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Mister Cartoon Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

This past weekend we were out at Six Points - the new retail store from Nike Sportswear and Saint Alfred - and we had the privilege to talk with the world-renowned tattoo artist and street art legend Mister Cartoon. We spoke about his work that was on showcase in anticipation for the 2010 World Cup. He designed the U.S.A. emblem, shield, and more graphics for Nike Sportswear that will be used on U.S. Soccer gear between now and this summer's World Cup. Naturally, we discussed the designs and the inspirations behind them to begin our latest exclusive interview. Mister Cartoon touched on his feelings of transitioning street art into the gallery space, which he happened to do for Six Points with a new graffiti mural collab at the entrance (pictures below). People had the opportunity to watch Mister Cartoon pay homage to his roots of graffiti, which were the starting point that lead him to where he is today - a nice juxtaposition tying in the past and present. Lastly, we also find out which artist Mister Cartoon is trying to schedule an ink session with next - a certain someone who isn't Un-thinkable.

Take a look at the video above and check out the gallery of photos from the event that showcase Mister Cartoon's work, the mural, the Six Points space, and more. And to see more designs and clothing, check out the official Nike Sportswear + Mister Cartoon collaboration site and mistercartoon.com. Enjoy!

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Nike x St. Alfred Collaboration Party Recap

Last Friday, we had the opportunity to attend the unveiling of a new retail space in Chicago and the launch of a new collaboration from Nike and St. Alfred. Nike linked up with St. Alfred, a premier clothing boutique here in Chicago, for the first retail partnership of its kind - incorporating art, fashion, and music to celebrate soccer and the upcoming World Cup this summer. We talked with Krabby outside of the new retail space, located next door to St. Alfred on 1531 N. Milwaukee, so he can give us his perspective on what the event and the collaboration is all about and what lies ahead for St. Alfred.

During the month of April, the new space will be home to well known artist Cody Hudson - a Chicago-based artist and owner and creative director of the design firm Struggle, Inc. Centered on the themes of soccer and Chicago, this artwork has been created exclusively for the space and will be available as a limited-edition screen print for tees and other products through an on-site customization process that will enable visitors to work directly with St. Alfred's designers. Peep the vivid photo gallery from Nike an original photos from ourselves below; they contain pictures of Hudson's designs and the retail space itself. Soccer heads and clothing heads: you'll wanna check this out! Big thanks goes out to Krabby and Cindy H.!

The space opens to the public Thursday April 15. Hours will be 12-8pm, Monday through Friday, with extended hours beginning June 1.

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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Scoop Jackson

We are proud to present a new exclusive interview with none other than the legendary Scoop Jackson. For those who are unfamiliar with Scoop, he is a well-known writer in the music and sports industries, most notably as former editor of XXL Magazine and SLAM Magazine and now currently writing at ESPN.com. We were at Bo Jackson's Elite Sports center in promotion of the Nike Trainer SC and Scoop was the moderator of the Q&A session, being an avid shoe collector himself. Naturally, we first discussed what the Nike Trainer SC meant to him and Scoop also helps to explain the shoe's significance. We then talked potential similarities between a hip hop artist and an NBA player that we may not expect, which led to some enlightening information from Scoop about Grant Hill. Finally, the conversation then snowballed into hip hop, where Scoop outlines his problems with hip hop today and conveys why hip hop is a little bit stagnant compared to what it once was. In his answers, Scoop also touches on producers like DJ Premier and brings up a couple of today's biggest names: Lil' Wayne and Lupe Fiasco. The end result is one of our more informative and thought-provoking interviews yet so we urge you to take a look for yourself above.

This was a particularly special interview for me. I was first introduced to Scoop as a longtime subscriber to SLAM Magazine where his provocative, in-depth feature articles stood out above the rest. His powerful structure and opinionated voice is always entertaining and thought-provoking. Needless to say, Scoop Jackson has been a big influence on me over the years as I have grown into writing myself. To be able to not only meet him, but also gain his perspective and insight on topics we have a shared passion for was quite memorable. Scoop was also cool enough to not only grace us with the interview but also chat with us afterwards, off camera, about hip hop. He further explained some of his ending points in our interview about how the culture of hip hop can only move forward through a collective and competitive effort, instead of searching to build up one 'savior of hip hop', so to speak.

I began to think of a parallel and arrived at how the NBA has recently moved forward in the past few years. After Michael Jordan retired, the media anointed one player after another as the 'next' Jordan (Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, etc.). As each player failed to reach such high and unrealistic comparisons, the NBA as a league was stuck in a lull, until the past couple of years when the quantity of star players has helped the NBA reach another high point in popularity, competitiveness, and excitement. With LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul (I can go on..) and rising stars like Kevin Durant and our own Derrick Rose, the NBA has reached a new golden era of talent that is beginning to transition the game into new heights. Drawing the parallel back to hip hop, perhaps instead of anointing a Lupe Fiasco or a Drake as the new 'savior of hip hop', we should be encouraging more of a competition in hip hop to help fuel a collective movement of artists trying to push the creative envelope for the development of music and humanity itself. Definitely some food for thought, what do you think?

READ MORE: Scoop Jackson

J. Wags, Sgt. Tibs, Scoop Jackson, and Maks G.

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~ Sgt. Tibs

Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Bo Jackson on the Nike Trainer SC 2010 Rebirth

This weekend we got the opportunity to meet and interview one of the greatest athletes of all time, none other than the legendary Bo Jackson! You may remember Bo as a multi-sport athlete who played professional football in the NFL and Major League Baseball simultaneously, while also being named an all-star in both sports - accomplishments that have never been met to this day. Bo was so popular that Nike launched a Bo Knows campaign in the '90's promoting the first ever multi-sport trainer shoe: the Nike Trainer SC. When the shoe came out it immediately became the most popular shoe on the planet, as you could use it to train for any sport. Bo himself played almost every sport possible in those shoes going head to head with stars like Michael Jordan on the court and even Wayne Gretzky on the ice. Just check out some of the classic Nike commercials below and you'll see what I mean.

Now after 20 years, Nike revamped and gave rebirth to the all time classic Trainer SC. In our interview Bo Jackson talks about how transcendent that shoe was when it was originally released and also gives a nice comparison between the 1990 Nike Trainer SC to the 2010 re-release. Lastly, we couldn't let Bo leave without asking him, Does Bo Know Hip Hop? Find out in the interview above and be sure to get your pair of Nike Trainer SC's while you can not only for your collection but for your multi-sport training.

We feel very blessed to have meet a living legend who has forever impacted sports and to have heard him drop some words of wisdom at his Elite Sports facility outside of Chicago. Take a look at the video below of Bo giving advice to young athletes who now have the ability to practice all year long thanks to his indoor sports complex. Also be sure to check out the slideshow below to recap some highlights from the day. Not only was Bo Jackson there, but we were blessed to see legendary hip hop and sports writer Scoop Jackson as well as Chicago Bears defensive end Alex Brown! Stay tuned for more amazing interviews to come. Big shouts go to Cindy, thanks Nike! Enjoy!

Bo Jackson Speaks w/ Young Athletes

Nike Commercial: Bo, You Don't Know Diddley!

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