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Old School Sundays: Throwback Interviews

I know it's been a minute since we had an Old School Sundays but I was inspired to look at some throwback interviews after stumbling upon this seldom-viewed, banned MTV interview with none other than 2Pac above. This interview was for Christmas time in 1992, when 2Pac was slated to contribute to a Christmas compilation album. He let MTV in the studio when he recorded the song that was then left off the album due to legal troubles that happened soon after to 'Pac. As a result, the interview was never aired. 2Pac talks about Christmas - his greatest Christmas memory and the sure highlight of the interview: how he doesn't understand the people who have millions and billions of dollars, multiple houses, etc. and there are still people without homes and without food. His well-documented mentality about helping the poor is on full display here as 2Pac talks for nearly 9 minutes until the video cuts off. Definitely a fun one to watch.
I didn't stop at 'Pac however as I looked up a couple of living Chicago legends: Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. Both interviews below were taken just prior to each artist's debut album as Kanye even spit some a capellas that were new and fresh at the time and now known (and still fresh) today. Of course, he also talks some realness about growing up, standing on your own two feet, and more with a laid-back yet fiery passion. For Lupe's old school interview, he was in Amsterdam where he talked about all things Food & Liquor, why he turned down a deal with Jay-Z, and also the quote "I love business. I love music. I hate the music business". As you can tell, all three interviews are fun, fascinating, and likely educational videos to re-live and transplant yourselves to years past. Enjoy!
Kanye West Interview w/ I-R-T (2003)
Lupe Fiasco Interview w/ Zarayda in Amsterdam (2007)
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Old School Sundays: Freestyle Battles

Eminem Vs. Juice @ Scribble Jam '97

The other day I went on a YouTube run of freestyle battles. I came across some not too good ones before landing on the classics above. First, how about some rare footage of 2Pac and Biggie freestyling together? They seamlessly transition from one to the other and of course spit some solid rhymes off the top of the dome. I don't remember ever seeing that one so I had that surreal feeling afterward. The next video I have seen before, but never covered as extensively as the 15 minute compilation did above. Eminem and Juice in the infamous Scribble Jam '97 Final. It's documented with a few interviews and of course many clips of Eminem and Juice rhyming against the competition prior to battling each other. Crazy to revisit no matter how many times you have seen the footage and if you were previously unaware, then it makes it even more of a must-see (Juice's 'Budweiser' line is king). Enjoy!
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Proof 'Time A Tell' [MIXTAPE]


Proof 'Time A Tell' [MIXTAPE]
NEW/Unreleased Proof written and recorded in 24 hours (Listen/DL Above, Tracklist after the jump!)

I remember talk of this project before Proof's untimely passing. Time A Tell finally sees the light of day - a solo mixtape that Proof wrote and recorded in 24 hours. Not surprising, given Proof's freestyle skills, that he was able to pull that off. But still, quite impressive. The result is a mixtape that features a variety of flows, styles, in your face tracks, laid-back tracks - really, a nice mix of everything. "I Think Of You" is an example of a heart-felt record that features Proof's signature break-neck pace and is an early fav. of mine. The middle stretch, concluding with the industry analyzing "Iron Fist", is particularly strong with the aforementioned versatility and even some humor that Proof is also known for. You can't really go wrong with at least giving Time A Tell a listen from the link above. Some of the production is a little too bland for me, but Time A Tell is more about Proof's clever, often thought-provoking words that will keep you entertained. There is a variety of records that will appeal to any hip hop fan, so you're likely to find somethin' you vibe with and enjoy! R.I.P. Proof.

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Kanye West in Bathing Ape Summer 2010

Thumbnail image for KanyeWestApe1.jpg

Bathing Ape Summer 2010 Collection

Modeled by Kanye West

Bathing Ape took a colorful, neat, and crisp direction for their 2010 Summer Collection.  Originally released in the winter season of '09, Ape forecasted a palette of Earth tones, complete with a fresh and airy color concept of cotton tops paired with khaki and denim fitted jeans. 

The clothing doesn't have to do much work to look fly on Kanye... He  looks effortlessly young with a natural poise of confidence, which compliments his style. How can you Not love Kanye? So what do you think, did Bathing Ape appropriately predict a fresh trend for summer 2010? Yea or nay?

Gallery sneak peek (8 images):

View the gallery...
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propaYne 'Ode To Ye'

Thumbnail image for Ode To Ye Cover

propaYne 'Ode To Ye' [FreEP]
Features 7 NEW Tracks over Kanye West String Instrumentals

The 17-year old propaYne cranked out this impressive 7-track Ode To Ye in exactly 7 hours and what it consists of is some new and original stories over some classic Kanye West instrumentals. The catch, however, is the instrumentals are purely strings, which I have mentioned numerous times that I love strings in hip hop. It is a must-download just to hear all of the beautiful compositions of classics like "All Falls Down", "Touch The Sky", and "Stronger" (yes, "Stronger"). Not one instrumental is poorly executed and all of them act as the backdrop for propaYne's lyrical growth. Compared to what I have heard from his earlier work, propaYne steps up his game to have more distinct storytelling elements at times. I particularly liked the "Good Morning" intro, his talks on the industry in "Heard 'Em Say", and the unique flip of "Stronger". Ode To Ye is easily a project that deserves your full attention as the dope flows and rhymes plus the new/old Kanye instrumentals (perfect for Old School Sundays) are one hell of an entertaining listen. Enjoy!
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DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie 'Summertime: The Mixtape'


DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie 'Summertime: The Mixtape'
Presented by: UNDRCRWN & Mtvtn (Tracklist after the jump!)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie mix a summer soundtrack featuring tracks from multi-genres, multi-eras, and multi-legends. Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Marvin Gaye, A Tribe Called Quest, Montell Jordan (whoops). There are over 30 tracks that hit any summer mood, which include some classics and some new remixes. It's a perfect fit for your summer and 4th of July so hit the jump to see all the goodies and download above! Sidebar: I've been re-watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air here and there and laugh everytime Jazz gets thrown out of the house. Good times.

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Old School Sundays: Common & Kanye West 'They Say' LIVE AOL Sessions 2005

My YouTube suggestions made the pick easy for another installment of Old School Sundays as this 2005 performance of "They Say" by Common & Kanye West caught my eye. The performance was a special for AOL Sessions and there's a lot of little things to like. For starters, Common lashes out at "they" with an a capella freestyle, while Kanye calmly looks on from his first step seat. Awesome moment. More things to look for: Kanye accentuating the lines on his verse like he only can and Common spittin' a few bars a capella in the 3rd verse. Dope song, dope performance. Enjoy!
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Old School Sundays: Do Or Die 'Po Pimp' f/ Twista

One of Chicago hip hop's most influential groups, Do Or Die, deserves an Old School Sundays look, so why not bring back the video for arguably their biggest song "Po Pimp" f/ Twista. For one, the video illustrates some of the styles from nearly 15 years ago - the Cadillacs, the fashion, even the video direction. Just a trip to see because of that. But also many of our younger readers may not be familiar with Do Or Die and as you can tell upon first listen, they rhyme at a break-neck pace right alongside Twista. Even though the song's concept isn't my preferred taste, its verses and flows are straight up lethal and the chorus has that nice 'ride factor' to boot. Definitely a record that captures the mood of the summer that is oh so close. "Po Pimp" catapulted to #22 on the Billboard Hot 100 at the time, proving just how national this single was at the time. So check up on this one whether it is your first listen or your thousandth. After all, you can always use that good refresher of some true Chicago hip hop. Enjoy!
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Dead Prez leads Mother's Day tribute post


Dead Prez "The Beauty Within"
Producer: The Smeezingtons - FULL, CDQ, Track over "Nothin' On You" off the upcoming mixtape w/ DJ Drama *Tibs Fav.™

Dead Prez sets the Mother's Day mood right with a brand new track off their forthcoming, DJ Drama-hosted mixtape. It is called "The Beauty Within" and takes on the "Nothin' On You" instrumental for a fresh take at exactly what the title indicates. The song is dedicated to mothers around the globe and it really applies to all women in general. You gotta appreciate the clever touch to the substance Dead Prez provides and the female vocals on the hook provide a new lyrical touch and change of pace. Definitely one to add to your library above. 

Down below, I pulled up the two most famous mom-dedicated records for Old School Sundays. 2Pac's "Dear Mama" and Kanye West's emotional performance of "Hey Mama" at the 2008 Grammys. The latter is poor quality but I'm pretty sure all other videos have been taken down (correct me if I'm wrong). Any favorites between the two? 

And we can't forget... we at Gowhere Hip Hop wish mothers and women everywhere a Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy!
2Pac "Dear Mama"

Kanye West "Hey Mama" LIVE @ 2008 Grammys
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DJ Lee Farmer & Allstar 'Soulgasm: Remixes & B-Sides'


Our good homie and legendary Chicago DJ, DJ Lee Farmer hit us up with this new mix he worked on with platinum producer Allstar. 'Soulgasm: Remixes & B-Sides' is perfect for the late night R&B fan craving some refreshing music. The mix contains hits from the likes of Luther Vandross, Ne-Yo, and Monica all over different production from Allstar. DJ Lee Farmer mixed the project that kicks off with a brilliant remix of the classic Joe hit "Stutter". From the beginning, you'll be hooked to see what comes on next. I especially vibed with the beginning and end of the mix, which you can simply play conveniently above by clicking the cover. This new mix happens to be a nice fit for this installment of Old School Sundays and a fresh take on some R&B with some hip hop added in for good measure. Make sure to get familiar with DJ Lee Farmer as well by taking a look at our exclusive interview with him back on our Examiner site (yep, we're still on there from time to time!). Enjoy! 
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Old School Sundays: Guru Tributes

CSCover WEB.jpg

Community Service - The Essence Mixtape
Features 14 songs over DJ Premier Instrumentals

As you all know, earlier this week we lost a rap legend at the tender age of 43: Guru. Since then, we received a real nice tribute mixtape that was recorded by Chicago's own Community Service back in 2005 - all over DJ Premier/Gang Starr productions. Listen/download above to hear some very interesting twists and ideas that the crew had in mind over these instrumentals and find out more info about Community Service and the entire project here.

Down below is perhaps the biggest, most powerful tribute mix from none other than Guru's producer w/ Gang Starr: DJ Premier. You can play it below - a perfect mix to vibe with whether you're surfing the web, working, studying, and of course in remembrance of Guru. #RIPGuru. Enjoy!
DJ Premier's Guru Tribute Mix
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J-Live returns strong with 'The Way That I Rhyme'


J-Live "The Way That I Rhyme"
FULL, CDQ *gowhere? Approved.™

I have some good news for you lyrical lovers. J-Live is back with his comeback joint titled "The Way That I Rhyme". On his new site, he has his upcoming shows and a message addressing the long awaited return. J-Live's new track shows an originality that has kept him distinct from the other MC's in New York's independent hip hop scene since the 90s. He comes back strong right where he left off with this new single. Also be sure to check out J-Live's earlier work posted below for Old School Sundays. "The Lyricist" is a must have track along with the soulful vibe from "Coming Home". If you are in desperate need of quality hip hop J-Live has all of that. Enjoy!

J-Live "The Lyricist"
FULL, CDQ, Track off 2002 Album, All of the Above *gowhere? Approved.™

J-Live "Coming Home" f/ Dwele
FULL, CDQ, Track off 2005 Album, The Hear After *gowhere? Approved.™
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Old School Sundays: R.I.P. Proof


Proof "Oil Can Harry" f/ Eminem
Producer: Eminem - 2005 Track off the mixtape, Grown Man Shit *TIBS FAV.™

Proof "Biboa's Theme"
Producer: Nick Speed - 2005 Track off the album, Searching For Jerry Garcia *TIBS FAV.™

On this day four years ago, Proof - longtime best friend of Eminem and member of the rap group D12 - was gunned down and murdered outside a Detroit nightclub. It only seems appropriate to remember him and his music in this installment of Old School Sundays. Right off the bat, Proof became my favorite non-Eminem member of D12. His deep voice and slick flow combined for a lot of fast-paced raps on some of D12's biggest singles and on his own solo album. Two of my favorites of his can be had above. First, a gritty pump up song called "Oil Can Harry" that is produced by Eminem (and technically features him for a couple lines also). The beat is simple but menacing and also one of the best illustrations of Proof's flow. Hard not to feel amped after just one listen. The other track is "Biboa's Theme" - one of a few records where Proof actually talks about death - eerie I know. References to 'Pac and 'Pun are littered in the verses, with the hook acting a little bit motivational as well. Throw in an infectious beat and "Biboa's Theme" instantly became a song I put on repeat a handful of years ago. These are just two favorites from a quality catalog that Proof delivered before his untimely death. If you happen to be unfamiliar with him, take a listen to the couple songs above and hear for yourself. He was an integral part of Detroit hip hop who eventually made his impact worldwide and has since been missed. R.I.P. Proof.

After the jump, take a look at fellow D12 member Bizarre's letter to Proof (newly published today).

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H.E.R Hip Hop Showcase Vol. 1 [MIXTAPE]



H.E.R Hip Hop Showcase Vol. 1 [MIXTAPE]
Features previously released material from Common, Dead Prez, Kidz In The Hall, & MORE!

It's still Sunday here in Chicago, technically, and Easter Sunday at that - a busy personal day for myself with the family on this holiday. Adding to the day has been a series of internet issues that is finally semi-resolved. But getting down to business, some like-minded entrepreneurs down in Athens, Georgia reached out with a project and showcase that is worth an Old School Sundays feature. HerHipHop.com compiled some previously released material featuring the likes of Common, Dead Prez, Kidz In The Hall, and a host of upcoming hip hop artists that fit the theme of their upcoming H.E.R. Hip Hop Showcase on April 9th in Athens. While we in Chicago will not be able to personally enjoy the showcase, the people in and around Athens, GA will be able to experience, mostly for the first time, performances from Dead Prez, Kidz In The Hall, Donnis, and more local talent. The showcase is meant to bring more awareness to hip hop in the emerging city of Athens with conferences also scheduled so that these artists and more can speak positivity to the people. It is shaping up to be a dope event that you can find out more info on after the jump. But one thing we can all enjoy is the music: for one, we have some more artists on there that you likely haven't heard of to open your ears to, and secondly, if you're really (like, really) behind on your hip hop then you should grab those classics from Dead Prez and Common that intro and outro the tape. Immediately. More goodness to come as we move forward into Monday! Enjoy!
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Old School Sundays: TreaZon 'Stay In Your Place' f/ Drake, GemStones, & Dow Jones


TreaZon "Stay In Your Place" f/ Drake, GemStones, & Dow Jones
FULL, CDQ, 2008 Track off the mixtape, Re-Introduction *Tibs Fav.™

I was reminded of this 2008 collaboration amidst all the positive reaction on GemStones' comeback track "My Hood" (just check his Facebook to see what I mean). It's crazy to think that when this track came out, GemStones was probably bigger than Drake was (not a knock on Gem, just commenting how Drake was not near his level of popularity today). And looking back at this track just a mere two years after its release comes a new appreciation. Drake definitely did his thing on this one as he rode to the raw, gritty beat with a faster pace than his recent slowed-down style, which I happen to like more in general. All of the emcees really do their thing on the track with TreaZon and Dow Jones flowin' well on the last two verses too. But I gotta give the crown on this one to our homie GemStones, who spits a flurry of bars that discuss the harsh realities he has experienced and how he's gonna win in the end. What lifts his verse another level is the addicting, effective annunciation of his words. He goes from one word to the next, one syllable to the next, with an added twist that even emphasizes the message. So if you missed this one a couple years ago, download the Drake & GemStones collabo above! Enjoy!
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Old School Sundays: Guru 'State Of Clarity' f/ Common & Bob James


Guru "State Of Clarity" f/ Common & Bob James
Producer: Solar - 2007 Track off the album, Jazzmatazz Vol. 4 *Tibs Fav.™

With Guru still reportedly in a coma, we continue to pray for a speedy and healthy recovery. It is natural to reflect and shed light on the music so we would like to show another small piece of homage to the rap legend through an installment of Old School Sundays. Many of you may be unaware of Guru's collaboration with Common - an easy choice for today's segement. In "State Of Clarity" off of Guru & Solar's 2007 album, Jazzmatazz Vol. 4, Solar first paints a jazzy production where both Guru and Common once again prove they can still flow to the soul. Some of my favorite lines: 

"My mind blows decisions at times indecisive,
I think about the paradox that life is, keep my head to the sky and understand who Christ is...

...Black figures on the wall in my apartment,
Like LaDanian ya'll I be chargin' it, touching down with the people from my town,
It's the Chi that be giving me my ground,
Dug in the crates of my soul and I found, clarity."

- Common

"I see past the groupies and gold diggers to find women, how I'm living?
Doing me and not savagely driven, taught the game of fortune and fame so I'm not playing no more I hold the torch with flames,
I've lost and gained at the same time, MC's biting and swagger jacking still commit the same crimes,
Once you see past the surface, that trash is worthless, with me you get a lasting purpose."

- Guru

The words speak for themselves. This is a must-have hip hop track with a message so if you don't yet have it, then add some "State Of Clarity" to your library. To preview and purchase Jazzmatazz Vol. 4, click here. #PrayForGuru. Enjoy!
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Old School Sundays: Common's 'The Light' Sample

We all know how prevalent samples are in hip hop. I, for one, really appreciate the creativity that producers and artists exhibit when twisting an old song or sound into something new, thereby adding another dimension as well as longevity to the original. The late J. Dilla does just that flipping Bobby Caldwell's 1980 record "Open Your Eyes" into what became one of Common's biggest singles to date: "The Light". How they all incorporated that sample into such a unique hip hop classic is just brilliant and it's always nice to examine them side by side once again. "The Light" is one of many of my favorite sampled songs... what are some of yours? Enjoy!

Common "The Light" (prod. J. Dilla)

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Old School Sundays: Eminem Rabbit Run

Eminem "Rabbit Run"
FULL, CDQ, Track from '8 Mile soundtrack' *MG Fav.™

This record really personifies the struggle for success and creativity as Em spits straight through, no hooks, just bars. The delivery and lyrics are like one big buildup of raw emotion hitting you in the chest, and a really dope track to get you goin'. It's so fast paced with the beat and flow that it makes the title "Rabbit Run" appropriate not only aesthetically, but also metaphorically in reference to the grind. Focus, Go, Run!

If I gotta scream 'til I have half a lung
If I have half a chance I grab it - Rabbit Run


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Old School Sundays: Dance Influence to Michael Jackson

I love this video that juxtapositions Fred Astaire's movie clips from Daddy Long Legs  and The Band Wagon over Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" single. The dance choreography, fashion, stage design, vivid color, and overall drama of the movie is simply amazing. Everything is very conscious and elegant. I wish I saw more of this type of dedication to craft and class in today's music videos. Even though the above video is from films, I think some of the more artistic elements can transfer over into mainstream music videos. Watching Fred Astaire dance really shows you that Michael Jackson did his research on the greats before him, and through practice appropriated his own innovative mark onto history. The video below has some more examples of possible influences on Michael Jackson's historic moves like that of the infamous Moonwalk. Long live the King!

Dancers in alphabetical order: Fred Astaire, Bill Bailey, Buck and Bubbles, Cab Calloway, Clark Brothers, Sammy Davis Jr., Daniel L. Haynes, Rubberneck Holmes, Patterson and Jackson, Eleanor Powell, Bill Robinson, Three Chefs, Tip Tap and Toe ft. Ray Winfield, Earl Snakehips Tucker

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Common and Rhymefest earn spotlights for this week's installment of Old School Sundays

I just had to spotlight a couple quick videos I stumbled upon on YouTube today - a double dose if you will for Old School Sundays. The first pays homage to not only the Common classic "I Used To Love H.E.R." but also 2Pac's "Old School" as the mash-up (an early decade staple might I add) is well mixed by DJ Fatal. Great to hear 2Pac's bars from that particular song over the Common hook and production. From there, a related video caught my eye - an interesting promo video for Rhymefest that is awesome to look at it again today. The video contains rare footage of 3 of rap's biggest stars then (and still today) giving their praises on Rhymefest. The rare footage not only comes in the form of interviews but also Em & Fest's infamous Scribble Jam battle (watch in full HERE) and a young Kanye working with a young 'Fest in the studio. Enjoy!

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Old school Common diss leads new music post


Common "The Bitch In Yoo [Ice Cube Diss]"
Producer: Pete Rock - 1996 Original Demo Mix *Tibs Fav.™

Today's Old School Sunday installment is directly inspired by the latest Beanie Sigel diss track on Jay-Z. The latter feud has caused quite the buzz in hip hop but the diss track is rather weak (more on that in a sec). As a result, I felt the need to spotlight a diss track that  is widely considered one of hip hop's best: Common's "The Bitch In Yoo" - the Chicago MC's 1996 diss record on Ice Cube and the Westside Connection .

The backstory: In Common's legendary "I Used To Love H.E.R." he recited, "I was insulted: she was with the boys in the hood". If you recall the metaphor, she = hip hop and Ice Cube took offense as an actor in the movie Boyz In The Hood. Consequently, Cube and the Westside Connection took shots at Common and others in a song called "Westside Slaughterhouse". Common shot back with the direct diss "The Bitch In Yoo", saying Cube's "Rap career is over, better off acting, what trouble I see, you're managing WC and Wack 10" and pointing out many of Cube's beats sample George Clinton. This one is a must-have for those in my generation who were unfamiliar of the beef in '96 or even for those who are and just don't have the mp3 after all these years.

Now in contrast, "The Bitch In Yoo" is miles ahead of "How I Can Kill The Jigga Man". I mean, it was frustrating to the point that I wanted to spotlight an old diss track. We all know Beans is capable of more and the only thing I really got out of "How I Can Kill The Jigga Man" is that Beans really likes to address people as 'boy'. If you're comin' after Jay-Z, you gotta bring your A+ game (see: "Ether") and simply put, Beans didn't do that. Maybe he's just playin' around w/ this one before a 'real' diss track, but I don't know if I'd waste my time doin' that on record.. in an interview, sure. Jay must be lickin' his chops before the American Music Awards tonight, where he'll be performing with Alicia Keys (also performing is Eminem & 50 Cent).

UPDATE: Beanie Sigel just released ANOTHER Jay-Z diss called "Think Big" (shouts 2 DDot). It doesn't feel like a pure diss on Jay; he's only mentioned toward the end. The references to the likes of Columbine and Scottie Pippen were nice tho and I liked this track overall a lot better.

Below, there is more to be had as Grafh goes in on Trey Songz' "I Invented Sex" (shouts 2 splash for both trax), Freeway and Beans are captured in the studio, Mike Posner delivers a nice basketball analogy in the midst of an interview w/ Miss Passion of YK2 Daily and video premieres come from Timbaland and Maino. As an added comedic bonus, Jason Segel of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and How I Met Your Mother delivers a hilariously absurd sex song on the piano - a must-watch if you like to laugh. Enjoy!

BONUS LINK: B.o.B. discusses upcoming album, name change

Beanie Sigel "How I Can Kill The Jigga Man [Jay-Z Diss]"

Beanie Sigel "Think Big [Jay-Z Diss]"
FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

Grafh "I Invented Sex RMX"


Freeway & Beanie Sigel In The Studio

BONUS: Freeway, Jakk Frost, & Nina Ross In The Studio

Mike Posner Interview w/ YK2 Daily

Timbaland "Morning After Dark" f/ SoShy


Maino "Let's Make A Movie"


Jason Segel's Original Song w/ The Swell Season

HILARIOUS! Lyrics here

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Chicago MC Real T@lk named 'Unsigned Hype' in Source Magazine



Real T@lk - The Mo' Better Mixtape

Producer: Authentik Made - Released June, 2009

Congratulations goes out 2 a Chicago-area MC we have previously spotlighted, Real T@lk for the news that he will be appearing in the 'Unsigned Hype' section of the November issue of Source magazine, with Snoop Dogg on the cover. So be sure 2 at least thumb thru that when it hits newsstands later this month! In the meantime, in a little bonus installment of Old School Sundays, hear why Real T@lk was chosen with his summer mixtape, The Mo' Better Mixtape, available for download above. Enjoy!


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Old school No I.D. x Common collab leads new music update


No I.D. "State To State" f/ Dug Infinite & Common
Producer: No I.D. - FULL, CDQ, 1997 track off the album, Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album) *Tibs Fav.™

Figured I would kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone w/ this post (Old School Sundays + NEW Music Update!) as I've wanted to feature this 1997 track from No I.D., Dug Infinite, and Common called "State To State" off the first Black Album, haha - No I.D.'s debut solo album. For those who don't know, the legendary Chi producer can MC as well, doing so in the 3rd verse of "State To State", downloadable above. In fact, here's a sweet sampling that'll kill any skepticism,

"I'm pushin three-zero, I plan to be the baddest
like hip-hop hero in the game MC
And makin sure that what you seein opens up your mind
When I kick the hard to find, strategic, rhyme design
Supersede your average line, intertwine when I combine
Elevatin mankind, attract a scholar
I convert poetry to dollars, a risk taker"

- No I.D.
As you can tell, No I.D. can hold his own with some intellectual bars. In addition, you get 1997 Common not holdin' back anythin' and killin' his whole verse with a ridiculous flow - set up brilliantly with his first couple bars. Overall, it's a must-have track for hip hop fans that represents the Chi well.

Down below is the rest of the NEW audio and video. Nothin' really feature worthy, yet some good stuff 2 grab below. The CDQ of Robin Thicke & Jay-Z's catchy collaboration has surfaced (shouts 2 OS) along with a radio rip of a leftover cut from Attention Deficit featuring Wale & Travis Barker. Up and comers Suave Da Lyricist (from Chicago) and Jwan (from Big Sean's Finally Famous Music Group) deliver a couple catchy tunes as well. An uptempo Three 6 Mafia track rounds out the hip hop (shouts 2 X), Sterling Simms delivers one of my favorites of his with "Mine Tonight", and pop fans get to enjoy a Keri Hilson feature and a future Lady Gaga radio hit.

Videos include a gripping trailer to the Lil' Wayne documentary, some live footage featuring Drake, Dead Prez, and Just Blaze & Alchemist, a Big Boi interview, and a 45-minute long discussion featuring Chamillionaire that talks about the music business that all aspiring artists should particularly pay attention 2. Enjoy!

Robin Thicke "Meiplé (Me I Play)" f/ Jay-Z
FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Sex Therapy

Wale "OG'z" f/ Travis Barker [Radio Rip]
Producer: Sean C & LV - FULL, CDQ, Leftover track from upcoming album, Attention Deficit

Suave Da Lyricist "Blackout"
FULL, CDQ, Track off the Verdicts EP

Jwan "Nothing Really Matters"

Three 6 Mafia "Feel It" f/ Tiesto, Flo Rida, & Sean Kingston

FULL, CDQ, 1st Single off upcoming album, Laws Of Power

Sterling Simms "Mine Tonight"
Producer: SoundZ - FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

Diamond "Like A Stripper" f/ Keri Hilson

Lady Gaga "Dance In The Dark"
FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming re-release album, The Fame: Monster


Lil' Wayne - The Carter Documentary [TRAILER]

Drake Spits Verse Off Thank Me Later

Around 30 Min. Mark

Dead Prez "Hip Hop" LIVE in London

Just Blaze Vs. Alchemist Red Bull Big Tune [FULL]

Big Boi Interview w/ On-Air Idiots

QD3 x Chamillionaire: From Artist To Entrepreneur


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Up and coming Chicago artists featured on new compilation mixtape


Pwelbs.com x Airtime Collection - The March Of Time [MIXTAPE]
19 Track Compilation - Tracklist Below

  1. Nero - Yep, Ya Dig
  2. Dave Coresh - Keep It Movin'
  3. Chuck L.I. - Contact
  4. LA & Mr. Music - Wake Up ft. S-Preme
  5. Add-2 - Break It Down
  6. Illuminous 3 - BYOB
  7. Background Noise Crew - 5Play
  8. Mally - The Savior
  9. St. Paul Slim - You Gotta Get Wit' Me
  10. Trey Lane - Where The Party At
  11. YP - On Point
  12. Dodi Phy - Love and Lust ft. M.anifest
  13. Muja Messiah - Messiah
  14. Youngsta "The 80s Baby" - I Like Dat
  15. The Tribe & Big Cats! - Grind Time
  16. Add-2 - Let It Bang
  17. Mike Posner - First Date Sex
  18. LA & Mr. Music - I Was Born
  19. Nero - The Cannon
Shouts to the homie Pwelbs who earlier this week dropped his compilation mixtape in conjunction with upstart clothing company Airtime Collection spotlighting the underground and upcoming talent in the Midwest. My second home of the Twin Cities gets some love as Muja Messiah and St. Paul Slim have two of the tape's strongest tracks. There's some heavy Chicago flavor with the likes of Add-2, Chuck L.I., YP, Dave Coresh, LA & Mr. Music, and S-Preme making one or multiple appearances on the compilation. The reason this is featured as an installment of Old School Sundays? Well, if you're up on these artists to begin with, these are some of their 'old school' tracks, yet at the same time a lot of the records on here are brand new to many of you. I love when that happens, haha.

I also want to mention that Pwelbs will be on live 2NITE (and every Sunday) at 6PM - 9PM CT on DePaul Radio; make sure to tune in and get involved by calling in as well: 773.325.7341.


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Clif Soulo pays homage to Common with new mixtape


Clif Soulo - Forever Be Hip Hop [MIXTAPE]

10 Interpretations of Classics by Common *Tibs Fav.™

Oakland M.C. and Hip Hop Update blogger Clif Soulo recently released a unique interpretation mixtape paying homage 2 none other than Common. The cleverly titled Forever Be Hip Hop encompasses 10 instrumentals from Common albums Finding Forever and Be that Clif Soulo uses as his own personal canvas 2 illustrate his similar analytical perspective on the world. It's none more obvious than in "Justice, Maybe" where Clif Soulo questions the fair justice in the world concluding the song with this powerful quote, "Michael Vick killed dogs, received two years in person. NYPD murdered Sean Bell. Their charges: fully acquitted. You tell me. Where's the justice?". Clif Soulo shows a lotta love toward Common and Chicago and really does his whole thing throughout the 10 tracks. As indicative with the quote above, Clif Soulo continues 2 spit positive messages and truths in what doubles as a unique Old School Sundays installment. Common fans, Chicago fans, hip hop fans, and just fans of positive music alike should all give this tape a listen. Enjoy!


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Old School Sundays: Party Up Edition

DMX "Party Up" f/ Gym Class Heroes
LIVE @ VH1 Hip Hop Honors

Clips from the upcoming VH1 Hip Hop Honors Show, airing on October 13th, continue to surface and the sneak preview at DMX's return performance of his classic "Party Up" inspired this edition of Old School Sundays. But first and foremost, DMX brought the energy to the stage and it was refreshing to see him doin' what he does best. Did you see how the crowd was jumpin'? Man, that looked like quite the scene.

So how does the video above inspire Old School Sundays? Well, of course everyone has the original but my love for "Party Up" was renewed when I first heard this mash-up of "Party Up" and Eminem's "Real Slim Shady" back in 2005. Mash-ups are unofficial remixes that DJs create by combining a capella vocals and established songs. As a result, the possibilities are limitless. Yet for all the mash-ups you'll find surfing the web, you'll rarely come across one that was well-executed. The one below is the first one that I heard that was successful and ignited a mash-up craze at the time as well. Mash-ups are perfect for impressing and/or surprising your friends if you play somethin' like this at a party. Maybe I'll unleash some more in future installments of Old School Sundays?! Enjoy!

DMX & Eminem "Party Up Vs. Real Slim Shady"
MASH-UP from 2005 *Tibs Fav.™


In a VH1 Hip Hop Honors related announcement, WGCI 107.5 and Chicago's own DJ Timbuck2 is nominated for the 'Best Hip Hop DJ' award. He's up against some stiff competition but it's all up to the voters. It's as simple as clicking the link below and the choice for DJ Timbuck2, which will all take less than 30 seconds. Support your Chicago DJs!

VOTE for DJ Timbuck2 for Best Hip Hop DJ
@ VH1's Hip Hop Honors Show airing 10.13


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CNN interviews Anjanette Albert plus Old School Sundays

I wanted to get an installment of Old School Sundays in before the Sunday became a Monday and this particular post doubles as added awareness about the Derrion Albert tragedy that occurred last week. CNN had some special coverage about the incident yesterday and also interviewed Derrion's mother, Anjanette. The interview is hard to watch as you can only imagine Anjanette's state so soon after what took place. If this story doesn't touch your soul in some way, I don't know what could.

For the full details of the Derrion Albert tragedy and our ongoing conversation, simply CLICK HERE.

Earlier today, I was trying to think of a track that is appropriate at a time like this, which was especially hard at first because I was away from my iTunes library. After some quick YouTube searches, I was reminded of the perfect match: the 2008 mega-collaboration architect-ed by the legendary KRS-One that features Nelly, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Redman, Method Man, Talib Kweli, & Styles P droppin' some bars over a well-written chorus by R&B superstar Ne-Yo. The messages resonate even more powerfully today and is simply a MUST-DL if you slept on it in the past. The video below also illustrates the Stop The Violence Movement from KRS-One that he re-launched in 2008. Other MCs like Chamillionaire and Cassidy appear in the video and have contributed on record as well. KRS-One has since continued the movement on record with "Self Destruction 2009", which features a heavy dose of Chicago artists including Twista, Syleena Johnson, Phil G, Crucial Conflict, Kenny Bogus, Straw, and Pugs Atomz.

Big ups to KRS-One for his efforts in unifying hip hop toward this great cause. It's such a positive message that we can all roll with and carry about in our own lives. Enjoy!

KRS-One "Self Construction" f/ Ne-Yo, Nelly, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Redman, Method Man, Talib Kweli, & Styles P
Producer: Duane "DaRock" Ramos - FULL, CDQ (from 2008) *Tibs Fav.™


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Old School Sundays: Consequence & Kanye West Freestyle


2003 Freestyle over Souls of Mischief's "'93 Til Infinity" *Tibs Fav.™

Download a rare freestyle featuring both Consequence and Kanye West goin' back and forth over the classic Souls of Mischief's "'93 Til Infinity". It's Old School Sundays, yet even the new school cats will recognize this production, which acts as a perfect backdrop for Cons and 'Ye to just straight up rhyme. Their flows are on point and punchlines are aplenty, which is quite impressive considering the speed at which they're goin'. Need I say more? Shouts 2 Midnite @ HIF for bringin' my attention upon this one. Enjoy!


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Common and Canibus lead of a new school update with an old school collabo


Common "Making A Name For Ourselves" f/ Canibus
Producer: No I.D. - 1997 Track off the album, One Day It'll All Make Sense *Tibs Fav.™

Our good friend Hetal B. sent over a YouTube'd version of the above classic record from 12 years ago to our e-mail a lil' bit ago and it inspired me to dig through my library for the mp3 (or m4a since CDs get converted to such *sighs*). Regardless, thank you Hetal for providing the inspiration behind this installment of Old School Sundays. I wanted to share this track with the readers because of the straight up murder on the verses by both Common and Canibus. I agree with the assertion I have seen that Canibus takes the crown on this one, especially from the 3:10 mark onward. I even read one comment that said Common admitted he should've re-written some of his bars after hearing Canibus flow. Either way, it's a track that I had saved up for an OSS feature that still serves as such and now doubles as the lead-off into an interesting post of new content found below.

So below, you can download tracks for any fan of urban music, kickin' it off with the big names as Jay-Z and Drake link up for "Off That" - a Timbaland produced joint off Blueprint 3 (shouts: Eazee Street). I think Jay's verses may grow on me because the Drake hook (no verse from him) and Timbaland beat are on point. But "Off That" reminded me why I've always been 'miss' on Jay-Z; I just can't get into his voice and mannerisms. However, I intend to give this one some time and I do think Jay-Z fans won't be disappointed as well.

Fabolous continues his run of R&B features, jumpin' on Trey Songz' "Say Aah" (just in time for READY, so I've read) and now that it's a complete and mastered (albeit clean) track I am diggin' it. The hook is captivating, Songz name-drops some Simpsons, and Fab does his usual thing, although not that memorable. I don't think this will be one of my most replayed tracks off READY, but the clever "Neighbors Know My Name" is shaping up to fill that status. That 1st verse sets up the concept wonderfully as Trey illustrates how sexy time isn't just between him and hers. I hope the title helps connect those dots. The sound effects take the song to another level - very well-placed and they warrant mentioning. I think this will be the last leaks we'll be posting from READY; there's been a good amount over the past month or so already and still plenty more tracks to be had when u BUY the album on September 1st! Besides, the snippets should hold you over!

Whoo, I also cleared out the e-mail with a trio of tracks from upcoming Chicago talent taht deserve their first mention on GWHH. brandUn DeShay has a unique slow flow and vibe to his songs and the colorfully titled "More Ovaltine Please" is a song that might grow on you. Another Chicago MC, Bad Byzz, rhymes well on the verses of "Supastar" but the hook kinda kills it for me (shouts: Nicole). Finally, R&B up and comer C. Rich has a potentially addicting jam with "Make A Movie". A little less autotune would help it out some tho (shouts: NEW-look Next Big Sound). Some other cool tidbits include a making of video from Truck North & Big Pooh (shouts: RH), the latest Casely video premiere, an unofficial OutKast mixtape (shouts: Tunji), and more R&B featuring Whitney Houston and Johnta Austin. Phew! Enjoy!

Producer: Timbaland - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Blueprint 3

FULL, CDQ, Clean, Track off upcoming album, READY *Tibs Fav.™

FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, READY *Tibs Fav.™

FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, I Look To You

Jay Rock "What's My Name"
FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™


FULL, CDQ, Track off the mixtape, Two! For The Show

Bad Byzz "Supastar"

FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming project, Mismatched Songs And Flip Flops

Producer: StarGate - FULL, CDQ


1. The Intro
2. Da Art of Purple Haze
3. Hotel California Anthem
4. Rosa's Kiss
5. Wheelz Of Nirvana
6. Skew It On The Ghetto
7. Jammin On Kryptonite
8. In Dilla Time
9. Hey Ya Psychedelic
10. Nancy Rides Elevators
11. The Whole World Is Happy
12. Jazzy Love
13. ATLien Dogs
14. Bombs Under Pressure
15. On Elevators Together
16. Da Art of Retellin


Truck North & Big Pooh - Making of "Dutch Dalton"

Casely "Burn It Up" f/ David Rush


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Dr. Dre's classic album 'The Chronic' to be re-released September 1st


Just some news to kick this post off, but it's certainly feature worthy Dr. Dre's The Chronic will be re-released as The Chronic: Re-Lit on September 1st featuring SEVEN bonus tracks and a DVD! The tracks are said to be from the vaults of the Death Row collection and while the label is definitely putting this out to capitalize while they can (ehh, who can blame them?), fans STILL waiting for Detox won't complain. Whether you could or couldn't relate to the lifestyle, there's no doubting how influential The Chronic was on hip hop, even today. Countless of today's artists cite Dr. Dre and the classic album as an influence in their own work and this re-release is certainly somethin' that all of us should keep an ear on. Head over to MTV News who has the full story and details on even more songs to be released on Death Row's new website. Also, big shouts to our ChicagoNow fam, Alicia who passed this along. Just some great news with an Old School Sunday flavor, haha.

Down below we got a very solid batch of tracks for every fan as N.O.R.E., Consequence, and Lumidee kick it off with a hip hop/electro collab that I'm really diggin. The hook, ehh not as much, but the verses are on point along with the production. Consequence's allusions and aliterations is the brightest characteristic though, woww (no typo :D). Another trio of artists get together for the 2nd track below - Estelle, John Legend, and Ludacris on the full, dirty version of "All Nite Long" which was released earlier this week (shouts 2 Splash). Mos Def does another live tribute to Michael Jackson - a soothing rendition of "Human Nature" - and Memphis Bleek goes in on Jay-Z's "Run This Town". I think R&B fans will enjoy the latest from upstart singer Karina Pasian which you can also grab below. And finally, DMC describes a story about Michael Jackson in the lone video beneath the tracks. Enjoy!

FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

Producer: Oddz N Endz - FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™


FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™


DMC Reminisces About Michael Jackson


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Old School Sundays: Eminem vs. Rhymefest

Eminem vs. Rhymefest

Was in a freestyling mood this morning so I dug up the classic Eminem vs. Rhymefest  battle for another installment of Old School Sundays. It may be common knowledge to even the casual hip hop fan, but before both were famous, Rhymefest defeated Eminem in the Scribble Jam 97 competition. And in the footage captured above, I wholeheartedly agree. Rhymefest's Suge Knight line was the instigator to the roof bein' torn off and it only gets betteer from there as he powerfully spit only a few more bars. Anyway, I know this is news to some of our readers out there so I hope this news (or reminder) helps you take Rhymefest even more seriously. Enjoy!


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VOTE Kidd Russell's "Dear Shooter" for Underground Song of the Year

Kidd Russell "Dear Shooter" f/ Jaswel Race

VOTE "Dear Shooter" for Underground Song of the Year

Chicago's Kidd Russell is up for a nomination for Underground Song of the Year for one of my lyrical favorites of 2008, "Dear Shooter", over at www.urbanbuzzfactor.com! Please support Kidd Russell and Chicago by voting above and check out the other nominees for the various other categories. Enjoy!

~ Sgt. Tibs

Old School Sundays: Top 10 Raps 2 Honor Dad

Top 10 Raps 2 Honor Dad

Happy Father's Day! 2 ring in the appreciation for fathers everywhere, enjoy this excellent aggregate of the top 10 rap songs (in no particular order) that illustrate the Father's Day holiday. Below is the list of songs featured. "Letter 2 My Unborn" is one of my favorite 2Pac records and Eminem's "Mockingbird" still gives me chills. Take a viewing of the video and enjoy the day!

1. Xzibit "Foundation" 2. Remo Da Rapstar "Happy Father's Day" 3. The Game "Like Father Like Son" 4. Nas "Me And You" 5. Lil' Wayne "Everything" 6. Ja Rule "Daddy's Little Baby" 7. Lil' Wayne "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" 8. Nas & Olu Dara "Bridging the Gap" 9. 2Pac "Letter 2 My Unborn" 10. Eminem "Mockingbird"

~ Sgt. Tibs

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Old School Sundays: Mary J. Blige "Beautiful (Black Star RMX)" f/ Mos Def & Talib Kweli


Mary J. Blige "Beautiful (Black Star RMX)" f/ Mos Def & Talib Kweli

FULL, CDQ, Track from 1999? *Tibs Fav.™

With The Ecstatic in stores now, I was in a mood for some old Mos Def for Old School Sundays and stumbled upon the Black Star RMX of MJB's "Beautiful". Not sure how old and just what project it was on (if any), but it's a DOPE RMX w/ Mos Def outshining Kweli in my opinion. Peep the powerful way Mos Def starts the song after the first of many addicting MJB choruses. Enjoy!

"You're so beautiful...I dreamt that I could paint you with words, but there were no colors bright enough/black or white enough/blue or green enough/it didn't mean enough..."

- Mos Def

~ Sgt. Tibs

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Old School Sundays: Lupe Fiasco "Failure"

Lupe Fiasco "Failure"

Lupe Fiasco "Failure"

FULL, CDQ, 2005 Track from the mixtape, Fahrenheit 1/15 Part 1: The Truth Is Among Us *Tibs Fav.™

Another installment of Old School Sundays for ya'll with some throwback Lupe to the F to the I to the A to the S to the C to the O! I know there's some people out there who are unaware that there's even a video for one of Lupe's greatest mixtape tracks from 2005, "Failure" so take a look at it above along with the mp3 if u don't have it already. The double entendres in the lyrics are simply amazing. Concentrate: it'll take a few listens/viewings to catch the change in theme, haha. Back later 2nite (likely after the Game 2 of the Finals) w/ some fresh new music. Enjoy!

~ Sgt. Tibs

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