Moving: Not for everyone.

I've moved before.  I've packed up my stuff, loaded it onto a friend's truck or into a rented van and unloaded it on the other end.  And after every move I say "I'll never do this again."  And then I do it again.  The reason is this: it's freakin' expensive to hire professional movers!  And until now, I've been fairly certain that the money wasn't worth it.  But as I've gotten (ahem) older, time and properly functioning muscles have become more valuable than the shoes that would inevitably account for that extra money and I've long suspected that it's probably worth it after all. 

To test the theory, I tagged along on a move with the guys from Midway Moving & Storage to see what actually goes into a move for a pro.  And that day that I spent mostly just trying to stay out of their way convinced me that they're the pros for a reason - they got a truck holding about 80% of the home's furniture and household items unpacked in under two hours and the owner didn't have to lift a finger (except to point me in the right direction once).  Nothing was broken, nothing was lost and everyone was happy (including the kids).  Money well spent in my opinion.  Take a look and see what you think!






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