3DTVs: Worth it?

Football season is well under way and the word on the street is that more and more games will be broadcast in 3D.  DirecTV promised 85 sporting events in 3D this year, as well as launching a dedicated 3D network and pay-per-view category, and that number is expected to increase as 3D becomes more popular.  But is it really worth it?  Though the price of the actual TV sets have been coming down, the entire package necessary for true 3D viewing can be pretty pricey - especially if you're hosting a group watch for that big game, or movie-night for the family. 

According to Dan Thurston of Grant's Appliance, 3D glasses can cost upwards of $129 each.  It's not unusual for your 3D TV to be bundled with two sets of glasses at the time of purchase, but the additional glasses can really add up if you're accustomed to guests for TV time.

Take a look at what you'll need and what you should consider if you're thinking of purchasing a 3D TV for your home.





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