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Big K.R.I.T. Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

So last night was totally awesome right. It all started at Jugrnaut when I linked up with #TeamGowhere for the Big K.R.I.T. in store. It was a groove per usual. Very, very packed. I posted for a minute and then I ran into K.R.I.T.'s manager Shipes. I felt a little bad about asking for an interview after hearing that the K.R.I.T. camp had been up all day under the jet lag act. Keyword: a little bad. We got the interview anyway, though. Much propers to the big homie Shipes for making that happen. This was actually the second time I interviewed K.R.I.T. I got up with him during the The Smoker's Club tour last year. I have a "lost interviews" series coming. Be on the look out for that. Ha! I really enjoyed this one though. We talked Chicago Blackhawks (one of the dopest logo's ever!!!). As I digress, I was impressed with Big K.R.I.T.'s poise and knowledge of music. Willie Hutch is also one of my favorites. Much respect goes to K.R.I.T. for having ill influences. We also talked music, of course, in addition to his new mixtape Return of 4eva, the collaboration process with Luda and Bun B, how he gets his humility from his grandmother, and Chicago-style pizza. Let me know if I gave him the right recommendations. Groove!
Maks x GY312 x Big KRIT x Tibs.jpg

Maks G, GY312, Big K.R.I.T., & Sgt. Tibs

Freddie Gibbs Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Before last night's show at the Bottom Lounge, we chopped it up with Freddie Gibbs at the PHLI store in Hyde Park. Gangsta Gibbs first tells GY312 what upcoming projects to expect (Cold Day In Hell mixtape comin' in June) before addressing the rumor that he is signing with Jeezy and CTE. Well, I had heard some of those rumblings before the show and last night, Gibbs and surprise guest Young Jeezy himself made it official. Video evidence below (shouts 2 RH). 

But back to the interview... GY asks Gibbs about an assortment of other topics including his NBA Finals prediction (one that I'm gonna co-sign myself), his favorite cars growing up, and the one celebrity that he wants to say 'whaddup' to, as GY puts it, hah! You're likely to laugh and enjoy throughout the whole interview so find out his answers to those above. Lastly, shoutout to Freddie Gibbs for the Gowhere love and congrats on the big signing!
Young Jeezy Welcomes Freddie Gibbs to CTE
Maks x Tina x Freddie Gibbs x GY312 x Tibs.jpeg

Maks G, Tina P, Freddie Gibbs, GY312, & Sgt. Tibs

Yelawolf Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last night, I was on hand at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago to witness Yelawolf...well rock the joint. Literally, that was probably the livest show I've witnessed at Reggie's since maybe The Cool Kids last year. During one part of Yelawolf's set, a fan threw a Derrick Rose jersey on stage and Yelawolf changed into the all-star garb amidst chants of MVP! Extremely dope moment. More great moments? How about a surprise guest appearance from acclaimed drummer Travis Barker rocking out with his homie Yelawolf.
I spoke with Yelawolf briefly backstage before his set and also with Travis Barker, who was conversing and practicing his drum set off his foot. All at once, straight zoning out. After that, we small talked for a quick minute, then I asked him, "You really love those drums don't you?" We all can gather what his response was after that. I bounced thereafter to enjoy the show.
I usually like conversing with the artists beforehand to help build a good repoire. Also because, more often than not, that discourse cements the impending interview later- which in my case was indeed a groove!!
After the show, I sat down with a very candid Yelawolf as he talked about SXSW, the critics, his new upcoming album 'Radioactive', the Warped tour, and his thoughts on receiving advice from his boss Marshall Mathers. Don't forget to peep the dope concert footage with surprise guest Travis Barker in the video also (more footage on the way shortly). Lastly shouts to Gowhere, Zack at YM!, and I'm Flashy for the collab love on this Yela show! Chicago Lock in!

Thumbnail image for Maks x Yelawolf x GY312

Maks G x Yelawolf x GY312

Blu Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

If you didn't know, Blu was one of the rappers who made XXL's Freshman class list in '09 and is one of my favorite emcees in the game today. The fact i think he smashes his entire class lyrically and is still one of the most slept-on is an entirely different post. As i digress, I dropped by Jugrnaut for the Blu in-store event, last Sunday. Not surprisingly, there were many Chicagoans who came through to Jugrnaut to get autographs and show support to one of Cali's best.

I had the opportunity to build with Blu for a quick minute as the event was winding down. Not one to ruin the groove, we took to the back room not to disturb the party. I just wanted to go to a quiet space where I could hear what Blu had to say and also get some decent soundbites. I'll let you be the judge on how that worked out. Big shouts to the dude who kept opening the back door while the interview was going on. *Tiger fist*

As a bonus, I took the liberty to transcribe a few notable Blu quotes below from the interview. You're welcome.


Blu's take on Chicago:
"Chicago usually always comes out and shows love. So its always good to be able to hit up Chicago with a bunch of new shit that the rest of the world hasn't heard. I feel more comfortable coming out here premiering sh*t because Chicago shows so much love."
Blu on Warner Music Group: 
"Warner's dope. We're about to get ready to drop this No York album. We're just starting to put the wheels in motion and get the relationship going between the label and the artist."
Blu on his process of making music and touches on vulnerability in raps:
"Keep true to yourself! If it makes you vulnerable, it's how you deal with your own vulnerability. If you feel like its out there like, 'Ah shit!' you just gotta man up to it. For me, its easy to let stuff off my chest, especially through music."
Blu on the art of being an emcee and beatmaker:
"That's a pretty difficult task to keep up, man. From the Diamond D's to Pete Rock's, Erick Sermon's, Kanye definitely took it to another level. RZA...Big K.R.I.T. is holding it down. Rock Marciano. Madlib. Its some heads out there who got the bars. I definitely plan on returning to the production trying to keep both fields alive."
Blu on his craft and reloading the chamber:
"We've just been crafting moreso. We dropped like seven albums, so after that we had to reload the chamber. This year we're looking to drop like 3 projects by 2012. So lookout for that No York [LP] this summer. Lookout for some new Blu and Exile stuff and we got all kinda EP's and mixtapes and stuff about to drop, so keep your ears open."


Much propers to Blu also for being a student of the game. It's refreshing to hear artists discuss their influences and pay homage.

Without further adieu, check out my Blu interview as he also speaks on what makes a top-notch emcee, the difficulty of rhyming and beatmaking (he does both), and "dope-obscure-rapper" swag lol. Bloggers be quiet. He has quite a few upcoming projects on deckington. You gotta be patient with greatness. Be on the look out this summer for his new LP, No York, and also some new collabs. Groove!


Blu & GY312


J. Oneder 'Slow Down' f/ Drake

Slow Down.jpg
J. Oneder "Slow Down" f/ Drake
I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day. Here's a post V-Day groove - new unreleased material from J. Oneder from The Skwod. I like this joint. I figured this was a good time to leak this one. Mos def a groove for the ladies, but from a player's perspective. Obviously, Oneder didn't get Drake's permission, but it's still refreshing to see the young emcee showing his range here. Peep J. Oneder under the Drake act above hahaha.

Spoken Word Spotlight: K-Love

I was surfing the Creative Control vimeo channel and look what I found? A new spoken word video  from Chicago poet K-Love. Well, it's still kinda new. Anywho... I've seen K-Love perform a few times and had the opportunity to build with her. I always liked her steeze. Her piece is a powerful appeal for an end to the senseless violence in the city. Real heavy stuff. Rest in peace Derrion Albert. On a sidenote, according to the Chicago Tribune, another suspect in that case has been charged also. Last but not least, big ups to Dame Dash and his whole camp. To say im really digging their eye for creative artistry and the movement in general is an understatement. Groove!

Chris Shields 'Fast Lane' music video premiere

Hundred Grand Entertainment artist Chris Shields premieres the "Fast Lane" music video. The project was directed by Rockwell and "Fast Lane" is a featured track off of Chris Shields's sophomore album, Man On Fire, which is available on iTunes and CDBaby.
Big shouts to my PR homie Angie... Somehow, a packaged Chris Shields album made it to my doorstep lol. Big shouts to the production team also: The Fr3shmen Music Group, Professor Fox, and Logic.

The Skwod 'My Life' video premiere

Today we've got new visuals from The Skwod off their debut LP, The Path. The song is called "My Life". The production credit goes out to SC. He's an ogre on the beatmaking side. SC has quietly been lacing the likes of many of your favorite Chicago emcees the past few years. Big shouts to him and The Skwod dynamic duo of J-Oneder & KiRon. It is my wish that mogs stop snoozing on my guys this year. Why? Because these cats are nice. End of story.
P.S. Oneder, you wild for that Kenny Powers reference. I fools with Eastbound And Down too.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

"For the future, be true to yourself. If you're gonna be influenced by someone be influenced by them. Don't cop them so much that you're a clone. No one wants to deal with a clone. There's not that much more substance in being a clone, but definitely be influenced by people...take what you can from that and sculpt it into your own situation. In doing so, you'll be happy and I think your people will be happy listening to what you do."
- Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Good advice right?
That was Ali Shaheed Muhammad speaking to the future artists and producers of the next generation. The quote was so powerful I transcribed it for ya'll. Now if you want to hear A Tribe Called Quest's very own Ali Shaheed Muhammad talks about the reinvigoration of NY's hip-hop scene, creativity vs. influencers, and his thoughts about ATCQ iconic stature then you're gonna have to check out the interview.
P.S. I also took the liberty to find out the name of the group that Ali Shaheed Muhammad was raving about in the interview. The name of the group is called H.I.S.D. The album is called The Weakend and in his own words (and tweet) is "the best five dollars i've spent EVER. Its like all that."
Ali Shaheed was not sending anyone off either. Those cats from Houston are nice! Go cop that asaptual.
...And i'm still crossing my fingers for another Tribe album!
Phife Dawg Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop"

Phife Dawg Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

"I have a quest to have a mic in my hand...without that, its like cryptonite and superman//so Shaheed come in with the sugarcuts, Phife Dawg's my name but on stage call me dyno-mutt." 
- Phife Dawg "Award Tour"
Last week at The Shrine, Phife Dawg and Ali Shaheed had a similiar groove going. This time around it was to help celebrate Phife's b-day. On stage together yet again. Phife providing ill lyrics and Ali Shaheed Muhummad with the cool rhythms to keep the party going. Of course it went down.
I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing both fellas individually that night (for once, BEFORE the show). It wasn't really the work groove for me; I've actually always been a big Tribe head and here I was building with 2/3 of the legendary ATCQ crew. A little geeked? Perhaps... Oh, if you noticed I was rocking the same shirt during my Mikkey Halsted interview, thats because I interviewed Mikk the same night, genius. Don't judge me.
Getting back to Phife's cryptonite raps, its clear the Chicago Hawk is his ultimate vice. Outside of the cold Chicago weather, Phife talks about the inspiration behind his upcoming EP Elma's Grandson, The Songs In The Key Of Phife LP, Derrick Rose, and his love for sports (see Phife's twitter name: @DiggyMusberger). Of course, we talked A Tribe Called Quest. [Special GY312 PSA] The heads need one more tribe album! *crosses fingers to the hip hop gods that be*.
Special shouts to the Five Foot Assasin, once again. His love for sports could be an entire post in itself. He talked sports with me and Sgt. Tibs for about 15 minutes after the interview was over. Much propers for that!

gwhh x atcq
Sgt. Tibs, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, GY312, & Phife Dawg

Mikkey Halsted Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Last Wednesday, I was on hand for Mikkey Halsted's private listening party for his upcoming Dark Room project, which is slated for release December 21st. Speaking on the listening party for a little bit, it was quite the scene. No time for name dropping, just know a lot of Chicagoans packed The Shrine, nodding their heads in support of Mikkey's first official offering. After the listening party, Mikkey spoke to me in great detail about Chicago love, first impressions, his journey in the rap game, the Cash Money days, and even turning down record deals. I would behoove all to check out the interview as Mikkey tells his story coming up in the city involving some windy city players you might've heard about. Think big why don't you! Fantasize about it. Ha! Once again, i'm not naming any names and in the words of my south-side brethren, "Those that know...know!"
On Dark Room and Photo Album:
"Dark Room is the prelude to the Photo Album. The Photo Album is a little more glossy. When you get Dark Room, you get the hungriest Mikk... you remember how DMX did the game and he came out with 2 albums in a 6 or 7 month period? As soon as we shoot the last video for Dark Room, we shootin' the first video for Photo Album, and I'm not waiting on no label. The reason why I turned down the deal for Dark Room is because they wanted to put it out in the spring. And I said no, we doin' it this year, 2010!
Mikkey Halsted "Bars (pt 1ne)"
Mikkey Halsted "Bars (pt too)"

Sneaker Pimps Chicago 2010 Recap

Sneaker Pimps Chicago Q&A Recap

Sneaker Pimps 2010 has been making memorable trips around the states, and their stop in Chicago was no different. The event was a dope combination of Hip Hop performances, giveaways, and some of the most creative sneakers Chicago has ever seen. Supporting the Sneaker Pimps movement was a wide array of respected Chicagoans who came together to not only show some Chi Town unity, but to also enjoy the culture that they grew up on. GY312, Jen DeLeon, and I were on hand to ask them a question or two about their personal experiences on Hip Hop and sneaker culture in honor of the event. In the video above you can really see Chicago come together as we talk to Mic Terror, Skooda Chose, Mikkey Halsted, Rockie Fresh, Reno Chinati, Vic of Leaders 1354, FNF's JROC, Vocalo's Jesse Menendez, DJ Sean Mac, Hustle Simmons, and the host of the night Dave Jeff of PHLI! Each Chicagoan has something great to add about the culture, so be sure to check that out above. 

Down below I've got a few live performances from the legendary Raekwon who headlined this year's 2010 Chicago Sneaker Pimps, bringing the crowd some classics to match the classics on display! Find out what Raekwon had to say about the Sneaker Pimps movement during his GWHH interview with GY312 in case you missed it from before. Also last but not least check out Chicago's GLC perform some hits from his catalogue including "Pour Another Drink" featuring John Legend off his recently released album 'Love, Life, & Loyalty' below. #Chicago stand up!
Raekwon Live @ Sneaker Pimps Chicago

GLC Live @ Sneaker Pimps Chicago
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~ Maks G

Raekwon interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

It went up at Sneaker Pimps 2010! Stay tuned for some footage, as I chopped it up with a lot of great artists in Chicago this weekend including Raekwon the Wu-rhymer himself and special guests GLC, L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Phil Ade, Thee Tom Hardy, DJ BWS, Mikkey Halsted, YP, Black Orchard, and PAYPA of Project Mayhem.

The night was wild. Sneaker afficionados and hip-hop lovers alike rocked with great performance after great performance Saturday. Shouts to all the artists who did their thing at Sneaker Pimps, especially artists that repped Chicago.

After the show, I caught up with Raekwon to hear his thoughts concerning the Sneaker Pimps tour and the culture of fly sneakers today. The Chef and I, also chopped it up about No I.D, Kanye, and the Justin Bieber collab via Twitter. I would be remiss if I didnt mention Rae's Charlie Wilson impersonation. haha...Lord, lord, lord... The Staten Island emcee took it to the bridge with that one. Pun intended. Check out the interview above, and keep it locked for more Sneaker Pimps coverage here at GWHH. Groove!

Raekwon x GY312
Raekwon x GY312

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~ GY312

New Grooves: Real T@lk + The Skwod

Real T@lk & Authentik Made 'The Sitcom LP'
Emcee Real T@lk has been grinding for quite some time. Moving past an acclaimed project, The Mo Betta Blues Mixtape, which has the Source's Unsigned Hype stamp, Real T@lk has come back with his first LP, The Sitcom, to prove he's no slouch. If you take a listen you might feel the same way. Groove.
Oh yeah, here's a few new grooves from The Skwod also. Be on the lookout for their album The Path. The album is produced by SC & J. Oneder of The Skwod. The release date for that project is October 4th. Please don't sleep on my dudes. Aight groove!
The Skwod "It's Alright"
FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, The Path *GY Groove™
The Skwod "BBB" f/ Ray Illa
FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, The Path *GY Groove™
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~ GY312

Big Boi interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this was definitely my biggest interview thus far.

Outkast's Big Boi, Travie McCoy, Chiddy Bang, and even G.O.O.D music's Big Sean came out to jam at the Congress Theater, last Friday.

Shouts to Big Sean and road manager Dillaman for showing Gowhere Hip-hop excess love as well. Peep the interview with Gowhere Hip Hop's Jen DeLeon here.

As far as performances, I was impressed with the whole set. Travie McCoy and Chiddy Bang did their thing. Philly native Chiddy even brought out Big Sean to perform their collab "Too Fake."

The surprises kept on coming as the ATLien himself rocked the Congress, performing verses from many classics like "Rosa Parks", "Kryptonite", "So Fresh, So Clean", "Ms. Jackson", and "The Way You Move". Big Boi even got southernplayalistic with it, performing raps off "Player's Ball" and "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" from Outkast's debut album of the same title.

Mogs in the crowd were acting extra rowdy and I was in the middle of it. The Congress theater crowd particularly went donkey kong after Big Boi performed "General Patton" (a joint off his new album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty). 

Moving along, you guys are probably wondering why I didn't have a mic for the interview. Well, the reason was because it wasn't supposed to happen! Sir Lucious Leftfoot showed me love even when his team was trying to rush him out of Congress Theater. It was a classic moment of real recognizing real. To be honest, it was refreshing because a big artist like Big Boi could've easily treated my life (and a couple artists have. No hard feelings.) Charge it to the game is how the saying goes. *Shrugs* Being from the Chi, I dont let inconsequential things like that get to me. I just wanted to share that with you all because I was hella gracious of the love shown.

Shouts to Sir Lucious Leftfoot!!!

Without further ado, check out the interview above of Big Boi and myself. He talks Cee-Lo and his Dungeon Family, his bro Andre 3000's upcoming project, and how he marinates the game. Hahahaha. Interesting wordplay on his approach. It was my distinct pleasure.

Sgt. Tibs x Big Boi x Jen DeLeon x GY312
Sgt. Tibs, Big Boi, Jen DeLeon, and GY312
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~ GY312

Too $hort LIVE @ The Shrine

Oh, Gowhere Hip Hop also got some cool concert footage of Too $hort performing many of his hits. He rocked "Freaky Tales", "I'm A Player", "Life is...Too Short", and "Blow The Whistle" among other grooves. Shouts to DJ Sean Mac & Fathom for the crowd control. They kept The Shrine hype the entire night!

Too $hort Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop

Too Short and Twista
Too $hort & Twista (more pics after the jump!)

Gallery sneak peek (13 images):

View the gallery...
Continue reading...

Too $hort interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

On Thursday, Too $hort wasted very little time before bellowing out his infamous favorite word. In fact, many in attendance at the Too $hort concert were caught cracking grins as they heard the B-word again, and again, and again, and again....and again!
Short Dog showed his sense of humor as he took the liberty of calling everyone in attendance his most favorite word on numerous occasions. He even shared his special term of endearment with Shrine's female bartending staff calling them, "sexy b&#$@s" as he shook their hands.

Yes, hip-hop pioneer Too $hort was in rare form at The Shrine. Blow the whistle!!!

The crowd particularly went wild as Too $hort performed the raunchy classic "Freaky Tales." It was a personal highlight for me because I still could vividly remember hearing my older cousins bump Too $hort as a shorty myself.

Too $hort, the consummate player, brought Twista on stage to perform while simultaneously inviting a throng of his female fans to rock with him. As Twista began to kill a quick set, Short Dog was on stage locked in with the ladies. Shouts to Rashaan, Maks G, and his camera's zoom in feature. LOL Fun was definitely had, my dudes!

All in all, I was very pleased with the show. I told myself before the interview that I wouldn't say Short Dog's famed expletive and it took all my might not to use it, low key.

That didn't stop the multiplatinum, Bay Area rapper from sounding off during the interview, however.

Too $hort and I, talked about his legend, longevity in the rap game, comparing himself to best-selling author Stephen King, and even Soulja Boy (whom Short Dog is a fan of.)

Check it out and if you see me in these streets let me know what you think. 

Maks G x Too Short x GY312
Maks G x Too Short x GY312
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~ GY312

GLC interview with Gowhere Hip Hop


This past Thursday, Chicago embraced the ism as Really Doe, Skwod Deep, Gaggie, YP, Hollywood Holt, Coldheart of Crucial Conflict, and headliner GLC provided trill sentiments at Reggie's Rock Club. PHLI's own Dave Jeff hosted the event and DJ RTC kept the groove alive on the 1s and 2s. When I tell you it was real live I mean it. On the topic of "Real Live", have you guys heard that Bun B/GLC bonus track yet? Sick I tell you. I'm talking the whole project. Shouts to team trill! 

As I digress, opening act The Skwod, who also have placement on GLC's new album Love, Life, and Loyalty proved why they're one of Chicago's most on the rise emcees. Shouts to J-Oneder, Ka'Ron, and the whole Skwod fam. Stay Humble spitter YP did not disappoint the crowd either as he brought raw lyrics and unbridled enthusiasm to his set. Everybody in the building had their C's in the air (an endearing ode for everyone's love for Chicago) and so was the ism. 

As I conducted the trill interview with big chuuch and G.O.O.D. music recording artist GLC, he expatiated on the ism, spoke on new LP Love, Life, and Loyalty (October 12 peeps), his experiences working with legendary UGK rapper Bun B, and chatted about his very easy on the eyes "Yo Momma Snapped!" blog section... In addition to appreciating the fine aesthetics of motherhood, GLC conversed about his retail mall days as "Lark GLC" and encouraged young, up and coming Chicago artists to be progressive and reach outside city limits. 

It was a fun interview and I appreciated the time spent with the veteran Chicago player. Shouts to him and his manager/b-day boy Geno. Mogs definitely embraced a young lad's concept. Be on the lookout for a new GLC mixtape dropping before the album called Respect My Come Up Vol. 2: The Ism and of course the new album dropping this fall... Lastly check out the video below, which includes some performances from that night by Hollywood Holt, Really Doe, and GLC. Enjoy the week, ya'll!


Hollywood Holt, Really Doe, & GLC LIVE @ Reggie's Rock Club
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~ GY312

Real T@lk interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Real T@lk 'The Mo' Better Mixtape'
Producer: Authentik Made - Released June, 2009

What's up everyone this is GY312, a new GWHH correspondent here to bring you all the best exclusive underground content from right here in Chicago! This past Saturday the Gowhere fam (Maks G, Sgt. Tibs, and I), slid by the brand spanking new PHLI store. A bigger, better, PHLI store smack dab in the middle of Hyde Park... might I add.

Needless to say, it was quite the groove! We were there checking out the Chicago Stomp The Violence pre-event, and also to see fellow SIU alum and writer/rhyme spitter Brandon "Real T@lk" Williams.

In our interview above, we talked about violence in Chicago, life after The Source Unsigned Hype (June 09) accolade, his mixtape "The Mo Betta Tape," as well as writing a critically acclaimed play on college life, and of course his future projects. Big shouts to that dude! I enjoyed interviewing him and he mur-didly-urdered(murdered!) the artist showcase! No Ned Flanders in attendance, just lots of good people, lots of good energy. Shouts to PHLI czar Dave Jeff!  Always on business. His PHLI brand extends past fashion and he remains a very exemplary presence in the community. Shouts to my dude Gideon, also. I definitely had to cop a few PHLI garbs. Thank you "Steve Jeff." Haha.

Last but not least, make sure you all go check out the official Chicago Stomp The Violence stepshow event August 6th at Congress Theater to support the cause. The discount promo code is clout. Peace!

maks x gy312 x real talk x tibs.jpg
Maks G, GY312, Real T@lk, & Sgt. Tibs

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~ GY312

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