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Welcome to our new website!

You may notice that our website is looking a little different these days - that's because it's a totally new site.  Now checking out our photo galleries and navigating your way through all of our great (if I do say so myself) videos and information will be much easier!  So welcome to the new site.  And don't forget to watch (or more likely, set your DVR to record) HomesPlus this Sunday at 11am on WGN-TV!  We're starting the show with a tour of a condo inside the former Playboy Mansion on State, so don't miss it!

If you're unfamiliar with HomesPlus, now's the time to get aquainted.  HomesPlus, new viewer.  New viewer, HomesPlus.  Check out the photo gallery for some behind the scenes shots of past HomesPlus shoots.

Gallery sneak peek (7 images):

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