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We're proud to announce our new online radio station called Gowhere Radio powered by our friends at Earbits! Independent and mainstream artists are now able to submit their music for potential streaming on Gowhere Radio. This is a great opportunity for artists to reach thousands of new listeners, and for our listeners to be exposed to new music! The player itself is extremely social media friendly, so if you like a track you can easily "rate it", and "share it" in your personal outlets. It's easy to shuffle through Hip Hop and R&B records, while casually working at the computer or browsing the net. Take some time out of your day to explore the future of radio by clicking the "launch button" above or on our sidebar to the right!

Gowhere Radio Music Submission Guidelines:

If your music is ready for radio airtime, we want to hear it. Don't say you'll do it later because you'll forget. Take a minute to follow the two simple steps below to have your music reviewed for airplay on Gowhere Radio:

1. Read our Artist Terms of Service to confirm you have the authority to license your music for airtime.

2. Send an email to gowhere@earbits.com with a link to your music. Write the genre of music that your songs best fit into in the subject of the email. We know how hard it is to be specific. It doesn't have to be perfect. Indicate which two (2) songs you'd like us to listen to, and tell us how you heard about Gowhere Radio.

Submit your music above for potential streaming on Gowhere Radio!

Yes, it's that simple. Our editorial team listens to all of the submissions. You'll receive a note back from us within a week.

If your music is approved we will send you a link to create an account and upload your music to the system. If your music is not approved, please don't hate us. Being a gate keeper is not an easy task, but it's extremely important in order to ensure an excellent listening experience. If you feel we have misjudged your music please drop us a line. We will do our best to explain ourselves.

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Gowhere Radio
, hosted by Maks G & Sgt. Tibs, is a weekly show on Vocalo.org 89.5 FM every Thursday night at 8PM CT. Maks & Tibs typically have a guest artist or industry professional in the studio for an in-depth discussion during the half hour segment. Past guests include: Dwele, The World Famous Tony Williams, Mickey Factz, Gemstones, Rhymefest, Naledge, Hollywood Holt, Nikki Lynette, ChicagoNow's Jimmy Greenfield, B96's Julian on the Radio, and much more. The interviews allow listeners to gain insight from a big name artist to the seldom heard upcoming artist or industry professional for an added behind the scenes perspective. In addition, Gowhere Radio plays the week's hottest new music, including the GWHH Fav. of the Week, and new GWHH interviews. Tune in every week and you may also be the lucky winner of concert tickets for an upcoming show in Chicago! 

The full Gowhere Radio archive can be viewed here.

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