For Sale: 5 Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling

We're on the downslope of Summer heading towards the Fall and Winter! Yep, it may be 90 degrees out, but I just said it. Doesn't make any of us happy. Not only because that means winter is coming, but also for home owners out there who are desperately trying to sell their home. So why isn't your home selling? Is it because the market still isn't great, or are the reasons more personal? Are you doing everything possible to sell...

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DarkAngel said:


"It's a game and you should price your home to sell." So are you advocating lowering your asking price until you either walk away with nothing or even have to bring money to the table?

Josh Kaufman said:


Great question. It all depends on a buyers situation. If you're not willing or able to lower your price, then you should re-think selling it. Obviously, there's circumstances that force us to sell, and lowering the price isn't always an option.

DarkAngel said:


Thanks Josh, follow up question. Let's assume you don't "need" to sell but want to sell for some reason, be it to step up, or change neighborhoods, whatever. What if you're able to lower your price but only so far? Should you not bother stepping into the seller's ring at all?

Josh Kaufman said:


Ah, I think that's a question for the experts - real estate agent or attorney - or the seller.

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