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Sneaker Pimps Chicago 2010 Recap

Sneaker Pimps Chicago Q&A Recap

Sneaker Pimps 2010 has been making memorable trips around the states, and their stop in Chicago was no different. The event was a dope combination of Hip Hop performances, giveaways, and some of the most creative sneakers Chicago has ever seen. Supporting the Sneaker Pimps movement was a wide array of respected Chicagoans who came together to not only show some Chi Town unity, but to also enjoy the culture that they grew up on. GY312, Jen DeLeon, and I were on hand to ask them a question or two about their personal experiences on Hip Hop and sneaker culture in honor of the event. In the video above you can really see Chicago come together as we talk to Mic Terror, Skooda Chose, Mikkey Halsted, Rockie Fresh, Reno Chinati, Vic of Leaders 1354, FNF's JROC, Vocalo's Jesse Menendez, DJ Sean Mac, Hustle Simmons, and the host of the night Dave Jeff of PHLI! Each Chicagoan has something great to add about the culture, so be sure to check that out above. 

Down below I've got a few live performances from the legendary Raekwon who headlined this year's 2010 Chicago Sneaker Pimps, bringing the crowd some classics to match the classics on display! Find out what Raekwon had to say about the Sneaker Pimps movement during his GWHH interview with GY312 in case you missed it from before. Also last but not least check out Chicago's GLC perform some hits from his catalogue including "Pour Another Drink" featuring John Legend off his recently released album 'Love, Life, & Loyalty' below. #Chicago stand up!
Raekwon Live @ Sneaker Pimps Chicago

GLC Live @ Sneaker Pimps Chicago
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~ Maks G

Sneaker Art: SN'EADS by R E E, Episode 5


R E E is back with another episode for sneakerheads.  Titled, Camp-Out, R E E highlights how camping out does not always end in a happy result.  This episode begins with two friends texting each other about an upcoming release and their plans to purchase the kicks.  One of them even goes the great length of camping out for an entire month before the release of the shoe!  Read through the rest of the comic below to see how this episode of SN'EADS ends.  Also, follow Tyree on Twitter @SneadsbyRee for updates and check out his other work right here.



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Sneaker Art: SN'EADS by R E E, Episode 4


SN'EADS by R E E is back again for his fourth episode titled "Got Kix?"  R E E dropped this strip last friday for the release of the OREO VIs that were released this past Saturday.  Check out our previous posts here for more comics!


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Sneaker Art: SN'EADS by R E E, Episode 3


Tyree Dillihay, aka R E E, is back again with SN'EADS Episode 3 titled "Revenge." This piece was written and drawn by R E E with the colors done by Nick Lak.  This one is my favorites so far, giving us sneakerheads some good cracks.  If you guys don't understand the joke, google "Huxtable Cosby Dunk" or peep the photo after the strip.

Check our previous post here for Dillihay's previous work.  You can also follow R E E on twitter @SneadsbyRee.

SN'EADS by R E E: Episode 3 "Revenge"


"Huxtable Cosby Dunks"


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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Chicago Bears DE Alex Brown

In one last bit of coverage from our trip to Bo Jackson's Elite Sports facility last weekend, we were able to quickly talk with Chicago Bears defensive end Alex Brown! Topics include the impact of Bo Jackson on his career, the importance of having a quality trainer shoe like the 2010 Nike Trainer SC, and insight into his off-season preparations for the 2010 season. The interview contains some great pieces of advice for upcoming athletes from Alex so be sure to check this one out if you love to play sports. Alex is a very humble and gracious guy in our talks with him and we wish him nothing but luck in helping our hometown Bears in their quest to return to the playoffs this year! Enjoy!

PREVIOUSLY: Bo Jackson & Scoop Jackson interviews w/ Gowhere Hip Hop

Chicago Bears Alex Brown and Bo Jackson
Alex Brown and Bo Jackson
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BREAKING NEWS: Silver Anniversary Air Jordans

Thumbnail image for Jordan-25thMAIN.jpg

As most of you know, 2010 is the year to celebrate Michael Jordan's 25 anniversary in the sneaker game. So far we've seen the Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi Silver followed closely by the upcoming launch of the Air Jordan 2 Retro this Saturday, February 27. The Air Jordan 2 Retros will be available at select Jordan retailers.

With these two sneakers being dropped, a lot of speculation was going around whether Jordan Brand would continue releasing sneakers to commemorate the brand's silver anniversary.  It appears sneakerheads are about to get what they've been asking for; Jordan Brand released this breaking news:

"To continue the celebration of Jordan's silver anniversary, on March 20th we will be launching the White/Metallic Silver versions of Air Jordans 3, 4, and 9. These instant classics will be available at select retail partners, though each style will be distributed at different retailers. For those that want all three styles, it will require some extra effort, dedication and a commitment to the hunt to collect them all."

I think it's pretty intriguing how Jordan Brand has decided to release them at different locations and it's defiantly going to show who the true sneakerheads are. I'm personally torn between picking up the Jordan 3s and Jordan 4s since these have always been my favorite, but let us know which pair you want by voting below.

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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Bo Jackson on the Nike Trainer SC 2010 Rebirth

This weekend we got the opportunity to meet and interview one of the greatest athletes of all time, none other than the legendary Bo Jackson! You may remember Bo as a multi-sport athlete who played professional football in the NFL and Major League Baseball simultaneously, while also being named an all-star in both sports - accomplishments that have never been met to this day. Bo was so popular that Nike launched a Bo Knows campaign in the '90's promoting the first ever multi-sport trainer shoe: the Nike Trainer SC. When the shoe came out it immediately became the most popular shoe on the planet, as you could use it to train for any sport. Bo himself played almost every sport possible in those shoes going head to head with stars like Michael Jordan on the court and even Wayne Gretzky on the ice. Just check out some of the classic Nike commercials below and you'll see what I mean.

Now after 20 years, Nike revamped and gave rebirth to the all time classic Trainer SC. In our interview Bo Jackson talks about how transcendent that shoe was when it was originally released and also gives a nice comparison between the 1990 Nike Trainer SC to the 2010 re-release. Lastly, we couldn't let Bo leave without asking him, Does Bo Know Hip Hop? Find out in the interview above and be sure to get your pair of Nike Trainer SC's while you can not only for your collection but for your multi-sport training.

We feel very blessed to have meet a living legend who has forever impacted sports and to have heard him drop some words of wisdom at his Elite Sports facility outside of Chicago. Take a look at the video below of Bo giving advice to young athletes who now have the ability to practice all year long thanks to his indoor sports complex. Also be sure to check out the slideshow below to recap some highlights from the day. Not only was Bo Jackson there, but we were blessed to see legendary hip hop and sports writer Scoop Jackson as well as Chicago Bears defensive end Alex Brown! Stay tuned for more amazing interviews to come. Big shouts go to Cindy, thanks Nike! Enjoy!

Bo Jackson Speaks w/ Young Athletes

Nike Commercial: Bo, You Don't Know Diddley!

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Air Jordan 2010: Love or Hate?


On February 13th, Jordan Brand dropped the Air Jordan 2010 in celebration of its 25th anniversary.  Since announced back in late 2009, this shoe has faced a lot of hate.  Stirring up much of the heat was the appearance of a massive transparent circle.

Working on this design was the legendary Tinker Hatfield, VP of Special Projects/Design for Nike and Mark Smith, Creative Director for Jordan Brand.  Together these two took Jordan's ability to "see-through opponents" and created the first see-through performance basketball shoe.

Jordan worked alongside both men and influencing the design of an innovative transparent shoe.  Dwyane Wade, a member of the Team Jordan athletes, will be the first to debut the Air Jordan 2010 during the All Star game.  Nike has already released a commercial, 'Nightmare Never Sleeps' for the shoe featuring Wade below. 

Also, check out Tinker Hatfield's interview with Footwear News for more on creating Jordan's latest shoe as well as ideas for future designs and personal customization.  Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith also sit down with Nick DePaula from Sole Collector talking more on the design as well as the 25th anniversary for Jordan.

Take a quick view at the slideshow for some pictures (via Complex) of the Air Jordan 2010 and let us know your feelings by voting below. 

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Sneaker Art: SN'EADS by R E E

Check out the "Happy Valentine's Day" video episode from Tyree Dillihay, aka R E E.  R E E has fused his artistic power and passion for sneakers into one, giving sneakheads a new comic series, SN'EADS. The comic features a group of sneakerheads (where the name stems from) and "their mishaps, adventures, life lessons, etc. all for the love of sneakers" according to R E E.; This is the first video episode from R E E, following the release of his first two episodes.

These comics have quickly made their way around the sneaker community stirring up quite hype.  We haven't had anything like this for us sneakerheads before besides the occasional sneaker art, so this is pretty exciting!  Check out episode 1, featuring the "Dirty Copper Air Foamposite One," and continue reading for episode 2, featuring the "Deadstock Grails."  I'll be posting new episodes as their released.  Leave some comments below after reading!

SN'EADS by R E E - Episode 1


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GWHH's Readers: Top 3 Sneakers of 2009

After nearly a week of voting, it's time for the winners to be announced...
(Here's the previous list of candidates)

1. Nike Air Yeezys
2. Nike Air Jordan XI Space Jams
3. Converse X UNDFTD Poor Man's Weapon

I don't think it was a big surprise that the Nike Air Yeezys took 1st place.  As I stated before, you either loved them or hated 'em and it appears GWHH has a lot of love.  They were definitely the biggest hype from Nike this year and this hype started way before anyone knew the name of them or whether or not they'd be released to the public.  The craze began all around the internet for these "unknown" sneakers immediately following Kanye West's performance of "Stronger" at the 2008 Grammys.  If you have your pair, hold on to 'em and if your looking to grab one, expect to be droppin' at least $500.

GWHH's Runner-up was the Nike Air Jordan XI Space Jams.  There's a history behind these shoes like no other...First worn by Michael Jordan on May 14th, 1995 in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, then a year later in Jordan's debut in Hollywood with the motion picture Space Jam, and finally being released to the public in late 2000.  These shoes created almost a cult following, with some pairs selling for as much as $650 to those who couldn't when released.  The 2009 Space Jams were one of Nike's most hyped sneaker releases of the year, beginning as early as March when the first images were dropped.  Keep them soles ICY!

In 3rd place, was another successful collaboration by Converse and UNDFTD.  These were actually released on Armed Forces Day and personally were one of my favorite sneakers of 2009.  Matt Halfhill said it perfectly, "Another W for Undefeated's winning streak."

Gallery sneak peek (3 images):

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GWHH Top 10 Sneakers of 2009


As we approach 2010, I thought it would be fitting to take a look back at some of 2009's hottest sneakers. As we glanced back over this year's releases, it was quite obvious sneaker heads were blessed with a excellent year. Nike as usual, had plenty of successful re-releases while also introducing us to one of their most loved and hated kicks: Air Yeezys. Other companies such as Reebok, Adidas, Supra and Clae also made some big moves in the industry while offering us some solid options.

I was able to narrow the list down to 10 sneakers, which I felt earned their spot in the Top 10 of 2009. Check out the slideshow found at the bottom of the post for up close pics of each of pair. There is no order to the slideshow since I found it rather difficult to rank these sneakers.  Instead, we decided to let the readers VOTE and select their No. 1 Sneaker of 2009.  You can place your VOTE right below, and we'll announce the results for the No. 1 Sneaker of 2009 sometime next week. Stay Tuned and CAST YOUR VOTE!

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