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Banksy's intro on The Simpsons leads new videos

So first off, who here is a Simpsons fan? It was by far my favorite show growing up and it is still amazing to see its continued success for another generation of youngin's. I could go on about my love for The Simpsons but the reason you see it up above is because of the famous graffiti artist Banksy, who directed the storyboard of the extended intro that aired last night. It has in turn sparked debate and controversy with Banksy's shedding of light on sweatshops. The intro goes from side-splitting laughs to the stark contrast of the harsh realities of low-paid sweatshop workers. Certainly an eye-raising choice for Banksy and The Simpsons creators as the added storyboards are far from funny. In talking with Maks G about this video earlier today, he said this video "raises awareness in some shape or form... like all of Banksy's work does". I couldn't agree more, as even though sweatshops have been documented for a good minute now, Banksy used the outlet of The Simpsons to surely reach minds that haven't yet been exposed. I think it is a dope intro and a startling one given its placement on The Simpsons, which makes it that much more powerful. Let's face it: it's hard not to have an opinion after watching this, as the video has in fact sparked quite a discussion on Twitter (currently trending in Chicago), so let us know what you think! Hit up the comments or drop us a tweet @gowherehiphop!

Down below, keep your minds sharp with a handful of new interviews from Drake talking about 9th Wonder, Birdman talking a multitude of topics with Angela Yee, Yelawolf talkin' Nascar and Justin Bieber amongst other things with Hip Hop Update, and rounding things out: Wiz Khalifa and Drumma Boy. Enjoy!
Drake Talks Working w/ 9th Wonder
Birdman Interview w/ Angela Yee (Pt. 1)
Pts. 2 & 3
Yelawolf Interview w/ Hip Hop Update
Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ Montreality
Drumma Boy Interview w/ MiSSLs
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~ Sgt. Tibs

Kanye West 'Power' (featuring NEW 2nd Verse) LIVE on SNL

Kanye West "Power [LIVE @ SNL]"
Producer: Symbolyc One & Kanye West - FULL, LIVE Version, Features NEW 2nd Verse!
Kanye West was tonight's musical guest on Saturday Night Live and he straight up killed it with his two performances of "Power" and "Runaway" f/ Pusha T (below). 'Ye rocked a full red outfit amidst the white floor and background and was also flanked by ballerinas in all white as well. The end result is an amazing ambiance and contrast that would make Apple commercials jealous.

Once the ringing guitar of "Power" came on, I was moving to the edge of my seat in anticipation of 'Ye's infamous first few lines of the second verse. Instead, West threw a curve ball at us by premiering a brand NEW verse! As follows... this was my ear's best, any help on the few blanks would be appreciated:

"The crowned hero, live from ground zero,
Machine gun flow made a ghetto ross hero
And this is just an establishment, (to)talitarianism 
With my night goggles on, yeah, military vision
And it's still a very Christian way to think about,
Livin' when you prayin' for freedom,
Cause your mind been in prison,
Cause they tryin' to control every single quick decision,
You ain't effin' the system then why the F is you livin'?
Look, dawg, you can cop whatever suit you on,
3 piece, cufflinks, and the accoutrements
They be feedin' us ish without the nut-ri-ants,
So I'm back with another hit to let the truth be known.
And your boy still fresh with the Coogi on,
It's them Italians sure know how to make what the mulie's want
And they really can't take what dude be on,
But I be on the same thing until you prove me wrong!"

Talk about a bold verse... (yes, I just wanted to 'bold' bold). But seriously, Kanye takin' aim at the system, lashing out his frustrations, and tryin' to educate the people with the truth. I feel Kanye is definitely sending a message to 'they'; my interpretation is that Kanye is basically saying, "You try to control everything, but you can't control me I'm here to expose the truth prove me wrong". Somethin' like that. Now, there's been rumblings this verse is from "Chain Heavy" but the Facebook performance has nothing like this so time will tell if/when this verse will be included on a song, and what song. Whatever the case, I was floored on first listen. Some of 'Ye's best stuff yet.

I cannot move on from the "Power" performance without also mentioning how Kanye West brought his 'portrait' to life. The stairs, the crown, the female guards were all details that helped take this performance of "Power" to another level. More of the same incorporation of the ballerinas took place in the "Runaway" performance below, where 'Ye once again brought out Pusha T for his guest verse, who this time wore a white blazer to match the ballerinas and the background. Furthermore, 'Ye also played samples and keys off the MPC - a real nice touch that I hope gets added for the final version - and autotuned the ending, which was more clear than during the VMAs. There were more little things to appreciate about this performance including the comical 'hey!' sample that 'Ye adamantly pressed to censor himself in the beginning of the first verse, but much larger than that, the countless, powerful, lasting images of Kanye West amongst the changing happenings around him.

In fact, Kanye West has proven once again that he can take the performance to another level - creating true art. He elevates the music to another level of energy with his creativity, stage presence, and concept of the big picture combined with the perfectly executed necessary nuances. He not only raises the bar for SNL performances (when was the last time you saw the SNL stage customized for an artist?) but Kanye West also continues to raise the bar for every artist with his live presentation. Simply amazing. So be sure to watch above and below!
Kanye West "Runaway" f/ Pusha T LIVE @ SNL
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Kanye West on 'The Cleveland Show'

Aside from watching Dexter earlier tonight (and below), I watched Kanye West's second guest appearance on The Cleveland Show. Quite the combination, I know. Like peanut butter and jelly, but not. Anyway, the full episode can be seen above and man, was it hilaaaarious. I don't even really watch The Cleveland Show, but I couldn't stop laughing. Kanye plays Kenny West, a young rapper with some obvious similarities to the man behind his voice and this episode features a lot Kenny West as he makes it big as a rap star with Cleveland alongside him as a manager. Kenny's big single is called "Be-Cleave In Yourself", which is of course performed in the episode. Fast forward to the 14 minute mark for Kenny's fast-paced, clever raps and stay tuned for the scene immediately after that spoofs Kanye's infamous "George Bush doesn't care about black people" moment next to Mike Myers. I had to pick myself off the floor after that one. Same goes for the basketball scene between Cleveland and President Obama (not his real voice) at the very end. Definitely check out the episode above; at the very least you will be sufficiently entertained (shouts 2 UMD on the rip).

In other, much more life-changing news, Kanye West tweeted about his latest studio escapade not too long ago. He is in the booth with 3 of my other favorite artists seen below. If they are all together on one track, just wow. We have seen a mix and match of all four artists before, but can you imagine what they can create together? My excitement is on par with that of the recent news of Lupe Fiasco & Common in the studio. We shall see; maybe it will be somethin' they are cookin' up for G.O.O.D. Fridays?

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Dexter: Season 5, Episode 1 'My Bad'

On GWHH, we are going to keep our ever-expanding content moving by posting some more TV shows. Whether it is via the occasional feature or a simple inclusion in a new music update (like Entourage), you will be seeing shows leaked onto the internet up on GWHH. We received some great feedback from people who came to the site to watch Entourage because they had no other option, and just hearing that alone is very humbling. So without further adieu, here goes tonight's season premiere of Dexter.

Dexter is one of my favorite shows on the air today that centers on the life of blood splatter analyst/serial killer Dexter Morgan. It is simply masterful for the amazingly fresh and unique plot, the high intensity scenes in every episode, high-caliber acting and character development, and countless amounts of little things that make the show's presentation complete. Season 4 ended on one of the boldest moves in TV history so no doubt the millions of Dexter fanatics were anticipating the fallout from the shocking season finale last year. Quick sidebar about said finale: many people had told me how incredible the ending was that the hype was on par for this upcoming Kanye West album, or Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter III, when that came out, for a hip hop comparison. Surprising enough, the ending lived up to the seemingly unreasonable hype. It was that good. So, longtime Dexter fans, if you missed the season 5 premiere or simply want to watch it again, check it out above. Newbie fans, I definitely suggest watching above, but perhaps after going through season 4 at least. Enjoy!
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Entourage Season 7 Finale 'Lose Yourself'

Episode 10, and the season 7 finale, of Entourage can be seen above. It deserved its own feature after the previous couple months of just being included in new music updates. After all, this episode contained a couple BIG-name musical cameos, that maybe the title indicates, ehh? Watch it above in case you missed it this evening and hit the jump for some extra thoughts (which contain spoilers.. shouts 2 yardie on the rip). Enjoy!
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