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Official Sprite Green feature videos with Kid Cudi & Mr. Hudson

Kid Cudi Interview + Performance w/ Sprite Green

Mr. Hudson Interview + Performance w/ Sprite Green

Sprite Green officially rolled out their videos of the Solar Eclipse event last month in Chicago. We posted them when the videos were 'leaked' so to speak a couple weeks ago but they were immediately shut down. Now I got the go ahead as the videos are a couple of interesting and even educational features with 2 of G.O.O.D. Music's brightest young stars: Kid Cudi and Mr. Hudson. It's also particularly cool how they just spotlighted the performer's mics in the sound, particularly at the end of the Kid Cudi feature.

Couple FYIs:
FYI - Sprite Green is a unique beverage that's ushering something fresh and innovative to the market - and this party was no exception!
FYI - Kid Cudi is now joining Lady Gaga on her upcoming 'Monster Ball' Tour (Link)

And finally, the post concludes with a quartet of tracks ranging from hip hop to pop to R&B as Mulatto Patriot and Pugs Atomz get some well-done RMX treatment from Fable on "The General" to lead things off. I actually also liked the Shakira, Lil' Wayne, Timbo collab for what it is - a pop track that's catchy and actually better than most pop stuff. Finally, I would like to draw your attention to a very fresh web series that Melanie Fiona looks 2 be rolling out. It's called the "Subway Series" where she interacts with a city's live street performers to perform songs off her upcoming album, The Bridge (available digitally on October 20th). Very dope.  The first one is set in New York City. Enjoy!

Producer: Fable - FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

Producer: Ayotollah - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Born And Raised

Shakira "Give It Up To Me" f/ Lil' Wayne & Timbaland
FULL, CDQ, Tagged, Track off upcoming album, She Wolf *Tibs Fav.™

Producer: StarGate - FULL, CDQ


Melanie Fiona: Subway Series (NYC)

Diddy Talks Autotune & Jay-Z


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Consequence performs new song "Alphabet Boyz" a capella style in exclusive video

We wanted to spotlight one last piece of footage from the Sprite Green x RSVP Gallery x G.O.O.D. Music Solar Eclipse event and it comes from Consequence as he previewed a new track a capella style that will be on his upcoming album, Cons TV due out November 17th.

It's called "Alphabet Boyz" and the simple one minute a capella is straight up a must-watch. The performance was one of the clear highlights of the show as Consequence displayed his clever incorporation of the entire alphabet in one verse. I transcribed the lyrics as best I could so you can see what I mean and to follow along while watchin' the clip above.

"Make the trap say Aye,
To Be easy and stay out of my way,
Cuz when I 'C', only half of the day,
But let you know these d-boy's here to stay,
And I can move to even no effort,
Cuz that's the kinda fellas that I 'F' with,
In that Gucci that'll keep me G'd up,
Lookin' dope as the H-bombs so kick your feet up,
As I throw on a fresh pair of Js,
Pocket full of money that's at least 10K,
So roll the L with that M that's your Maybach
Cuz in the end, this is all payback
Cuz for those O's I'm on those P's and Q's,
I get no R&R so I barely got time to snooze,
But I'ma keep that 'S' on my chest,
I'm Cons to the T, when you put me to the test,
So my why am I in the W, I can have another U,
Pull up in the V with some X and some rubbers 2,
So y ask y? While you busy countin' Zs,
It could be FBI, see this is what happens when ya'll can make noise,
Cuz in life, and we all got a choice,
And some choices are hard to avoid,
And that'll get you a visit by the Alphabet Boyz"

- Consequence "Alphabet Boyz"
...Sick right?! Can't wait for the full track. Once again, Cons TV is on the way in the coming weeks so rest assured there will be more new content to come from the talented G.O.O.D. Music artist very soon!

Down below, you can take a look at a handful of tracks including Snoop Dogg's first single featuring The-Dream (shouts 2 Splash). I'm not in love with it but it wasn't bad and could grow on me as this one makes it's way to radio. R&B fans get their fix with some new tracks from Lloyd and Johnta Austin & StarGate. Videos include Chicago MCs Mikkey Halsted and Primeridian performing live in Atlanta along with new interviews with G.O.O.D. Music artists Kid Cudi and Big Sean. Enjoy!

Snoop Dogg "Gangsta Luv" f/ The-Dream
FULL, CDQ (Updated DIRTY), 1st Single for upcoming album, Malice In Wonderland

Lloyd "Beautiful"

Johnta Austin "The Way It Should Be"
Producer: StarGate - FULL, CDQ

Johnta Austin "Love Don't Have To Hurt"
Producer: StarGate - FULL, CDQ

Johnta Austin "Stay"
Producer: StarGate - FULL, CDQ


Mikkey Halsted LIVE @ A3C Festival in Atlanta

Primeridian LIVE @ A3C Festival in Atlanta

Kid Cudi Interview w/ PinBoard

Big Sean Interview w/ ItsBongoBoy


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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews G.O.O.D. Music's Really Doe

We're back with another brand new interview as I had the privilege of speaking with Really Doe before he performed at the Sprite Green x RSVP Gallery x G.O.O.D. Music Solar Eclipse event.

We discussed the impressions Really Doe has received upon the release of his debut album First Impressions, how the infectious single "Mesmerized" came about with Danny Klein, and what is to come in the future. Shouts 2 Max G. on the cam and for editing in the bonus picture-in-picture clip of Really Doe performing "Mesmerized", which makes for an even more enjoyable video above.

Preview "Mesmerized" and purchase the album below at an all-time low price on iTunes! Big ups and thank you once again to Really Doe for his time. Enjoy!

BUY: Really Doe - First Impressions [iTunes]
Only $5.99!


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Official Sprite Green x RSVP Gallery x G.O.O.D. Music Solar Eclipse coverage leads new videos

Sprite Green x RSVP Gallery x G.O.O.D. Music Recap

Kid Cudi Interview w/ Sprite Green

Mr. Hudson Interview w/ Sprite Green

Sprite Green just released its official coverage of their much-talked about party featuring G.O.O.D Music and celebrating the opening of RSVP Gallery last week. The professional footage is awesome as the concise recap accurately captures the feel of the event and the various positive reviews of everyone. You can also take a look at in-depth interviews with Kid Cudi and Mr. Hudson that took place before the evening's festivities. Both videos are edited with various angles of their performances, which adds yet another dynamic. These videos lead off a series of interesting ones to watch, as below, you can start by witnessing Kanye West's surprise performance at Common's benefit concert in L.A. It was his first public appearance since the VMAs and he was doin' his thing with "Good Life", "Run This Town", "Flashing Lights", and "Get 'Em High" with Common AND Kweli. You can also check out IllRoots'  in-depth interview with B.o.B., where they discuss everything from the label, to Eminem, to his upcoming projects.

Other videos include a well-executed Mike Posner trailer for his upcoming mixtape, One Foot Out The Door, due in late October, DMX talking to MTV, Saigon's latest video premiere and KRS-One claiming that...

"Def Jam is the dopest label in hip-hop, in the culture of hip-hop," he [KRS-One] said. "There really would be no hip-hop as we know it today if it wasn't for Def Jam. But you don't get that respect without also being the label that single-handedly destroyed hip-hop."

- KRS-One (via XXL)

...the video of which I couldn't embed. Enjoy!


Kanye West, Common, Talib Kweli, MORE LIVE in L.A.

B.o.B. Interview w/ IllRoots


Mike Posner - One Foot Out The Door [Trailer]

DMX Ready For Comeback?


Saigon "Aye Aye Aye"



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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Don Cannon

Prior to deejaying the Sprite Green x RSVP Gallery presents G.O.O.D. Music event last Friday, famous DJ/producer Don Cannon took the time out to talk with us behind the DJ booth.

We discussed a variety of topics within Chicago hip hop including currently working with No I.D. and G.O.O.D. Music, how the Gone Fishin' mixtape with The Cool Kids came about, and what else he has lined up for 2009. Hint: You'll be hearing a lot of "THE CANNON..cannon..cannon" on songs from a
wide variety of artists!

After watching the interview, be sure to check out Don Cannon's home on studiorats.com and follow him on Twitter. Enjoy!


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Photo Recap - RSVP Gallery & Sprite Green Event in Chicago

good music 2.png
Really Doe, GLC, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Mr. Hudson, & Consequence

Here's our photo recap from the Sprite Green & RSVP Gallery event. G.O.O.D. Music artists took the stage on the Harris rooftop in Millennium Park to a packed Chicago crowd producing the show of a lifetime! I'm wondering what our 10 RSVP winners thought about the show, or anyone who went for that matter? Check the photos after the jump for a better perspective of what the night way like.

kid cudi 4.png
Kid Cudi

mr. hudson.png
Mr. Hudson

common 2.png

big sean x mr. hudson.png
Big Sean & Mr. Hudson

consequence x kid cudi.png
Consequence & Kid Cudi
Continue reading...

Mr. Hudson performs "Young Forever" @ Sprite Green & RSVP Gallery Event in Chicago

I walked away from the Sprite Green & RSVP Gallery present G.O.O.D. Music event particularly impressed with Mr. Hudson's performances on stage. He was in his own zone during his set and jumped in at the very end for a bonus performance of "Young Forever" off of Jay-Z's BP3. This footage is especially great because the cameraman is on stage, which captures Hudson and the crowd from amazing angles (taken from Mr. Hudson's Official YouTube). In case you missed it, be sure to check out his performance of "Way Out" w/ Big Sean - another track on the short list of records I'm looking forward to.

Down below lies a handful of tracks that feature some big names like T.I., T-Pain, and Ne-Yo that mainstream fans might like especially. However, I was not blown away by anything. Finally, peep some footage of Lupe Fiasco performing in New York, jammin' to a beat of a new track of his that sounds dope before launching into "He Say She Say". Enjoy!

A couple interesting links: Necole Bitchie has a great compilation post of all the Drake x Kia Shine drama surrounding the writing credits of "Best I Ever Had". And Alex Goose released his beats that didn't make BP3 (shouts 2 Hetal), which have a pretty powerful sound.. surprised Jay didn't use that 1st one.

FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming soundtrack for More Than A Game

FULL, CDQ, Rumored track from upcoming album, Revolver

Ne-Yo "Can't Shake Loose"

Producer: StarGate - FULL, CDQ

FULL, CDQ, NO DJ Track off the mixtape, Sex, Lies, & MH

Sterling Simms "Talk No More"
Producer: The Underdgos - FULL, CDQ


Lupe Fiasco Previews New Track x "He Say, She Say" LIVE in NYC



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Big Sean and Mr. Hudson perform new collabo "Way Out" @ Sprite Green & RSVP Gallery Solar Eclipse

It's another live performance video from the Sprite Green & RSVP Gallery present G.O.O.D. Music event as Big Sean, sporting the ridiculously dope Bulls jacket, brings out Mr. Hudson for a NEW track called "Way Out" that will be appearing on Big Sean's debut album, and perhaps Mr. Hudson's as well. This one is an instant hit to me and I immediately recognized Mr. Hudson's parts from a one minute snippet that leaked awhile back. You can download that snippet to hold you over for now, yet it seems Hudson's lyrics slightly differ between the two. Sean comes correct with his lyrics, as exemplified below. Mr. Hudson destroys the hook, starting seemingly outta nowhere at the 2:05 mark, which is comes immediately after the aforementioned extracted lyrics. Finally, the beat evokes a powerful, even epic feel, especially with the booming sound system at the Harris Rooftop last night. Needless to say, I'm really lookin' forward to the full version of this one. Enjoy!

"She killin' me from the inside, out, took everything in the crib that was inside, out
She priceless, and I can't afford it
You want space baby and I gave you orbit,
So come home, home is where the heart is,
She said whenever I'm here I feel heartless.
So it's time to pardon (part then?), I beg your pardon, we'll be back tomorrow, naw!"

Big Sean "Way Out"
Mr. Hudson "Way Out [Snippet]"
1 Min., CDQ *Tibs Fav.™


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Kid Cudi performs "Day 'N' Nite" LIVE @ Sprite Green & RSVP Gallery Solar Eclipse

Last night, the Harris Rooftop @ Millennium Park was the place to be as the entire Chicago hip hop scene and fans alike packed the outdoor tent for a night of surprise performances from G.O.O.D. Music, brought to you by the good people at Sprite Green & RSVP Gallery (celebrating its grand opening)!

DJ sets by Million Dollar Mano & Don Cannon set the tone for the evening with hosts DJ Timbuck2 and Hollywood Holt keeping the event moving. Up first was Big Sean who also brought out Mr. Hudson, performing an exclusive track off Big Sean's upcoming debut album, Finally Famous. Chicago's GLC and Really Doe performed solo sets next before joining Consequence for a rare performance of "Disperse" with all three artists together. Consequence performed songs from past and present, including the single "Whatever U Want" and an acapella of the lyrically creative "Alphabet Boys" that will be appearing on his upcoming album, ConsTV, in stores November 17. Kid Cudi then surprised the fans in attendance, comin' out and performing his feature on Jay-Z's "Already Home" with no prior announcement. The crowd went up another level upon his set, which included Common bursting the stage for his verse on "Make Her Say". Common then performed some of his classics like "The People" and "The Corner" to his now raucous hometown crowd.

Finally, Kid Cudi performed a medley version of "Day 'N' Nite" that included the Crookers RMX and all the G.O.O.D. Music artists on stage for one incredible sight to conclude the concert. The video above captures the moment and the hyped up crowd in the first few rows that gave me chills. The young Kid Cudi looked like the leader among the pack on the heels of his debut album, Man On The Moon: The End Of Day - in stores NOW!

Stay tuned for even more high def footage of the entire night throughout the week, including live performances from everyone who graced the stage, the night in pictures, and some exclusive interviews!


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