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Happy 2 Year Anniversary: Gowhere Hip Hop


Friends, Countrymen, Humans, Lend Me Your Ears!

Today we spark the fire of our metamorphosis. Our seamless transformation into the infinite and continuous thread will be absent of time and space. As we sharpen our eyes with powerful focus and step forward with an unwavering gaze of vision, we prepare to shed ourselves of all doubt and submit to what we already know as perfection. Our imagination will cobble our path as it has already done so in the past, and our annunciation to the people will solidify this pact into our physical reality. Our thoughts, which are our most powerful allies will shape our future and thus the culture around us, as we embark on a path which we see clearly before us. A path which is perfect and unwavering.

On the brink of our metamorphosis we breath in all of the energies of the cosmos into our bellies, and breath them back out in an infinite cycle. It is our pleasure to have you join us in this metamorphosis, as we are all one, unified, and illustriously whole. It is the cocoon of illusion that we shed here today on our two year anniversary; the illusion of time, multiplicity, and doubt.

We kindly thank all of our friends that show support and embark with us in our vision and dream of perfection, which has already come to fruition with the very first seeds that have been planted in what is perceived as past, present, and future. And on this note we submit ourselves to all that is art, truth, & beauty. Keep your minds conscious, your thoughts in focus, and your hearts golden. If you think it to be true, it will be. We love you all and thank you for your continued support!


We are dropping a mixtape titled The Metamorphosis late this summer, following the theme of our own transformation. The artwork above depicts Narcissus gazing into the infinite, and seeing truth gaze right back at him all through his own self-reflection. Most of the slots on the mixtape are already filled, but we also want to give the aspiring MCs who read the site a chance to claim a spot as well. Send us one record to our email gowherehiphop@gmail.com with the subject line "Metamorphosis Submission", and if we think it personifies truth we'll put it on the mixtape. We also encourage and welcome any artwork submissions from illustrators, painters, and/or designers to include in the download file for The Metamorphosis mixtape as well! The deadline for all submissions is July 31.

~ Max G. & Sgt. Tibs

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