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Soul Khan Interview with Gowhere NY

When dealing with today's generation of hip hop listeners, its important for artists to be passionate and inspirational with their style of lyricism. Well, artist Soul Khan is on a mission to keep the art of rapping genuine and meaningful. Check out the interview above of Soul Khan discussing with Gowhere NY his journey from L.A. to N.Y. and also his transition from a legendary underground battle rapper to a solo artist. Or maybe it was more of a retirement from he battle rap game, considering he no longer battles due to the lack of competition. Also, be on the look out for his new EP entitled "Acknowledgment" that will drop the 28th of April. Its going to be available on both his fan page Soulkhan.com aswell as Bandcamp.com. The Ep will be completely produced by DeeJay Element. If you haven't already, download Soul Khan's album titled Soul Like Khan below. I must say that I am a fan of every track on this album. Did i mention it was free?

FREE Album (presented by 2dopeboyz)

Julius Myth 'The Trap' f/ Meg Vice

Julius Myth "The Trap" f/ Meg Vice
Producer: The Misfit - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming mixtape, DOTDB *M.MaxX Fav.

It's the Werfmor movement. Julius Myth & The Misfit drop another track off Myth's highly anticipated mixtape, Day Of The Deadbeats. I'm diggin' the additional vocals by Meg Vice, nice touch. I'm assuming this track is gonna be a part of side B of the tape, "Dead Poets Society." If you've been keeping up with the Julius Myth posts, you'd be foolish to pass this up. This is all around musical dopeness. Also, check out the bonus material below, The Misfit showcases his talents by making a bump worthy instrumental featuring some chopped Adele vocals!

The Misfit "I Won't Let You" f/ Adele
Producer: The Misfit - FULL, CDQ

Childish Gambino 'I Do Not Talk' [MIXTAPE]


Childish Gambino 'I Do Not Talk' [MIXTAPE]
UNOFFICIAL Compilation (Confirmed by Donald Glover) // Tracklist after the jump!

Check out this dope Childish Gambino mixtape, which is a retrospect into how he's grown as an artist from his earliest works until recent. Here is what the compilation's creator, Luis Valdizon, had to say:

My friend Errol and I have been working on 'I Do Not Talk' for a very long time. He's been perfecting the tracklist and has done a truly amazing job. The mixtape starts off with a Donald that is rough around the edges and takes you from there through his artistic development one song at a time. You see him rectify aspects of himself, such as changing his voice to sound nasally, and grow into the artist that we know today.

PREVIOUSLY: Childish Gambino 'EP' (official)
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Chaundon Freestyle/Interview with GowhereNY

On our mission to bring you guys the best in NY's hip hop scene, we've managed to link up with one of our most well recognized artists yet. From his many collaborations with some of the games top artists, to performing on a 42 state tour alongside Young Bloods, Harlem born artist Chaundon can truely be considered "cut from the cloths of hip hop legends". Above is an interview we had with Chaundon to let our viewers better understand what he's about. Special thanks to our boy Tone from "ImSoLoveNYC" for hook'n us up with his fresh urban clothing boutique store "In Other Words" to shoot the interview. Not only did we get to sit and chat with him, but he also spit an exclusive freestyle for us that he without a doubt SMASHED! Chaundon explained to us his relations to notorious rapper Jadakiss, and tells us how it feels to work closely with one of his main influences. I can only imagine the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with that. After you check out the interview above, click on the link below to hear his hit single "One Minute" featuring Jim Jones and Ron Browz.

Producer: Murderous Mixtapes - FULL, CDQ

Artist Spotlight: Young Guss

Young Guss "Already There" f/ Mike D.
Producer: Mike D. - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming mixtape, Different

I'm back in here with some new hidden talent! Repin' Long Island NY, 18 year old artist Young Guss had me vibing out as soon as I pushed play. I know the hip hop heads will dig this as much as myself. The above track is off his upcoming mixtape, Different. These days, the music industry is flooded with millions of artists with the same goal in mind, but there's something in particular with his vibe, voice, and flow that I know can break him through with much determination.

After a few spins of "Already There", I set out to find more material from Young Guss. Below are two songs off his previous mixtape, Picasso Paintings, which you can download in full here.

Young Guss "Titanic Love"
Producer: Mike D. - FULL, CDQ, Track off mixtape, Picasso Paintings 
Young Guss "Summer Raine"
Producer: Mike D. - FULL, CDQ, Track off mixtape, Picasso Paintings

[All artists in the NY area seeking promo be sure to hit up GowhereNY]

Artist Spotlight: Kyle Lucas/Vonnegutt

Vonnegutt "Going Home"
FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Falling Up The Stairs 
"I'm just a normal kid with problems like everyone else...."

Words from Kyle Lucas, lead vocalist/rapper from the band Vonnegutt. We all hear him but I think it's time for some more recognition. The band consists of Kyle Lucas on vocals, Neil Garrand on Guitar and vocals, Partrick Postlewait on bass, and Taylor White on drums. Vonnegutt's hometown is Marietta, Georgia. They are currently signed to Big Boi's label, Purple Ribbon. I got an exclusive GWHH NY interview which I will post soon, so stay tuned to the site!

Kyle Lucas has a style that not only I, but many could appreciate. He kind of doesn't care what people have to say, and you can tell this through many of his blunt punchlines. Although, like every band or rapper, he wants success, its clear that he doesn't want to do it any other way but his, no stereotyping, no cliché, no ringtone rapping. His most recent mixtape is called It's Always Sunny In Marietta.

, as a whole, blends sick rapping with great live instruments. Some comparisions might be the obvious Gym Class Heroes, The Roots, type of bands. It seems like Kyle Lucas will go places and say things that you wouldn't expect. It's amazing how they can go from somewhere deep, and emotional, to somewhere light optimistic, and fun. They hit all bases, and do it well. The Vice Nine EP is one of their latest albums.

Chatting with Kyle Lucas, I asked him questions about his rap style, to future projects. Kyle Lucas was a chill, down to earth dude. Vonnegutt and Kyle Lucas are definitely a problem and you can't help but feel the emotions they bring out. Kyle Lucas has a lot in store, and is dedicated to keep making the music he and his band makes. Hard workers, a rapper with a ton of charisma, and great overall music? What's not to like. Check them out at Warped Tour this summer! After the jump, peep a couple of my favorite tracks from Kyle Lucas' mixtapes, and a couple vids!

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Rob Roy 'Carmencita' music video

Rob Roy "Carmencita"
Producer: Gods Paparazzi and Rob Roy - FULL, CDQ, Track off album, King Warrior Magician Lover 
Something about this guy just screams original doesn't it? Let me tell you my favorite part about Rob Roy. Not only does he have the most unique flow I've ever heard, but he puts up all his own music up for FREE download! I don't know if you can tell from the video above, but this guys got a vision. This video won the weekly Freshman 5 contest on MTVu a couple months ago and he's still on rotation. I first heard of Rob Roy back when MySpace was still "the cool thing" and it's great to watch an artist progressing and becoming successful in mainstream music. Fans at MTV not only accepted him, they embraced him with open arms.

I tip my hat to Rob Roy for creating his own sound in the music industry and sticking to it. His album King Magician Warrior Lover is probably the most diverse sounding hip hop album I've ever heard. So don't forget to download his mixtapes before his label makes him take them down. Enjoi.

Artist Spotlight: Big Soj

Producer: Big Soj - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming mixtape, D.A.M.N. 
So we're back at you, bringing you more new music from a talented artist... Today, I present to you: Big Soj. Big Soj may have flown under your radar but I promise you he won't be under the radar for too long cause there aren't many as talented as this man. In today's music scene you have to bring a lot to the table to get noticed so Big Soj decided to cover all bases. A beast on the mic delivering true lyrics and hard punches with smooth flows. A music producer banging out some of the hardest beats out you'll get to hear. And if that isn't enough he has a smooth enough pen game to write a song or two for other artist whether it's an R&B track or even something out of the hip hop realm that can compete line for line with some of Bruno Mars' best work. 

Below are some choice tracks from Big Soj starting with "The Problem" where he puts his own spin on the classic "Grammy Family" track. "Sometimes (Like This)" showcases his production skills, and one of my personal favorite Big Soj tracks, "Say Something" where he puts his lyrical ability to work on this instant-classic Kanye West beat. Follow through on the links below to catch the rest of Big Soj's mixtape entitled 'So Uh...Yea Vol. 1'  and be sure to check out Big Soj's page to download his latest work and new mixtape coming to you soon 'D.A.M.N. (Dawg Ass Mixtape N***A)'.
FULL, CDQ, Track off the mixtape, So Uh...Yea Vol. 1
Producer: Big Soj - FULL, CDQ, Track off the mixtape, So Uh...Yea Vol. 1

Producer: Kanye West - FULL, CDQ, Track off the mixtape, So Uh...Yea Vol. 1

Julius Myth: Gowhere NY Showcase

As part of a community of conscious music supporters, we tend to have those occasions where we stumble upon artist that we can for sure say has the talent to be something great. Well for me, Julius Myth is my most recent discovery. Now, considering we previously featured him on the site, it just wouldn't make sense if the Gowhere NY team didn't do whatever we could to link up with him and get to know what he's all about. Fortunately enough for us, he resides here in N.Y. We got the opportunity to meet up with him and follow along to catch a performance he was doing at the Voodoo Lounge in Manhattan. But not before getting footage of a freestyle he kicked and SMASHED for us at his clothing boutique and skate shop 'Belief'. As if that wasn't cool enough; underground battle rap legend Soul Khan was the host of the Brown Bag All Star show where we watched Julius perform. After doing his thing and giving an impressive show at the voodoo lounge, we decided to get an interview with him for those of you who don't yet know about Julius Myth, or his alter inner rapper Willie Werfmor. The answers he had for our questions were to say the least, thoroughly interesting. Julius also filled us in on a show he will be headlining in Chicago this month at the Lincoln Center. It will definitely be something to look in to. I hope to hear more from Julius in the very near future and expect to see his fan base hit great heights in only a matter of time.

Down below, I've included a video of Julius Myth getting on the beat from Jay-Z's  "Dear Summer". Not many rappers can pull off getting on a classic production like this, but Julius does not disappoint. Also, a very entertaining video from rapper Soul Khan, mentioned above. It reminds me of an exciting nightmare I once had, as crazy as that may sound.

For any artists in the New York area interested in being featured by us, shoot us an e-mail at gowhereny@gowherehiphop.com!!
Julius Myth "Dear Sunrise"
Soul Khan "Fahrenheit" f/ Akie Bermiss

Shad 'We, Myself, & I' leads new spotlight

Shad "We, Myself, & I"
Producer: Me&John - FULL, CDQ, Track off album, TSOL 
Shad is a guy I came across a couple weeks ago and soon realized that he has the potential to be a hip hop legend. A big statement I know, but I really believe he is hip hop at it's best. Something about this Canadian native just reminds me of Talib Kweli. Normally I'm not a big fan of such graphics and effects used in music videos, but I have to make an exception for this one. The video corresponds perfectly with the feel of the song. A sick rock beat, clever lyrics, and a non-stop flow always make for a good song in my opinion. I especially like how he relates every verse to the title of the song: "We, Myself, & I". The great videos don't stop there though, it seems he's made it his mission to have great videos for his songs. So down below is another one of Shad's videos for his song "Rose Garden" that I couldn't NOT post up. Moving in reverse throughout a song isn't necessarily a "new" idea in music videos, but they flip it in the middle and play it all back at normal speed. And all in one take!

The first video down below is the song "Rose Garden" by Shad that I mentioned above. Like I said, definitely one to press play on. Next is an artist by the name of Childish Gambino that was previously featured last week by Sgt. Tibs. I had to post it up again in case you missed it the first time because it definitely deserves a listen. He's got some really sick lines and I'm pretty much in love with these one-take videos lately. The last video is a Bar 9 remix to the song "Kickstarts" by British rapper Example. They shot a video for the remix and if it doesn't get you pumped then I don't know what does. Enjoi! 
Shad "Rose Garden"
Childish Gambino "Freaks and Geeks"

Example "Kickstarts (Bar 9 RMX)"

Grieves & Budo 'Cloud Man' leads new spotlight post

Grieves & Budo "Cloud Man"
Producer: Grieves & Budo - FULL, CDQ, Track off album, 88 Keys & Counting 
One thing about me is that I am a sucker for stop-motion. So naturally I had to post this video by rapper-producer duo Grieves & Budo. I hinted at them and posted a radio performance they did in my last blog and I decided they were definitely worth the full feature. Listening to this song I'm reminded of a mix between Atmosphere and KiD CuDi. I don't know maybe it's just me. Well in this song Grieves happens to be sing-rapping (I think that's a fair description) but he's got plenty of other songs where he's just going in. Trust me when I say that you don't want to sleep on this guy. The album has a variety of songs which is something I can definitely appreciate. From singing, to rapping, to just plain old instrumentals, the album has songs for any kind of mood you might happen to be in. Be on the lookout for them because Grieves & Budo are already making big moves. They are booked for every single date on this years Warped Tour and that's quite an accomplishment for any upcoming artist. You can download their entire album which is called 88 Keys & Counting on iTunes! Also, check out the Warped tour schedule to find out when they're coming to a town near you!

Down below are a couple more artists I found that I think are worth a listen or two. First up to bat is a fresh new Brooklyn hip-hop duo dubbed Riot !n Paris. For their breakout video they decided to do something a little different. Not only did they shoot the entire thing on an ipod nano, they also made their video the first ever interactive music video! It's a really fun song and concept video so be sure to click play on this one. The second video is an inside look at best new artist Esperanza Spalding. Definitely worth checking it out, especially if you're into jazz and the slapping the bass. And while We're on this whole jazz thing, here's another jazzy kind of guy from London by the name of Plan B. This song had me hooked right from the finger snapping. And the courthouse theme in the video goes perfect with his entire concept album which you can get on iTunes here!
Riot !n Paris "Attack of the 5 Ft. Hipster"
Esperanza Spalding: Chamber Music Society
Plan B "She Said"

There's always a 'Method to the Maadness'

Kano "Spaceship"
Producer: Chase & Status - FULL, CDQ, Track off the album, Method to the Maadness 
If you're a fan of The Gorillaz, you've definitely heard of Kano before, maybe without even realizing it. He was featured on the song "White Flag" off of their album Plastic Beach. Kano is a London bloke who's been making some big splashes from across the pond. I first heard of him a couple years back when he did a cover of Feel Good inc. by The Gorillaz (listen to it here) that I had on repeat for at least a month. Since then I've been keeping an ear out for him and I've come to really like his lyrical precision. Maybe it's the accent but he seems to always have a good delivery with his punchlines that set him apart from other rappers. Well his new album 'Method to the Maadness' dropped this past year and he doesn't disappoint. Get it on iTunes here and let us know what you think!

Below is a funny video I found bored surfing on YouTube one day. Aside from the fact that it made me laugh, I'm definitely really interested in the song too. Apparently the song is by some guy named Solo for Dolo from Joisey (that's the new way to say Jersey). Check him out too if you get a chance. Also another video of another group called 'Grieves and Budo' I recently found who I really like (hint, hint: more on them coming soon!). It's a live performance they did at a radio show. Sounds so much like Atmosphere I had to take a listen to their other stuff. So there you go, Enjoi! 
"Rapping Dog ft. The Singing Cat"
Grieves and Budo 'Bloody Poetry'

Chromeo LIVE in NYC!

New York City. A city full of people with many different tastes in music. How do you handle that? How about clubs with multiple floors, with different music playing on each? Or better yet, how about having Chromeo crash the party, and perform a guest DJ Set. That's exactly what happened at Webster Hall.

Known for their funky electro sound, Chromeo consists of Dave 1 and P-Thugg. P-Thugg is the technical guy, he plays keys, synths, and uses a real vocoder, *Kanye eat your heart out*. Dave 1 is the main vocalist, plays Guitar, and DJ's. Dave 1 is the brother of former Kanye West DJ, DJ A-Trak (who dates Kid Sister). It's pretty obvious they are influenced and surrounded by many different music genres. They are also, in their words, "The only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture." Pretty funny guys if you ask me.

The atmosphere, that night was one of the best that I've experienced, as far as clubs in NYC go. Though they just showed up for a guest DJ set, Chromeo definitely had Webster going crazy. Whether you like hip hop, pop, rap, r&b, electro, or house music, Webster Hall is definitely a safe bet to enjoy a good night of music, especially when Chromeo comes to the party.

Below is "I'm Not Contagious", one of Chromeo's most recent songs off their album, Buisness Casual, which dropped in September. Below that is "Mercury Tears", *all vocoder* which happens to be a favorite of mine, off their debut studio album She's In Control from 2004. Last, but not least, is the video of Chromeo (Dave 1) DJ'ing that night. It's dubbed over with their song "Don't Turn The Lights On", but it was too loud in there to have had clear audio anyways. Enjoy, Check it out!

Chromeo "I'm Not Contagious"
Producer: Chromeo - FULL, CDQ off the album, Buisness Casual 
Chromeo "Mercury Tears"
Producer: Chromeo - FULL, CDQ off the album, She's In Control 
Dave 1 (Chromeo) DJ Set LIVE @ Webster Hall

Julius Myth & The Day Of The Deadbeats


Julius Myth "Dreamin"
Producer: The Misfit - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming mixtape, DOTDB: Dead Poets Society *M.MaxX Fav.

I'm proud to introduce Gowhere to some serious NY talent. I feel confident to say that 22 Year old Julius Myth is ahead of his time and definitely a must watch artist for 2011.The day  the GowhereNY email went live, we got inboxed by a variety of talented artists, but Julius Myth's material stood out above all. His upcoming project, Day Of The Deadbeats is a two sided mixtape. Side A is called "Haze & Apple Juice" while side B is called "Dead Poets Society."  (You can catch a sample of "DOTDB" here.) You may be wondering like I was, why two sides? Well, in an interview with SBG Julius Myth stated: "I wanted to separate the songs because I have 2 distinct personalities. My "Haze and Apple Juice" side is more light hearted and easy going. Kick back, roll up some haze, and pour some juice up. DPS(Dead Poets Society) represents my serious side." Sounds good to me. 

Down below is another glimpse of his talent, 2 full tracks from "Dead Poets Society" and one from "Haze & Apple Juice." Alongside an official music video for his breakthrough song, "Peep My Outfit." With impeccable production from The Misfit, masterful lyrics from Julius Myth,  and great overall concepts; Be sure to not miss out on these works of art.

Producer: The Misfit - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming mixtape, DOTDB: Dead Poets Society

Producer: The Misfit - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming mixtape, DOTDB: Haze & Apple Juice

Producer: The Misfit - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming mixtape, DOTDB: Dead Poets Society
Julius Myth "Peep My Outfit"

Songs With No Words?!

Ratatat "Grape Juice City"
Producer: Ratatat - FULL, CDQ, Track off the album, LP4 
It's one thing to appreciate good music, but it's another thing to appreciate good music with no lyrics! In the case of Ratatat, less is more. The duo consists of Mike Stroud and Evan Mas. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, the two met in school at Skidmore College. Though best know for their collabs with Kid Cudi on the songs "Alive" and "Pursuit of Happiness" they too have a good solid resume of albums of straight "instrumentals" if you will. Their last album came out last June, which totally flew under my radar, titled LP4. By dabbing in experimental, electro, and hip hop, these guys have a song for any emotion you might be feeling. If you ask Ratatat to describe their music, however, they'd respectfully decline. Loving hip hop, they like many different types of music and just do what comes to them in the studio.
Notorious Big "Party and Bullshit (Ratatat RMX)"
Producer: Ratatat - FULL, CDQ, Track off album, Ratatat Remixes Vol. 2 
Ratatat also remixes some hip hop songs. With two albums titled Ratatat The Remixes Vol. 1 and Ratatat The Remixes Vol. 2, one in particular that's a banger, is a remix of New York's own, Notorious B.I.G, "Party and Bullshit".
Donnis "Gone (Nosaj Thing RMX)"
Producer: Nosaj Thing - FULL, CDQ
Another great artist who also makes "songs with no words" goes by the name of Nosaj Thing. *Nosaj = Jason backwards* Jason Chung makes a lot of vibe worthy music, for any mood, though a lot deeper at times then Ratatat. He, like Ratatat, also remixes hip hop songs. He recently did Donnis' "Gone" and is probably known best for his remix of Drake's "Forever" . Check him out, he puts a unique spin on all of his songs and remixes.

Below is Ratatat's video for "Neckbrace" off their album LP4, and Nosaj Thing's video for "Aquarium" which was a track used by Kid Cudi on his song "Man on the Moon". Enjoy Vibing!

Ratatat "Neckbrace"

Nosaj Thing "Aquarium"

Operation. Industry. Shut. Down

O.I.S.D "Stars Are Out"
Producer: Chin Beats - FULL, CDQ, Track from the EP, School's Out
There is nothing more refreshing than the thought of knowing there are still artists out there that produce good ole fashion golden age music. Underground group O.I.S.D (Operation Industry Shut Down) are a prime example of modern day old school vibe artists. From their sick flows to their impeccable lyrical abilities to compliment every beat they get on, its no wonder they spend a lot of their time ripping shows and performances. Their 10 track LP entitled: Leaders Of The True School, released Dec. of 09 has gotten them a lot of buzz in the underground scene. I can't help but reminisce on the good feeling I used to get with old school hip hop while listening to these guys. Of all the tracks on their LP, my personal fav would have to be Sidekicks-N-Flykicks. Its definitely worth a listen.

Below is another one of my recommended tracks off O.I.S.D's latest LP. Also, I've included a pretty creative video and song by artist Johnny Polygon called "Riot Song" with what I consider to be one of the catchiest beats.
O.I.S.D "Untitled"
FULL, CDQ, Track from the LP, Leaders Of The True School
Johnny Polygon "Riot Song"

L.A.S.E.R.S. Album Release Concert: NYC

Chicago's very own Lupe Fiasco is back on the road once again and is kicking things off with a special album release show for the critically acclaimed and highly anticipated people's album, L.A.S.E.R.S. The show's going to take place at New York's legendary Webster Hall on March 7th just one day before the album officially hit stores. All of our New York readers: be sure to purchase tickets here and get them before they're all gone. You know our Gowhere NY family will be there bringing you coverage of everything that goes down. If you've ever been to a Lupe show before you know you'll be in for an epic performance. Check out some of the previously posted videos below for a little preview of what's in store and what to expect. "Words I Never Said" is on track for release tomorrow - 02.01!
Lupe Fiasco "Words I Never Said" LIVE
Lupe Fiasco "Out Of My Head" LIVE

New York's own Hoodie Allen hosts 'Pep Rally'

hoodie allen.jpeg

Hoodie Allen "You Are Not A Robot"
Producer: RJF- FULL, CDQ, Track off mixtape, Pep Rally 
Ever heard of Hoodie Allen? If you haven't it's about time someone tells you about him. Chances are if it's not me it will be someone else real soon. This dude has been making songs that blow me away. The link posted above was actually the first song I ever heard from him, so I figured you should all have the same first impression as I did. I immediately loved the sample. Marina & the Diamonds? What?! Genius. So now he has a new mixtape called 'Pep Rally'. After his last mixtape 'Making Waves' I kind of expected him to not come as hard, but I was wrong. The mixtape utilizes some great samples that go perfect with the beats he makes, and did I mention his lyrics? He's got punch lines worthy of a boxing ring...too cheesy? Oh well, I don't share his talent. Anyway you should definitely give this guy a listen.

Down below is a pretty funny video my boy MiniMaxX found of my personal favorite rapper Lupe Fiasco doing what he does best: being Lupe Fiasco. Also another ill video that my cousin D. Ray (another fellow Gowhere New Yorker) showed me a while back, and one that Gowhere featured previously: the official "unofficial" video to KiD CuDi's song 'All along'. Enjoi.
Lupe Fiasco's Alien Encounter
Kid Cudi "All Along"
(Unofficial) VIDEO PREMIERE!

Gowhere New York Branch Opens

GWHH NY Branch
Gowhere New York Branch:
[For all NY artists, events, submissions, & business inquiries]
What's going on world? My team and I are proud to present to you the newly appointed Gowhere New York Branch!! We are very excited to bring some NY style to the epic uprise of the #1 Hip Hop website. A major shout out & thanks is in order to founders Maks G and Sgt. Tibs for giving us the opportunity to do what we love. Much appreciated! We will be on the constant grind to bring Gowhere the best New York has to offer. From new music, reviews, interviews, to exciting events - we got you covered. We're looking forward to working with all your favorite artists you've learned to love over the years, and also bring you new talent you might not have heard of yet.
With that said, if you're an upcoming artist from the New York area, or someone involved with public relations, don't hesitate to contact us above! We can provide artist promo on Gowhere for any events, music, & more! Big moves are being made.

Over & Out from the Rotten Apple.


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