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I'm not sure that I have ever met a person that complains of having too much space at home.  When it comes to our stuff, there are never enough places to put it.  The real estate market has forced a lot of people to stay in homes that they're rapidly growing out of, so getting organized has probably never been more important.  We recently got lessons from two local professional organizers about how to tackle different spaces in your home to create more space without feeling overwhelmed.

The first was an overstuffed closet (pretty common for the city) which we organized in a few hours with Molly Boren of Simplicity Works.  The second was a basement storage area that had become a catch-all over the years which we learned how to tackle with the organizers at B Organized.  Each space had its own challenges, but the principles were the same.  Take a look at the before and afters and then check out what we learned.




Simple steps to getting organized:

  1. Start small - choose a space you've been feeling overwhelmed by and come up with a plan that you can execute in one day or less. 
  2. Enlist some friends (or a pro) to help.  A project like this is more fun and will go much faster with extra hands.
  3. Clear out your cluttered space and separate what's going to go back in and what needs to be tossed, donated or sold.
  4. Load the space back up, keeping the stuff you need most often within easy reach.  Use uniformed, labeled containers to keep like with like.



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