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Dee-1 'I Hope They Hear Me Vol. 2' [MIXTAPE]

Dee-1 'I Hope They Hear Me Vol. 2' [MIXTAPE]
Presented by: DJ Booth & O.M.A.R. Entertainment (Tracklist after the jump!)
I debuted Dee-1 last week here on Gowhere and now the up and coming emcee has joined forces with DJBooth.net and O.M.A.R. Entertainment to bring fans his latest street release, I Hope You Hear Me Vol. 2. The New Orleans artist gives you 18 brand new tracks today, including his viral single "Jay, 50 & Weezy" as well as acclaimed leaks "Riding By Myself" and "It's My Turn". 

Joining Dee throughout I Hope They Hear Me Vol. 2 is Murs, Mannie Fresh and the legendary Mac. Beats come courtesy of Rockaway Prod., Steve-O, Oscar Wild, DJ RJD2, Mannie Fresh, 5th Child, Phurnace, DJ Eagle Eye, Cuzin Mike, and Flight School. Check out the mixtape above and the "It's My Turn" video below.
Dee-1 "Its My Turn"
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Tyler The Creator 'Yonkers' leads new music post

My name is Kidd Russell of North Ave Productions, and I run my own social media marketing & new media production team. I'm excited to be guest blogging for Gowhere Hip Hop as a tastemaker & debuting a Weekly Marketing 'DIY HIGH' (do it yourself - how it gets heard) segment where I'll give you guys tips and tricks on how to get your music to the world on indie budgets, so please shoot me your questions at kiddrussmusic@gmail.com

Tyler, the Creator, the ringleader of hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, has a follow-up to last year's Bastard LP, Goblin, out in April. Now, there's a clip for the first single from that record, "Yonkers" (which will hit iTunes as a single this Tuesday), and it's a no-bullshit clip that features cockroaches, a bloody nose, and a fairly violent ending. The clip is self produced, directed and performed by Tyler.  This kid may turn out to be one of the most important new personalities of 2011. Just like when Kurt Kobain & Nirvana arrived & helped end the hair band metal movement; Tyler & his crew could be the start to a new wave  in hip hop that goes against the Hip-Pop movement of the last few years. Either way you look at it he created an amazing piece of  art to be just 19.

Below we start off with northwest rapper Macklemore and his brilliant video for his song "The Town." Macklemore is one of the more under rated rappers of the last few years but his buzz has been crazy recently.  He will be playing at Shubas March 26th make sure you catch the show. Next, you may remember the name Shwayze from their smash singles Buzzin & Corona & lime in 2008-2009. The Malibu rapper is back feat. Cisco Adler with their first single "Lie together all night" off their new free EP THE W'S (Weed & Women) which can be download for free at here. Shwayze created a cool niche with their laid back, Malibu influenced, acoustic heavy beach hip hop.
Macklemore "The Town"
Shwayze "Lie Together All Night"

Definitive Culture Launch Party at Crimson Lounge

Above, Naagy talks with Hakim Hamid, CEO/Founder of Definitive Culture, at the Crimson Lounge in the Hotel Sax for the Definitive Culture Launch Party. Hakim explains that it is more than just a launch party; it is a "Thank You," party for all of those who helped contribute to making DC a huge success and embracing DC as if it was their own company.

Hakim's original idea was to make DC a membership only night club of the Who's Who in any city. It has now turned into Definitive Culture: a living, breathing, social network online and offline that is always changing, keeping you curious as to what the next event or post is going to be. Read more about Definitive Culture.

When leaving the party, everyone was asked to take a "Swag Bag," which was filled with all types of goodies to keep you looking fly all summer in Chicago.

Hakim gives a shout out to the designer of his shoes D. Kang and also says to be on the lookout for the next Definitive Culture event, "a pink party on a boat."

Follow Definitive Culture on Twitter | Facebook | You Tube | Linked in

Lara, Hakim Hamid, Naagy, & Monster
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~ lpdeezign

Swizz Beatz talks art

For those who may not know already, artist/producer Swizz Beatz is actually an avid art collector and produces his own works of art as well. The multi-talented 'Swizzy' has a deep appreciation for Andy Warhol and mentions him in the video above (shouts 2 H.E.R.) where he speaks about art in general. It was very interesting to see more of this side of Swizz Beatz and you can see some of his original work he has published in the past on his Twitter by viewing the slideshow at the bottom of the post. The slideshow also contains some bonus photos of Kanye West & Amber Rose in Paris for fashion week and info on Really Doe on the Mo'Nique show TONIGHT! (on unrelated notes).

Down below is a wrap on some loose ends with tracks coming from Bun B (of course), T-Pain, Flo Rida (shouts 2 TS), and a nice unreleased jam from R&B singer Joe. The R&B also dominates the videos with John Legend & Stevie Wonder performing together live as well as other names featured below like Ryan Leslie and Willie (Of Day26). Enjoy!

RUMOR: Lupe Fiasco and Jay Electronica collab in the works?

Bun B "Bag Music"

T-Pain "So Much Pain"

Flo Rida "Say Something Freestyle"
FULL, CDQ, Dedication to Haiti

Joe "When The Light Goes Off"
Producer: Tim & Bob - FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

John Legend & Stevie Wonder LIVE @ Monster CS Concert

L.E.P. Bogus Boys & Fabolous @ Congress Theater

Willie (Of Day26) "Sex Conversation"


Ryan Leslie Interview w/ AbiolaTV

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Animals in Suits

I found these interesting illustrations of animals in suits, which followed by witty remarks characterizing their personalities. Being an animal lover myself I got a good laugh out of each unique piece. I found it even funnier to juxtaposition the imagery and written descriptions with that of Mozart's musical piece "The Sonata", giving an even further push to idealize them into the aristocratic lane that they fall into. I can imagine them all at a dinner party, especially the above Cheetah which is my favorite animal since I was a kid. Hope you listen to the Mozart, and enjoy reviewing the slide show below while reading the artists' commentary. You can also  buy the prints of these illustrations here, and don't hesitate to visit the artists' blog too.

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Spotlight Chicago artist Kenrick Mcfarlane

GWHH would like to proudly introduce talented Chicago artist Kenrick Mcfarlane! Look out for him on the art scene here as his skills can't be overlooked. Primarily working in painting oil on canvas, he uses influences from fashion design, printmaking, music production, and film as he works between different mediums. The 20 year old has won several awards, and is now studying at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I met him in a fashion class we were in together, and his passion/ambition immediately stood out for me as well as his unmatched drawing/painting skills. The Chicago born native is also the creator of the Yuni-Que style, check his work in the slideshow below. Look for more KJM paintings/exhibitions in the coming year and possible GWHH/LG collaborations! Buyers feel free to contact the artist for free lance work at the contact below.




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Jeff Pak Forever comics - Jameson's decision

jameson decides today is the day he will combust into a cloud of pretty.jpg

Here's another Monday update from Chicago illustrator Jeff Pak. This one is titled, "Jameson decides today is the day he will combust into a cloud of pretty". Into the infinite we go.. what do you think?

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~ Max G.

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