, 2,000 square feet sounds spacious.  But the high-end luxury homes we get to check out every week keep 2,000 square feet as storage space in the basement...the good stuff spreads out over three or four floors of home theaters, sitting rooms, home gyms and saunas.  We've gotten to walk through some incredible ones, but here are the three that made us wish we would win the lottery already.

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Inside R. Kelly's Former Home

Okay, last week we teased you with the pictures, but just in case you missed it over the weekend - here's a tour of 1010 W George Street, aka R. Kelly's former home. 




Lakefront Living - Inside a Vintage Lakeview Condo

This weekend on HomesPlus we're checking out a vintage lakefront condo in Lakeview.  It was built in 1916, but there's nothing old about it.  The condo has killer views and stunning visual features everywhere you look.  Catch the full tour this weekend on the show, but here's a sneak peek!  The condo is on the market for $1.65 million.

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What you get for $1.89 million in Bucktown

Check out our most recent home tour - a single family home in Bucktown that used to be a family hardware store.  It's been renovated and is now on the market for $1.89 million



And you thought Chicago apartments were small...

The second you find yourself complaining about the minimal square footage of a Chicago apartment or condo, just remember that your place is a palace compared to what you might have if you lived in Hong Kong.  In a city of 7 million people, space in Hong Kong is hard to come by.  That's why this architect designed his 330 square foot apartment to be the ultimate convertible home.  With moving walls and rooms that disappear or turn into other rooms, this is definitely a one-of-a-kind piece of real estate!



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Top 3 North Shore Estates

It's no secret that some of the most fabulous homes around Chicago can be found in the North Shore.  Not that there aren't some serious gems in other areas, but come on - there's just a huge concentration of wealth and acreage in the North Shore, it's hard to turn a corner without spotting a home that turns me green with envy.  And that is why we at HomesPlus find ourselves braving traffic on the Edens so often to check out the homes there.  It's been totally worth it.  But lucky for you, you don't even have to get in the car - here are our three favorite home tours from the North Shore!



Starting with #3...

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Playboy Condo

Just in case you missed the show this weekend, here's a look at the tour - a $2.9 million dollar condo inside the former Playboy Mansion on State Parkway.  The building itself is as beautiful as it ever was, with a private garden to boot!  (Yes, I just said "to boot.")

It's been decades since the mansion hosted some of the hottest celebrities of the era at Hef's wild parties, but today the mansion houses seven condos - one of which is currently on the market.  Take a look at the photo gallery and then keep reading for some history on the mansion and to check out the video tour.


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