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Les Nubians LIVE in New York

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to New York with Jeff Baraka to capture video of some great artist live in concert. The Les Nubians were no exception. With the release of a new EP Nu Revolution, the Grammy nominated sisters Hélène & Célia Faussart of Paris, France delivered an amazing show at Le Poisson Rouge in New York.
In this clip, among other songs, the the duo collaborates with Ghana born MC Blitz the Ambassador, who is making alot of noise in his own right. Overall it was a wonderful evening I'm just glad I get to share a glimpse of it. Les Nubians plan to release the full-lenght Nu Revolution LP in early 2011.
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~ Cam Be

International Artiste du Jour: Bliss & Eso

Bliss & Eso.jpg

Gowhere, get ready for another new group from across the globe. Bliss & Eso, rapping out of Sydney, is a trio made up of MC Bliss from the US, MC Eso (short for Esoterikism) from OZ and DJ Izm from Morocco. These guys met in high school and dropped their first EP in 2000. By 2004 they were nominated for Artist of the Year in OZ. 

Below are some tracks from their 2008 album Flying Colours which won them huge acclaim. This album is actually the second Australian Hip Hop album to be certified gold. This is no coincidence given that the Hilltop Hoods' Suffa helped produce the album, and his was the first (see my post on the Hilltop Hoods) 

Aside from throwing down hard beats and intricate lyrics, these guys make time to save the world. Check the video below, it was recorded with the Connections Zulu Choir on a trip with The Oaktree Foundation and MTV in South Africa. Their work with the foundation got them nominated for the Good Karma Award at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

FULL, CDQ, Track off the album, Flying Colours

FULL, CDQ, Track off the album, Flying Colours (with a great sample from the Showtime Series Dexter)
Bliss & Eso "Bullet And A Target"

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~ Mr. C

International Artiste du Jour: MC Solaar


Whatup Go Where? Mr. C again with another new artist from across the globe. This time, I'm taking you to France, home of frog legs and crappy cars, to hear from Claude M'Barali a.k.a. MC Solaar. MC Solaar is one of the most international artists I've come across, born to parents from Chad, in Senegal; he was educated in France and Egypt, and his music draws influences from these several languages and locales. Listen closely, and you'll hear French, English, and local dialects from Senegal and Chad. His lyrics touch on everything from Colonialism in Africa to pop culture in America, as diverse as his upbringing. The name Solaar comes from his tag names "SOAR" and "SOLAAR" when he was tagging in high school. Growing up wanting to record, he credits his mom for keeping him in school, and supporting the art as well. After his breakout album, he went on to tour over a dozen nations on 2 continents, and has since worked with artists like De La Soul, Missy Elliot, and Gang Starr.

His music pays homage to the ways of Afrika Bambaataa, whose old school stylings had a heavy influence on the young Solaar. His songs have an R&B vibe that flows nicely with his fluid lyrics. The French language itself lends itself to rap naturally, and Solaar makes great use of this. French speakers, check out his website here and enjoy!

MC Solaar "Obsolete"

FULL, CDQ, Track off first hit album, Prose Combat

MC Solaar "Paradisiaque"

FULL, CDQ, Title track off second hit album, Paradisiaque

MC Solaar "Hasta La Vista Mi Amor [Spanish Version]"

FULL, CDQ, (Bilingual) Track off the album, Cinquieme As


MC Solaar "RMI"

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~ Mr. C

International Artiste du Jour: The Hilltop Hoods

Hilltop Hoods Photo.jpg

Whatup GoWhere? This is Mr. C with some new tracks from around the globe. This is the first installment of a series I'll call The International Artiste du Jour. This week, I've got the Hilltop Hoods for you...

MC Suffa, MC Pressure, and DJ Debris hail from Adelaide in Australia, and they combine some unique samples and beats with intricate lyrics spit in a hard Aussie accent. These guys are one of the premiere acts in OZ, and got to work with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra to rerecord their hit album the Hard Road as The Hard Road Restrung. Check out these tracks from their last few albums to get a feel for their style. Be sure to listen to the lyrics, with everything from multiple rhymes to story-rap.

Off their first platinum album The Calling

Off The Hard Road Restrung, a rerecording of their second platinum album The Hard Road, with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Off their latest platinum album State of the Art

Hilltop Hoods "City of Light Restrung"
The Hard Road Restrung, live with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

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~ Mr. C

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