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'Say You Will' x '500 Days Of Summer' music video

This may be slightly left field, but I'm certain that anyone who enjoyed Kanye West's 808's & Hearbreak will enjoy this little unofficial music video I put together a while back as a school project. The footage used came from the film 500 Days Of Summer. I recently came across it and never got to share it with the world. Enjoy.

JAMS 'Through The Fire' f/ Bradley Bacci music video

Check out this beautiful song titled "Through The Fire" by one of your favorites, Jams featuring Bradley Bacci. I can't describe this music video except that you should sit back and listen to the lyrics. It's something everyone can relate to. Both are young and talented I must say. Enjoy!

Shout out to Yoder Productions as well! Check out their work as well! Great job guys! Much love.

PREVIOUSLY: Jams and Hustle Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop

J.Addo 'Love Thing' music video

J.Addo's latest song, "Love Thing," just dropped a few weeks ago and the brand new video for it just dropped the other day. The video was directed by Dro Victorious and co-directed by La Gorgeous Irene. If you haven't downloaded the song yet, check out my previous post here!

Boom Goes The Globe 'Elevate Me' video trailer

A lot has happened since Boom Goes the Globe was last featured on GWHH.
This electronic-rock powerhouse has been gaining momentum in the Chicago and national club circuit, and has just released a video trailer for their upcoming single, "Elevate Me [The Astronauts Report It Feels Good]."  This track will mark the first release from their forthcoming EP, Space Junk [Release TBA]. This trailer embodies what we've come to expect from this mysterious group: an otherworldly, dance-fueled onslaught. BGTG certainly continues to raise eyebrows, including ours.
Be sure to check out their face-melting mixtapes and mark your calendars for their upcoming shows (we dare you not to dance):
- The Other Place Night Club Greenville, NC April 30th, 2011
- Manifest Chicago, IL The NextUp Stage in the Nexus Lot (4:10PM - 4:30PM) Balbo & Wabash May 13th, 2011
- PMR Presents: Feed Your Monster Nashville 12th and Porter Nashville, TN May 20th, 2011

Markie Mark 'Relax' music video

Markie Mark "Relax"
FULL, CDQ, Track over ATCQ's "Electric Relaxation"
Check out Markie Mark in his latest music video, presented by Knowledgeable ENT., for his song "Relax." This is some real chill hip hop coming out of the D.C. and to prove it the video presents scenes from the area.  Be sure to also download the song above and be on the lookout for his upcoming mixtape 'Progression.'

A Cool Stick 'Hippie Girl' music video

Is it a coincidence that A Cool Stick decided to drop their latest music video for "Hippie Girl," released in association with dutchmasters, on 4/20? Who knows, but either way this is a fantastic song complimented with some outstanding images of A Cool Stick and friends jamming out in an open field. Get your hands on this, throw it on a playlist, and go lay in the grass while listening to it. You will not be disappointed!

Ike Da Kid "6th Sense Freestyle" music video + A.B.M. Studio Session

Check out Ike Da Kid in his recently dropped music video for his song "6th Sense Freestyle." Peep a minute long compilation of Ike and a few other local DMV rappers freestlying while hanging out around the University of Maryland campus. The video really shows how big Ike's personality is. Anyone who gets to spend time with this guy should feel lucky because his positive attitude towards life seems to rub off on everyone he comes in contact with. Just listen to the flow and enjoy!

Take a peep below at the latest A.B.M. studio session (Episode 3) with Itylyon, as he continues to work on new music to bring our craving ears!
A.B.M. Studio Session

Rome Cee "By Your Side" music video

Check out Rome Cee, the newest addition to Under Sound Music, in his first official and single video with USM called "By Your Side," produced by E Hill

I asked CEO of USM, E Major, about the video and this is what he had to say: "The song and video invite us to walk with Rome through his West Baltimore neighborhood as he dodges drugs, haters, scandalous women and all of the other pitfalls that promise nothing but failure."

These words speak as much truth about the video as possible and with the video appearing in black and white, one can really get a nice vibe from the images and themes. This song will appear on Rome Cee's latest mixtape, The Extra Mile, coming April 18th! So be sure to check it out!

E Major "Massage Situation Freestyle" music video

Check out E Major in his latest freestyle over the Flying Lotus "Massage Situation" instrumental. The video was shot in South India where E was residing during his visit there over the winter. The song will be on E's next mixtape 'E Major is... Better Than Yours.' Keep it locked!

Alert 'All I See Is Red' music video

The latest signing to the newly formed Humble Beast label, based in Portland is the Chicago hip hop band Alert.  "All I See Is Red" is the lead single from a free EP titled 'Red Opus 45' that Alert is releasing on Humble Beast records next month.  I (Cam Be) had an opportunity to collaborate as cinematographer with fellow cinematographer Edd Blott and the directors of the video Odd Thomas and Boogalu on this project. What transpired was something amazingly ill.

Shad 'We, Myself, & I' leads new spotlight

Shad "We, Myself, & I"
Producer: Me&John - FULL, CDQ, Track off album, TSOL 
Shad is a guy I came across a couple weeks ago and soon realized that he has the potential to be a hip hop legend. A big statement I know, but I really believe he is hip hop at it's best. Something about this Canadian native just reminds me of Talib Kweli. Normally I'm not a big fan of such graphics and effects used in music videos, but I have to make an exception for this one. The video corresponds perfectly with the feel of the song. A sick rock beat, clever lyrics, and a non-stop flow always make for a good song in my opinion. I especially like how he relates every verse to the title of the song: "We, Myself, & I". The great videos don't stop there though, it seems he's made it his mission to have great videos for his songs. So down below is another one of Shad's videos for his song "Rose Garden" that I couldn't NOT post up. Moving in reverse throughout a song isn't necessarily a "new" idea in music videos, but they flip it in the middle and play it all back at normal speed. And all in one take!

The first video down below is the song "Rose Garden" by Shad that I mentioned above. Like I said, definitely one to press play on. Next is an artist by the name of Childish Gambino that was previously featured last week by Sgt. Tibs. I had to post it up again in case you missed it the first time because it definitely deserves a listen. He's got some really sick lines and I'm pretty much in love with these one-take videos lately. The last video is a Bar 9 remix to the song "Kickstarts" by British rapper Example. They shot a video for the remix and if it doesn't get you pumped then I don't know what does. Enjoi! 
Shad "Rose Garden"
Childish Gambino "Freaks and Geeks"

Example "Kickstarts (Bar 9 RMX)"

Artist Spotlight: Wax

What's up Gowhere family, it's Kidd Russell here once again. Not sure if the team has posted anything by Wax in the past so let me start off by re-introducing you to the super talented artist Wax, a.k.a. Big Wax. (TIBS EDIT: We have! Peep the super old-school swag here, hah!)

Wax is the epitome of the creme rising to crop in the music business. His career has been organically grown by uploading amazing content, great songs, comedy, songwriting and being an overall insanely entertaining artist on YouTube. Wax recently signed a deal with Def Jam and is releasing a FREE mixtape called Scrublife on March 15th. If you haven't heard of Wax before, I suggest you watch the video for "Don't Need" above as well as the clips below, or visit his website waxdotcom.com.

There is not much Wax can't do, he can strum a guitar and sing you a Jack Johnson type song with better lyrics and more wit. He can freestyle with the likes of Eminem. He can put together an amazing album. He puts out his own content without the help of the label. All in all, I believe he is the future of what artists need to be in this business. They need to be well rounded-self starters and not lazy rappers that have good financing or connections. Big Wax represents what's right about the music industry so check him out!

Also, all you new and unsigned artists, send us your material to:
And to me personally for review at:
Wax "New Crack"
Wax "Fail"

Dee 1 & Earl Sweatshirt

What up you guys its Kidd Russell back with a fresh new artist that hip hop heads are sure to love. I first heard about Dee 1 when a buddy of mine in New Orleans tweeted me his video. I quickly became a fan of his honest, positive & straight forward music. His video for his song "Jay, 50, & Weezy" is crazy original and already has close to 300k views. His quirky delivery and southern slang grab your attention & keep you entertained as he drops some original lyrics. Make sure you watch to the end!

Below is another of Dee 1's videos, this time for his song "One Man Army". Its another dope visual that will inspire any upcoming indie artist or any person chasing a dream on no budget.  You can hit Dee 1 up @Dee1Music and download his latest mixtape via his website dee1music.com.

In my first post, I popped Gowhere's Wolf Gang cherry by posting Tyler The Creator's video for "Yonkers". But I have to say my favorite rapper in Wolf Gang, a.k.a. OFWGKTA, is Earl Sweatshirt. If I could change my rapper name to anything it would have been that - its fucking hilarious. Anyways, I posted his self titled video "Earl" below. This video would have been banned from a TV station back in the day, but thanks to YouTube we get to laugh our ass off and PRAY for our youth at the same time... Check it out. You can find more on Earl and OFWGKTA on their website OFWGKTA.com.
Dee-1 "One Man Army RMX"
Earl Sweatshirt "Earl"

Grieves & Budo 'Cloud Man' leads new spotlight post

Grieves & Budo "Cloud Man"
Producer: Grieves & Budo - FULL, CDQ, Track off album, 88 Keys & Counting 
One thing about me is that I am a sucker for stop-motion. So naturally I had to post this video by rapper-producer duo Grieves & Budo. I hinted at them and posted a radio performance they did in my last blog and I decided they were definitely worth the full feature. Listening to this song I'm reminded of a mix between Atmosphere and KiD CuDi. I don't know maybe it's just me. Well in this song Grieves happens to be sing-rapping (I think that's a fair description) but he's got plenty of other songs where he's just going in. Trust me when I say that you don't want to sleep on this guy. The album has a variety of songs which is something I can definitely appreciate. From singing, to rapping, to just plain old instrumentals, the album has songs for any kind of mood you might happen to be in. Be on the lookout for them because Grieves & Budo are already making big moves. They are booked for every single date on this years Warped Tour and that's quite an accomplishment for any upcoming artist. You can download their entire album which is called 88 Keys & Counting on iTunes! Also, check out the Warped tour schedule to find out when they're coming to a town near you!

Down below are a couple more artists I found that I think are worth a listen or two. First up to bat is a fresh new Brooklyn hip-hop duo dubbed Riot !n Paris. For their breakout video they decided to do something a little different. Not only did they shoot the entire thing on an ipod nano, they also made their video the first ever interactive music video! It's a really fun song and concept video so be sure to click play on this one. The second video is an inside look at best new artist Esperanza Spalding. Definitely worth checking it out, especially if you're into jazz and the slapping the bass. And while We're on this whole jazz thing, here's another jazzy kind of guy from London by the name of Plan B. This song had me hooked right from the finger snapping. And the courthouse theme in the video goes perfect with his entire concept album which you can get on iTunes here!
Riot !n Paris "Attack of the 5 Ft. Hipster"
Esperanza Spalding: Chamber Music Society
Plan B "She Said"

There's always a 'Method to the Maadness'

Kano "Spaceship"
Producer: Chase & Status - FULL, CDQ, Track off the album, Method to the Maadness 
If you're a fan of The Gorillaz, you've definitely heard of Kano before, maybe without even realizing it. He was featured on the song "White Flag" off of their album Plastic Beach. Kano is a London bloke who's been making some big splashes from across the pond. I first heard of him a couple years back when he did a cover of Feel Good inc. by The Gorillaz (listen to it here) that I had on repeat for at least a month. Since then I've been keeping an ear out for him and I've come to really like his lyrical precision. Maybe it's the accent but he seems to always have a good delivery with his punchlines that set him apart from other rappers. Well his new album 'Method to the Maadness' dropped this past year and he doesn't disappoint. Get it on iTunes here and let us know what you think!

Below is a funny video I found bored surfing on YouTube one day. Aside from the fact that it made me laugh, I'm definitely really interested in the song too. Apparently the song is by some guy named Solo for Dolo from Joisey (that's the new way to say Jersey). Check him out too if you get a chance. Also another video of another group called 'Grieves and Budo' I recently found who I really like (hint, hint: more on them coming soon!). It's a live performance they did at a radio show. Sounds so much like Atmosphere I had to take a listen to their other stuff. So there you go, Enjoi! 
"Rapping Dog ft. The Singing Cat"
Grieves and Budo 'Bloody Poetry'

Baltimore Hip Hop Showcase Spotlight: The Five One, E Major, A Cool Stick

This is my interview with the very colorful (for a reason), the very inspiring, and the very talented, The Five One. The Five One has made several appearances here on GWHH, but never a video interview. So I proudly present to you their first. I was able to catch up with the COLORs after their set at The Baltimore Hip Hop Showcase at The Ottobar.

The Five One and I talk about the many new things they are working on, what it was like for them to perform in Baltimore, and the unavoidable question of the idea behind the COLOR.

Check out the other bands and artists, below, that performed at The Baltimore Hip Hop Showcase, such as Soul Cannon, E Major, and A Cool Stick. All of these artists are local Baltimore talent and are making their music known citywide and beyond.
E Major "Make It"
A Cool Stick "Adventureland"

Ike Da Kid 'The Way You Are' f/ Seph Ade video premiere

Check out Ike Da Kid and Seph Ade in the premiere video for "The Way You Are," off of Ike's latest mixtape 'Coming to America.' The video was shot around the University of Maryland and if there are any Terps reading this right now, you should be proud! Ike Da Kid and Seph Ade are both Terps and are doing big things right now!
Also, check out Seph Ade's latest R&B EP, 'Love Acoustically.' The EP features 7 brand new tracks that showcase Seph's smooth voice and brilliant acoustic guitar skills. Change up the pace a little and add this one to the iPod.
Seph Ade 'Love Acoustically (The EP)'
Features 7 NEW Tracks!

Iaconiq 'One Hunne'd' + AJ 'MD Girl'

AJ "MD Girl"

Check out Napocalypse Entertainment's Iaconiq in his newest music video featuring his song "One Hunne'd." Also above, check out AJ's song "MD Girl" and be enlightened about why there "Ain't nothin' like a Maryland girl." AJ is another up and coming artist out of the D.C. and Maryland area. Stay posted for new tracks coming your way from him and his man who produces, Ary Saleh. The original track is "Brooklyn Girls," by Charles Hamilton (ProbCause also has a version called "Chicago Girls"), but since I'm a Maryland native, I will always love those Maryland girls! Be sure to give it a listen no matter where you are from. 

Mikkey Halsted 'Linen In The Summer' f/ Twista: Behind The Scenes

Last Thursday we were on the set of Mikkey Halsted's video shoot for "Linen In The Summer" - the new, vibrant single featuring Twista and produced by Tha Bizness. Above we capture some behind the scenes footage of the casino scene, and even get Mikkey to speak a little bit about the project itself. Aside from talking about what's on the way, Mikkey shows a lot of love to Twista naming him one of his 'Top 5 Dead or Alive' greatest rappers! Definitely worth your watch to see exactly what he has to say about Twista, who was on hand for the video shoot earlier in the day on a yacht in Lake Michigan. The visuals are shaping up to be some to remember so be on the look out for "Linen In The Summer" video coming soon! You can get even more insight into the casino scene with some stills in the gallery below and keep up with all the latest on Mikkey Halsted at mikkeyhalsted.com!

UPDATED w/ more stills courtesy of Andrew.

Maks, Rico, Mikkey, & Tibs
Maks G, director Rico Nance, Mikkey Halsted, Sgt. Tibs

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