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Melanie Fiona Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop (Pt. 1)

We're proud to present another new interview today: part one of our two-part sit-down with the lovely and talented Melanie Fiona! Above, she talks with Sgt. Tibs about some of her favorite cities to visit, how the music industry has transformed since she first started her career, and how the collaboration with Common, John Legend, and The Roots came about for "Wake Up Everybody"

Interestingly enough, she shares a mindset we have at Gowhere about how holding a conscious intention will transmute your physical reality. Watch and hear the story of how the Grammy-nominated song came together, and her words about using clairvoyance and a positive mindset to see and will the best possible outcome! In addition, get a sampling of Melanie Fiona rockin' the House of Blues stage as she performed a very lively and animated set achieving a bold, rich, and elegant sound both vocally and through her live band!

Keep it locked for part 2, where Melanie Fiona tells us all about her upcoming album, The MF Life!

Sgt. Tibs, Melanie Fiona, & Maks G

Common & Dr. Maya Angelou Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

"The truth is, we make a mistake when we think that generations can be separated. The truth is, you need me so that I have shoulders you can stand on. And you need me so that you have shoulders somebody else can stand on. We are one. And to separate us and decide that we'll be polarized, is ridiculous, it's stupid, and it's dangerous."

- Dr. Maya Angelou
Some thought-provoking words from none other than Dr. Maya Angelou, as told to us in our latest interview, alongside another icon in his own right: Common. In this new 'Camovement', experience two humanitarian legends speak about the seeds of transformation, and the importance of setting an example by holding a courageous individual presence.

"I am responsible to that 5 year old, that 15 year old, that 30 year old, that 55, I am responsible to you. And I try to live my life as a responsible teacher, giver. Yes, I try to live my life that way. So that I will encourage Common to live his life that way, and this is what he's doing with Common Ground Foundation. He's living his life, so that younger people can stand on his shoulders. That's about right."

- Dr. Maya Angelou

Props to our newest correspondent Jeff Baraka, making his Gowhere debut in the video, and  to the director Cam Be who presents the powerful content to another level. This is one of our most rewarding interviews to be able to speak with such great beings of light and love, and to have some of their virtue rub off on the Gowhere team! 

The interview all went down last week in Chicago for the first annual Common Ground Foundation Gala, where Common honored Dr. Maya Angelou. In fact, Common also presented awards that night not only to Dr. Angelou, but also to actress and 'The View' talk show host Sherri Sheppard, actress and singer Keke Palmer, and business leader Dee Robinson Reid, for their various positive contributions, leadership, and excellence. The evening featured a silent auction, fine dining, entertainment, and more. And in addition to the honorees, proceeds from the event will provide the financial support needed for furthering the Common Ground Foundation's programmatic goals and expanding the foundation's reach in local communities. Be sure to find out more on all of the positive contributions Common is making with the Common Ground Foundation over at commongroundfoundation.org

Thumbnail image for Maks x Common x Sgt. Tibs

Maks G, Common, & Sgt. Tibs

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Loose Ends LIVE @ The Shrine

Loose Ends is a British soul/R&B group that is widely known all around the world, so for them to stop by Chicago, IL and put on a performance at The Shrine was a real treat.

Soulful melodies filled the air all through The Shrine on April 16th during Loose Ends' rich, energetic performance.

After they set the stage on fire, I sat down with Loose Ends' Jane Eugene and she opened her heart and mind to me answering every question I had with witty enthusiasm.

Cam Be has taken the interview and incorporated it in with the concert performance for those of you who missed it.

Soul Khan Interview with Gowhere NY

When dealing with today's generation of hip hop listeners, its important for artists to be passionate and inspirational with their style of lyricism. Well, artist Soul Khan is on a mission to keep the art of rapping genuine and meaningful. Check out the interview above of Soul Khan discussing with Gowhere NY his journey from L.A. to N.Y. and also his transition from a legendary underground battle rapper to a solo artist. Or maybe it was more of a retirement from he battle rap game, considering he no longer battles due to the lack of competition. Also, be on the look out for his new EP entitled "Acknowledgment" that will drop the 28th of April. Its going to be available on both his fan page Soulkhan.com aswell as Bandcamp.com. The Ep will be completely produced by DeeJay Element. If you haven't already, download Soul Khan's album titled Soul Like Khan below. I must say that I am a fan of every track on this album. Did i mention it was free?

FREE Album (presented by 2dopeboyz)

J*DaVeY @ The Shrine

J*DaVeY is a LA-based group that I am absolutely in love with. They recently blessed The Shrine Chicago with an amazing performance. J*DaVeY, also known as Jack Davey and Brook D'Leau, met back in high school and haven't parted ways since. Cam Be put together a nice collaboration from the concert and interview (listen to our full discussion below). Watch out for the duo's new album, New Designer Drug, later on this summer.
J*DaVeY FULL Interview

Dawn Richard says working for Diddy is like working for Obama

Diddy-Dirty Money is now on tour promoting their new album, Last Train to Paris, and tomorrow, Chicago is the second stop on the 20-city tour. I had a chance to catch up with Dawn Richard today and talk about her hopes and expectations for the tour. Dawn also put to rest the rumor that she was allegedly "ignoring" her former Danity Kane members. Find out what she said about a possible reunion with her old group, why working for Diddy is like working for Obama and, the secret to making Dirty Money so vibrant.

Features 15 NEW Tracks!

Luol Deng Foundation: Game And Give [GWHH Video Recap]

Luol Deng, of the #1 seeded Chicago Bulls (you know I had to), recently held a charity event for his Luol Deng Foundation entitled 'Game And Give', featuring two XBox tournaments - one for NBA 2K11 and the other for Fifa Soccer 2011. Kids and adults of all-ages competed not only with each other but also against Luol Deng and teammate Taj Gibson, who was also on hand. All of the entrance proceeds (plus that of the silent auction) benefited the Luol Deng Foundation, which "strives to provide hope to all the refugee's returning to southern Sudan through education and sports/recreation". I urge you all to check out Deng's story growing up in Sudan, more about the Luol Deng Foundation's goals and campaign, and to donate if you can - all at:

Jen DeLeon and I were on hand to ask Luol Deng about the Foundation and the positive, fun-filled afternoon for the children in a recap video above. We also chatted with Adam Andre, director of the Luol Deng Foundation, and captured more of the fun activities of the event, including an appearance by teammate Joakim Noah. Much props to Luol Deng, Adam Andre, and the entire Luol Deng Foundation for putting on a fun and interactive event for the kids and, together with everyone who attended, helping out for a great cause. 

Sgt. Tibs, Luol Deng, & Jen DeLeon

Astonish Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Here's another interview I did the same day I interviewed Goonie J. Yes, it was a very busy day but so worth it. Meet Astonish. He recently opened up for Lupe Fiasco's sold out House of Blues event in Chicago. He's also opened up for Bun B, Wu-Tang Clan, Blu, Murs, Masta Ace, Yelawolf..you get the point, he's good at what he does. Keep a look out for his mixtape coming out very very very soon, I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. Here's a little more in-depth bio on Astonish:

"Residing on Chicago's northside, Astonish embodies the city's capacity to produce a street-smart lyricist with enough intelligent swagger to hold his own in the midst of both the thugs and the backpackers. Having been reared in a diverse musical environment, Astonish gained a unique eclectic auditory experience that has helped him develop his balanced approach to music. Between the old-school soul records of his grandparents' era, his father's penchant for NWA, his mother's persistence in developing his creative artistry, and his own musical delving with everything from Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap, R&B, and Alternative Rock: Astonish's rhymes convey a multitude of topics that reflects this musical heritage. 

Having joined up with the legendary Molemen collective at the young age of 21, he wasted no time in taking advantage of a very strong opportunity to allow his dream of becoming an internationally respected emcee to be realized. Utilizing beats by the Molemen camp, Dj O-Zone, and his own producer, Cucs, Astonish got Chicago acquainted with his style with an EP at the beginning of 2008, entitled "From Now Until Forever". The EP was received with high regard within the hip hop community and spread across blogs and websites worldwide pushing Astonish into being one of the upcoming talents to keep an ear on."

- Astonish's Facebook Page

I think that explains it all, oh yeah, and once again, keep a look out for his mixtape as well. 

ALSO, Another thank you to Jacob and GoodLife Music Group for helping me out! Don't forget to check out Jacob and his team too if you need any work done, they're great! 'SeeOurVision'.

Enjoy! Much love.

Big K.R.I.T. Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

So last night was totally awesome right. It all started at Jugrnaut when I linked up with #TeamGowhere for the Big K.R.I.T. in store. It was a groove per usual. Very, very packed. I posted for a minute and then I ran into K.R.I.T.'s manager Shipes. I felt a little bad about asking for an interview after hearing that the K.R.I.T. camp had been up all day under the jet lag act. Keyword: a little bad. We got the interview anyway, though. Much propers to the big homie Shipes for making that happen. This was actually the second time I interviewed K.R.I.T. I got up with him during the The Smoker's Club tour last year. I have a "lost interviews" series coming. Be on the look out for that. Ha! I really enjoyed this one though. We talked Chicago Blackhawks (one of the dopest logo's ever!!!). As I digress, I was impressed with Big K.R.I.T.'s poise and knowledge of music. Willie Hutch is also one of my favorites. Much respect goes to K.R.I.T. for having ill influences. We also talked music, of course, in addition to his new mixtape Return of 4eva, the collaboration process with Luda and Bun B, how he gets his humility from his grandmother, and Chicago-style pizza. Let me know if I gave him the right recommendations. Groove!
Maks x GY312 x Big KRIT x Tibs.jpg

Maks G, GY312, Big K.R.I.T., & Sgt. Tibs

Freddie Gibbs Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Before last night's show at the Bottom Lounge, we chopped it up with Freddie Gibbs at the PHLI store in Hyde Park. Gangsta Gibbs first tells GY312 what upcoming projects to expect (Cold Day In Hell mixtape comin' in June) before addressing the rumor that he is signing with Jeezy and CTE. Well, I had heard some of those rumblings before the show and last night, Gibbs and surprise guest Young Jeezy himself made it official. Video evidence below (shouts 2 RH). 

But back to the interview... GY asks Gibbs about an assortment of other topics including his NBA Finals prediction (one that I'm gonna co-sign myself), his favorite cars growing up, and the one celebrity that he wants to say 'whaddup' to, as GY puts it, hah! You're likely to laugh and enjoy throughout the whole interview so find out his answers to those above. Lastly, shoutout to Freddie Gibbs for the Gowhere love and congrats on the big signing!
Young Jeezy Welcomes Freddie Gibbs to CTE
Maks x Tina x Freddie Gibbs x GY312 x Tibs.jpeg

Maks G, Tina P, Freddie Gibbs, GY312, & Sgt. Tibs

Goonie J Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Check out this wonderful interview with GoodLife's, Goonie J. (Sorry for making you blush). Charismatic and modest, you can all see in this interview that his passion goes into his music. Growing up in Albany Park and moving around to four different places, his love for music began from writing poetry. Yes, I have listened to every YouTube video he has on there, and YES the lyrics are unbelievable. Everyone can relate to something in what he writes and all of his fans support him to the fullest. With all of the talent and motivation he has coming from within himself and after hanging out with him for an hour (I know, that's a longgg time), I could see that he will strive to be the next big thing reppin' Chicago. Nipsey Hussle, Mac Miller, Big Sean- keep a look out!

"I never really lived in a calm neighborhood or anything. All of them were energetic and not in a good way. But the negativity of my neighborhood never really effected me. OR inspired me. My childhood friends that I grew up with were the main inspiration. The way they showed me MAAAAD love when it came to my music was amazing. They're proud of me and they support me to the fullest. And when you live in Chicago thats hard to accomplish. Chicago is the city of hate, every REAL artist out here knows that. But now it's just to make my fam and friends proud. I have too much pride to do all of this and end up with nothing. I refuse to look like a fool 10 years from now with nothing to show from this. Pride isn't my downfall, my pride uplifts me."

- Goonie J

So sit back and learn a couple new things from your next new favorite artist and keep an eye out for his mixtape that is dropping early May! 

Also, a million thanks to Jacob Cuevas (who is partnered with the GoodLife family) for helping me out. Be sure to check his work out his production work at 'SeeOurVision'.
Continue reading...

Yelawolf Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last night, I was on hand at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago to witness Yelawolf...well rock the joint. Literally, that was probably the livest show I've witnessed at Reggie's since maybe The Cool Kids last year. During one part of Yelawolf's set, a fan threw a Derrick Rose jersey on stage and Yelawolf changed into the all-star garb amidst chants of MVP! Extremely dope moment. More great moments? How about a surprise guest appearance from acclaimed drummer Travis Barker rocking out with his homie Yelawolf.
I spoke with Yelawolf briefly backstage before his set and also with Travis Barker, who was conversing and practicing his drum set off his foot. All at once, straight zoning out. After that, we small talked for a quick minute, then I asked him, "You really love those drums don't you?" We all can gather what his response was after that. I bounced thereafter to enjoy the show.
I usually like conversing with the artists beforehand to help build a good repoire. Also because, more often than not, that discourse cements the impending interview later- which in my case was indeed a groove!!
After the show, I sat down with a very candid Yelawolf as he talked about SXSW, the critics, his new upcoming album 'Radioactive', the Warped tour, and his thoughts on receiving advice from his boss Marshall Mathers. Don't forget to peep the dope concert footage with surprise guest Travis Barker in the video also (more footage on the way shortly). Lastly shouts to Gowhere, Zack at YM!, and I'm Flashy for the collab love on this Yela show! Chicago Lock in!

Thumbnail image for Maks x Yelawolf x GY312

Maks G x Yelawolf x GY312

Chaundon Freestyle/Interview with GowhereNY

On our mission to bring you guys the best in NY's hip hop scene, we've managed to link up with one of our most well recognized artists yet. From his many collaborations with some of the games top artists, to performing on a 42 state tour alongside Young Bloods, Harlem born artist Chaundon can truely be considered "cut from the cloths of hip hop legends". Above is an interview we had with Chaundon to let our viewers better understand what he's about. Special thanks to our boy Tone from "ImSoLoveNYC" for hook'n us up with his fresh urban clothing boutique store "In Other Words" to shoot the interview. Not only did we get to sit and chat with him, but he also spit an exclusive freestyle for us that he without a doubt SMASHED! Chaundon explained to us his relations to notorious rapper Jadakiss, and tells us how it feels to work closely with one of his main influences. I can only imagine the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with that. After you check out the interview above, click on the link below to hear his hit single "One Minute" featuring Jim Jones and Ron Browz.

Producer: Murderous Mixtapes - FULL, CDQ

ProbCause Freestyle/Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Hey what's up it's Tee. Hope your in good spirits, despite this up and down weather. But that's Chicago for you. I have something that will brighten up your day and also something fresh for the iPod.
It's Eminem's Chicago cousin ProbCause. OK, bad joke. And there's no relation at all between the two. He likes Em, but is out to make a name for himseIf and not be another silly white rapper. He's serious about his music. I met and had the chance to interview ProbCause at Bottom Lounge. He really blew me away, he's so awesome and talented.
ProbCause just wrapped up SXSW and is currently on tour with Twista (powered by Gowhere Hip Hop) and Steve Aoki. His last mixtape Spring Cleaning is also out now and you can download that for Free.99 from his website, ProbCause.com. Check out the ProbCause interview and find out what other talent he has, he keeps it real. Also included in the video is a freestyle and performance with 2Fresh (interview coming soon) and below is a bonus track called "Got To Know".
Luvs ya and S/0 to Sgt. Tibs!
ProbCause "Got To Know"
FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

ProbCause & Sweet Tee

Dipset Reunion Concert + Interview in Chicago

Dipset Dipset Dipset! In case you missed The Diplomats Chicago reunion concert we sponsored, Gowhere has got you covered with some raw footage I took of the set along with a few interviews by Jen DeLeon. It was dynamic to see all of them on stage performing the classics, and new joints as well -- I especially enjoyed the tomfoolery throughout both on stage and backstage. Classic Dipset, good to have em back.

Gallery sneak peek (16 images):

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Bilal 'Think It Over' LIVE @ The Shrine

Bilal performed live at The Shrine on March 5th, bringing his own personal band, Soulquarians, to add a perfect touch to this memorable performance.

The Shrine was packed with neo-soul and music lovers alike to see Bilal perform and he never failed to give a high-energy, crowd-moving performance. This was my first time seeing him live and I must say he puts on a fantastic show.

One of the songs that really stuck with me was "Think It Over" from his latest album Airtight's Revenge, and Cam Be caught every moment of it for you to see, along with a snippet from my interview with him after the show.


Bilal LIVE @ The Shrine


Blu Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

If you didn't know, Blu was one of the rappers who made XXL's Freshman class list in '09 and is one of my favorite emcees in the game today. The fact i think he smashes his entire class lyrically and is still one of the most slept-on is an entirely different post. As i digress, I dropped by Jugrnaut for the Blu in-store event, last Sunday. Not surprisingly, there were many Chicagoans who came through to Jugrnaut to get autographs and show support to one of Cali's best.

I had the opportunity to build with Blu for a quick minute as the event was winding down. Not one to ruin the groove, we took to the back room not to disturb the party. I just wanted to go to a quiet space where I could hear what Blu had to say and also get some decent soundbites. I'll let you be the judge on how that worked out. Big shouts to the dude who kept opening the back door while the interview was going on. *Tiger fist*

As a bonus, I took the liberty to transcribe a few notable Blu quotes below from the interview. You're welcome.


Blu's take on Chicago:
"Chicago usually always comes out and shows love. So its always good to be able to hit up Chicago with a bunch of new shit that the rest of the world hasn't heard. I feel more comfortable coming out here premiering sh*t because Chicago shows so much love."
Blu on Warner Music Group: 
"Warner's dope. We're about to get ready to drop this No York album. We're just starting to put the wheels in motion and get the relationship going between the label and the artist."
Blu on his process of making music and touches on vulnerability in raps:
"Keep true to yourself! If it makes you vulnerable, it's how you deal with your own vulnerability. If you feel like its out there like, 'Ah shit!' you just gotta man up to it. For me, its easy to let stuff off my chest, especially through music."
Blu on the art of being an emcee and beatmaker:
"That's a pretty difficult task to keep up, man. From the Diamond D's to Pete Rock's, Erick Sermon's, Kanye definitely took it to another level. RZA...Big K.R.I.T. is holding it down. Rock Marciano. Madlib. Its some heads out there who got the bars. I definitely plan on returning to the production trying to keep both fields alive."
Blu on his craft and reloading the chamber:
"We've just been crafting moreso. We dropped like seven albums, so after that we had to reload the chamber. This year we're looking to drop like 3 projects by 2012. So lookout for that No York [LP] this summer. Lookout for some new Blu and Exile stuff and we got all kinda EP's and mixtapes and stuff about to drop, so keep your ears open."


Much propers to Blu also for being a student of the game. It's refreshing to hear artists discuss their influences and pay homage.

Without further adieu, check out my Blu interview as he also speaks on what makes a top-notch emcee, the difficulty of rhyming and beatmaking (he does both), and "dope-obscure-rapper" swag lol. Bloggers be quiet. He has quite a few upcoming projects on deckington. You gotta be patient with greatness. Be on the look out this summer for his new LP, No York, and also some new collabs. Groove!


Blu & GY312


Seph Ade Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Seph Ade 'Love Acoustically'
Features 11 Original Tracks
Hey everyone, Chas Guy here with my latest interview with previously showcased artist, Seph Ade! I caught up with Seph here at The University of Maryland and chatted with him about his first full-blown project, 'Love Acoustically', released the other day. We also talked about what it was like for Seph to work with Ike Da Kid when they collaborated on Ike's music video for "The Way You Are" (below). Check out the interview, grab a copy of Seph's album 'Love Acoustically,' the previous 'Love Acoustically' FreEP at sephade.com, and be on the lookout for more in the future from this promising young R&B artist! Be sure to follow Seph on Twitter @Seph_Ade.
Ike Da Kid "The Way You Are" f/ Seph Ade

Bryant K. Smith Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Gowhere Fans! Check out this awesome special interview with Bryant K. Smith, exclusively for Gowhere Hip Hop! I attended one of his motivating lectures and it was so fascinating to hear him talk about how hip hop began and how much it impacted his life. From Chicago, Mr. Bryant Smith shows so much love and support for the hip hop community everywhere. A disk jockey, motivator and an author, he explains hip hop first hand, his relationship with hip hop, two sides of hip hop, what hip hop has done for him AND more! I think it's a great video for all you hip hop lovers (and music lovers in general) to take a look at.
Enjoyed this video as much as I did? Well, he created his own Hip Hop Leadership Institute that will take place this March. It's called "Remix 2011: Hip Hop Leadership Institute" which educates people about the "Hip Hop" culture. How cool is that? All of you striving artists, musicians, music-lovers and humans in general should check that out! Once again, Thank you to Bryant K. Smith for taking the time to do this for Gowhere Hip Hop. Enjoy all! Much love.

Talib Kweli Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

On the future of music:
"The future of music is the future of the people. Music, just like any good art form, follow the will of the people and where the people go. Every once in a while you have leaders in the music like a Bob Marley or a Fela Kuti, or a Nina Simone or people who step outside of music and become citizens of the world. But for the most part, musicians are the voice of the struggle, or the voice of the people and it's up to the people to inspire the musicians to write songs about them."
I told you part two was coming!!! During my interview with Talib Kweli at the Shrine in Chicago, IL, we got in deep. In the first part of the interview, Cam Be put a creative twist incorporating the performance with clips from the interview. Bradley Murray also put a new, poetic, creative spin on the interview so check it out above!
I know you all have been waiting to hear the full Talib interview.. He let me in on a lot of interesting things.. Find out why he said he would NEVER sign a 360 deal.. his advice to artists that are really trying to make it in the industry.. the one artist he would really like to collaborate with.. and much more! Check out the full interview below!!

On the upcoming album, Prisoner Of Consciousness:
"That album is in its infant stages, even though it's something I've been talking about for a long time. There are prisoners of consciousness all over the world. And the idea of me being an artist who's considered a conscious artist. Sometimes people put me in a metaphorical or symbolic box to whereas my music is not placed on the same pedestal as some of the more mainstream acts. And it feels like sometimes. So with this album, what my goal is is to go deeper into the struggle and maybe even make my most conscious album to date, but to do it in a way where the music is so quality and so good that you could never ever ever front on it - that's really what my goal is with this album."
Talib Kweli Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop (Pt. 2)

Columbia College 'Big Mouth Open Mic'

What up Chicago, I'm back at it with my sophomore post! I wanna start by thankin' all of the supporters that helped me blow up my first post to Gowhere Hip Hop which featured the U Dot Fam's "Cold Case Mixtape". This past Thursday I was fortunate enough to be a part of a fresh event at Columbia College Chicago which is known as the "Big Mouth Open Mic" series. It was hosted by Columbia's Demi Lobo (WGCI) and on the boards was DJ Continental. The monthly event is produced by the Student Programming Board (SPB) and it leads into "The Biggest Mouth" competition. This is one of the best ways for students to get on stage to showcase their art as well as express their thoughts. My goal was to reach out to the hip hop/r&b performing artists for networking purposes and also to give them a chance to be exposed on The #1 Chicago Hip Hop Blog! Many of them were def appreciative of the opportunity that I gave them, and that was tight cuz I actually missed class to make this happen (shhh don't tell Kimo Williams). 
The performances that I captured included that of Yani Simone, Isaiah Jones (Harmonious Dynasty- Moses Hall, Nasty Nate, Chris Singleton), Orie, Dre Future, Remy St. James, Devin Loveloss, D. Land & Spot P, M.H., and Malcolm Gregory. Yani Simone had that sexy swagger, Isaiah Jones & HD had that smooth sound, Orie was killin' it with his voice, Dre Future showed good stage presence, Remy St. James was hittin' all types of notes, Devin Loveloss brought a down south feel to the stage, D. Land & Spot got the crowd bumpin', M.H. performed a hit, and Malcolm Gregory expressed his thoughts with emotion!  I apologize if I left anyone out of the mix, but I can always make it up to you if you reach out to me (@JohnB_MillerSt). On behalf of Miller Street Studios, I chose to showcase an extended performance video for three of the acts from the event. All of the performers were unique and showed dedication, but something extra stood out for me in these following videos. I also got a chance to interview M.H. and Isaiah Jones w/ Harmonious Dynasty. Peep 'em out for yourself! 
Extended Performance/Interview
Isaiah Jones (Harmonious Dynasty)
Extended Performance/Interview
Yani Simone
Extended Performance

Kinetics & One Love Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Kinetics & One Love "Sign Language" f/ Wynter Gordon
Producer: Kinetics & One Love - FULL, CDQ, Track off Kinetics & One Love
Check out my interview with up and coming artist Kinetics & One Love! I caught up with them after their show at Sonar in Baltimore to talk about how the guys met up and decided to start making music, new music to come, and we even had a chat about the music industry. Anyone out there remember that little song called "Airplanes" by B.o.B? Kinetics & One Love wrote that song!

Definitely check these guys out and give them a listen. You would not go wrong with downloading all of their tracks here, but the one above is a must download and will give you a taste.
Kinetics & One Love "Airplanes [Original]" (Audio)

Baltimore Hip Hop Showcase Spotlight: The Five One, E Major, A Cool Stick

This is my interview with the very colorful (for a reason), the very inspiring, and the very talented, The Five One. The Five One has made several appearances here on GWHH, but never a video interview. So I proudly present to you their first. I was able to catch up with the COLORs after their set at The Baltimore Hip Hop Showcase at The Ottobar.

The Five One and I talk about the many new things they are working on, what it was like for them to perform in Baltimore, and the unavoidable question of the idea behind the COLOR.

Check out the other bands and artists, below, that performed at The Baltimore Hip Hop Showcase, such as Soul Cannon, E Major, and A Cool Stick. All of these artists are local Baltimore talent and are making their music known citywide and beyond.
E Major "Make It"
A Cool Stick "Adventureland"

Big Daddy Kane Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Friday was an adrenaline rush...WHY!?! One of the greatest of the golden age of rap blessed GWHH, Cam Be, and Tina P with his time. Bear witness as Big Daddy Kane gives us his thoughts on what it's like to be a living legend, the state of hip hop, and his upcoming live album, The Last Supper. His answers were surprising; what else to expect from BDK!?!
On the state of hip hop:
"When you got to break hip hop off in different categories, then yeah, there's a possibility that it may be dead. But you know, rap music is still alive and the youth - they still embrace it and it's become a lucrative business. From that aspect, I think it's a beautiful thing."

Big Daddy Kane LIVE @ Vibe: Chicago
for Maze Jackson's 40th Birthday Party + 15th Anniversary

Kritikal Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Kritikal, a 25 year old Italian/Irish, New Yorker from Staten Island, has been making some noise on the east coast with his latest single "Miss NYC." Kritikal's style is a mix of the Black Eyed Peas with an urban appeal similar to Rick Ross and Jeezy. Signed to Team Mash'n Universal Music Group, his music has been licensed for several television and ad campaigns including:
  • Renner's Motocross Tour / Fuel TV
  • HBOs Real Sex Documentary series
  • Kimora: Life In the Fab Lane
  • Biography: 50 Cent
  • Biography: Eminem
  • Biography: Robert Deniro
  • NBA TV
  • Wieden & Kennedy (Seattle based Ad Agency)
Be sure and check out the official release of the "Miss NYC" video coming soon. Until then check out the interview below!

GWHH: Why and where you got the name Kritikal?

Kritikal: There really isn't a story as to why I call myself Kritikal. It's a really cool word and I switched the letters around and made it my name. As time went on, I actually became a very critical person, especially in my music. It just fit.

GWHH: How do you feel you have grown since your first song " Verbally Vicious"?

Kritikal: I've grown alot actually. Back then I really wasn't talking about much, I really wasn't saying much. As I got older, I started to understand things more and was able to incorporate real life situations into my music. I started rapping when I was 12, so you can listen to my music and see that it is me growing up.

GWHH: What are some of your influences?

Kritikal: I would say "life" influences my music. Whether it's my life, my friend's life, or someone else's, just everyday stuff. Relationships, personal situations, daily things, struggles, happiness, and many more experiences. I get asked a lot what artist influences me, but I wouldn't say that there is any one artist in particular.

GWHH: How has your life changed since signing with Team Mashn' Universal Music Group?

Kritikal: My life has gotten a lot busier. We just released the single "Miss NYC" and it's getting national radio play everywhere. Performances, interviews, meet and greets, you name it and I am doing it.

GWHH: We seen the behind the scenes footage for the "Miss NYC" video when can we expect to see the official video?

Kritikal: The video is in post production right now, estimated to be completed by the end of this month or next month. The video will be submitted to all the major music networks such as MTV, BET, Fuse, and Music on Demand.

GWHH: Besides the video, what other projects are you working on now?

Kritikal: We are running a radio campaign for the "Miss NYC" song, I'm working on my next single "In the Air", as well as a mixtape, I just did a track with Saigon, and plan on doing another with Fred the Godson. All this is leading up to an album release by the end of the year. I'm also trying to build the brand buy licensing my music everywhere and just looking for opportunities for more exposure.

GWHH: Who in the music industry would you like to work with?

Kritikal: Too many people. Dr. Dre production wise, Rick Ross, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Wu Tang, all these guys I grew up listening to.

GWHH: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Kritikal: Everyone can follow me on my website KRTNYC.com, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter @KRTNYC, and on YouTube. Go onto iTunes and download my single "Miss NYC."

Jams and Hustle Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Meet Jams and Hustle, two individual aspiring rappers who do their own thing and work hard to play hard. I checked in with them at the studio as they did a collab single together, and let me tell you, they are perfectionists. Not a bad thing though, right? Check out this double interview as the rappers from the one and only Chicago talk about music in their life and what their big plans are for 2011. 

Suburban roots with an Urban flavor, Jams, is a writer/rapper who still goes to high school but puts most of his focus on his music. PROPS for still managing to get those good grades! He is very talented and takes music and writing seriously. All of his hard work really pays off in his music. He's going hard by doing all he can to reach his dreams by booking shows and working on his upcoming mixtape(s). In his interview, he gives a freestyle shout out to the one and only - Gowhere Hip Hop. I'm sure you'll love his freestyle as much I did, true talent right there! This is not the last time you'll be seeing Jams around.
As for Hustle, he grew up in Chicago and started rapping at age 12 and 10 years later he's still doing his thing. When he's not working, he's writing. A mixtape should be coming out in March, get excited. Staying true to Chicago, he has love for his city and continues to do it all with the motivation of Chicago.
Check out the freestyle at the end between Jams and Hustle and keep a look out for their music! These Chicagoan's really know how to dream big! Enjoy!
Jams, Hustle, & O. "Keep An Eye On Her"
Jams "The Roots" f/ Shwitz
Jams "Telescope Visions"

Money Coach Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Abu Ali, otherwise known as Money Coach, says that he got his name because of his profession. He teaches people how to invest for retirement. As Money would say"How to make money out of money." The more he got into his profession it turned out he found that his music turned into a hip hop educational seminar on motivation and how to make money work for the individual. The leading cause of poverty is not working for yourself, this is why he encourages entrepreneurship and is involved with a lot of charities that support this, one being the Independent Music Awards. Money Coach is definitely a unique character and his sense of humor is noticed everywhere he goes. But after interviewing him, at Miller Street Studios, I came to find out that he is a very serious man who knows how to just be himself and it shows in his profession and his music career.
When talking about his attire, Money Coach says that what inspires him is that "you have to look like money to make money." The better you dress, the more people want to work with you and you can seal the deal. When relating this to his music career he says that because he dresses like a million dollars, it not only gets peoples attention, but people will listen to his music because of it. "Bow Tie Fly" is a movement that he has started which basically speaks to dressing like success. Money says that you don't have to be wearing a Bow Tie to be "Bow Tie Fly." It is all about how you carry yourself.
Money Coach will be releasing his Bow Tie Fly mixtape tonight at the House of Blues Foundation Room at 9pm. There will be a fashion show, performances, bow tie fly cosmos, and even a bow tie fly contest. The best dressed female will win a Money Coach prize. So make sure you are dressed for success! (Details after the jump). Follow the Money Train at MoneyCoachMusic.com, Facebook, Twitter @MoneyCoachTV, or YouTube.
Continue reading...

Amel Larrieux Sets The Shrine On FIRE!!

Hey World! I'm Andrea Oppan the newest edition to the Gowhere Hip Hop team. I got a chance to talk to Amel Larrieux after her explosive performance Friday (Jan 7th) at The ShrineWe talked about her life as an independent artist, her love for Chicago, and performing at the Shrine. She also let me in on a little secret... she is working on a new Groove Theory album with her old band mate Bryce Wilson!
For those of you that don't know, Groove Theory was an R&B/hip hop group from the late 90's that spun off chart topping jams like "Tell Me" and "It's Alright"Amel parted ways with the group back in 1999 to start her own solo project which has proved to be a great success spawning radio hits like "For Real" (Which is also one of my personal favorites). It's exciting to hear that they will join forces again for another album after 12 years!!
This interview was one of my favorites because Amel Larrieux is so real and down to earth. Cam Be put a creative spin on this one infusing her performance with the interview check it out!! Amel is working on her fourth album Ice Cream Every Daywhich will be released sometime this Spring.

Andrea Oppan & Amel Larrieux

Black Milk - The Man, The Music, The City

Black Milk's Album Of The Year was a bold statement, bold literally and musically. His sonic sound and genuine lyrics have resonated with me since I first heard his latest project. While Black Milk was recently in Chicago Jeff Baraka and I had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Black Milk as a part of Okayplayer TV about his music, the influence of his hometown, Detroit, and the legendary J Dilla. A Camovement By Cam Be

Ike Da Kid Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Ike Da Kid 'Coming To America' [MIXTAPE]
Executive Producers: Ike Da Kid, Kevin Alexander, Johnny Graham
This is my interview with NY born, Nigerian raised, current student at the University of Maryland, and up and coming artist, Ike Da Kid. Ike just dropped his premier mixtape, 'Coming to America,' back in November, but this is only the first installment of many projects on the way. Ike and I sat down at the Stamp Student Union and talked about 'Coming to America;' what it means, what it's all about, and the amount of work put into making the mixtape a success.
We also discussed some of his up and coming projects, how their sound will differ from the previous, and a new premier video on the way. Give Ike's words a serious listen to. The man has a lot to say and it really shows in his mixtape 'Coming to America.'

Stylez, Prophecy, and LoveMusiq Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

What's up everybody? My name is Chas Guy and I am a student at The University of Maryland, lover of Hip-Hop, and an aspiring writer. I am just starting to follow some up and coming artists out here in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area and this will be my first post, but definitely not my last. I can't wait to deliver to all of you people the best of what's out here in Maryland. Feel free to contact me via twitter @Chasguy51 and hit me up with whatever you want. Thanks!

Check out my first interview with Stylez, Prophecy, and LoveMusiq from Napocalypse Entertainment at The University of Maryland, College Park. My boy Sam Jordan helped me film the interview while I asked the guys about how Napocalypse got started, what they have to say when they pick up the mic, and when new music is on the way!

Stay tuned for upcoming projects from Napocalypse Entertainment, as well as individual works by Stylez, Prophecy, and LoveMusiq. Meanwhile check out Stylez, Prophecy, and LoveMusiq on Facebook where you can listen to several tracks by the guys from Napocalypse Entertainment. Enjoy!

Stylez, Prophecy & LoveMusiq
Sam Jordan, Prophecy, Stylez, LoveMusiq, Chas Guy

Neako Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Mixed by: Neako & DJ Ill Bobby

What is good GWHH readers!? Since this is my first post I will tell a little about myself first. My name is E and I am a correspondent from Kansas City, currently enrolled at K-State and also co-host of a Hip Hop show called "Then EnJ Show".

Above is an interview I did with New Jersey's own Neako! It covers his mixtape LOUDpack Vol. 1, upcoming projects, what he draws inspiration from and much more. Hit the link for the rest. Also in cased you missed out on Neako's LOUDpack Vol. 1 you can pick that up above. Enjoy!

Alex Haldi [Def Jam's In-House Art Director] Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Alex Haldi, one of Def Jam's In-House Art Directors, is truly an inspiration to all of the artists out there who love hip hop. Being a graphic designer myself, I know how hard it is to work in this industry and get paid for my creativity. Before talking to Alex, I had a mini-breakdown because I felt like I was giving my life to my work only for the chance that someone would believe in me enough to actually pay me what I am worth. After talking to him, I have realized that no matter how much people might think I am crazy or just plain obsessed with hip hop I am going to bring every idea I have to life whether or not I get paid... in the end it will be worth my dedication and efforts. Thank you Alex, for this interview and I only hope that all the artists out there who love hip hop will take your words to heart like I did.


GWHH: How did you get started with Def Jam?

AH: Well out of college, I was working for a greeting card company that made photo based cards centered around animals and primarily targeting middle aged Midwestern women. I think that my alienation from that job really motivated me to try and work a job that I felt would fulfill my creative needs. I needed a change. So I would make up fake assignments that pushed my skills in the hip hop industry. If Kanye or Jay-Z were on tour, I would create a poster for the tour. If a new artist dropped and I could find their email. I would do a promo poster for them and send it their way. I did this often and occasionally I would get good feedback, most of the time I would never get a response, but that never stopped me from trying. Ultimately that is what built my book. All fake assignments I had given myself. All the while, I had a friend that worked for Def Jam. I gave her a poster I did in college that she showed it around the office casually as a favor. One day Def Jam was interviewing for a new designer and my early day mentor and design hero Tavon Sampson was supposed to hire his intern, but she randomly had just stopped showing up to work. Tavon didn't have a back up, but he had known me from that poster from back in the day so he brought me in. The rest is history. Shout out to that intern, if it wasn't for her I would probably still be art directing shoots of French bulldogs dressed up like Frankenstein. 

GWHH: What do you like most about working with Def Jam?

AH: Well, I like working with younger artists...they are more open-minded and are more excited about projects (and usually much more punctual). But there is also an undeniable universal respect for the Def Jam brand. So much of the hip hop I grew up listening to was on Def Jam. From Jay to DMX to Method Man the list is endless. This year I got to work on projects for Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Wu-massacre, and Outkast Big Boi. Those are three artists that majorly change my entire view of music, society and art. I am truly blessed, and without working here I never would have those projects in my book.

GWHH: What education or skill sets do you recommend a graphic designer having if they want to specialize in design for the hip hop industry?
AH: First and foremost is learning the classic rules of design. You see more bad design work out there then good in the hip hop world. Just by taking a class, reading a book, or learning from a mentor, you can learn the basic elements of design and apply them to any industry. Also designers need to check for other designers and artists. I am always looking at websites and talking to other designers about what they are working on inspiration is everywhere. Try and figure out what it is about another artists work makes them great, or successful even if its only on a few of their pieces. There are times when you have to fall into traditional "Hip Hop" taboo design. Strokes drop shadows, bevels are all part of what we do, but they need to be used the right way, which is usually SPARINGLY.

GWHH: What advice do you give designers who are looking to specialize in the hip hop industry?
AH: Network, work hard, and freelance is all I can say. Networking is the key to getting you and your work noticed. Had I never networked, I would not be working for Def Jam right now. Working hard and contacting artists you want to work with, like I did, is always worth your efforts. Any kind of feedback you get will make you a better designer. Freelance, freelance, freelance. For a while I took would take on freelance work for free just to get my name out there and build on my portfolio. It's a questionable practice but if you're desperate and the artist legit has no money, then it's a win/win for all involved. Just be sure to not do this for people who do have the money as it cheapens our craft. This goes for design competitions as well. Do your homework on all that. Once you build a strong network of clients and work, and you're in the position to charge, you can start to do so. But still to this day I do freelance projects and work with young hungry unsigned artists because it helps to expand my portfolio and keep things fresh.

GWHH: What was your favorite project to work on?

AH: Hands down, the Wu-Massacre project. They gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted since the guys were so hard to track down and refused to do a traditional photoshoot. So I used all my knowledge as a Wu-Tang fan to make what I as a fan would want the art to be. Luckily I got Chris Bachalo (famous comic book illustrator) to work on the project and we were able to bring my ideas to life. Fortunately, at the end of the process I learned for a fact that Meth, Ghost, and Rae all loved the art despite them being a bit MIA during the process.

GWHH: What are you working on now?
AH: I just finished the Rihanna LOUD cover (featured above). Just wrapped the Kris Kasanova art project, who is dope by the way. You can check him out here. Lastly I am working on a gallery show tentatively set for March 31st in NYC. Named, "The Glorification of Gangster", the show is an effort to explore the undeniable innate human fascination with the life of organized crime, by collecting work by the Bestest Asbestos studio that showcases that the gangster lifestyle and its accompanying tales. Particularly spotlighting its nature to transcend time, culture, religion, and media. In congruence to that I am working on a mixtape, and am currently taking submissions from producers and MCs, feel free to reach out if you're talented and interested.

GWHH: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
AH: In 5 years I plan on being a brand that far surpasses hip hop and even music. I have a film in the works, the show, and a production company. I just try to keep aiming for stars so I can hit the moon.

GWHH: Lastly, where can we find you online?

AH: AlexHaldi.com, Bestestasbestos.tumblr.com@BestestAsbestos on Twitter, and Facebook.com/AlexHaldi.

NOTE: All album covers above and in the gallery below were produced by Alex Haldi.

Gallery sneak peek (6 images):

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Dwele Interview & Performance @ The Shrine

Dwele has been a key figure in the Detroit music scene for over a decade. He recently visited The Shrine in Chicago for a performance and an interview with Gowhere Hip Hop. In this interview we find Dwele speaking on the influence of J Dilla, how he uses music to express himself, and the age of the self made artist. Dwele's new album W.ants W.orld W.omen is available now. The video was put together by myself, Cam Be and Bradley Murray. Interview done by Drea Oppan. In collaboration with The Goodie Bag.

PREVIOUSLY: Dwele on Gowhere Radio [Full Show]

Gallery sneak peek (4 images):

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Ali Shaheed Muhammad Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

"For the future, be true to yourself. If you're gonna be influenced by someone be influenced by them. Don't cop them so much that you're a clone. No one wants to deal with a clone. There's not that much more substance in being a clone, but definitely be influenced by people...take what you can from that and sculpt it into your own situation. In doing so, you'll be happy and I think your people will be happy listening to what you do."
- Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Good advice right?
That was Ali Shaheed Muhammad speaking to the future artists and producers of the next generation. The quote was so powerful I transcribed it for ya'll. Now if you want to hear A Tribe Called Quest's very own Ali Shaheed Muhammad talks about the reinvigoration of NY's hip-hop scene, creativity vs. influencers, and his thoughts about ATCQ iconic stature then you're gonna have to check out the interview.
P.S. I also took the liberty to find out the name of the group that Ali Shaheed Muhammad was raving about in the interview. The name of the group is called H.I.S.D. The album is called The Weakend and in his own words (and tweet) is "the best five dollars i've spent EVER. Its like all that."
Ali Shaheed was not sending anyone off either. Those cats from Houston are nice! Go cop that asaptual.
...And i'm still crossing my fingers for another Tribe album!
Phife Dawg Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop"

Paypa on Gowhere Radio [Recap]

On last week's edition of Gowhere Radio, we devoted a majority of the show to an in-depth conversation with a Chicago artist on the rise: Paypa! Now, in case you missed the show, you can listen to it all by simply pressing play above. We talked about his recent wave of new music (and played some of it, of course), most notably the sizzling "Black & Red". But we also got his comments on some deep issues behind the scenes, including the controversy of his affiliated Behind Da Scenes Entertainment group recently getting indicted. And furthermore, we got his upcoming artist perspective on how vital blogs are to the artist, in the wake of the Homeland Security seizing. Read his comments below and hear for yourself above!
On the Behind Da Scenes Entertainment Controversy:
"I don't really know nothing about that. What I do know is that's fam. These wasn't just colleagues or business acquaintances, when you're working with people and around people, it becomes more like a family. It's unfortunate, these are not people you would consider crooks; these are generally good people... [On how it affects him] It's absolute and completely total motivation, man... I'm not going nowhere and it made me a million times stronger. Now of course, you got to deal with the emotional and mental anguish of it. Losing good people, good friends, that's never good. We've seen this story before though, we all deal with losses."
On the importance of blogs for artists:
"The relationship between artists and blogs is everything. It's like a relationship between a best friend; you guys are our biggest asset. The artists are nothing without blogs. We're talking about getting started... you guys open up that venue so for that to be shut down, anybody comin' after, from now on, it's gonna be hard to position yourself."
To close out, we have a couple of radio news and notes. We will be on the airwaves on our usual date and time (Thursday night, 8PM on Vocalo.org 89.5 FM), and we will be putting the spotlight on some of our recent interviews and some dope Chicago music of the past week, in addition to more Wu-Tang ticket giveaways. Expect the usual preview/weekly recap sometime tomorrow. And lastly, one week from today, we will be joining Vocalo Music Vox host Jesse Menendez, as he will be interviewing us to discuss in detail some of the stuff we touched on above: the blogs being seized by Homeland Security. It will be a must-listen so stay tuned next Wednesday night as well!

Kyle Korver Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

This week we headed over to PHLI Worldwide for the NBA Jam Release sponsored by EA Sports and Complex. There was a lot going on at the event from a DJ, 312's & Vitamin Water, stations to play the game and a Kyle Korver appearance. Check out this interview where we talk about who his favorite team was to be back in the day, his first thoughts about coming to Chicago, his favorite - or should I say, least favorite thing about the Windy City, and of course, his favorite pump up music for workouts and before a game. Compare his favorite artists to D-Rose's when I asked him the same question back in the summer.

Gallery sneak peek (2 images):

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Phife Dawg Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

"I have a quest to have a mic in my hand...without that, its like cryptonite and superman//so Shaheed come in with the sugarcuts, Phife Dawg's my name but on stage call me dyno-mutt." 
- Phife Dawg "Award Tour"
Last week at The Shrine, Phife Dawg and Ali Shaheed had a similiar groove going. This time around it was to help celebrate Phife's b-day. On stage together yet again. Phife providing ill lyrics and Ali Shaheed Muhummad with the cool rhythms to keep the party going. Of course it went down.
I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing both fellas individually that night (for once, BEFORE the show). It wasn't really the work groove for me; I've actually always been a big Tribe head and here I was building with 2/3 of the legendary ATCQ crew. A little geeked? Perhaps... Oh, if you noticed I was rocking the same shirt during my Mikkey Halsted interview, thats because I interviewed Mikk the same night, genius. Don't judge me.
Getting back to Phife's cryptonite raps, its clear the Chicago Hawk is his ultimate vice. Outside of the cold Chicago weather, Phife talks about the inspiration behind his upcoming EP Elma's Grandson, The Songs In The Key Of Phife LP, Derrick Rose, and his love for sports (see Phife's twitter name: @DiggyMusberger). Of course, we talked A Tribe Called Quest. [Special GY312 PSA] The heads need one more tribe album! *crosses fingers to the hip hop gods that be*.
Special shouts to the Five Foot Assasin, once again. His love for sports could be an entire post in itself. He talked sports with me and Sgt. Tibs for about 15 minutes after the interview was over. Much propers for that!

gwhh x atcq
Sgt. Tibs, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, GY312, & Phife Dawg

Fam Mirza Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Looking back at Halloween 2010, do you remember seeing any Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder costumes? Not only was it the number one costume of 2010, it was featured in The Guinness Book of World Records as the website received 19 million hits within 1 month, and was ranked in the top 10,000 websites. TheBedIntruderCostume.com
Recently I interviewed Faraz 'Fam' Mirza, CEO of the Mirza Agency, and the man behind the creation and marketing of the costume. We discussed what the agency does and its future plans.
The Mirza Agency is a full service entertainment marketing agency that specializes in brand management, product identity, event production, artist bookings, and much more. They have done several concerts and parties including The Diddy party last year at the Excalibur, The Beyonce Experience Alhambra Palace 2007, and custom stylist work for many artist's music videos and worldwide entertainers.
The agency has worked with many big names in the entertainment industry. The list includes Diddy, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Ne-Yo, and many more. For a full listing of artists just visit the website.
Mirza said that's not all the agency is known for. The Agency is responsible for the split jersey worn by Nelly at the Super Bowl Half Time Show several years back. The split jerseys were one of the biggest fashions trends of the decade. They are in the process of relaunching the website splitjerseys.com which will be live before the Super Bowl.
The Mirza Agency has big plans for the future with Diddy, Jersey Shore and many others, so stay tuned. Follow The Mirza Agency online at MirzaAgency.com, on Twitter @FamMirza, and on Facebook.

Keri Hilson Interview with BudderFli Studio

Buddefli.com also got a chance to catch up with the beautiful Keri Hilson at Chicago's Remix The Runway event in Millenium Park and asked the question "what advice would you give to up an coming singer?". As you can see, we focused on just the above question while our new partners in crime talked about a variety of topics on Miss Keri Baby's upcoming music in their interview, brought back below.
Keri Hilson Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop

Mikkey Halsted Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last Wednesday, I was on hand for Mikkey Halsted's private listening party for his upcoming Dark Room project, which is slated for release December 21st. Speaking on the listening party for a little bit, it was quite the scene. No time for name dropping, just know a lot of Chicagoans packed The Shrine, nodding their heads in support of Mikkey's first official offering. After the listening party, Mikkey spoke to me in great detail about Chicago love, first impressions, his journey in the rap game, the Cash Money days, and even turning down record deals. I would behoove all to check out the interview as Mikkey tells his story coming up in the city involving some windy city players you might've heard about. Think big why don't you! Fantasize about it. Ha! Once again, i'm not naming any names and in the words of my south-side brethren, "Those that know...know!"
On Dark Room and Photo Album:
"Dark Room is the prelude to the Photo Album. The Photo Album is a little more glossy. When you get Dark Room, you get the hungriest Mikk... you remember how DMX did the game and he came out with 2 albums in a 6 or 7 month period? As soon as we shoot the last video for Dark Room, we shootin' the first video for Photo Album, and I'm not waiting on no label. The reason why I turned down the deal for Dark Room is because they wanted to put it out in the spring. And I said no, we doin' it this year, 2010!
Mikkey Halsted "Bars (pt 1ne)"
Mikkey Halsted "Bars (pt too)"

Short Dawg Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Short Dawg 'Southern Flame Spitta Vol. 4' [MIXTAPE]
Presented by: Don Cannon 
Short Dawg a.k.a. "Elvis Freshley," from Young Money Entertainment, has been the talk of the week. His much anticipated mixtape, Southern Flame Spitta Vol. 4, dropped this week and so far it has been reviewed as the best out of all the volumes. "9 To 5" feat. Young Money's Shanell has to be one of my favorites. This track is what he would call "fresh," and shows his ability to cross into the alternative genre. I also like "Baddest" feat. Lloyd and "Lean" feat. Lil Wayne. This project shows growth in his skills as an artist and has definitely got me excited for his album, Fresh, coming at the top of the year. (Find out how to win an autographed copy here). Make sure to download the mixtape above and check out my interview with him below.

GWHH: I am just going to cut to the point, Southern Flame Spitta Vol. 4 (your most anticipated mixtape yet) just dropped, we want to know how is the mixtape doing so far?

SD: Oh man, from what I see it is doing great. It's gotten great reviews and the fans are loving it. I am very grateful and cannot wait to see how it continues to grow.

GWHH: How do you feel it is going to do compared to 3 and 3.5?

SD: I think every series and year gets better and better. I went back to the origins with this one because i got with Don Cannon. We lost touch for 3 and 3.5, but on this one we brought it back.

GWHH: What are some of your favorite tracks?

SD: A couple of my favorites are "Money in My Pocket," the 9 to 5 song with Shanell, and my favorite freestyle would have to be "Miss Me."

GWHH: There were some great collabs on this mixtape, Wayne, Shanell, Lloyd, Sterling Sims, and Birdman just to name a few, who can we expect to see you working with in the future or who would you like to work with?

SD: I am going to continue all the songs with Young Money. I've been friends with Swizz Beatz for a while, and we have mutual respect for each other. So I definitely look forward to working with him. I also would like to work with Pharell on the production side of things. But as far as working with other artists, I'd work with anyone who has a mutual respect for my skills.

GWHH: A lot of your fans still remember your verse from "Me and My Drank," what would you say would be your favorite verse of all time? Do you have a favorite punch line that you stick to?

SD: Verse of all time for me? I have no idea. I hear people quoting stuff I don't even remember I said. A punch line that I quote a lot when I am writing and in my bio would be "All the models come every place I be, and all the young girls want me like a fake I.D."

GWHH: You have adopted the name "Elvis Freshley" because of your alter ego, could you talk a little bit about how you got the name and what it means?

SD: Well I say fresh a lot, they call me fresh and everyone knows that if they get in my car they can hear some Maroon 5 as well as other alternative music. So once I started recording alternative music the name kinda went together.

GWHH: When you say you plan on crossing into other genres of music, which ones in particular are you going to focus on?

SD: I wouldn't say that, I wasn't trying to change my style or nothing like that. It's just something that was in me and I enjoyed listening to it. Once I realized I could make it, I haven't stopped yet.

GWHH: Since signing with Young Money, it seems like it is a perfect fit, what is the chemistry like between you and the other Young Money artists?

SD: It's really like an over-sized family. We all call each other when we need verses and on the holidays. It's real fun. I enjoy it.

GWHH: What are you working on now?

SD: Fresh, an album I am putting together at the top off the year, inspired by the motion picture film and produced by C.N.O.T.E. I am also recording my Young Money debut album, as well as working on a bunch of features, and I just got an idea for my next mixtape. I wanna call it "The Alarm Clock."

GWHH: Some of our fans want to know where you get your "sizzurp" from and how you come up with the ideas for the drawings on your Styrofoam cups?

SD: No comment on the first question. As far as drawings, I have always been into drawing. I used to compete in the rodeo drawing competitions back in Texas. They would give us a blank piece of construction paper and tell us to draw our idea of the rodeo. I ended up winning a few first place competitions, and that is why a white Styrofoam cup is like a white sheet of paper for me.

GWHH: Lastly, when can we expect to see you in Chicago?

SD: My homeboy Brian Lwuh plays for the Bears there, so I definitely want to go check out a game before the season's over. As far as performing there, whenever I get a chance I will be there. I love the Midwest.

Follow Short Dawg on Myspace, Twitter @elvisfreshley, and at Short-Dawg.com.

Aloe Blacc: Soul At It's Best

MC turned soul singer Aloe Blacc was recently here in Chicago for a spirited show at Schubas Tavern, in Lakeview. The California native has been receiving wonderful reviews for his latest music endeavor entitled Good Things. I linked up with Okayplayer TV and Jeff Baraka to cover the concert and interview him. Above you will find Aloe performing one of the many highlights of his new album the song "You Make Me Smile." Below is the interview segment with Jeff Baraka.

Khaled M. Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Khaled M. "Cloud Conversations Part 2"
Producer: Issy - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming TBD titled album *GWHH PREMIERE*
Khaled M. and I had the chance to sit down at Miller Street Studios and talk about who is "Khaled M." With a punchline of This is Khaled M., we were curious to see just why he chose this line for his name. Khaled is from Libya, Africa, but grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, which is where he started his career in Hip Hop. From battling to ghostwriting, Khaled built a strong resume, that has only developed him into the artist he is today.
In part one of the interview above, Khaled M. talks about Chicago's sound and says that he is bringing something new to the scene not only here in Chicago, but everywhere. "Hip Hop purists will really listen to my lyrics and dissect all the metaphors." He also concentrates on the flow of his music and makes sure you can still bop your head to his beats. He meshes commercial sound with deep lyrics.
Khaled is working on two videos, "Lights Out" and "Cloud Conversations Part 2" (download the track above) that will be coming soon. He is collabing with Low Key and Peter Frank (vocalist) on some tracks for his upcoming album. Be on the lookout for his album debut; details coming soon.
Follow Khaled M. on Facebook, Twitter @thisiskhaledm, and his website at ThisisKahledM.com. For booking contact Darrin Rich at bookings@thisiskhaledm.com.

El DeBarge Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

BUY: El DeBarge "Second Chance"
Single off upcoming album, Second Chance *MG Fav.™
Here's a quick interview for ya ears as El DeBarge talks why you should get his upcoming album 'Second Chance' due this November 30th. This album is definitely going to be a family pleaser, as I'm sure you already know the man can sing! I know that first hand as he blew away the Chicago audience when he performed at The Shrine not too long ago; check out the photo recap in case you missed it. Jen DeLeon also got a chance to talk some quick fashion with El DeBarge for Remix The Runway, as his most notable statement appreciated Lady Gaga's unique fashion experimentation saying, "I like it when Lady Gaga wears meat, you know what I mean? I like it when she go crazy like that and wear meat that's cool right?" Ha it sure is, I appreciate her meat dress - she definitely gives a hard edge to pop and fashion alike! Lastly check out El DeBarge's single "Second Chance" above to get a preview of what to expect on the album, and remember to vote for him come November 30th in the store!

El DeBarge x GWHH
Maks G, Jen DeLeon, El DeBarge, and Lara Phillips

Cyhi Da Prynce Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Cyhi Da Prynce 'Royal Flush' [MIXTAPE]
Last night, I conversed with Atlanta emcee Cyhi Da Prynce after his Leaders Meet & Greet for a Gowhere Hip Hop exclusive. It was a pleasure to finally meet the seasoned spitter and G.O.O.D music's new kid on the block. We talked about a myriad of things including lyricism, his trials leading up to the G.O.O.D. Friday buzz, Atlanta, the dirty south and hip hop politics. He also mentioned that he'd accept all comers in a freestyle battle, even from Mr. Marshall Mathers himself. Cyhi also got his Stuart Scott on and talked about star QB Mike Vick and the upcoming Philly versus Bears match up. He said its gonna be tough for teams to stop Devin Hester and a lot harder for opposing emcees to stop him....

Cyhi Da Prynce x GWHH
GY312, Cyhi Da Prynce, and Maks G

Jim Jones Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Jim Jones 'Capo Life' [MIXTAPE]
Hosted by DJ Whoo Kid & DJ Scream
The Capo was on deck at this past weekend performing for the Harris Theater audience at Remix The Runway! Lara Phillips caught up with him to talk about his fresh fit in honor of the event, and got a chance to ask about his recent mixtape Capo Life featuring artists like Cam'ron, Sen City, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, Sean Garrett, Juelz Santana, Vado, and Yo Gotti. Jim Jones says that he's been recording for over a year and a half straight, and to expect his album Capo in stores this coming February alluding that it will feature collabs from Jadakiss, Raekwon, Trey Songz, Sean Garrett, Cam'ron, and Snoop Dogg. 

I'm excited to see Jim Jones making moves again, and the Diplomats getting back together for a concert reunion. They were a powerful movement back in the day, I'm still waiting on Killa Season 2! I used to listen to Hustler's P.O.M.E. my freshman year of college in the art school dorms with my guy D. It was official. Well expect more from Jim Jones with his own TV Show? Until then check out capolife.com (if it's up by now), and follow the man @jimjonescapo!
Jim Jones x GWHH
Maks G, Lara Phillips, Jim Jones, and Jen DeLeon

Jeremih Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

BUY: Jeremih "Down On Me" f/ 50 Cent
FULL, CDQ, Track off the album, All About You

Jeremih was in the building at Remix The Runway giving a dope performance at the Harris Theater alongside a runway of beautiful models. One of the records he sang was "Down On Me" f/ 50 Cent, which is what all the buzz has been about lately. If you haven't heard fellow Chicagoan Keenan Cahill and 50 Cent jumped on a youtube video lip synching the whole record. Right now the video is at almost 7 million views, and our own Lara Phillips was on hand to ask Jeremih for his response to Keenan Cahill's video below. 

 "Even on itunes it went from 22 to #7 in a matter of overnight!" ~Jeremih

ATTN Jeremih! I know I forgot to tell you this @ Remix The Runway, but take my million $ advice and put Keenan Cahill in the official music video for "Down On Me" that you're shooting for all the free help he's given you! Switching gears to the rest of the interview, Jeremih talked about a whole array of great things in the works touching on his collaborations with Big Sean! Jeremih compares Big Sean's skills to that of Drake and anyone on that level, when speaking on a new record they did together called "Old School Pontiac" f/ Paul Wall. Jeremih stated that the collab will fall onto his upcoming mixtape, however they still have something for Sean's album too. Be sure to follow @Jeremih for the latest news, and get his ablum All About You which I'm still vibing to in my rotation.

I wish nothing but success for the talented Chicago R&B artist, but what I wish for him more than that is for people to pronounce his name right! JK Haha even Lil Rel the host at Remix For Runway pronounced it Jeremiah with the extra "ah". It's funny how people add in extra bits of information here and there, but honestly I would just let it go and let people say it however they want to say it. Keep it locked on GWHH for more from Remix The Runway. Enjoy!

Thumbnail image for Jeremih x GWHH
Maks G, Jen DeLeon, Jeremih, Lara Phillips, and J'Laree

Keri Hilson Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Kanye West "Take One For The Team" f/ Keri Hilson, Pusha T, & CyHi Da Prynce
FULL, CDQ, G.O.O.D. Fridays 10.15.10 (BACKUP DL LINK*Tibs Fav.™
The Remix The Runway showcase went down last night headlined by none other than the beautiful Keri Hilson! Immediately off first impression she's got this warm self confidence about her that lights up everyone around her. I could sense an appreciation and love for every moment from her, which was one of the most captivating elements of meeting Keri Hilson. Jen DeLeon sat down with her to talk an array of topics starting with her views of who she thinks is the most fashionable rapper today. She then spoke on the empowering themes behind her upcoming album No Boys Allowed, and the hardest look she had to pull off in the making of her video "Pretty Girl Rock". Lastly Keri touched on the chemistry she has with Kanye when working in the studio on the recent G.O.O.D. Friday release of "Take One For The Team". I can't wait to get her album December 21st right in time for the holidays! Check out what Keri has to say in the video above, and be sure to drop her some kind words @MissKeriBaby. 'No Boys Allowed' due 12.21.10.

Down below check out our gallery from Remix The Runway where we ran into Jim Jones, El DeBarge, Jeremih, Lil Rel, and DJ Vince Adams. Stay tuned for some more exclusive coverage and interviews to come!

Keri Hilson "Pretty Girl Rock"

Keri Hilson x GWHH
Jen DeLeon, Keri Hilson, & Lara Phillips

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Chrisette Michele interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Chrisette Michele & Lem Payne 'Love Thy Brother' [MIXTAPE]
Hosted by: DJ Babey Drew
Yesterday evening, Tibs, Monster, and I checked out the Kristol Blake Salon & Spa in downtown Chicago, which was the venue for our latest interview with none other than the lovely Chrisette Michele. This will be a busy November for Chrisette M. as she just dropped a free mixtape (brought back above) with her brother Lem Payne called Love Thy Brother and she has her upcoming album, Let Freedom Reign, on the way November 30th. Tibs first found out her intentions with the mixtape (that has both literal and metaphorical meanings) and then asked about what will be different in the upcoming album. Chrisette hinted at the themes of the album as a whole, which if you are familiar with Michele's work, will be positive and thought-provoking.

I really appreciated how Chrisette answered the next two questions about where the title Let Freedom Reign came from and what sort of message we can expect on the title track, featuring Talib Kweli & Black Thought! She dropped some dope stories, deep thoughts, and new information for us to hear only inspiring my further interest in the song and the upcoming album Let Freedom Reign. Shout out to the good people at Kristol Blake, NuFace Entertainment, and World Wide Waddie for a good time. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Added some photos from Dion Jefferies!
GWHH x Chrisette Michele
Monster, Chrisette Michele, Sgt. Tibs, & Maks G

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Twista interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

BUY: Twista 'The Perfect Storm' [iTunes]
Features 2 BONUS Tracks!
Twista's The Perfect Storm release party was this week at The Shrine. In the above interview, I had the chance to ask Twista about his inspiration behind The Perfect Storm and about his writing process. He also talks about the scene here in Chicago and what it is missing.
The Perfect Storm is his 8th solo project, which features Chris Brown, Raekwon, Tia London, Da Wreck (of Triple Darkness), Scotty, Waka Flocka Flame, Ray J and Yo Gotti. Twista and The Legendary Traxster got to work heavily together on this project, which was exciting to see for longtime fans of both. My personal favorites are "Heat", "Back To The Basics", and "I Do", which all show a little bit of the old Twista with a new spin. Twista is still continuing to grow which is why he is focusing on writing more. He is consistent in doing what he does, lyrically and just bringing something new every time. Twista says he is focusing on more than just putting out a record, he is writing, producing and making money in other ways that allow him to show his talents in other areas.
When talking about the industry and Chicago, he says that Chicago is missing everything from labels to music attorneys, and it is missing a lot of establishments that places like New York, Atlanta, and LA have. If we had a BET or MTV, artists would be able to go approach them personally which he feels makes a big difference when trying to get your music heard. Once labels and other establishments within the industry start basing themselves in downtown Chicago, the city will be able to grow and help give more exposure to the Chicago scene.
Next up for Twista is more GMG projects. Twista says they are working on more than just music, they have a film company they are working on developing and expanding so be on the lookout.
Finally, in case you missed it from earlier this week, Gowhere Hip Hop and Twista are teaming up to give away the exclusive Perfect Storm Prize Package, which include a Twista throwback jersey, a record plaque, FREE Bulls tickets, and much more. The contest is going on now and it is so easy to enter and win! Click here for all of the details.

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John Blu interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

John Blu "Cologne" [iTunes]
Available Now  *NaagyKnows™

Jive recording artist John Blu was back in his hometown of Chicago promoting his new single and club anthem "Cologne". For those that are not familiar John Blu came heavy on the scene collaborating with many Chicago artists, but hit nationwide success with his record "In Love Wit Yo Booty". John Blu explains how it was working with Chi-Town legend Twista and Gucci Mane on his new single "Cologne", mentioning to us why he is also called the Collabo King. John Blu has an upcoming show featuring popular up and comer Roscoe Dash, Mario, and Omarion, as well as new mixtapes and singles on the way before his album release early 2011. Check out the interview and support John Blu's new single "Cologne" on iTunes. Chrome by Azzaro......what do you rock!?

GWHH John Blu
Naagy, John Blu, and Monster

Lloyd Banks interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Lloyd Banks stopped in Chicago's House of Blues Foundation Room last night, where I got a chance to talk to him about his hunger to surpass his freshman effort! Mr. PLK aka Punchline King is on a nationwide promotional tour for his third studio album 'The Hunger For More 2' due this November 22nd. We talked about the LP, what he feels he has to prove, his dual collabs with Yeezy, the pros and cons of his relationship with G-Unit and 50 Cent, and his punchline faves. Amazingly, we managed this all in the alloted time of approx 4 minutes, with enough time to spare for a Tina P compliment :) Cop the highly anticipated album: 'The Hunger for More 2' in stores nationwide November 22, and check out his dual Yeezy collabs below in case you missed them!

FULL, CDQ, UPDATED DIRTYDL Clean, Track off upcoming album, The Hunger For More 2 *Tibs Fav.™
FULL, CDQ?, G.O.O.D. Fridays 10.01.10 *Tibs Fav.™
GWHH x Lloyd Banks
Tina P, Lloyd Banks, Monster, Maks G, and Naagy
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The World Famous Tony Williams 'Everything About You' video + GWHH Radio [Recap]

BUY: The World Famous Tony Williams "Everything About You"
FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, King Or The Fool *Tibs Fav.™
The World Famous Tony Williams drops one of the most complete music videos this year. The new single "Everything About You" becomes even that much more powerful the way they took the song's concept and presented a multi-layered story in the video. It starts out with a scene showcasing a couple on the rocks and immediately giving the viewer a rooting interest for the female lead to deserve better than the crazy boyfriend. She leaves their argument to go to a play rehearsal where Tony and her have clearly been developing sparks with the song now playing to help convey the thoughts of Tony's character. Midway through the song, Tony's talking breakdown was so well-crafted to match the song and the video and everything after that in the video was pure art. The crazed boyfriend makes his return at the end and *spoiler alert* barges in, baseball bat in hand, on Tony and his now ex-girlfriend hanging out. What happens next is left for us to decide, which is a dope cliffhanger. The video, directed by Juan Salas, is masterful for stirring up emotions in the viewer and for the way it adds a whole new perspective on the audio. Job well done. You would be remiss not to watch it after the description above. "Everything About You" is the current single off the upcoming album, King Or The Fool, due out by the holidays.
In some bonus Tony Williams coverage, you may recall we had him on GWHH Radio just last week. Well, for those who missed it, you can now listen to the full show below! Tony spills exclusive details about the upcoming album King Or The Fool and gets into the creative process behind not only the album and the single above, but also this year's Finding Dakota Grey mixtape, and his work on Kanye West's upcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In fact, you will find out about New Year's Day recording with Kanye, stories about his feature on "All Of The Lights", and even how it all started with "Spaceship". (Fun fact: Tony is Kanye's cousin and has been working with him since the beginning of both of their musical careers). Also during the show, we touched on last week's big-name releases: the new songs featuring Chicago superstars Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Common and some follow up thoughts on the "Runaway" film.

GWHH RADIO w/ The World Famous Tony Williams
Originally aired 10.28.10
What do you think? Create a profile and comment!
~ Sgt. Tibs

GWHH Radio TONIGHT with special guest 2pak

Thumbnail image for 2pak gwhh radio.jpg

UPDATEGWHH Radio just ended! We would like to thank those of you out there that tuned in. As a special treat, you can peep this week's episode in its entirety in case you missed it by simply pressing play above! On tonight's episode, Tibs and I talked with special guests 2pak! It was perfect timing since we premiered the duo's debut mixtape, Mixtape For A Mixtape, just a couple of days ago. We talked with j.pak and pak.one about the creative process behind the mixtape, some of the songs we played on-air (download 'em below), and the reaction they get to their bold name. We dived even deeper to discuss selling out vs. staying true to your art (as heard on "Sold") and the similarities between art and music with j.pak (a soon to be graduate of the School at the Art Institute of Chicago), who drew the promo photo above, by the way. Oh, and I almost forgot: 2pak gave us the lowdown on the deeper concepts coming up on the next mixtape, Fountain Of Youth!

Listen and hear 'em for yourself, download their music, and catch up on what you may have missed this past week. We run down some of the pressing topics and downloads during the show so listen above and follow along below! Remember: tune in to listen to GWHH Radio LIVE every Thursday at 8PM CT on Vocalo.org 89.5 FM! 

2pak 'Mixtape For A Mixtape' [MIXTAPE]
Presented by: Gowhere Hip Hop MORE INFO HERE
2pak "Autumn"
Producer: pak.one - FULL, CDQ, Track off the mixtape, Mixtape For A Mixtape *TIBS FAV.™
2pak "Crazy"
Producer: pak.one - FULL, CDQ, Track off the mixtape, Mixtape For A Mixtape *Tibs Fav.™
2pak "Sold"
Producer: pak.one - FULL, CDQ, Track off the mixtape, Mixtape For A Mixtape *Tibs Fav.™
Rihanna "Love The Way You Lie Pt. 2" f/ Eminem
Producer: Alex Da Kid - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Loud *Tibs Fav.™

This Week's Notable Downloads (Videos after the jump!):
Kanye West "The Joy" f/ Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield, & Kid Cudi
Producer: Pete Rock - FULL, CDQ, G.O.O.D. Fridays 10.29.10 *Tibs Fav.™
Nicki Minaj "Roman's Revenge" f/ Eminem
Producer: Swizz Beatz - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Pink Friday
Trey Songz "Aston Martin Music (Trigga Mix)"
Producer: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming mixtape, #Lemmeholdatbeat *Tibs Fav.™
Twista "Back To The Basics"
Producer: The Legendary Traxster - FULL, CDQ, Tagged track off upcoming album, The Perfect Storm *Tibs Fav.™
Mikkey Halsted "The Exorcist"
Producer: No I.D. - FULL, CDQ, Track off weekly Super Tuesday series *Tibs Fav.™
Big Sean "I Don't Think They Want It"
Producer: No I.D. - FULL?, CDQ, Rumored track off upcoming album, Finally Famous *Tibs Fav.™
Kid Cudi "The End" f/ GLC, Chip Tha Ripper, & Nicole Wray
Producer: Blended Babies - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager *Tibs Fav.™
Nique "Domanique Save vs. The World"
Producer: Emile, The Smeezingtons, & No I.D. - FULL, CDQ, Track over Kid Cudi's "Scott Mescudi vs. The World" *Tibs Fav.™
R.O.E. "I Won" f/ Brecan Blend"
Producer: BKS - FULL, CDQ, 1st Single off upcoming EP, A Backpacker Named R.O.E.
*Tibs Fav.™
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Mickey Factz GWHH Radio Freestyle + Interview

Thumbnail image for gowhere radio false.jpg
Mickey Factz "GWHH Radio: Art Freestyle"
Mickey Factz "GWHH Radio: Extended Interview"
Listen to the uncut interview above!
Just a couple weeks back, we were able to chop it up with Mickey Factz in the studio on our GWHH Radio program. For those who missed one of our most entertaining segments yet, we have not only the full (and extended) interview above, but also Mickey's ridiculous a capella freestyle, inspired by our discussion of art! The freestyle is filled with witty lines and historical references to some of art's greats (like Picasso and Leonardo), which come natural to Factz - a lover of contemporary and street art. In fact (no pun intended), here is a small sampling of the dope lines that Mickey spits above:

"Imagery. Museum in Sicily, lookin' for Mona Lisa in Italy,
No more writing my rhymes down, this is calligraphy,
When I'm done, ya'll will cheer, who you know with this ability?"

"Life's like art without an eraser, you better watch how you draw with it,
I do this per diem, cuz I been realer feelin' like Ben Stiller spending nights in the museum."
You will have to listen to the full a capella to also catch how he twists art references into movie references. Factz named all of his favorite artists in the discussion prior to the freestyle, in addition to two more interesting things you may not know about his personality. The interview was also primarily an extensive and informative talk about the music as Mickey talked about the creative process on the I'm Better Than You mixtape, the reason for its delay, and what upcoming videos to expect from the project. Other topics include how he landed the Honda partnership, some initial details about the upcoming album, The Achievement, and the aforementioned conversation about art that you can now hear for the first time in the extended interview! So without further adieu, enjoy some quotables from the interview below and download that I'm Better Than You mixtape if you're still sleepin' on it as well. Enjoy!

On the delay of I'm Better Than You:

"It was supposed to drop August 24th and my laptop got stolen August 17th. And all my raps and all my final drafts of the songs and some of the beats were on there. If I didn't get that laptop stolen, I wouldn't have done "Diamond Dust", I wouldn't have done "Melodic Nightmares", I wouldn't have done "Inner Love". I did have somethin' on there that didn't make it, which will probably come out on another mixtape before the album drops, which nobody knows about 'til now."

On The Achievement:

"I want it to be somethin' that will resonate with people not just me being successful, but people just enjoying the successes and aspirations of life... It's not really gonna be my full on story, it's gonna be the conclusion to The Leak series."
Mickey Factz 'I'm Better Than You' [MIXTAPE]
mickey factz x gwhh
Maks G, Mickey Factz, & Sgt. Tibs @ WBEZ Navy Pier Studios
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~ Sgt. Tibs

GLC 'Love Life Loyalty' interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

BUY: GLC 'Love, Life & Loyalty'
Only $9.99! Features Kanye West, John Legend, Twista, and more!
I was raised by theater and nursed on pop culture, and dreamt my entire life of a successful acting career. It was just this summer that I fell in love with arts journalism while hosting Chicago Music Project. I'm superdeeduper excited to be continuing on this path with GWHH. I plan to bring my bubbly enthusiasm, free-spirited nature, and silly spontaneity to my interviews. Here's hoping you'll have a good time with Tina P <3

His verse on Kanye West's "Spaceship" put him on the mainstream radar in 2004. Since then he's been persistently in our ears with nine mix tapes and an insane amount of features. Dude has enough material for a few lifetimes. You can even check for him in the latest Source magazine. Say who!?! I'm talking about Chicago born and bred rapper GLC. He recently decided the time was right for his debut album: Love, Life, and Loyalty, released Oct, 12 2010. (Congrats on selling out at the Best Buy on 87th). GLC gave the scoop to Tina P and GWHH about his album, how it's already making history, his relationship with Kanye, and what he's learned during their friendship. GLC even opened up about the death of his parents and the deep (and not-so-deep) reasons he got into music. He is easily one of the most positive, hardworking, humble, inspiring rappers out there! GLC has Chicago's back, so let's have his. Follow the ism. Church.

GLC x Tina P
GLC x Tina P

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~ Tina P

Raekwon interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

It went up at Sneaker Pimps 2010! Stay tuned for some footage, as I chopped it up with a lot of great artists in Chicago this weekend including Raekwon the Wu-rhymer himself and special guests GLC, L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Phil Ade, Thee Tom Hardy, DJ BWS, Mikkey Halsted, YP, Black Orchard, and PAYPA of Project Mayhem.

The night was wild. Sneaker afficionados and hip-hop lovers alike rocked with great performance after great performance Saturday. Shouts to all the artists who did their thing at Sneaker Pimps, especially artists that repped Chicago.

After the show, I caught up with Raekwon to hear his thoughts concerning the Sneaker Pimps tour and the culture of fly sneakers today. The Chef and I, also chopped it up about No I.D, Kanye, and the Justin Bieber collab via Twitter. I would be remiss if I didnt mention Rae's Charlie Wilson impersonation. haha...Lord, lord, lord... The Staten Island emcee took it to the bridge with that one. Pun intended. Check out the interview above, and keep it locked for more Sneaker Pimps coverage here at GWHH. Groove!

Raekwon x GY312
Raekwon x GY312

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~ GY312

Shiest Bubz interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Shiest Bubz, C.E.O. of Purple City Entertainment, is the official host for the Smokers Club Tour with Curren$y, Smoke DZA, Big K.R.I.T. and Mac Miller. While on the tour in Chicago, Bubz talks with Lara Phillips of Gowhere Hip Hop about his mixtape, "Everydaze My Birthday," his video for Senseless World, and how all the guys got together for the Smokers Club tour.
Since being introduced to Harlem based rap group The Diplomats, Shiest Bubz, started his first label in 2002 called Purple City which he signed several artists under his label. Over the years Shiest Bubz has worked with various recording artists from major and independent labels, Shiest Bubz, confident and charismatic, has released 5 albums, 1 DVD and 15 Mixtapes. Be on the look out for upcoming projects from Shiest Bubz.
You can follow Shiest Bubz more closely on Twitter @shiestbubz01, Facebook, and at Everydazemybirthday.com. Keep up to date with the Smokers Club Tour at thesomkersclub.com. Be sure to check out his photos in our slideshow below.
Shiest Bubz "Senseless World"
FULL, CDQ, Track off mixtape, Everydaze My Birthday 
Shiest Bubz "Haters Main"
FULL, CDQ, Track off mixtape, Everydaze My Birthday 
Shiest Bubz "What's Gucci"

Gallery sneak peek (3 images):

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Ne-Yo interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last night, we hit up Le Passage in Chicago, as the Moet Rose Lounge was hosted by none other than Ne-Yo! Watch above as Tibs dives a little deeper with Ne-Yo about his upcoming album, Libra Scale, due out November 22nd. 

Ne-Yo goes in depth about the album's concept - Love vs. power, fame, and money, which is a contrast that he says will be explored throughout the entire album. With a title like Libra Scale, I had the thought of asking the astrologically in tune Ne-Yo about what he thinks will happen in 2012! Tibs decided to save that question for last, so watch to see what he says after a moment to think about it..! 

Lastly be sure to check out the video to Ne-Yo's current single "One In A Million" over at Ne-Yo's website at CompoundEnt.com. We have been hearing it a lot more on Chicago radio lately and it looks like Ne-Yo may have another top ten hit on his hands! Enjoy!

Tibs x NeYo x Maks.jpg
Sgt. Tibs x Ne-Yo x Maks G
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~ Maks G

Big Sean 'Living Our Dreams (Memories)'

"One of the most important quotes I live by is, 'imagination is more important than knowledge.. Dreams are so important. Without dreams, you got nothing.'"

- Big Sean

Those powerful words from Big Sean kick off the 'Living Our Dreams (Memories)' documentary-style profile - a Gowhere Hip Hop x The Goodie Bag collaboration produced by our main man, Cam Be. The video builds upon following your dreams as Sean also discussed growing up in the midwest, having Kanye West as his mentor, and giving back to his fans. In fact, Big Sean was shaking hands and taking photos for nearly two hours after his headlining set at Reggie's here in Chicago, making sure to not forget any fan who stayed out into the wee hours of a Tuesday night. 

"Memories", one of the standout tracks from Big Sean's Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG, is the perfect backdrop for the very reflective Big Sean that you see in the interview. You are also treated to some vivid, multi-angle looks at the show itself, just in case you don't believe that Reggie's was rockin' that night (see: Mickey Factz and Co. on stage at the end). You undoubtedly have "Memories" stuck in your head after the video, so combat that by downloading the song individually below, and, while you're at it: the entire FFv3 mixtape.
Remember to check out our good friends at The Goodie Bag Blog (nice ring to it, eh?), as the interview was conducted by GB's Tim Perkins and GWHH's own GY312. Once again, big shouts to Cam Be - the mastermind behind the powerful culture changing work of art you gotta watch above. Enjoy!
Big Sean "Memories"
Producer: Key Wane - FULL, CDQ, Track off the mixtape, Finally Famous v3: BIG *Tibs Fav.™
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~ Sgt. Tibs

Far East Movement interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Unless you've been kickin' rocks for the past few weeks, you should rightfully know that the group Far East Movement have been tearing up the charts. They have jet packed themselves to the top with their second single "Like A G6" and have not come down. They came through the House of Blues here in Chicago for the Up In The Air Tour with Mike Posner recently and ABSOLUTELY SHUT THE PLACE DOWN! Their set was incredible. Energy was at an all time high the whole damn time. And I don't know how these guys do it, but after HOB these guys did it again for their afterparty at Enclave. Same energy and same crowd reaction. These guys are nonstop and there is a clear reason why they are on top. The best part of it all is the love they showed to Gowhere, they provided us with backstage passes to the sold out show at the House of Blues, got a tour of the tour bus, and partied with them all night at Enclave. With MTV interviews, #2 song on Billboards's Top 100, and the #1 single on iTunes, these guys still have time to kick it with fans after every show and stay humble and just appreciate their success. Their album Free Wired comes out tomorrow in stores and online! And they let us know to keep a lookout for their next single "Rocketeer" featuring Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. I cannot wait for this album and cannot wait for their next single to hit the radio.

Far East Movement 'Free Wired' [iTunes]
Available 10.12.10 *NaagyKnows™

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Ameriie interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Saturday night, I arrived at yet another packed house at The Shrine in anticipation of meeting the very talented and beautiful Ameriie! And yes, Ameriie is sporting a new blonde look. And yes, that is not a typo: Ameriie recently added the extra "i" to reflect positive energy. I really respect that mindset - a positive one that was on full display in our interview above, especially when Ameriie discussed her non-musical interests and passions. It is always interesting to see that side of an artist, which further helps everyone connect to her as a person beyond what is heard on CD.

Speaking of what is heard on CD, we also discussed her upcoming Spring 2011 album, Cymatika Vol. 1, in what is intended to be the first volume of a trilogy. She talks about what sort of musical styles and genres will bear some sort of influence on the sound of the album. Ameriie even lets us know that she has a collaboration lined up with famous Chicago house producer, Felix Da Housecat, whom Derrick Rose fans should already be familiar with. As you can tell from the interview, Ameriie seems like the type of person who is actively striving to expand her mind with new knowledge. She is also a very down to earth person as we even bonded on and off camera about our respective half-asian nationalities (she is half-Korean and I am half-Filipino, represent!). Be sure to watch and find out more in the video, which also includes a performance of "Why R U" that Ameriie could not resist singing while on The Shrine's stage. Enjoy!
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Big Boi interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this was definitely my biggest interview thus far.

Outkast's Big Boi, Travie McCoy, Chiddy Bang, and even G.O.O.D music's Big Sean came out to jam at the Congress Theater, last Friday.

Shouts to Big Sean and road manager Dillaman for showing Gowhere Hip-hop excess love as well. Peep the interview with Gowhere Hip Hop's Jen DeLeon here.

As far as performances, I was impressed with the whole set. Travie McCoy and Chiddy Bang did their thing. Philly native Chiddy even brought out Big Sean to perform their collab "Too Fake."

The surprises kept on coming as the ATLien himself rocked the Congress, performing verses from many classics like "Rosa Parks", "Kryptonite", "So Fresh, So Clean", "Ms. Jackson", and "The Way You Move". Big Boi even got southernplayalistic with it, performing raps off "Player's Ball" and "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" from Outkast's debut album of the same title.

Mogs in the crowd were acting extra rowdy and I was in the middle of it. The Congress theater crowd particularly went donkey kong after Big Boi performed "General Patton" (a joint off his new album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty). 

Moving along, you guys are probably wondering why I didn't have a mic for the interview. Well, the reason was because it wasn't supposed to happen! Sir Lucious Leftfoot showed me love even when his team was trying to rush him out of Congress Theater. It was a classic moment of real recognizing real. To be honest, it was refreshing because a big artist like Big Boi could've easily treated my life (and a couple artists have. No hard feelings.) Charge it to the game is how the saying goes. *Shrugs* Being from the Chi, I dont let inconsequential things like that get to me. I just wanted to share that with you all because I was hella gracious of the love shown.

Shouts to Sir Lucious Leftfoot!!!

Without further ado, check out the interview above of Big Boi and myself. He talks Cee-Lo and his Dungeon Family, his bro Andre 3000's upcoming project, and how he marinates the game. Hahahaha. Interesting wordplay on his approach. It was my distinct pleasure.

Sgt. Tibs x Big Boi x Jen DeLeon x GY312
Sgt. Tibs, Big Boi, Jen DeLeon, and GY312
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~ GY312

Yahzarah interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Yesterday was a fun-filled day at Hennessy Artistry in Chicago, which for us not only included the main event at night, but also an afternoon of soundcheck at the Blackhawk Building, where we met and talked with singer Yahzarah above! She first impressed by showcasing her powerful voice while rehearsing with The Roots and again later when we talked because of how real and down to earth she was. She first expressed what her music represents for those of you watching who may be new to her before we touched on her album, The Ballad of Purple St. James (available now), and how her collaboration with Phonte for "Cry Over You" came about. She actually dropped a fact unbeknownst to me at the time that her and Little Brother went to college together and met in the financial aid line. Hah, fantastic! I find stories like theirs motivational because of the success in helping each other grow together over time. Be sure to watch the full interview above where Yahzarah also touches on her history with Erykah Badu and more!
Furthermore, we were of course in attendance for Yahzarah on stage with The Roots where she definitely rocked out to the increased energy in the building. Stay tuned for some video of the performance and in the meantime, check out her new video that premiered just a few days ago: the aforementioned collaboration with Phonte "Cry Over You". Enjoy!
Yahzarah "Cry Over You" f/ Phonte
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~ Sgt. Tibs

Questlove interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

We're proud to bring you one of our realest interviews ever as Sgt. Tibs, Jen DeLeon, and I got the chance to talk with Questlove of The Roots after his set at the Hennessy Artistry event in Chicago.  

Tibs first asked about the goal of working with John Legend on the upcoming album, Wake Up!, due out this Tuesday, September 21st. Questlove, real name Ahmir (as he introduced himself to us) answered by taking us back to 2008 when he and Legend were working with President Obama's campaign, and how that experience essentially evolved into their collaboration for the upcoming album. Then Questlove talked about the record "Shine" going in-depth about how it was created, and sharing that the inspiration actually came from the movie Waiting For "Superman, which he says was "one of the most powerful films they've seen". Finally, Questlove discussed his dream job of being the house band on Jimmy Fallon. He explains a little bit of the behind the scenes tasks that go down, including daily 5 hour rehearsals where Questlove draws inspiration from Malcolm Gladwell's Outlierssaying it only made The Roots stronger. Our summary doesn't quite do the interview justice because Questlove's goes in detail about some culture shaping ideas that are truly inspiring. We definitely urge you to take the time and watch the interview above!
Our interview with Questlove was the icing on the cake for what was an amazing event at Hennessy Artistry Chicago. The Roots performed alongside Q-Tip, Curren$y, Kid Sister, Yahzarah, and surprise guest Erykah Badu! Wow. It was non-stop music for more than 3 hours! One of my favorite moments was when Q-Tip got up on the really tall speakers and had a musical exchange with Black Thought from above to below! Additionally, the venue was spectacularly set up with lounging sofas, electronics and TVs, and yep - an open bar with appetizers moving throughout. Below, check out some red-carpet photos of the event and stay tuned for many more photos and video coverage of the Hennessy Artistry series in Chicago. Enjoy!

Sgt. Tibs x Questlove x Jen DeLeon x Maks G
Sgt. Tibs x Questlove x Jen DeLeon x Maks G

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Big Sean interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last night Maks, Heather, and I headed over to Boutique for a red-carpet Hennessy Artistry event and performance from G.O.O.D. Music recording artist Big Sean! The event was hosted by WGCI's Nina Chantele and featured another performance by Mr. Real Estate AKA Big UNK. Check out the interview where we talk about the "G.O.O.D Friday" record recently released, Kanye West's Rosewood Movement, some new videos to expect, as well as the status of Sean's debut album. Big Sean is a funny character - I got a chance to talk with him more at Congress Theatre afterwards as well where he shared some funny stories about his encounters with other celebs. Friends Chiddy Bang were also in the building performing alongside Big Boi, Travie McCoy and Sean who made it last minute on their set. Definitely a fun time chillen with the guys! Expect to see a viral video from Big Sean x Chiddy Bang coming soon to a computer screen near you! Take a look at the gallery below, and expect some cool performance footage dropping later tonight from Big Sean himself. Enjoy!

maks x big sean x jen deleon
Maks G x Big Sean x Jen DeLeon

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Cheeky Chicago's 'Fashion's Night Out' at BCBG

So what does it mean to be cheeky? The dictionary definition states: definitively bold; impudent and saucy.  Find out what the "cheeky chicks" themselves, Jessica Zweig and Erica Bethe Levin, have to say about what it means to be "cheeky" and what Cheeky Chicago is and how it all started.

Cheeky girls united for Cheeky Chicago's Fashion's Night Out" event and enjoyed hours of  d'ouevres, cocktails, and live music while shopping the new Fall collection at BCBG.
Cheeky Chicago is an online magazine for the cosmopolitan girl that covers lifestyle topics such as health, fitness, sex, politics and so much more. This concept all started with Jessica and Erica's passion food restaurants evolved into a complete guide to chicago's culture monthly events their community.
For their next monthly event, Cheeky Chicago will be celebrating their two year anniversary at Rockit Bar and Grill from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m on October 20th. So come out and "get cheeky wit it!" 

Also, for more information about Cheeky Chicago and their cheeky events, sign up for their free newsletter on CheekyChicago.com and follow Cheeky Chicago on Facebook and Twitter
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~ J'Laree

GWHH on WGN Radio 720 Recap

gwhh wgn720
LISTEN: GWHH on WGN Radio 720
With ChicagoNow Radio hosts: Alex Quigley & Amy Guth
Last week we were asked to come in as guests on ChicagoNow Radio, with hosts Alex Quigley & Amy Guth, airing every Saturday morning from 9am to 12pm on WGN Radio 720. Above, you can listen to the full segment where Tibs and I talk about Gowhere Hip Hop: what we're all about, some longterm goals, and who is going to come outta the Chi next! It's a great interview for those of you who visit and want to know more about what exactly we do here at GWHH so simply click the link above to listen (and even download in case you want to listen to us multiple times... or not, we understand). We thank Alex and Amy once again for being such fun and gracious hosts - be sure to tune in every Saturday to hear their always entertaining weekly wagers and their other interviews with some of ChicagoNow's other diverse blog owners. Enjoy!
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~ Maks G

Mike Raspatello (of North Coast Music Festival) on GWHH Radio Recap

Ever wonder how a big concert event or festival becomes a reality? Well, we asked just that to chief organizer of the North Coast Music Festival, Mike Raspatello, to find out how he and his team coordinated the successful Labor Day festival here in Chicago. Just before the festival, we had Mike on-air in the studio for our GWHH Radio Show on Vocalo.org 89.5 FM (Thursdays at 8PM CT!). We not only talked about all the behind the scenes experiences in setting up the North Coast Music Festival, but also his previous work experiences, concert experiences, and artist experiences, and what tips he provides for upcoming promoters and entrepreneurs. His story is very inspiring because as Mike says, they were the underdogs, and for them to successfully put together an end of the summer music festival like North Coast with such big-name artists as Nas, Lupe Fiasco, De La Soul, and Jay Electronica (and that's only the hip hop) is truly amazing. Congrats Mike and we hope you guys can all take something out of our two-part interview above!
This also wraps up our North Coast Music Festival coverage, which also features videos and pictures of live performances of Nas & Damian Marley, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Electronica, and our interview with De La Soul. Click here for the full archive.
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~ Maks G
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Mishon interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

This past Wednesday Interscope recording artist, Mishon, was passing through the city of wind during the 2010 Step Up tour presented by HItmenn DJ's. I got the chance to catch up with him and sit down for some questions and laughs. He gave us a little feedback on the success of the tour, upcoming music, his role as Tay Sutton on Lincoln Heights, and a possible future music video for his song "Pose For Me" which happens to be produced by Chicago natives Da Internz! Stay tuned for a funny blooper at the end!

Mishon "Pose For Me"
Producer: Da Internz - FULL, CDQ, Track off the mixtape, The Homecoming *Tibs Fav.™
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Too $hort interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

On Thursday, Too $hort wasted very little time before bellowing out his infamous favorite word. In fact, many in attendance at the Too $hort concert were caught cracking grins as they heard the B-word again, and again, and again, and again....and again!
Short Dog showed his sense of humor as he took the liberty of calling everyone in attendance his most favorite word on numerous occasions. He even shared his special term of endearment with Shrine's female bartending staff calling them, "sexy b&#$@s" as he shook their hands.

Yes, hip-hop pioneer Too $hort was in rare form at The Shrine. Blow the whistle!!!

The crowd particularly went wild as Too $hort performed the raunchy classic "Freaky Tales." It was a personal highlight for me because I still could vividly remember hearing my older cousins bump Too $hort as a shorty myself.

Too $hort, the consummate player, brought Twista on stage to perform while simultaneously inviting a throng of his female fans to rock with him. As Twista began to kill a quick set, Short Dog was on stage locked in with the ladies. Shouts to Rashaan, Maks G, and his camera's zoom in feature. LOL Fun was definitely had, my dudes!

All in all, I was very pleased with the show. I told myself before the interview that I wouldn't say Short Dog's famed expletive and it took all my might not to use it, low key.

That didn't stop the multiplatinum, Bay Area rapper from sounding off during the interview, however.

Too $hort and I, talked about his legend, longevity in the rap game, comparing himself to best-selling author Stephen King, and even Soulja Boy (whom Short Dog is a fan of.)

Check it out and if you see me in these streets let me know what you think. 

Maks G x Too Short x GY312
Maks G x Too Short x GY312
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~ GY312

De La Soul interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

I got the pleasure to build with Trugoy The Dove of De La Soul tonight at the North Coast Music Festival. We rapped about the current state of hip hop, 3 Feet High And Rising, and The Grind Date. Those LPs are also personal favorites. Yes, I was in fan mode! Shouts to the Native Tongues!
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~ GY312

Anthony Hamilton interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Check out an interview with R&B and soul-singer, Anthony Hamilton. We talked about the food and fashion in Chicago, which has been his favorite part, his upcoming projects such as his collaboration with the lead singer of The Fray, Isaac Slade, and surprise coming out by the end of the year, his thoughts on the current state of R&B on how the old generation needs to blend with the new generation, some of the artists he's listening to and what he is going to bring the next time he comes to Chicago, fluffy rice.
Raheem DeVaughn Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop
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~ Jen DeLeon

Raheem DeVaughn interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Over the weekend we headed out to the Hard Rock Hotel to catch up with singer and songwriter, Raheem DeVaughn. The night was held at the ballroom, garnished with nice table arrangements, and even a live performance by Chicago's J-Lyn. Check out the interview where we talk about his recent album, "The Love and War Masterpiece," the message he was trying to convey with his latest single "B.O.B.," his thoughts on the current state of R&B, and last but certainly not least, his favorite part about Chicago. Take a look at the gallery for a nice recap of the event below, including some shots of Anthony Hamilton who was in the house as well. Enjoy!

Gallery sneak peek (7 images):

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Will Gates interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Will Gates, director and creator of Open World Films, talks about he got started in film. Will explains that he has always had a passion for the film industry and that he was the first person out of his high school class to get accepted to Columbia College. His first year in college he started a DVD Magazine called Chicago Version, which featured many artists such as: Kanye West, R. Kelly, Twista, Crucial Conflict, Jeezy, and George Daniels.
Will is working on some gospel projects right now, but says that he wants to do some Lady Gaga type of stuff. So if you are a DOPE artist, get at Will. You can follow him on Twitter @WILLGATES, Facebook, YouTube, and on the Open World Films website. Want a sampling of Will Gates' work? Then hit the jump for a series of diverse videos directed by Will Gates!
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Kenrick McFarlane interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

We recently attended the Face Off Art Show at the Gene Siskel Film Center in downtown Chicago where upcoming artist, Kenrick McFarlane, had a solo exhibition that coincided with Common's receiving of the Dolores Jordan Award. It was a cultured affair that was in part defined by the atmosphere created by Kenrick's paintings that were on display. In the interview above, I talked with Kenrick about the creative process behind his work, his general views on art, and what lies ahead in Kenrick's education and his upcoming projects.
You might be curious to see his work though, right? Aside from standing in front of his 'Five Faces' piece in the video, look no further than the gallery below where you can see the painting Kenrick produced and gave to Common, a Lil' Wayne inspired piece, and more in a series of colorful and beautiful pieces of art. We wish Kenrick nothing but continued success in his young, illustrious career and be sure to check him out at his blog here. Enjoy! 

Gallery sneak peek (17 images):

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Loyal Divide interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Loyal Divide is one band you do not want to miss at the upcoming North Coast Music Festival over Labor Day weekend. I had the pleasure of meeting with 3 of the members, Sid, Andrew, and Jonathon to discuss some of their influences, networking, and current projects. (The band does have one other member, Adam Johnson). They are all from Columbus, Ohio and moved to the city of Chicago to pursue their dreams with hopes that there will be better opportunities. From the sounds of things, I would say they are on their way.
Loyal Divide's sound is very unique and combines electro-hip hop with some alternative flare. Some of their main influences are Timbland, Kanye West, Just Blaze, and R. Kelly. They will be releasing their first Full Length Albumn: Bodice Ripper in September. All of the tracks have never been heard before besides two, which you can find on their previously released EP: Labrador.
You can follow Loyal Divide on Facebook, MySpace, and at TheLoyalDivide.com. Download Loyal Divide's EP: Labrador.
Loyal Divide "Vision, Vision"

Gallery sneak peek (5 images):

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DJ Vince Adams interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Here with another exclusive interview - this time Tibs and I were out at The Shrine for what turned out to be a fun, late evening with DJ Vince Adams keeping the packed house moving all night. After his set, we talked with DJ Vince Adams to gather some very interesting insight on his experiences as a DJ. He first gave us the story of how he started DJing at The Shrine, recalling his long relationship with the club's owner, Joe Russo, and detailing how they came up together. It is very inspiring to hear that success story because it is a mindset that we don't see enough of in today's scene. Help each other out, and everybody wins in the short term and the long term. 
But back to the interview... DJ Vince Adams also discusses a memorable experience from his work nationwide as he mentioned this year's Tom Joyner Cruise where he, Doug E. Fresh, and a group fellow elite DJs, Red Alert, Hollywood, and Dee Wiz closed out the night well after the party was supposed to be over. Peep the footage below to see what exactly went down and of course, DJ Vince Adams goin' to work! Lastly, DJ Vince Adams provided advice for upcoming Chicago artists and some really great, detailed advice for upcoming DJs. We know there are a lot of you that fall into both categories so grab some knowledge while you're here at GWHH today and watch what Vince has to say above! Also be sure to check out everything DJ Vince Adams at djvinceadamsworld.com. Enjoy!
DJ Vince Adams & Doug E Fresh @ Tom Joyner Cruise
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Shawn Marion interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

NBA all-star Shawn Marion walked the red carpet at Enclave for Wade's World Weekend in support of his former teammate and I was able to talk with him briefly as seen above! As a precursor to the interview and as a big fan of the NBA, I always appreciated Marion's game comin' up with Phoenix before bouncing around a few teams and finally settling with the Dallas Mavericks last season. He's seemingly always in Chicago during the offseasons as I even recall one where I found myself watching a pickup game with him, Andre Iguodala, Antoine Walker, and a few other NBAers. During that game, I saw Marion's athleticism on display first hand on a chase-down block that would have made LeBron James jealous.
Anyway, Marion was nice and appreciative the whole time, which was on display in the interview where I first tried to ask him about the big news of the summer with LeBron and Chris Bosh joining the star of the evening in Miami. He instead turned his attention to Wade's World Foundation, which is the real reason everyone was gathered at Enclave and throughout Chicago the whole weekend. I'm sure the players are tired of that question by now but it was the first thing that came to mind when we did this interview on the fly. After discussing Wade's foundation, I also asked Marion about his own foundation - The Shawn Marion Foundation - where he detailed his most recent event, which came in the form of poker. Not surprising as I recall he was one of the athlete/celebs who participated in this year's World Series, if I'm not mistaken. Finally, we got in a fun question on what the Mavs were listening to at the end of the season so stay tuned 'til the end to find out... And now I have an image of Dirk Nowitzki bobbin' his head to the adopted team anthem, haha.. awesome. Enjoy! 

PREVIOUS INTERVIEWS: Common // Jaslene Gonzalez // Israel Idonije (Chicago Bears) // Photo Recap

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~ Sgt. Tibs

Israel Idonije interview with Gowhere Hip Hop


In quite possibly the first ever tongue twister involving words that start with 'I', it's the Israel Idonije interview with Gowhere Hip Hop. I had the pleasure of talking with the humble Chicago Bears defensive lineman at the Enclave red carpet the other night. We first discussed the charitable contributions of Dwyane Wade's World Foundation before proceeding to discuss Israel Idonije's own foundation: the... wait for it... Israel Idonije Foundation. In all seriousness, Israel Idonije's foundation assists families around Chicago and globally who have suffered from the decline in the economy. With school already in session, Idonije details some plans his foundation has to get involved with the Chicagoland schools.

Of course, we also had to ask about the pigskin as Israel talks about what he has been doing individually to improve and help fill the void created by the departure of Alex Brown. And finally, we wrapped up on a fun question where Israel shares what artist he listens to to pump himself up before a game. Hint: He was the first black artist to have his video air on MTV. I'm sure then that Idonije will have a little "Jam" session before tonight's preseason home opener as DA BEARS host the Oakland Raiders tonight at 7:30. No pre-game moonwalking though, it seems. Enjoy!
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~ Sgt. Tibs

Jaslene Gonzalez interview with Gowhere Hip Hop


You may know her as the winner of Cycle 8 on America's Next Top Model... the beautiful Jaslene Gonzalez joins Sgt. Tibs on the red carpet at Enclave for a new exclusive interview! Jaslene, born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Humboldt Park, IL, first talked about the positivity of celebrities and role models uniting for a great cause, exemplified by Dwyane Wade's World Foundation. We also had to ask Jaslene for her most memorable experience from America's Next Top Model and some educational advice for aspiring models. Her words can really be applied to any of us today, no matter what aspiring goals we have so be sure to keep it tuned in through the end of the video for that. Finally, enjoy a gallery of photos of Jaslene on the red carpet and some of her professional work as well. Let her know what you think on Twitter @jaslenegonzalez. Enjoy!


Gallery sneak peek (11 images):

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Common interview with Gowhere Hip Hop


Common was one of many stars to grace the red carpet at Enclave here in Chicago last night for the first night of Dwyane Wade's World Foundation weekend takeover. Naturally, he talked about his support for Just Wright co-star Dwayne Wade's Foundation event before moving on to talking about yesterday's video premiere of "Wake Up Everybody". In fact, Tibs broke the news to Common that the video had been released! After that humorous realization, Common shared a memorable story from the set before one final question about the upcoming album, The Believer. We can expect "soulful music... and... good stuff"! Unfortunately, those were all the comments we were able to grab from Common about the album since he was being pulled off the red carpet - literally! I do believe that we'll see some more of that G.O.O.D. Music from The Believer in the near future and that Common will continue his successful music and acting career in the rest of 2010 and beyond. As a bonus, if you're like Common and missed the video premiere of "Wake Up Everybody", watch it below and stay tuned for more coverage of Dwyane Wade's World Foundation in Chicago this weekend! Enjoy!

John Legend & The Roots "Wake Up Everybody" f/ Melanie Fiona & Common
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~ Maks G

GLC interview with Gowhere Hip Hop


This past Thursday, Chicago embraced the ism as Really Doe, Skwod Deep, Gaggie, YP, Hollywood Holt, Coldheart of Crucial Conflict, and headliner GLC provided trill sentiments at Reggie's Rock Club. PHLI's own Dave Jeff hosted the event and DJ RTC kept the groove alive on the 1s and 2s. When I tell you it was real live I mean it. On the topic of "Real Live", have you guys heard that Bun B/GLC bonus track yet? Sick I tell you. I'm talking the whole project. Shouts to team trill! 

As I digress, opening act The Skwod, who also have placement on GLC's new album Love, Life, and Loyalty proved why they're one of Chicago's most on the rise emcees. Shouts to J-Oneder, Ka'Ron, and the whole Skwod fam. Stay Humble spitter YP did not disappoint the crowd either as he brought raw lyrics and unbridled enthusiasm to his set. Everybody in the building had their C's in the air (an endearing ode for everyone's love for Chicago) and so was the ism. 

As I conducted the trill interview with big chuuch and G.O.O.D. music recording artist GLC, he expatiated on the ism, spoke on new LP Love, Life, and Loyalty (October 12 peeps), his experiences working with legendary UGK rapper Bun B, and chatted about his very easy on the eyes "Yo Momma Snapped!" blog section... In addition to appreciating the fine aesthetics of motherhood, GLC conversed about his retail mall days as "Lark GLC" and encouraged young, up and coming Chicago artists to be progressive and reach outside city limits. 

It was a fun interview and I appreciated the time spent with the veteran Chicago player. Shouts to him and his manager/b-day boy Geno. Mogs definitely embraced a young lad's concept. Be on the lookout for a new GLC mixtape dropping before the album called Respect My Come Up Vol. 2: The Ism and of course the new album dropping this fall... Lastly check out the video below, which includes some performances from that night by Hollywood Holt, Really Doe, and GLC. Enjoy the week, ya'll!


Hollywood Holt, Really Doe, & GLC LIVE @ Reggie's Rock Club
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~ GY312

Dante D'Vino (of Miller Street Studios) with Gowhere Hip Hop

Miller Street Studios is just one of many studios in the Chicago area, but check out the video to see really why you want to record here. Joe Gallagher aka Dante D'Vino, Owner and Engineer, talks about how he started the studio and what equipment he has to offer. His recent projects include: Noivak Music, Avrey Smith, Miracle, Mike "meLLo" Petro,  Skooda Chose's TFM2 and Dante is currently working on GemStones' new and anticipated MIXTAPE due to drop later this month....check out the video below for a preview.

Dante graduated from Conservatory of Recording Arts, Arizona in 2007 and then moved back to Chicago to open Miller Street Studios. With a state-of-the-art control room, an Alesis X2 analog 24-track console, Pro Tools HD 8, Lynx A/D Converters, two large isolation booths, a list of Plug-ins, and a large live room, the studio's professionalism is very unique and is also carried through in person. (Oh, and did I mention the studio has a full kitchen and hot tub? See our LIVE TOUR in the video above or view Miller Street 's photo gallery). Dante says one thing that sets him aside from other owners/engineers is that he likes to be involved in the whole project beginning to end. Whether it's recording, mixing, mastering, promoting, designing, etc. Dante is involved in the whole process.

You can follow Miller Street Studios on Twitter @millerststudios, Facebook, You Tube, or at Millerstreetstudios.com. Rates are $40/hour for recording and $50-$100/mixed song.  Miller Street also offers In-House production. Call 773-789-9553 or email millerstreetstudios@gmail.com for more information or booking. 

Take advantage of the Miller Street/GWHH SPECIAL: mention that you saw this video on GowhereHipHop.com and receive a special discount: $30/hour for recording and $50/mixed song.


Gemstones @ Miller Street Studios

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John Blu interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

hs chucks.jpg

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chicagoan and newly-signed Jive records artist, John Blu. When we had the Chicago Hip Hop Connects Showcase at the beginning of the summer, Da Internz told me he would be the next one to blow up so it was a pleasure to talk with him and find out what he's all about. We talked about the breakout single "In Love Wit Yo Booty", working with those Internz, and much more below!


GWHH: How has life changed since signing with Jive records?

JB: It has been a dream come not only to get my music out here in Chicago but nationally and that's what I prayed to God for...

GWHH: Did you envision "In Love Wit Yo Booty" to be a breakout hit?

JB:Definitely, definitely... I actually called in from my day job to finish that record but I did envision it to be a hit.

GWHH: What was it like working with the Da Internz and Will from Day 26?

JB: Da Internz and I have actually been rockin together since high school maybe 8th grade. Working with Will from Day 26 was a good experience as well. He called me and said I need you to produce a song for my mixtape so that was a good look.

GWHH: Who would you want to work with in the future?

JB:Everybody! Pop music, rock, R&B, gospel... anyone who is serious about their craft and trying to make hits.

GWHH: Since you write, compose, and produce your own music, do you always feel like you are the director?

JB: Definitely... It is always a big plus in my book. It is a good look that I can produce, sing, and do all that. I feel I have been blessed with an ear for music. I feel I can tell what is a hit and not a hit. I feel it is an advantage not just for myself but for others.

GWHH: What can we expect from you in the future?

JB:I have my second single ready to drop end of this month. "Rosetta Stone" is out right now featuring Young Ghost. We actually finished shooting the video so check that out. We have some upcoming shows. Black Women's Expo at McCormick place on the 8th, SOP's in Peoria IL on the 12th, and shows coming up in Tampa and Orlando on the 28th and 29th of August.

GWHH: Lastly, where can we find you online?

JB: JohnBlu.com,
@JohnBlu on Twitter, 
and Facebook.com/OfficialJohnBlu.

GWHH: Anything else you would like to add?

JB: I would like to thank GOD for the gift. Without him none of this would be possible. Special thanks to AAU, Management and PR Team!!!! (TEAM WORK MAKE THE DREAM WORK). All the clubs, DJ's, radio stations and most importantly the fans, I want to say without you I cannot be the R&B Bully.
John Blu "In Love Wit Yo Booty"
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T.I. 'Takers' interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

T.I.P. comin' live from the V.I.P. Showplace Icon Theaters in Chicago for the special Takers screening event. We caught up with T.I. to ask a couple of questions about the movie, in theaters everywhere August 27th. Namely, we asked about a memorable story on the set of Takers and what new challenge this role presented for him in his acting career. He eloquently described  how he had to make his character, Ghost, a likable one - something to definitely be on watch for when you see the movie. Tibs also asked about working with Kanye West as T.I. touched on his recent trip to the studio with Mr. West and the direction they are going in. A lot to look forward to with T.I. as Takers sees release on August 27th and the new album, King Uncaged, is currently slated for September 28th. 

As a bonus, we talked with the film's producers, Jason Geter (of Grand Hustle Records) and Will Packer, and got their perspective on a couple of Takers topics, if you will. We first asked Will about how the whole creative process behind the film even began. He elaborated about getting together with Jason and naturally, T.I., and then beginning to assemble a diverse and talented cast that also features Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Jay Hernandez, Hayden Christensen, and even Chris Brown! Jason added a little bit about overcoming obstacles in producing his first movie, including becoming a father to his newborn child. Congrats! Big shout out to T.I., Will, and Jason for all their time and remember to check out Takers, in theaters August 27th! Enjoy!

T.I. "Yeah Ya Know (Takers)"
Producer: DJ Toomp - FULL, CDQ, Title track for 'Takers' + Track off upcoming album, King Uncaged *TIBS FAV.™
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~ Maks G

Bobby V. interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Bobby V. was in town at the House of Blues Foundation Room. Check out the interview where we talk about his upcoming album, Fly On The Wall, what he plans to do this time around to distinguish himself from other artists, his plans for the music video of "Phone #" featuring Plies, and the real Bobby V twitter account: @bvking. Bobby V was joking around with us while up in the Foundation Room and he's got a good sense of fun and humor, which is always cool to see from an artist. We'll definitely be on the lookout for more details and music from Fly On The Wall as the summer draws to a close!

Monster x Bobby Valentino x Jen DeLeon x Sgt. Tibs x Maks G
Monster, Bobby V., Jen DeLeon, Sgt. Tibs, & Maks G
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~ Jen DeLeon

Mike Posner interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Mike Posner '31 Minutes To Takeoff' [ALBUM]
Available NOW on iTunes for $7.99!

Over the weekend we met up with our homie Mike Posner at The Music Lounge in the Hard Rock Hotel, and got a chance to talk with him days before his Aug. 10th album debut! Ever since his first project A Matter Of Time, he's been making classic bodies of work depicting each stage he has evolved to in his life. At the time of that first project, he was taking classes and attracting fans friends all over the country. Then on his One Foot Out The Door he got a record deal selling out shows to thousands, but still finishing up college to get his diploma. Now with paper in hand, Posner's 31 Minutes To Takeoff depicts his total dedication to making music full time, and his full submersion into full blown fame. Only time will tell what this will do to Posner himself, but we already see some of Posner's early reflections of this on his MySpace where you can preview his album for free before its release tomorrow! Make sure you buy the album because it's an amazing body of work where he pulls together a true "all killer no filler super-awesome" album!

In the interview Tibs talks to Posner about the greater concept behind the title, 31 Minutes To Takeoff, where "something" happens 31 minutes into the album. Other album talk revolves around the making of "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" with Bruno Mars and his craziest "Cooler Than Me" story. We further got an idea of some of Posner's most interesting stories on the Warped Tour and cracking up at Will Ferrell right before he performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Stay tuned til the end of the interview for all those funny experiences and some bonus  hilarity between Tibs & Posner. We should all be on the lookout for more from Mike Posner with new singles hitting the radio soon and of course, the album in stores tomorrow! Finally, check out his performance of "Cooler Than Me", which had Belve Nights at the Hard Rock Hotel rockin'. If you look hard enough to the left of the stage, you can see Perez Hilton jammin' out to Posner's performance. We noticed at the time and appreciate Perez's genuine love for music. Big thanks to Mike once again and much continued success to come. Enjoy!

BONUS: Check out Mike Posner's feature on MTV's PUSH (contains live performances and interviews) and his performance live on Jay Leno tonight!

Mike Posner "Cooler Than Me" LIVE @ Belve Nights
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~ Maks G

Kid Sister interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

You saw Kid Sister's energy on stage already. Now find out just how energetic of a person Kid Sister is in our latest video interview above! We pulled her aside on the hectic red carpet at Perez Hilton's One Night In Chicago to first discuss her feelings about PerezHilton.com. But I couldn't let her get away without talkin' about her music... Literally though, I think she was trying to get away thinking it was a one question deal. Nope, that's not what I had in mind! 

I wanted to find out a little bit more from Kid Sister, specifically about the "Big N' Bad" video (brought back for ya below), why she chose some hometown locations like Superdawg and what it was like working with the versatile, visionary director Rik Cordero. But perhaps her most interesting answer came in response to my question about where she sees juke music heading into the future! There's a lot to grasp in the quick interview above, including Kid Sister rockin' out all night in an Austin 3:16 shirt. What? I said, Kid Sister was wearing an Austin 3:16 shir-- What? (Ok, I'll stop... #oldStoneColdjoke.) Enjoy!
Kid Sister "Big N' Bad"
Features A-Trak; Dir. Rik Cordero
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~ Sgt. Tibs

J Brazil interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

J Brazil is one of the fresh new artists that Perez Hilton has tabbed to make some noise in the near future. He was rockin' the red carpet at One Night In Chicago where we caught up with him to discuss a little bit of everything. We first had to get J Brazil's comments on Perez Hilton, before exploring his unique story to become a musician. J Brazil went through a strict Orthodox Jewish upbringing and got to see first-hand what it takes to make it in the music business as his father is a world-renowned Jewish musician. He drops some thoughts on how his father has been an influence as well as one artist in particular today that has had a strong impact: Ludacris! Finally, he clues us in on what to expect from his debut album. As you can tell from the interview, J Brazil is also a funny personality, which definitely translates well into the music. So get to know J Brazil above and listen to his music and more at jbrazil.com. Enjoy!
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~ Sgt. Tibs

Chiddy Bang interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last Thursday we spent the afternoon at Rockit Bar and Grill while Chiddy Bang was setting up for their performance that evening. Check out the interview where we talk about The Opposite Of Adults EP if you haven't heard it already, the upcoming album, The Swelly Life, that will be released later this month, as well as the samples Xaphoon Jones will be using this time around. They also mention that Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Killer Mike will be on the album! But before we ended, I had to put them on the spot and ask for a freestyle; check out how they feel about Chicago!

Chiddy Bang is at Lollapalooza today at 3:30 and SubT at 9PM TONIGHT - tickets available here.

maks x chiddy bang x jen deleon x tibs.jpg
Maks G, Chiddy Bang, Jen DeLeon, & Sgt. Tibs
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~ Jen DeLeon

Perez Hilton interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last night, Perez Hilton took his successful 'One Night In' series to our hometown of Chicago as the Hard Rock Hotel became the setting for a night filled with fresh music from B.o.B, Kid Sister, Lissie, J. Brazil, Nneka, Jump Smokers, and Aaron La Crate! We were able to pull Perez himself aside from the red carpet as Jen DeLeon asked him a series of quick-hitting questions that inspired some humorous and informative responses. 

Check out what Perez has to say about the 'One Night In' series, his hilarious (and serious) suggestions for bloggers, his initial thoughts on where the blogging industry is headed, and what the next big venture is for the Perez Hilton brand. Big shouts to Perez for being an inspiration to us throughout our upcoming blogging careers, setting precedents, and paving the road for the blogging industry everywhere! There's no limit to where we can take it! Additional shouts go out to the many sponsors of 'One Night In' (UV Vodka, Motorola DROID X, Express, Vitamin Water, Mike's Hard Punch, Bustelo, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Red Bull) and B.M.F. Media who not only made the event possible, but also created one really fun night in Chicago! Stay tuned to GWHH for more coverage from the red carpet and the Hard Rock Hotel stage. Enjoy!

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What's your favorite part about PerezHilton.com?

It was Perez Hilton's night... One Night In Chicago, that is, so we thought it would be interesting to ask a few artists what their favorite part of PerezHilton.com is. Unfortunately, we missed out on the guy with the rabbit suit on (I can't make this up if I tried). Artists who weighed in include Kid Sister, Mikey Rocks (of The Cool Kids), J Brazil, and Awolnation; Mikey takes home the quote of the night award for his hilarious response to the question posed in the title above. Watch for yourself and get ready to laugh!
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Dave Jeff PHLI CEO interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last week we were at the PHLI store in Hyde Park for the anti violence event there, and got a chance to speak with the owner Dave Jeff about everything PHLI! Dave Jeff being a successful fashion entrepreneur, the face behind Sneaker Pimps, and CEO of PHLI talks a bit about what it means for PHLI to be involved in spreading anti-violence awareness throughout Hyde Park, and all of Chicago by setting a good example. It's important for role models like Dave Jeff to give back to their community, so that we can all grow as a people towards better collective lifestyles. Much respect to PHLI for that!

Dave Jeff also gives all the young entrepreneurs who are trying to make it in the fashion game some very valuable advice for success. He says to stay true to your personal style, and build your brand because it's the brand that people will remember not the location. He  says it's important to first start selling your clothing out of your trunk/backpack instead of hitting the boutiques off the bat. The reason being is because people want to see YOU, as you are a direct representation of the brand. Build the brand, love the brand, because it's all about the brand! I also have to shout-out Dave Jeff for being so helpful and friendly when we first talked awhile back, because he gave a young brother like myself some valuable knowledge when I was just starting out Limited G. His story is truly inspiring and I wish nothing but success to the PHLI brand, and the Dave Jeff who is an incredible role model in the community!

The PHLI store is located at 1613 East 55th Street, comes fully stocked with high-end exclusive clothing/shoes, internet bar, barber shop, and lounge! It's well worth checking out as your one-stop-shop to get PHLI before going out on the weekend. Enjoy!
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Pusha T (of Clipse) interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last night we spent the evening at The Shrine where Clipse performed along with Twista! Check out our interview with Pusha T where we talk about his upcoming solo mixtape, The Fear of God, and a little bit about working with Kanye West in Hawaii. Of course, bringing up Kanye, we couldn't let him get away without making a statement about the rumors about Clipse signing with G.O.O.D. Music, even giving slight indication with statements like "It's all about making good music", and also shouting out Really Doe on stage who is a part of G.O.O.D. Music already! 

Before we ended, I wanted you guys to know about something they're working on that you may not know of - a film production based off their true life experiences. It is being spearheaded by Malice, who is making a film for his book 'Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked', based on his blogs on maliceoftheclipse.com. And if you're a big social networker and want to find out where to follow Pusha T (Twitter or Facebook) or Malice (Twitter or Facebook), well - this interview isn't going to tell you, haha. Clipse and Twista killed the stage that night so stay tuned for some video medleys coming up, but in the meantime check out the interview and photo gallery of the night full of celebrity guest appearances. Shoutout to Pusha T for the interview and XXL and Remy Martin for puttin' on a great event. Enjoy! 

Maks x Tibs x Pusha T x Jen DeLeon
Maks G, Sgt. Tibs, Pusha T, & Jen DeLeon

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Derrick Rose interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Yesterday, Maks, Tibs, and I spent the afternoon at Joy of the Game in Deerfield, IL with Chicago Bulls all-star, Derrick Rose! This was Rose's second annual summer camp where he helped teach kids the fundamentals of basketball as they scrimmaged, played Knock-Out, and more. Rose would walk around all of the courts and provide tips to the young kids, help run drills, and even play in their games!

Check out our interview where Rose first tells us about the daily routines of the camp. We talk more basketball as Rose shares what things he has learned by recently training on Team USA and how he will be applying the mindset for the upcoming season with the Bulls. Of course, we had to ask Derrick Rose who some of his favorite artists are to listen to during workouts and what pumps him up before a game! Who might they be?? 

And oh yes, he also shared how it felt to lose to one of his campers in a game of Knock-Out! We captured the game in the beginning of the video, appropriately set to Kanye West's "Power"! Special thanks to D-Rose, who is a real cool and humble person to talk with, and we look forward to him leading the BULLS this season and beyond!

Tibs x Derrick Rose x Jen DeLeon x Maks.jpg
Sgt. Tibs, Derrick Rose, Jen DeLeon, & Maks G
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~ Jen DeLeon

J. Cole interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

WGCI hosted a dope car & bike show yesterday at Chicago State University, where none other than J. Cole along with a string of up-and-coming artists graced the stage on the beautiful Chicago day. We were able to pull J. Cole aside and talk with him about a variety of topics, given his constantly increasing buzz in the industry and through fans alike. Tibs asked about the creative process behind the creative "Who Dat" video, how his feature on Miguel's "All I Want Is You" came about, and some insight into his upcoming debut album. He confirms that the album will NOT be called Cole World as previously rumored and also talks about his experiences working with legendary Chicago producer No I.D. and some non-musical inspirations for the album. Finally, he drops what new summer album he is listening to right now (watch to find out who!). 

Also enjoy a bonus clip of his performance of "A Star Is Born" at the end of the interview as well as an amazing gallery of photos that captured the beautiful motor vehicles on display at the WGCI Car & Bike Show. Shouts to DJ MoonDawg and everyone at WGCI for puttin' on one entertaining event. Enjoy!

maks x tibs x moondawg x jcole x monster.jpg
Maks G, Sgt. Tibs, WGCI's DJ MoonDawg, J. Cole, Monster

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The Cool Kids interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

"The style switch up, attract crowds with it..." -- Chuck Inglish
Last night, The Cool Kids attracted a crowd alright -- a PACKED one, but only to tackle em!

Maks G and I were amongst the sold-out capacity Cool Kids show at Reggie's Rock Club. Theophilus London did his thing as an opening act and WGCI's DJ Timbuck2 also kept the crowd rocking. Molten lava rocking! It was hotter than giardiniera peppers inside Reggie's. You would have thought The Cool Kids, clad in their patented retro sports gear, were there to cool off the masses. No bet! Instead, they turned up the heat on the all-ages set and broke the lever.
As you might have gathered, I was very pleased with The Cool Kids groove. They had goo gobs of energy. They rocked a highly smooth show (a real robust one at that). They performed much of their old and current material, from That's Stupid, to their newly released Tacklebox mixtape, all to live instrumentation. It is something that I've never seen from them before, which Chuck Inglish expounded on in our interview. Low key, the interview was more like one giant building session. Unfortunately, the battery on the camera died. I know, treated! Maks G still got some great footage of the throwback clad warriors conversing with me about instant gratification in the industry, the WWE-esque aspect of the rap game, and "flodging." Good times like always. Shouts to Rich Parry, Big Z, Skooda Chose, DJ Mano, Andrew Barber, and Hustle Simmons who were also in attendance.

Detroit rapper Boldy James and Tennille, who are also featured on a few Cool Kids records, both performed during the set also. I'm looking forward to hearing more from them, especially Boldy.

After the show, I had to tease Chuck Inglish a little for rocking that Kansas City Royals jersey. It was a pseudo-dagger stab, but not really! I had to honor him because it was a Bo Jackson jersey! Shouts to both of those dudes and Mikey Rocks for rocking the forever classic Jordan #45 Birmingham Baron joint. A south-side enthusiast and avid fan of the current 1st place White Sox peeped. Kudos for that! Don't be surprised if the good guys win another a championship, btw.
Hopefully, it wont rain tonight. And even if it does, still go kick it...
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~ GY312

Miracle & Terrell Taylor interview at Miller St. Studios

Terrell Taylor, CEO of Positive Entertainment, and Miracle both join me at Miller Street Studios to talk about how they met and what to expect in the near future. Taylor says that Noivak branched off the idea of Will's Sextape but now is looking to gain hype by developing and introducing their new rap artist, Miracle.

Taylor discovered Miracle at his first talent show for Positive Entertainment. Miracle won the cash prize and left the crowd wanting more. Miracle's drive and passion along with his proven talent sealed the deal and landed him with Noivak Music. Miracle's album Paper for Change, Taylor believes is a classic album and feels it is the future of hip hop. Taylor says "it's all about bringing Chicago together." Check out my previous interview with Will, to see what he has to say about Miracle's talent.

"Drop Sumthin" is Miracle's newest single, produced by Fly Focus. The track is a crowd banger, something you can dance to but also say "that boy is cold." Taylor states that a lot of artists fail at making a party record where they are actually spittin' on it as well, this is why Miracle is the future of hip hop.

Wonder how Miracle got his name? Watch the video to find out. Miracle also talks about wanting to collab with R. Kelly, Rick Ross, Day26 amongst some other local/mainstream artists.

You can see Miracle LIVE every Monday night at Celeb Night Open Mic at the Victor Hotel. You can also follow him online at NoivakMusic.com, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter @MiracleGeek and Facebook.

Miracle "Drop Sumthin"
Producer: Fly Focus - FULL, CDQ

Miracle, Lara Phillips, & Avrey Smith
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~ Lpdeezign

Avrey Smith and Terrell Taylor interview at Miller St. Studios

Jeremih is a one of a kind R&B artist, but next up is Chicago's own Avrey Smith. Founded by Terrell Taylor, CEO of Positive Entertainment, Avrey Smith has that fresh new look and sound that has the ladies of Chicago going wild!

Taylor discovered Avrey at his first talent show for Positive Entertainment. Taylor said he heard alot of Jeremih in him and when Avrey came to audition he studied him, got his contact info and it was on from there.

"Your Name" is Avrey's first single off of his up and coming mixtape, No Apologies which will be dropped August 8th. "Your Name" is a pop crossover summer joint that you do not want to be cruisin' Lake Shore Drive without.

You can follow Avrey Smith on Twitter @avreysmithmusic, You Tube, MySpace, and Facebook. Also check out Avrey performing "Show Out" live at Celeb Night Open Mic at the Victor Hotel. And finally, we filmed the interview over at Miller Street Studios and you can check them out here.

Avrey Smith "Show Out"

Miracle, Lara Phillips, & Avrey Smith

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~ Lpdeezign

Real T@lk interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Real T@lk 'The Mo' Better Mixtape'
Producer: Authentik Made - Released June, 2009

What's up everyone this is GY312, a new GWHH correspondent here to bring you all the best exclusive underground content from right here in Chicago! This past Saturday the Gowhere fam (Maks G, Sgt. Tibs, and I), slid by the brand spanking new PHLI store. A bigger, better, PHLI store smack dab in the middle of Hyde Park... might I add.

Needless to say, it was quite the groove! We were there checking out the Chicago Stomp The Violence pre-event, and also to see fellow SIU alum and writer/rhyme spitter Brandon "Real T@lk" Williams.

In our interview above, we talked about violence in Chicago, life after The Source Unsigned Hype (June 09) accolade, his mixtape "The Mo Betta Tape," as well as writing a critically acclaimed play on college life, and of course his future projects. Big shouts to that dude! I enjoyed interviewing him and he mur-didly-urdered(murdered!) the artist showcase! No Ned Flanders in attendance, just lots of good people, lots of good energy. Shouts to PHLI czar Dave Jeff!  Always on business. His PHLI brand extends past fashion and he remains a very exemplary presence in the community. Shouts to my dude Gideon, also. I definitely had to cop a few PHLI garbs. Thank you "Steve Jeff." Haha.

Last but not least, make sure you all go check out the official Chicago Stomp The Violence stepshow event August 6th at Congress Theater to support the cause. The discount promo code is clout. Peace!

maks x gy312 x real talk x tibs.jpg
Maks G, GY312, Real T@lk, & Sgt. Tibs

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~ GY312

Will Taylor interview at Miller Street Studios with Gowhere Hip Hop

Willie Taylor - 'Sextape' [MIXTAPE]
Features 12 NEW Tracks!

Will Taylor (of Day26) joins me at Miller Street Studios to talk about Noivak Music and how the label was started in the first place. In the interview above, Willie mentions that Noivak is actually his son's name, Kavion, spelled backwards, and that Kavion gave him extra drive and inspiration to create the label! He hopes that Noivak will give other artists that same inspiration, so big thank you to Kavion for that!

Will also talks about the discovery of Noivak's new rap artist Miracle, as well as touching on his group Day26 who is currently working on their third album, which should be a big treat as it is not TV show driven and due out soon! I'm personally very excited for anything these guys put out as they have never disapointed. 

Lastly the Sextape has already hit 500,000 downloads, so if you didn't get your copy yet you better download it above! Be sure to follow Will more closely at the following NoivakMusic.com, Myspace, Twitter and Facebook, and don't miss our previous interview with Will about the Sextape as well as the his live performance from when the mixtape dropped below. Enjoy!

Willie Taylor LIVE @ "Sextape" Release Party

Lara Phillips & Will Taylor
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Jeremih birthday interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

It was a special night on Saturday for Jeremih! Maks, Tibs and I got to celebrate the R&B star's 23rd birthday at The Shrine put on by 3 Deep Chicago. Jeremih performed "I Like" (featuring Ludacris) - his lead single off his upcoming album All About You, followed by "Birthday Sex" for his fans. He spent the rest of the night celebrating with his friends and his Mom - who's birthday was the same weekend. :) Check out the above interview with Jeremih where we go into detail on All About You, the plans for the "I Like" music video, his birthday wishes, and we even go a little bit off topic giving our thoughts about LeBron! What did Jeremih think about the decision? Down below, make sure you check out a small photo gallery of the night, and stayed tuned for video on Jeremih's performance coming soon. Follow @Jeremih and enjoy!

Tibs x Jeremih x Maks G
Sgt. Tibs, Jeremih, & Maks G

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AnyaV interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

For those that don't know, AnyaV is a new and upcoming singer that's making noise in the music scene. Originally from Belarus, she's a multi-talented artist with background in singing, dancing, and skills on the keys. We caught up with her at the infamous Chicago Recording Company, where the likes of R. Kelly, Twista, Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, and more have all previously recorded. She fills us in on her single "Go Go Dancer", which has been featured on KissFM and is also available now on iTunes. AnyaV will actually be performing "Go Go Dancer" tonight in Hollywood at Les Deux nightclub, so if you're checkin' Gowhere in L.A. today, you know where to go tonight! For more info you can find her at One Sun Entertainment or follow her on Twitter @AnyaVtweets.

Lara Phillips & AnyaV
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Slum Village interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Tibs and I caught up with Slum Village's Illa J and T3 at Chicago's St. Alfred boutique to talk the upcoming album Villa Manifesto. This should be a one of a kind album as it's got all the past, and present members of Slum on there including Elzhi and the late J Dilla and Baatin. Another topic discussed were the Dwele collaborations on each other's albums, their single "Faster" f/ Colin Munroe, and more info about the new "Lock It Down" record that was just released last week. Lastly, peep the interview just to check who Illa J and T3 are listening to right now. Illa J drops some classic names and T3 is up on some new albums, but who exactly? Shouts to Slum Village for being so humble and friendly and much success goes out to them on their upcoming album Villa Manifesto. Follow them on Twitter @SlumVillage313. Enjoy!

slum village x gowhere hip hop
Sgt. Tibs, Illa J, T3, & Maks G
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Musiq Soulchild Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to interview Musiq Soulchild, who was in downtown Chicago to celebrate black music month. We were at the Kristol Blake Salon & Spa, and were treated to some tasty food and gift certificates while waiting for Musiq. :) Anyway, not going to lie - at first I was intimidated to interview such a legend, but he ended up being a really nice guy. Musiq first talked about his contribution to the Frankie Beverly all-star tribute CD, Silky Soul Music. He also felt blessed to honor Marvin Gaye in the song, who was one of a few influencers he let us know about as well. I really loved the "Silky Soul" video so I wanted to talk about the creative process behind it; Musiq not only touched on that, but also some early details about his upcoming sixth album, which Soulchild intends to release by September! This interview was definitely a great experience in a different environment that I was not used to. Hope you guys like the interview!

musiq soulchild x GWHH

Lindsey, Naagy, Musiq Soulchild, & Jen DeLeon

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- Jen DeLeon

Definitive Culture Launch Party at Crimson Lounge

Above, Naagy talks with Hakim Hamid, CEO/Founder of Definitive Culture, at the Crimson Lounge in the Hotel Sax for the Definitive Culture Launch Party. Hakim explains that it is more than just a launch party; it is a "Thank You," party for all of those who helped contribute to making DC a huge success and embracing DC as if it was their own company.

Hakim's original idea was to make DC a membership only night club of the Who's Who in any city. It has now turned into Definitive Culture: a living, breathing, social network online and offline that is always changing, keeping you curious as to what the next event or post is going to be. Read more about Definitive Culture.

When leaving the party, everyone was asked to take a "Swag Bag," which was filled with all types of goodies to keep you looking fly all summer in Chicago.

Hakim gives a shout out to the designer of his shoes D. Kang and also says to be on the lookout for the next Definitive Culture event, "a pink party on a boat."

Follow Definitive Culture on Twitter | Facebook | You Tube | Linked in

Lara, Hakim Hamid, Naagy, & Monster
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~ lpdeezign

Lance Briggs interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last Saturday I got the opportunity to cover the Lance Briggs One Day Football Camp hosted by DTLR. The camp was open to 300 athletes entering grades 8-12.

When I first got there, the person in charge of the event, Sheri, was very nice and asked if I wanted to interview other NFL players that were in attendance. My first interview was with Copeland Bryan of the Detroit Lions, and he was definitely a nice guy. When the interview was over, I had some time to kill before Briggs was back from his break, so we played a little bit of catch with some of the students. Bryan thought that I wouldn't be able to catch a ball for my life, so he was throwing the football underhand because he didn't want to hurt me. Let's just say -- I proved all of them wrong (which you can see in the video). While we were playing I was calling him out: "Umm.. you're in the NFL, so throw it like that and stop throwing like a girl!" Then he actually did throw it, and I missed and it hit my stomach - embarrassing.

About 10 minutes later, I got to interview Briggs who was also a very nice guy. Anytime a student or someone at the event came up to him, he took the time to speak with them and it really showed good character.

I love what DTLR, Briggs, and the other individuals who participated did with this event. They are really trying to make a difference, and it's definitely having a positive impact on these students.

Check out the video and GO BEARS! And well, I have to say GO DETROIT! Only because Bryan was a real nice guy, and I will be rooting for him in the season as well.

Lance Briggs & Jen DeLeon
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~ Jen DeLeon

Big Boi interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Big Boi "Lookin' For Ya" f/ Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown
Producer: Boi-1da - FULL, CDQ *TIBS FAV.™

Last night at CRC Studios in downtown Chicago, Big Boi premiered his upcoming solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty before it is available to the public on July 6th. After the listening party, we sat down with Big Boi for another GWHH exclusive interview to discuss the album. I was able to find out his mindset behind releasing two very diverse singles in "Shutterbugg" and "General Patton", his thoughts on the comparisons between B.o.B & Andre 3000, and the entire story behind creating "Lookin' For Ya" with Andre 3000 and Sleepy Brown including the exact reasoning behind why it unfortunately won't appear on the album. 

Perhaps the most powerful quotable from the interview came in response to the B.o.B/Andre 3000 question:

"There's only one Andre 3000. What people gotta do is let B.o.B be B.o.B. I can understand people tryin' to compare somebody with somebody or try to associate somethin' with that they're familiar with but there's only one 3 Stacks, baby. B.o.B is very talented, very dope; let B.o.B create his own identity... just let B.o.B get his shine."

Coming from Big Boi, the statement means even more. So perhaps, the general comparison between Andre 3000 and B.o.B will continue to cease.

But back to the album! From what we heard of Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, we can attest to the mix of "layers and layers of funk over hardcore beats" that Big Boi alludes to in the beginning of the interview. There are songs that sound nothing like each other due to the diverse production, different styles of guest artists, and of course Big Boi's versatile delivery and concepts. In addition to the strong set of leaks so far, "Night Night" f/ B.o.B and the concluding track "Back Up Plan" hit me on 1st listen. There's a lot to look forward to on July 6th as there's somethin' for everyone plus longtime fans won't be disappointed as Big Boi stays to his roots throughout SLLF:TSoCD (What an acronym!). And if that's not enough, Big Boi plans to serve up an appetizer in the form of a new mixtape, Big Boi For Dummies, due out next week. Enjoy!

BONUS: Peep the quick gallery below for pictures of myself and some of our new crew with Big Boi plus a few of the noteworthy plaques found in CRC Studios. Special shoutout to the good people at Ch'rewd for puttin' everything together (the chicken & waffles were a nice touch).

Gallery sneak peek (9 images):

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Donnis interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Donnis 'The Invitation' [MIXTAPE]
Hosted by: DJ Holiday & DJ Infamous (more info here)

We were on site at The Shrine last week for Ruby Hornet's Digital Freshness series, and while there, we caught up with the headliner Donnis for another GWHH exclusive interview. Sgt. Tibs asked about the two projects Donnis is releasing this month - The Invitation mixtape previously released a couple weeks ago and the Fashionably Late EP due out next Tuesday. Donnis elaborates on the differences between the two very different projects. As a bonus, Donnis also speaks on how his experiences in the Air Force will translate to the music on his upcoming debut album! We're lookin' forward to hearin' that and the Fashionably Late project as well, but until then, you can download The Invitation above. Also, stay tuned for more video concert footage from the night highlighted by Donnis performing with Naledge! Enjoy!

Donnis, Hollywood Holt, Mic Terror, Million Dollar Mano
Donnis, Hollywood Holt, Mic Terror, and Million Dollar Mano
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~ Maks G.

Leila Steinberg (2Pac's former manager) interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur!
Tupac Shakur Birthday Quote

Earlier today, we had the privilege to have an in-depth discussion with Leila Steinberg, 2Pac's first manager and one of his earliest mentors, on this the anniversary of 2Pac's birthday. It was a memorable experience and conversation where Leila provided her insight of a 17-year old Tupac Shakur and vividly described his work ethic, his personality, and his vision to change the way humanity approaches the world that he had hoped would be carried out someday. Read the entire conversation in full below, and you're guaranteed to learn something new about hip hop's most polarizing figure, just like I did! Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur! You've instilled a change that has rippled through all of existence making the impossible possible, and the hidden revealed. Thank you for your fire! 


GWHH: So today is the birthday of Tupac Shakur and to celebrate his life we're here with Leila Steinberg who was Tupac's first manager and early mentors. So our first question is, can we bring it back to when you first met him in 1989? What was your first impression of him? What was he like back then?

LS: Just an incredible spirit and an awesome young man. On first meeting, you meet people and you connect with them. He's one of the deepest connections in my life and he will always be. Yeah, Pac was definitely a connection that was one of a kind.

GWHH: Yeah, and just lookin' at his old interviews, his energy was just... contagious, right?

LS: Absolutely. His smile, his laugh, his energy, his humanity. He was contagious, I always use that word. *laughs* That's a good description. I can't believe it has been 13 years. I am still in shock. All I'm doing is listening to 'Pac songs.

GWHH: Yeah, I mean, every year this time of year, when the anniversary of his death comes around in September, it really is...

LS: Yeah, there's a lot of 2Pac energy. It kind of permeates the glow. I get lots of e-mails from all over. And then all this energy around the film that's supposed to be coming will really bring the next generation, because you know, we've had over a decade. So then we'll move into the next decade, it'll hit them right in the center because it will take awhile to get the film done, but it will take his legacy to another place.

GWHH: Yeah, definitely, I mean there is a whole younger generation who is listening to today's hip hop that definitely wasn't able to experience 2Pac when he was alive. It's definitely great to continue his legacy with this film.

LS: It's a cyclical thing. And now it's been 13 years since he hasn't been here. So now there's this generation of teenagers that wasn't alive when 2Pac was here. And there's this resurgence, because I'm so immersed in music and music education so I see what this generation is listening to now. So now there's this whole 2Pac energy within these next group of teens, but they have no idea how strong it's about to be when the film goes into production and someone gets the role of 2Pac.

GWHH: Can you share more details that you know about the film? How far are they along with the progress?

LS: All I know is that in the press it says that Morgan Creek is doing it, that Antwan Sooqua is directing it. In the weeks ahead, I'll have more of an indicator because somebody at least is going to want to use a resource right here [in L.A.] and I do believe it's coming. ...I want to come to Chicago, there's so much talent. Chicago is a very special city. 2Pac would have wanted to do a lot more in that area and it didn't happen so.. just putting it out there.

GWHH: Yeah, we would have loved to have seen that. And summertime here in Chicago.. there's no better place to be.

LS: I love Chicago. And I love the people and the talent there. People have no clue as to what a hotbed Chicago is. They know certain artists have come out of there but just the thinking, and the community out there in Chicago is awesome. I would love to do some work out there in Chicago and even make a stronger bridge between Chicago and L.A. I can't talk about 2Pac without talking about my journey and who I work with now. But one of my favorite artists that I'm working with now... only Chicago can produce an artist like this. I have a young rap artist; his name is Cyrano, he's from Chicago, a Gemini like 2Pac at that, I have done a lot of travelling with him, overseas. And here's what so amazing about Cyrano. He's from the south side of Chicago, he went to USC. There are very few law young black men in the law department at USC, maybe none when he was there, I'm not sure. But he graduated top of his class, passed the Bar, got his Masters in London in economics, and he became a lawyer, certified at 24, and has been touring on and off with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Can you imagine? It would take a Gemini and someone from Chicago, to be rapping and trying to practice law and representing the talent that he's representing in L.A. And Pac would have loved that, can you imagine that? Pac wanted to be in politics, he thought one day he would run for office. So it's very similar, but when you're at the level of practicing law and handling your own business and at the same time as being one of the most amazing artists - that's the future of artistry. Changing the entire persona and 'Pac was a part of that. Only because of 'Pac that I am working with Cyrano.

GWHH: Yeah, wow, we're excited to see how his story progresses.

LS: I'm working with a number of amazing artists, but he's a very important story, and just his accomplishments at that age - at 25, the age 'Pac was when he left us - this young man is stepping into a whole vision for those that come from struggle. So I think Pac would have been so proud, I'm just excited to share that with you.

GWHH: Yeah definitely, and we're excited to share that with our readers because there's a lot of parallels, yet a lot of differences in his own journey that hopefully people can find inspiration in.

LS: I always want to share something that no one would ask or know. But really, 'Pac is healing kids to this day all over the world. There are motherless and fatherless children who e-mail me every single day and let me know and remind me that he soothes them, he rocks them to sleep at night, and helps young people know that they can make it no matter what is going on in their lives. And that is one of the most powerful tributes to this day for 'Pac's legacy is that he's still healing kids, parenting them. People just can't believe that, that they'll understand 'Pac's voice or why he was here.

GWHH: So to touch on your working relationship with 'Pac, can you share with our readers a memorable experience in working and mentoring him?

LS: 2Pac was very, very difficult and exciting at the same time. You couldn't tell him anything; he knew everything. He was incredibly stubborn, with incredible vision. He had a work ethic unlike no other that I have met, to date. Cyrano was close, but I still have not met anybody that work's as much, as hard, as desperate as 2Pac did. He didn't need to sleep much. His body... different people have different requirements. And he literally did not require the same amount of sleep. It's like he worked on some other level, where he tapped into another energy source and has this desperation to complete what he felt he was here to do. A lot of people say that, but it's really real. 24/7 was the name of the company that he never really got to do anything with. That was going to be his film company. 24/7 is how he worked and how he lived, so he kind of dreamed awake and slept on his feet.

GWHH: Heh, that's awesome. And that inspires a thought of mine in that some people don't realize how much 2Pac read books. We all know he was always writing, he was always rhyming, but can you talk a little bit about how much he was reading?

LS: He carried a dictionary and a thesaurus at all times. So in the backpack that he always traveled with, was always a thesaurus, a dictionary, a work of literature... He was always wanting to read a piece of literature. And then he always had to have something non-fiction. A biography, a memoir, a historical piece. Something spiritual. He was not just an avid reader, but a reader of many different things and many different worlds. We read a lot of political books together. We studied systems, be it anarchy, Marxism... we studied spiritual movements. That was truly one of the things that was the glue in our relationship was our search for purpose, meaning, and educating ourselves in the different things that surround our world. Because both of us, as strange as it is, believe we can change the thinking of humanity. And you know, a certain time period, within at least my lifetime, because he never felt he would be here to see it - that we can change the consciousness of the globe. It was so tangible. People think, 'Oh here's a 17-year old...'. You didn't know he was going to be the artist he became. I knew it immediately. And we worked for it. It wasn't some hap-hazzard, oh it's just luck... no. We worked everyday, the grind was like nothing we've ever seen. And most of it was driven by Pac's vision and his desperateness. But we really were crazy enough, we were kids that came from generations of activists. Our mothers were activists in different things, and that was where we had our closest bond. We both wanted to change the collective consciousness for the positive development of humanity.

GWHH: How do you see the collective consciousness change from then to now?

LS: Oooh, that can be a whole other conversation. I talk about it a lot in detail in my book, which ranges from my experiences between 1988 and 1998. Pac instilled the seeds of change that affect every generation. Every Ivy League school is now studying 2Pac as an activist, because it was overlooked while he was alive. What most people don't realize is that Pac's done more for race/racism issues than anyone before him, because he was desperate and determined to change the world. He had powerful vision that felt like it was connected to a higher channel, and he knew it because he surrendered himself to it. He was naked to the world spiritually and emotionally. He was so open about himself, and the truth he saw in life that he became an example of a no fear mentality to where anything is possible. Completely open spiritually and one with the world. He radically changed the collective consciousness of human thought, and can be compared to his generation's Marvin Gaye or Bob Marley. More and more people will realize how he's affecting political activism - children with single parents. He's a timeless voice.

GWHH: So on this last note, you're saying that Tupac's legacy is instilled today by allowing the new generation to believe that anything is possible?

LS: Absolutely, absolutely.

Follow Leila Steinberg more closely below: 
A.I.M.  //  Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Myspace

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Rhymefest GWHH Vocalo 89.5 FM Recap

Rhymefest "Breakdown"
FULL, CDQ, Bonus track off the upcoming album, El Che *MG Fav.™

Above, we have some video footage developed from our latest radio segment on Vocalo.org 89.5 FM with none other than Rhymefest. In the first part of the conversation, Rhymefest, Sgt. Tibs, our host Vivia, and myself analyze general life topics like why people give up, poverty, and how to make your mark on the world. We also talk in-depth about the music as Rhymefest discusses the recently released mixtape, Dangerous 5-18, and his favorite track off the project (FF to 6:45). We also touch on the upcoming album, El Che, due out on June 8th, where above, you can download the brand new bonus track "Breakdown" for free! 

Sgt. Tibs, host Vivia, Rhymefest, Maks G., & producer Michael

And in some exciting news, we will be back on the air on 89.5 FM TONIGHT 8PM CT! We will be returning from our short break on the radio as our own hosts! Sgt. Tibs & Maks G. will now be rockin' with ya every Friday! And for our first Friday show, we will be bringing in Skooda Chose to talk about his new mixtape, Top 5 Material Part 2! We hope you tune into 89.5 FM in the Chicagoland area or listen LIVE online at Vocalo.org!

skooda chose vocalo.jpg
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~ Maks G.

Chicago Hip Hop Connects recent interviews

Chicago Hip Hop Connects has been on their grand the past few weeks, hittin' up some unique events out here in Chicago and interviewing all of the headliners for TOMORROW's big showcase! The video above sums it all up with a couple of modern Chicago classics acting as a nice audio backdrop. Some of the names who appear: Johnny Cupcakes, Nikki Lynette, Mikkey Halsted, Skooda Chose, and much more. You can peep the FULL interviews with Mikkey Halsted, Skooda Chose, YP, and Al Dilla one after another at their Facebook fan page HERE! (Become a fan!). All of the artists have some great things to say about Chicago coming together tomorrow night, which is great to see and hear! TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE - only $15 online and $25 at the door, so head on over to ChicagoHipHopConnects.com and get yours cheap today! Hope to see you tomorrow night, Chicago! And if you're not in the area, come back to GWHH tomorrow night as we are planning to UStream the event! Hope to see you there!



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~ Maks G.

MarVo interview with Chicago Hip Hop Connects

MarVo is really makin' a name for himself in Chicago and beyond and above, he chops it up with Tony of Chicago Hip Hop Connects. In the interview, they discuss some of MarVo's experiences in the industry (since he's been focusing on music since age six!), the coming together of Chicago, and some of the upcoming projects that will hit the web in the near future. For those who don't know, in addition to everything MarVo has going, he also co-wrote the recent Ludacris single "Sex Room" f/ Trey Songz. 

If you're in Chicago, be sure to check MarVo out LIVE on May 23rd as he is the latest addition to the Chicago Hip Hop Connects showcase and networking event. Also just added: Da Internz, after our exclusive interview with them the other day! More details on the flyer below or at ChicagoHipHopConnects.com. For everything MarVo, check him out at myspace.com/marvo11 or on Twitter @MarVo11. Enjoy!

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~ Maks G.

Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Da Internz

Last Friday we got a chance to catch up with Chicago platinum producers, Da Internz! The powerhouse duo have heavily branded themselves as a go-to production team for chart toppers creating billboard hits for artists like MIMS, Robin Thicke, Justin Beiber, and Melanie Fiona just to name a few! With these major accomplishments Da Internz wanted to celebrate their achievements, and pay homage to Chicago where everything started! The Write Ya Life Bash took place at The Velvet Room where our brand new correspondent Jen DeLeon talked with Kosine & Tuo of Da Internz! Jen is a natural at interviews talking with the guys about their experiences on working with highly acclaimed artists to make hits, and how all of that stemmed from their early grind in Chicago. Da Internz talk about how proud they are to see the city coming together in the recent years, and will be at the Chicago Hip Hop Connects networking event to show support! Don't miss the interview above as Da Internz talk more about how it feels to be living out your dreams, and mention the soon to be released T-Pain single they produced! Be on the lookout for more from Da Internz, and take a look at some of our photos in the gallery below! 

Gallery sneak peek (8 images):

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Drew Sidora Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

BUY: Drew Sidora "Juke It"
Producer: Lamb - FULL, CDQ *MG Fav.™

Drew Sidora packed the Victor Hotel here in Chicago the other night as the city showed love for Drew's birthday AND the release of her new single "Juke It". Sgt. Tibs and I were able to chat with Drew for an exclusive interview to talk about the poppin', feel-good single. You might be impressed with what she has to say about how she came up with the record and what she brings to the table as an artist. We also asked about Drew's other forays into the entertainment world, and she is of course continuing to act, mentioning a series of plays and TV shows that are on the way in the coming months ahead. Shout-out to Drew for showin' us a lot of love and also to David behind the scenes. Be on the lookout for the beautiful Drew Sidora in her new video for "Juke It" (coming soon!), which you can help support and BUY above!

And finally, Chicago Larry was also on hand at the Victor Hotel and took a wide variety of great shots of the party. Be sure to see much more of Drew Sidora and all of the special guests in the gallery below. 

Gallery sneak peek (74 images):

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Mister Cartoon Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

This past weekend we were out at Six Points - the new retail store from Nike Sportswear and Saint Alfred - and we had the privilege to talk with the world-renowned tattoo artist and street art legend Mister Cartoon. We spoke about his work that was on showcase in anticipation for the 2010 World Cup. He designed the U.S.A. emblem, shield, and more graphics for Nike Sportswear that will be used on U.S. Soccer gear between now and this summer's World Cup. Naturally, we discussed the designs and the inspirations behind them to begin our latest exclusive interview. Mister Cartoon touched on his feelings of transitioning street art into the gallery space, which he happened to do for Six Points with a new graffiti mural collab at the entrance (pictures below). People had the opportunity to watch Mister Cartoon pay homage to his roots of graffiti, which were the starting point that lead him to where he is today - a nice juxtaposition tying in the past and present. Lastly, we also find out which artist Mister Cartoon is trying to schedule an ink session with next - a certain someone who isn't Un-thinkable.

Take a look at the video above and check out the gallery of photos from the event that showcase Mister Cartoon's work, the mural, the Six Points space, and more. And to see more designs and clothing, check out the official Nike Sportswear + Mister Cartoon collaboration site and mistercartoon.com. Enjoy!

Gallery sneak peek (49 images):

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Dope Couture Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop


I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dope Couture's founder and owner, Matt Fields, for an exclusive interview. For those of you that haven't heard of Dope Couture, it is the freshest streetwear outlet, originating in Bloomington, Indiana and spreading rapidly across the nation and in the hip hop culture. I've had the chance to follow and watch them expand over the last few years while seeing a myriad of artists and celebrities sportin' Dope Couture. Just peep the slideshow below for Chicago's own Lupe Fiasco, Naledge, and even Jay-Z himself sportin' the brand. And of course check out our conversation with Matt Fields as he describes a little bit more about Dope Couture - the brand, the origins, and the future. Enjoy!

Check out Dope Couture online at: dopecouture.com

GWHH: How'd you get started with Dope Couture? Have you always wanted your own clothing line?

DC: I have always been into clothing. A lot of people say that they are into clothing but I have been independently studying clothing, fashion, and trends ever since I can remember. I was always into the newest, the freshest. I was sportin Hilfiger cable knits in Elementary (thanks moms). I remember killin em with my Azure Blue Versace polo back in middle school. I've always been on some sort of fashion. It wasn't until college I discovered streetwear, which merged so many cultures into one. As I started following the movement and really getting into the culture, I felt as though I had a perspective on streetwear clothing that others would vibe with. I set out to design a line inspired by the high fashion lines I was drawn to with a streetwear perspective. Other people were doing this but we were going to do something different.

GWHH: I read that you initially planned on calling the brand 'Dynasty Goods Dope Couture', why did you end up changing the name?

DC: I shortened it to just Dope Couture first because it's a shorter name and second it was more natural, I felt, for people to abbreviate it as Dope. Plus Dynasty Goods sounds like Rocawear Jr.

GWHH: You began by selling Dope online, when did you realize it was time to open up the shop?

DC: When I wanted to be able to support myself. I saw an opportunity to seize a storefront and took the leap. It was a good decision to upgrade home base.

GWHH: What's the difference between Dope Couture and other brands & stores?

DC: I try to be a bit higher end than some of the other streetwear brands. All of our designs incorporate a luxury brand aesthetic. I also try and set us apart with hand drawn artwork and attention to small details. It's not necessarily just about the clothes though. We live it from Talent Tuesdays to Scholars Thursdays. Our last intern is now working at Burberry. Our current intern just got accepted to fashion school and is fluent in French.

GWHH: What are some of your inspirations when designing an upcoming collection? Is there an underlying message in your brand?

DC: Our inspiration comes from today's high-end fashion designers, pop culture, art and music. The underlying message has been and will be our sarcastic interpretation of how luxury, high style and street culture mesh and portray a bourgeoisie lifestyle.

GWHH: What's your favorite Dope tee to-date?

DC: That's a really hard question to answer. So many of our designs are so personal and really connect with me. Right now I'm really feeling the mosaic tile inspired tee for spring. It's a really intricate design that we spent a lot of time perfecting so that it's just right.

GWHH: How do you keep everything up and running at such a young age? Have there been any major challenges you've come across?

DC: I wouldn't be as efficient as I am without the support of my team (The Bougie Crew). They help me run the day-to-day activities so that I can focus on the progress of the brand and boutique. It's challenging when you're still in the "systems development" stage; where there are some systems in place that run themselves and others that still require focus. In general we always work it out and come out on top.

GWHH: Every time I drop into the shop, you're bringing in new labels and designers, with all the hype for limited editions, what makes a label stick out as something Dope needs to carry?

DC: If it's high end, fashion forward, creative, unique, and exclusive.

GWHH: What brands/labels can shoppers pick up in Dope?

DC: Right now you can get Dope, HUF, Kidrobot, 10.Deep, Play Cloths, The Hundreds, and Super Sunglasses just to name a few. In the next couple of weeks we will be adding Tom Ford Sunglasses, Comme Des Garcons PLAY and APC denim.

GWHH: Besides being the first and only street wear boutique in Bloomington, you've hosted several in-stores featuring Big Sean, Mike Posner, Wale, etc. and now hosting the after party for Jay-Z in Indy... How's it feel to be a part of all this?

DC: It's a lot of work and requires a lot of planning, but every event we've done thus far has been a success and a lot of fun. It's exciting too because the artists that we involve ourselves with are ones we admire and enjoy.

GWHH: What's your reaction when you see guys like Lupe, Jay-Z, Naledge, Posner, Mick Boogie, and etc. rocking Dope? Did you ever picture that in the beginning?

DC: It's exciting. There's always a bit of a "shot in the dark" element when you send product to celebrities such as these but what makes it exciting for us is that guys like these get sent a slew of product constantly and for them or their stylist to pick our stuff over others is a pretty big seal of approval. I'm confident with our line and our designs just keep getting better so I knew it was only a matter of time before we saw celebrities sporting our stuff.

GWHH: Where do you see Dope Couture in 5 years, growth wise?

DC: We will be opening at least one new boutique in the next two years; 5 years from now I hope to see at least 2 boutiques. We will also be moving into cut and sew at some point so you'll see more technical and higher quality garments. You may even see us creating a whole new division where we're producing higher end pieces that really focuses on the luxury behind the brand.

GWHH: Since Gowhere Hip Hop is a music blog; tell us about your connection with music? What's currently on the Dope playlist?

DC: Fly Union, Mick Boogie's Pharrell Mixtape, Mick Boogie + Stylecaster, Pretty Lights, New Sade, Chip Tha Ripper, Alpha.Live, J.Rocc for Supreme, and Kidz In The Hall's new album, Land Of Make Believe.

GWHH: Tell us real quickly where else we can find Dope besides online at dopecouture.com and in-store?

DC: Our stock list is constantly growing but a couple of places that have shown us sincere support are Motivation Boutique in Ann Arbor, MI., Got Sole in Indianapolis, IN., Kreative Sole in Huntsville, AL., and El Mercado in Los Angeles.

GWHH: Any closing thoughts, remarks? Anything random you need to air out? Where can our readers follow Dope?

DC: Something a lot of people seem to don't know is that we rarely produce more than 100 tees per color way per style. When [insert brand here] does something "limited" they are doing our normal production numbers. We are constantly getting emails to see when we are going to re-stock product. A lot of people already know what this deal is but you would be surprised at how many don't. Our product is always limited so don't sleep. Random: We also take notice of repeat customers that have been with us from the beginning and I want to say thank you.

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Nike x St. Alfred Collaboration Party Recap

Last Friday, we had the opportunity to attend the unveiling of a new retail space in Chicago and the launch of a new collaboration from Nike and St. Alfred. Nike linked up with St. Alfred, a premier clothing boutique here in Chicago, for the first retail partnership of its kind - incorporating art, fashion, and music to celebrate soccer and the upcoming World Cup this summer. We talked with Krabby outside of the new retail space, located next door to St. Alfred on 1531 N. Milwaukee, so he can give us his perspective on what the event and the collaboration is all about and what lies ahead for St. Alfred.

During the month of April, the new space will be home to well known artist Cody Hudson - a Chicago-based artist and owner and creative director of the design firm Struggle, Inc. Centered on the themes of soccer and Chicago, this artwork has been created exclusively for the space and will be available as a limited-edition screen print for tees and other products through an on-site customization process that will enable visitors to work directly with St. Alfred's designers. Peep the vivid photo gallery from Nike an original photos from ourselves below; they contain pictures of Hudson's designs and the retail space itself. Soccer heads and clothing heads: you'll wanna check this out! Big thanks goes out to Krabby and Cindy H.!

The space opens to the public Thursday April 15. Hours will be 12-8pm, Monday through Friday, with extended hours beginning June 1.

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B.X.C. Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop

Just a few weeks ago, Sgt. Tibs and I were able to chat with upcoming Chicago duo, B.X.C. over at DTLR in the city's southside for yet another exclusive interview. Lyriq and Commando are best known for their many collaborations with Ludacris as members of the Disturbing Tha Peace record label. In the interview above, we discuss the Off The Leash mixtape, what is on the horizon for the group, and who else they have been in the studio with, which includes some very new and interesting names. You can also get a glimpse of their fun personalities on camera, which translates to their live shows - one of which we caught most recently at the iStandard Producer Showcase (footage coming soon). Much love to the guys B.X.C. as well as Jo'Van. Take a look at the video above and the links below to follow them more closely. Enjoy!

B.X.C. Official Website // B.X.C. on Twitter

PREVIOUSLY: Ludacris Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop

Maks G., Lyriq & Commando (Of B.X.C), & Sgt. Tibs
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~ Maks G.

Rotimi featured on GWHH 89.5 FM Radio Show

Rotimi, an upcoming R&B singer currently out here in Chicago, was one of our most recent guests on our GWHH radio segment on Vocalo 89.5 FM and you can watch the video of us in the studio above! Rotimi talked many topics with Tibs, myself, and host Mz. Shenita, but mainly touched on a couple in detail: the in-depth creative process behind his collaboration with Dawn Richard (Of Dirty Money) and some insight into his lifestyle of balancing his burgeoning music career with his last semester of college at Northwestern University. We are always interested in understanding the creative process of artists, being designers ourselves, to see the similarities and differences in our natural fields (between music, art, and architecture). Rotimi's story about working with Dawn is particularly interesting and enlightening considering that Rotimi wrote the entire record, including Dawn's part. Also, Rotimi capped off the segment (but begins the video) with a special a capella of his other hot single "Beautiful Music"!

Click here to listen to the audio of the entire segment where we also discuss some behind the scenes details of our interview with Ludacris, and become a fan of Rotimi on Facebook. You can also DOWNLOAD "You Already Know" below in case you still need it. It's been gettin' some burn on Power 92 and WGCI out here in Chicago and hopefully soon to a radio station near you! Finally, remember to check us out on Vocalo 89.5 FM every Thursday at 11:20 AM CT. Enjoy!

Rotimi "You Already Know" f/ Dawn Richard

Maks G., Rotimi, Sgt. Tibs
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LA & Mr. Music Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Backstage at the Help Me, Help Haiti benefit concert at the Portage Theater a couple of weeks ago, we caught up with LA & Mr. Music for an official, exclusive interview so they can tell us directly what's going on with them in the near future. The duo discuss three main topics in looking ahead: the new song "Bright Midnight" (which will be premiered on the upcoming GWHH mixtape... stay tuned..), Mr. Music's placement in tonight's iStandard Producer Showcase here in Chicago, and where we can see them perform next on their midwest college tour! We got a sneak preview of "Bright Midnight" and we can say that they went in a total different direction compared to what you're used to so we can't wait for you guys to hear it. (Listen to a quick preview of it in the interview above!) Also below don't miss LA & Mr. Music's previous performance video at Help Me Help Haiti, and a gallery of photos from their college-night performance at McFadden's! 

Peep the fliers below for all the details on how to attend the 2-day iStandard Producer Showcase, not only featuring Mr. Music, but also a host of other upcoming Chicago producers. 20 producers out of 200 were chosen to compete for the #1 spot here in Chicago for the 2010 iStandard Producer Showcase. We are proud to be sponsoring the event as it is bound to be filled with poppin' beats, serving as a great night out on your weekdays. Hope to see you there! 

Listen to LA & Mr. Music @ LAMrMusic.com.

LA & Mr. Music Live @ Help Me Help Haiti

Thumbnail image for istandard2010chi-front.jpg

Thumbnail image for istandard2010chi.jpg

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TrackSlayerz talk T.I.'s 'I'm Back' in exclusive interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

TrackSlayerz (Price & Inf)

Fresh off the heels of their biggest release to date, the production team behind T.I.'s comeback single "I'm Back" - the TrackSlayerz - join us for a brand new exclusive interview! The duo, Price and Inf (Infatron4Billion!), discuss everything about T.I.'s "I'm Back" for the first time since its release. Find out some details about the creative process behind the creation of the production (originally completed in late '07/early '08) as well as what happened after T.I. first played "I'm Back" for them in the studio. But there's more to the TrackSlayerz than the recent success of "I'm Back". We also discuss (via e-mail since the duo is in Atlanta and Florida) the group's other collabs with the likes of Gucci Mane, G-Unit, and Jim Jones as well as the entertaining story of how they got started together in the first place. So without further adieu, read our entire conversation below. Enjoy!


GWHH: Describe your production style or sound in seven words or less.

Price: Super High Flying Luchador Gangster Gorgeous Music.

Inf: That's about it.

GWHH: What is the story behind you guys linking up in the first place? How did the TrackSlayerz form?

Price: I actually found Inf via soundclick. We swapped out sounds and then fell out of contact. Around summer time 2006, we got back into contact on AIM and exchanged beats. I liked what he was doing and he liked what I was doing so from there we just decided to work together.

Inf: I got Track Slayer randomly one day from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer while making some tracks and basically was like "Man.. I'm Infamous the Track Slayer!" When Price and I started working together, he suggested we just run with "The TrackSlayerz". I though that'd be wack but I couldn't think of a better name so we stuck with this. Haha...

GWHH: So being the producers behind T.I.'s comeback single "I'm Back", that's obviously a prestigious placement. Could you describe the story of how you linked up with T.I.?

Price: We work on music constantly. That particular beat got into Doug Peterson's hands over at Grand Hustle. They like the music we are doing. They told us as soon as Tip got back he'd be getting a CD with our beats. They kept their word. Next thing we know he recorded to it. Came out mean!

GWHH: About the production itself for "I'm Back", did you guys have him in mind when creating the track?

Inf: We actually made the beat in late '07, early '08. Just some hard street records. At this time, we had no clue who we were trying to get our music to. We just wanted to be heard.

GWHH: What sort of input did T.I. add to the track after he wrote or laid down his vocals?

Price: At the studio, he played us the track once he recorded it. We were blown away - speechless really. At this point we're like, "Let's get this moving now!". We did another mix on it after we heard it though, to make sure it was sounding right. It was pretty cool that Tip and the people were interested in our thoughts on everything.

GWHH: Could you provide any sort of colorful or interesting story of the creative process in working on the track?

Price: When Inf let me hear what he was starting on for the beat, what is now known as the "I'm Back" record, I was like this track is too hard. Like seriously too hard. Haha. Once we added the bass in, I told him the subwoofers are going to hurt with this one.

Inf: Haha, yeah. When I was told they needed the master for the record, I actually didn't believe them. I wanted to go back and redo the whole beat. I actually did. We are our biggest critics. I feel like I can constantly make our music better, advance our sound. So I sat in the lab all night redoing everything from scratch. Eventually we just sent off the original version.

GWHH: Let's talk about the rest of your guys' resume. You have worked with guys like Gucci Mane, G-Unit, and Jim Jones. Was there one artist of the three that you guys had an automatic chemistry with in the studio?

Inf: Not necessarily. We're just making music really. We love all opportunities to work with anyone. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to people's sounds and make them shine.

GWHH: So off the momentum of landing T.I.'s "I'm Back", what's next for the remainder of the year for the TrackSlayerz? What other artists can we look forward to hearing your production under in the coming months?

Price: You know, we're working on a plethora of songs and beats for various projects. We don't want to put out much nor count or chickens before they've hatched but definitely look out for us. We've done a few songs with Tip already. We're in the studio with the whole Grand Hustle family.

Inf: Yeah, we are doing some major things. I'm amped. I've learned over the years to not give away too much until it's for certain but our manager Vakseen and Grand Hustle is really looking out for us!

Ed note: How about the story of the TrackSlayerz coming together (name included)? Haha! I love that and I love technology. Great to hear their perspective on the song and their knowledge of the industry. Best of luck to the TrackSlayerz in the future and we would like to send a special Gowhere Thank You to them and Vakseen for making this interview all possible!

TS logo.png
Follow on Twitter: TrackSlayerz (Inf) // Price // Manager, Vakseen

Producer: TrackSlayerz - FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™
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B96 Julian on the Radio interview with GWHH

We bring you another exclusive interview with the host of the Help Me Help Haiti benefit event: Julian (Of B96 Chicago). We discussed a variety of topics including advice for upcoming DJs and radio personalities, how Julian came to B96 and Chicago all the way from D.C., a little bit about some of the current mainstream music, and where things are moving in the industry. It was particularly inspiring to hear Julian's story of how he came to Chicago not knowing anybody to get where he is today - a longtime mainstay at one of Chicago's biggest radio stations. Julian definitely dropped some knowledge on us, so peep above to get a bit more accustomed to the guy you hear every morning on B96 from 5:30 - 9am. We wish him nothin' but continued success.

Down below, we have an amazing gallery of photos to behold featuring Julian, event organizer Jen DeLeon, and performers like LA & Mr. Music, S-Preme, Teron James, Nonamus and much more! Also don't miss the dope video recap of the event below, which we were thrilled to be a part of. For more on Help Me Help Haiti, visit JenDeLeon.com and for more on Mclaren Soriano Photography visit mclarensoriano.daportfolio.com as well as video production by Unscene Media. Keep it locked for more performance footage throughout the week. Enjoy!

Gallery sneak peek (94 images):

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Ludacris Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Grammy-award winning rapper, actor, and entrepreneur Ludacris joins us at DTLR in Chicago for another exciting exclusive interview. Luda talks about the new single "My Chick Bad" and how that collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Chicago's The Legendary Traxster came about, his favorite song off Battle Of The Sexes (available now!), and also shows some love to the Atlanta scene he's been such a big part of over the years. 

Ludacris was at DTLR to sign copies of Battle Of The Sexes and joining him was Chicago hip hop duo, B.X.C. We got a chance to talk to the Def Jam signees as well, so stay locked for that coming soon. Also on hand hosting the event were WGCI's Loni Swain & DJ Moondawg on the 1s and 2s. Check out the fresh gallery of photos below for your browsing pleasure to see for yourself. Enjoy!

Gallery sneak peek (14 images):

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Nizm interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

You've been seein' his name pop up a lot here at Gowhere Hip Hop in the past couple of weeks, so get to know just who is Nizm in our latest exclusive interview above. The Chicago/Toronto emcee discusses a variety of topics after his brief and humorous introduction such as putting together his recently featured mixtape Evolution & Ascension, the explanation behind the single "Deswaggified", and what overall theme to expect on his upcoming album, ReDFINED Xpresshun (it's a dope one). Sgt. Tibs and Nizm also have one thing in common: they both have undergraduate degrees in architecture! Naturally, Tibs couldn't resist asking for Nizm's perspective on the similarities between architecture and hip hop - another must-hear response. If you haven't yet already, download the music below and get ready for the album release party on 5 .5 .10. Enjoy!

Nizm on MySpace // Nizm on Facebook // Nizm on Twitter

Nizm "Deswaggified"
FULL, CDQ, 1st Single off upcoming album, ReDFINED Xpresshun *Tibs Fav.™

Nizm - Evolution & Ascension [MIXTAPE]
Features NEW, Unreleased Tracks from 1999-2009

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Mil Tickit & J-Lyn interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Back with another exclusive  interview with some more talent from 3G's Management: the multi-Grammy award winning Mil Tickit and upcoming singer/rapper J-Lyn. Mil Tickit has worked on Grammy award winning projects with the likes of Ludacris, Ruben Studdard, R. Kelly and many other big names that he discusses in the interview. In addition, he's hard at work releasing his own mixtapes, Lethal Injection Vol. 1 and Lethal Injection Vol. 2, as featured in the new Source Magazine. J-Lyn also introduces her versatile self and what helps separate herself from the rest of the upcoming entertainers. She dabbles in hop hop, pop, rapping, and singing so there's likely somethin' you can vibe with. Hit the links below to find out more on Mil Tickit and J-Lyn and the event mentioned in the interview at AmpMusicSeminar.com. Big shouts once again to 3G's Management. Enjoy!

Mil Tickit on MySpace // J-Lyn on MySpace

3G and GWHH.jpg
3G's Music Group and Gowhere Hip Hop
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~ Maks G.

G.O.O.D. Music producer Keezo Kane interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

G.O.O.D. Music producer Keezo Kane is the latest to chop it up with us in another exclusive  interview for GWHH. Keezo touches on how he started with the G.O.O.D. Music family, his upcoming projects with many Chicago artists like GLC, and finally, Keezo adds some interesting insight about the artist/producer relationship. Does Keezo provide the beat for the artist or is it the other way around? Keezo explains some of the complexities, which becomes an added perspective for curious fans and up and coming producers alike. We'll have one more exclusive interview with fellow 3G Management artists, Mil Tickit and J-Lyn later this week so stay tuned for that! Enjoy!

Keezo Kane on MySpace // Keezo Kane on Twitter

3G and GWHH.jpg
3G Music Group and Gowhere Hip Hop
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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Ryan Leslie

Singer/songwriter/producer Ryan Leslie joins Sgt. Tibs for an exclusive interview at the Pepsi Refresh Project event at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago. R-Les talks about his role in the Pepsi Refresh Project, where he speaks words of inspiration and performs to the students. He also discusses alternative meanings of his upcoming single "I Choose You" and what to expect from the video that is soon to come. Finally, Ryan Leslie leaves us with some insightful advice for the aspiring youth about getting your college degree, surrounding yourself with mentors and like-minded peers, and pursuing your passion. The Harvard grad couldn't have said it any better! We were impressed by Ryan Leslie's candor and genuine love for everyone throughout the event and continue to look forward to a BIG year to come from R-Les in 2010! Stay tuned for more coverage of his performance at the Pepsi Refresh Project in the days to come. Enjoy!

For more on the Pepsi Refresh Project check out: refresheverything.com

Maks G., Ryan Leslie, & Sgt. Tibs
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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Fonzworth Bentley

If you don't maximize your down time, it will minimize your lifetime.

Back with another special, exclusive interview - this time with famed musician and author: Fonzworth Bentley. You undoubtedly recognize Fonzworth Bentley in many music videos from the likes of Kanye West & OutKast, but what you may not realize is that Fonzworth Bentley is a man filled with thought-provoking ideals. These ideals were spilled out in our interview at the Pepsi Refresh Project's stop at the Harold Washington Library here in Chicago (no pun intended).

We first discussed all about the Pepsi Refresh Project where Pepsi is donating millions of dollars to help make the ideas of today's youth a reality. There's much more details to the project that Bentley talked about, including his role in the events. We then had to ask Fonzworth about his recent leak of "Fireside Chat", inspired by FDR's Fireside Chats in the 30s and 40s. His insight about the messages behind the song are not only eye-opening but also educational. Bentley goes on to describe his upcoming experiment with colors and geometrics for his next music video and tells us about an impactful personal experience with a U.S. troop currently overseas in Iraq. The meaningful, yet also humorous story acts as another pleasant reminder to be thankful and to pray for the safety of our troops overseas.    
Many thanks go out to Fonzworth Bentley for his time and insight in the interview above, leading by example with positive change and education for our culture. Also many thanks to Pepsi for putting together the Refresh project, which educates and gives back to the community by creating opportunity in places where there once was none.

Find out all about the Pepsi Refresh Project at refresheverything.com

Follow Fonzworth Bentley on Twitter: @cooloutrageous

FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.

fonzworth bentley and gowherehiphop.jpg
Sgt. Tibs, Fonzworth Bentley, and Maks G.
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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Chicago Bears DE Alex Brown

In one last bit of coverage from our trip to Bo Jackson's Elite Sports facility last weekend, we were able to quickly talk with Chicago Bears defensive end Alex Brown! Topics include the impact of Bo Jackson on his career, the importance of having a quality trainer shoe like the 2010 Nike Trainer SC, and insight into his off-season preparations for the 2010 season. The interview contains some great pieces of advice for upcoming athletes from Alex so be sure to check this one out if you love to play sports. Alex is a very humble and gracious guy in our talks with him and we wish him nothing but luck in helping our hometown Bears in their quest to return to the playoffs this year! Enjoy!

PREVIOUSLY: Bo Jackson & Scoop Jackson interviews w/ Gowhere Hip Hop

Chicago Bears Alex Brown and Bo Jackson
Alex Brown and Bo Jackson
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GWHH Vocalo Radio Feed 02 .25 .10

Sgt. Tibs and Maks G. live in the studio

Here's our second official GWHH radio segment on Vocalo Radio with host Mz Shenita from earlier today! Tibs and I talked to a caller about whether Chicago artists like Kanye West and Common can be considered local, issues of authenticity between major/local artists, our interview with Scoop Jackson and how hip hop culture can move forward, and finally some of this weekend's upcoming shows. Feel free to stream the audio by clicking the link above; any thoughts/comments are appreciated. Thanks for the support and enjoy!

vocalo view.JPG
Navy Pier - Our drive from the studio into the city
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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Scoop Jackson

We are proud to present a new exclusive interview with none other than the legendary Scoop Jackson. For those who are unfamiliar with Scoop, he is a well-known writer in the music and sports industries, most notably as former editor of XXL Magazine and SLAM Magazine and now currently writing at ESPN.com. We were at Bo Jackson's Elite Sports center in promotion of the Nike Trainer SC and Scoop was the moderator of the Q&A session, being an avid shoe collector himself. Naturally, we first discussed what the Nike Trainer SC meant to him and Scoop also helps to explain the shoe's significance. We then talked potential similarities between a hip hop artist and an NBA player that we may not expect, which led to some enlightening information from Scoop about Grant Hill. Finally, the conversation then snowballed into hip hop, where Scoop outlines his problems with hip hop today and conveys why hip hop is a little bit stagnant compared to what it once was. In his answers, Scoop also touches on producers like DJ Premier and brings up a couple of today's biggest names: Lil' Wayne and Lupe Fiasco. The end result is one of our more informative and thought-provoking interviews yet so we urge you to take a look for yourself above.

This was a particularly special interview for me. I was first introduced to Scoop as a longtime subscriber to SLAM Magazine where his provocative, in-depth feature articles stood out above the rest. His powerful structure and opinionated voice is always entertaining and thought-provoking. Needless to say, Scoop Jackson has been a big influence on me over the years as I have grown into writing myself. To be able to not only meet him, but also gain his perspective and insight on topics we have a shared passion for was quite memorable. Scoop was also cool enough to not only grace us with the interview but also chat with us afterwards, off camera, about hip hop. He further explained some of his ending points in our interview about how the culture of hip hop can only move forward through a collective and competitive effort, instead of searching to build up one 'savior of hip hop', so to speak.

I began to think of a parallel and arrived at how the NBA has recently moved forward in the past few years. After Michael Jordan retired, the media anointed one player after another as the 'next' Jordan (Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, etc.). As each player failed to reach such high and unrealistic comparisons, the NBA as a league was stuck in a lull, until the past couple of years when the quantity of star players has helped the NBA reach another high point in popularity, competitiveness, and excitement. With LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul (I can go on..) and rising stars like Kevin Durant and our own Derrick Rose, the NBA has reached a new golden era of talent that is beginning to transition the game into new heights. Drawing the parallel back to hip hop, perhaps instead of anointing a Lupe Fiasco or a Drake as the new 'savior of hip hop', we should be encouraging more of a competition in hip hop to help fuel a collective movement of artists trying to push the creative envelope for the development of music and humanity itself. Definitely some food for thought, what do you think?

READ MORE: Scoop Jackson

J. Wags, Sgt. Tibs, Scoop Jackson, and Maks G.

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~ Sgt. Tibs

Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Bo Jackson on the Nike Trainer SC 2010 Rebirth

This weekend we got the opportunity to meet and interview one of the greatest athletes of all time, none other than the legendary Bo Jackson! You may remember Bo as a multi-sport athlete who played professional football in the NFL and Major League Baseball simultaneously, while also being named an all-star in both sports - accomplishments that have never been met to this day. Bo was so popular that Nike launched a Bo Knows campaign in the '90's promoting the first ever multi-sport trainer shoe: the Nike Trainer SC. When the shoe came out it immediately became the most popular shoe on the planet, as you could use it to train for any sport. Bo himself played almost every sport possible in those shoes going head to head with stars like Michael Jordan on the court and even Wayne Gretzky on the ice. Just check out some of the classic Nike commercials below and you'll see what I mean.

Now after 20 years, Nike revamped and gave rebirth to the all time classic Trainer SC. In our interview Bo Jackson talks about how transcendent that shoe was when it was originally released and also gives a nice comparison between the 1990 Nike Trainer SC to the 2010 re-release. Lastly, we couldn't let Bo leave without asking him, Does Bo Know Hip Hop? Find out in the interview above and be sure to get your pair of Nike Trainer SC's while you can not only for your collection but for your multi-sport training.

We feel very blessed to have meet a living legend who has forever impacted sports and to have heard him drop some words of wisdom at his Elite Sports facility outside of Chicago. Take a look at the video below of Bo giving advice to young athletes who now have the ability to practice all year long thanks to his indoor sports complex. Also be sure to check out the slideshow below to recap some highlights from the day. Not only was Bo Jackson there, but we were blessed to see legendary hip hop and sports writer Scoop Jackson as well as Chicago Bears defensive end Alex Brown! Stay tuned for more amazing interviews to come. Big shouts go to Cindy, thanks Nike! Enjoy!

Bo Jackson Speaks w/ Young Athletes

Nike Commercial: Bo, You Don't Know Diddley!

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GWHH Vocalo Radio Feed 02 .18 .10

Tibs_Maks_GWHH Radio.png
Sgt. Tibs & Maks G. in the studio

GWHH Vocalo Radio Feed 02 .18 .10

In case you missed our first weekly radio segment on Vocalo 89.5, you can now simply stream the audio above and let us know what you think! Working with our lovely host Mz Shenita, we began the show with some introductions about GWHH and ourselves. Spanning for about 30 minutes we got to cover other topics like the future of commercial radio, the direction blogging is headed, the independent artist, the power of the mixtape, future plans for GWHH, and a small recap of highlights from our past week. There was even an interesting audio clip from a previous Vocalo interview on whether Grandmaster Flash thinks if hip hop is dead. 

It was definitely a great start to something powerful, as well as an amazing experience for both Tibs and I. I'll never forget our drive down the Navy Pier strip, and the amazing view from the Vocalo lobby which you can check out in the slideshow below. It's an invigorating feeling to be right on the water looking out into an endless view of Lake Michigan on one end, and the Chicago Skyline on the other! Hope you enjoy our first radio show, and can tune in for many more to come! To infinity and beyond!

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