About HomesPlus

HomesPlus is your local source for all things home-related in and around Chicago!  Want to take a peek inside that $10-million dollar mansion you've been envying?  We've got that.  Need some advice on how to make the most of your home?  We've got that too.  Looking for tips to acheive the latest design trends in your home without spending a bajillion dollars?  Yep, we've even got that.  Every episode is full of entertaining and informational ways to make the most of your home, or just get a voyeuristic look into what the Joneses are doing with theirs.  (Don't worry, we don't judge.)

Watch us every Sunday at 11am on WGN-TV or catch us on CLTV Saturdays at 9am and 1pm and Sundays at 9am!

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