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Style File: Sweet Holiday Decor

If you fancy yourself green and you're the proud owner of a sweet tooth, adding a few finishing touches on your holiday decorating should be a cinch this year - especially if you've got some candy left over from Halloween.

The good folks at Wrigley have put out some ideas for mini-decorations and fun projects for you and the kids that are perfect for when you're stuck inside on these frigid winter days.  All you need are some basic supplies (pencil, scissors, glue) and some totally edible decorating items (hint: buy twice as much as you'll need so that you can indulge your sweet tooth as you create!) and their wrappers (remember?  I said it was green.)

Here goes:

•5 Rain gum foil ( for the leaves)
•5 Flare gum foil (for the berries)
•Craft glue
•Styrofoam wreath
•4" piece of red ribbon

1.Take three pieces of 5 green foil, remove gum and flatten.
2.Using a pencil, draw a leaf shape on the back of foil and carefully cut out with scissors.
3.Place leaves in a triangular pattern, so that the base of each leaf touches in the center. Glue at center point to secure.
4.To make the berries, flatten one or two pieces of red foil.
5.Cut out ¼" circle shapes out of red foil. Glue berries to center of leaves.
6.Use finished holly as package decoration or string together for garland.

1.Take twelve pieces of 5 green foil, remove gum and flatten.
2.Wrap green foil around wreath. Secure loose end of foil to wreath with glue.
3.Repeat step three until entire wreath is covered in green foil.
4.Complete the wreath by attaching a red ribbon bow on the top.
5.Use wreaths as ornaments or holiday decoration.Additional tip: Personalize the ornament by gluing a photo in the center.

And keep reading for some edible projects...

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A Home in the Trees

Outgrowing your home but afraid you won't be able to sell in order to move up to a bigger home?  Perhaps you should look to the trees as a spot to create some additional living space.  Tree houses aren't just child's play anymore.  Check out this story from the Today Show, featuring TreeHouse Workshop's Pete Nelson, who says a few years ago, he built a treehouse that cost $360,000.  With a fireplace, kitchen and patio, one of these babies is kind of like a home away from home...Oh, and the kids might like it too.

Watch the video here.

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