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Watch Lupe Fiasco on Last Call with Carson Daly

"Lookin' up at the mountain, I was like 'oh s***!'"

LMAO! How bout that for #LupeQuotes? Lupe Fiasco is the sole subject of a feature on last night's Last Call with Carson Daly to talk about Summit On The Summit, "Resurrection", and the whole Download To Donate campaign. Definitely a well-produced interview where Lupe of course provides the background information, but also sheds some interesting details on how "Resurrection" came about. He actually got a call from Mike Shinoda the day the group came back from Haiti and from there, Lupe describes that the song was made fairly quickly. It's great to see this get some mainstream publicity on NBC and in case you missed it last night (guilty), you can watch the whole thing above (shouts 2 Sean)!

Down below, the videos continue with Mr. Robotic's latest placement on MTV's Taking The Stage. Congrats on that good look! Also included below is an interview with Pusha T from our good friends J.D. & Co. over at Hip Hop Update. Among the interesting topics discussed, Pusha talks about his upcoming solo project, which I'm intrigued to hear. Finally, peep the female-laden video for the "My Chick Bad RMX". Enjoy!
Mr. Robotic On MTV's Taking The Stage

Pusha T Interview w/ Hip Hop Update

Ludacris "My Chick Bad RMX" f/ Nicki Minaj, Diamond, Trina, & Eve
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Summit On The Summit: Kilimanjaro Documentary

The Summit On The Summit: Kilimanjaro Documentary premiered on MTV tonight - a gripping, extensive look at the journey to the top of the mountain from Kenna, Lupe Fiasco, Jessica Biel, and many more. If you've been under a rock for the past couple of months, the group climbed the mountain in January to raise awareness to the global water crisis. We've been following the movement from day 1 here at GWHH and it is amazing to see it come full circle into the documentary. This special documentary captures the fun, the hardships, and all of the ups and downs of the experience. Hopefully, this documentary - broadcasted to millions of the youth - can influence people to create positive change and further help those around the world in need. Find out more and donate at SummitOnTheSummit.com. Parts 2-4 after the jump (shouts 2 yardie).

PREVIOUSLY: Summit On The Summit: Kilimanjaro @ GWHH

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Download Lupe Fiasco 'What U Want'


FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Lasers *Tibs Fav.™

This NEW Lupe leak is off Lasers as "What U Want" is first defined with a production that immediately evokes that sort of spooky, outer space mood that in general has been becoming a more prevalent sound in music today. The strongest part about "What U Want" is the verses, in which Lupe tells a literal story of a complex young woman. The end of the first verse really painted a vivid picture, extracted below:

"Old night please be kind, baby girl has no.. fear,
Tight clothing, blowin' cigarette smokin' slow motion,
Heart feelin' of love potion, but it's frozen, thinks the world's so insincere, 
Now she's dancin' with strangers, she don't know the name of, the city has claimed her, but she doesn't care.."

- Lupe Fiasco

Lupe delivers the above lyrics and the end of all his verses with an infectious melody that is a small, yet very effective touch to the song. I'm still trying to decipher that last verse and if there's a greater metaphor I'm missing; as with many of Lupe's songs "What U Want" is not one you will fully understand right away - an endearing quality that I always appreciate in any music. Depending on who you ask, the track's simplicity will either be loved or hated. The hook definitely fits but it's not particularly catchy or powerful. The production could benefit from some subtle changes or breakdowns a la "Day 'N' Nite" (a song you may think of when listening to this). Overall though, "What U Want" works for me and is definitely gonna be in the playlist when in the right mood. On a final note, the trailer for MTV's Summit On The Summit documentary can be viewed below and as expected, it looks pretty dope. About a month away 'til that premieres on MTV! Enjoy!

Summit On The Summit Trailer

Airs March 14 on MTV - 9/8 CT

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Final video/slideshow recap of Summit on the Summit

Here's the final recap of Summit On The Summit (actually, who am I to say it's final?). But after all, the climbers just completed the summit and a couple of videos depicting the final moments can be viewed above. Lupe Fiasco talks about the climb in the top one; both are quick and entertaining views. The slideshow below contains the last collection of high quality photos, courtesy of the SOTSK Facebook Page. There's some of the best shots yet so definitely take just the couple minutes required to thumb through them. For all of our coverage of Summit On The Summit this past week, simply hit this link here and of course head over to the official website for all things SOTSK - www.SummitOnTheSummit.com. Be on the lookout for the MTV documentary - we'll post news as soon as it becomes available. Enjoy!

Gallery sneak peek (16 images):

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Day 5 of Summit On The Summit leads new post

Another day, another SOTSK video. This one recaps Day 5 of the climb and centers on the hard day ahead of the group who will be looking to summit... in the cold and snow mind you.  In additional SOTSK news, give this MTV article a read as Lupe Fiasco and Santigold check in with some personal experiences. The article states a trio of people that Lupe has bonded with as well. One last thought: seeing Lupe and Santigold's names together one more time for an mp3 would be somethin' I'd love to hear. *crosses fingers*

Down below is some more new music and videos, starting off with a new mixtape from Kevin Nottingham's crew and other artists like Truck North and Wax. All the details are at the link given. Drake leads off the mp3s with a nice unreleased verse over "Successful" as Chicago artists continue the heavy hitting with a couple RMXs: Twista's on "Bed Rock" and MarVo's on Rihanna's "Hard". Finally, check out another trio of tracks and a couple videos featuring The Cool Kids and Justin Timberlake beatboxing for Brother Ali in Wyoming #randomashell. Enjoy!

Presented by: HipHopDX x DJ Booth x KevinNottingham - STREAM/DL Above

Drake "Successful (Unreleased Verse)"
Producer: Noah "40" Shebib - ~ 2:00, Tagged *Tibs Fav.™

Twista "Bed Rock RMX"

~ 1:30, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

MarVo "Hard RMX"
~ 2:00, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

Dom Kennedy "Hard Work RMX" f/ Rich Boy, Slim Thug, & Don Cannon
Producer: Chuck Inglish - FULL, CDQ

Wu-Tang Clan "Clap 2010" f/ Raekwon, Ghostface, Method Man, & U-God
FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming project, Return Of The Wu & Friends

Kat DeLuna "Push" f/ Akon
Producer: RedOne - FULL, CDQ

Ski Beatz "We Can Do It Big" f/ The Cool Kids & Stalley


Justin Timberlake Beatboxes for Brother Ali

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Days 3 and 4 of Summit On The Summit

Summit On The Summit coverage continues to lead the features for the past few days here at Gowhere Hip Hop. It's a testament to the excellent coverage with this post containing more video recaps of the past two days on the expedition. I particularly enjoyed the Day 4 recap, which illustrated the positive spirits of the whole group. To further get a grasp of the climb, check out the slideshow below. The high quality pictures get even better as you thumb through until the end with some sweet action photos of Kenna, Lupe Fiasco, Santigold, Jessica Biel, and the whole gang. And rest assured, you'll be seein' more SOTSK in the next few days! Enjoy!

BONUS LINKS: Lupe Fiasco on why he joined SOTSK // Lupe Fiasco & Elizabeth Gore on Day 3 (Very good reads.)

Gallery sneak peek (31 images):

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Day 2 of Summit On The Summit and Kenna's 'Turn' lead new music update

Kenna "Turn"
FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

Kenna, Lupe, Santigold, Jessica Biel and the entire crew are back with another video recap of Day 2 of the Summit On The Summit climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. You can watch another behind the scenes look at the conditions that will surely become more challenging as the group continues to embark toward the mountain's peak. I can only imagine the feelings and emotions they'll be feeling once they finish the climb *sighs* #jealous. In addition to the video, check out a new track that Kenna released on his MySpace page for the occasion. "Turn" has a real nice vibe to it - that while it's not really a track you'd bump in the car - it's one that you can easily reflect to. The lyrics of the chorus evoke some powerful images and is the track's brightest highlight. Remember to follow the climb's progress at SummitOnTheSummit.com.

Down below, the Twin Cities continue more than a dozen new tracks as Mod Sun and P.O.S. combine for a sweet track over a thumpin' production. Keepin' it movin' (see what I did there?), up and comer Erik Flowchild has a new joint playin' off the alphabet as more rappers like Lil' Wayne, Young Jeezy, Joe Budden, and Q Da Kid (shouts 2 splash) are featured below.

New R&B is punctuated with FOUR new Usher leaks... man, does Usher need to watch who he sends his new stuff to or what? I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the quartet save for the slow jam "Slippin'" that I feel most will appreciate at the very least. Also peep a remix collab from Mariah and Trey Songz, and some new stuff from Lloyd, Jay Sean, Omarion, and a Sammie EP.

Finally, a few videos conclude with a new take on the "History" video, behind the scenes of the "Pretty Girls" video, Diddy's new Beats headphones, and comedian Paul Mooney hilariously praising Kanye West and talking about all things black culture. "There won't be anymore white presidents. The white presidents are played out - that's out. Cuz once you vote black, you don't go back." LMAO! Enjoy!

Mod Sun "Keep It Movin'" f/ P.O.S.
FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming Hippy Hop EP *Tibs Fav.™

Erik Flowchild "W, Y, Z"
Producer: Scena - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming mixtape, The Chixtape

Joe Budden "R.I.P."
Producer: J. Cardim - FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

Q Da Kid "Give Me Your Love"

Wiz Khalifa "Smokerface"

FULL, CDQ, Track over Kid Cudi's "Make Her Say"

Papoose "Glock Busta"

Boo Rossini "Whip It Like A Slave" f/ Lil' Wayne

Boo Rossini "Do It For The Town" f/ Young Jeezy

Usher "Get In My Car" f/ Yo Gotti
Producer: Polow Da Don - FULL, CDQ, Rumored track off upcoming album, Raymond vs. Raymond

Usher "Slippin'"
FULL, CDQ, Rumored track off upcoming album, Raymond vs. Raymond *Tibs Fav.™

Usher "So Many Girls"
Producer: Danja - FULL, CDQ, Rumored track off upcoming album, Raymond vs. Raymond

Usher "Take That"
Producer: The Runners - FULL, CDQ, Rumored track off upcoming album, Raymond vs. Raymond

Mariah Carey "Inseparable RMX" f/ Trey Songz
FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Angels Advocate

Lloyd "Get A Room"

Jay Sean "Still The Way Love Goes" f/ Thara

Omarion "Sweet Hangover"
Producer: T-Pain - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Ollusion

Sammie - It's Time EP
Executive Producer: Troy Taylor

Mos Def "History" f/ Talib Kweli

Creative Control Color Edit

Wale "Pretty Girls"


Diddy Unveils New Line of Beats By Dre Headphones

Paul Mooney Talks Kanye West, More

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Watch Day 1 of Summit On The Summit climb

Yesterday, Kenna, Lupe Fiasco, Santigold and celebrities Jessica Biel and Emile Hirsch embarked on their climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro to help raise money and awareness for clean drinking water for the world. The coverage has been fantastic so far with the first video of Day 1 of the journey above. For more pictures, check out this Facebook album and for the full coverage head on over to SummitOnTheSummit.com! Hang tight for the day in music and video coming later 2nite. Enjoy!

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