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Viewer's Guide to March Madness: Day 2

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Duke's Kyrie Irving returns from injury today

After an absolutely great opening day for the tournament (6 of 16 came down to the final shot, wow), day two will have to have something truly special to compare. I am talking a made halfcourt shot to win a game, or a player dropkicking a coach at the very least. Potential exists however, with the great Gus Johnson announcing four games today. So without further adieu, the how to, for watching games on Day Two... (all times ET)
12:15 Oakland vs. Texas
After all the drama in yesterday's 4 vs. 13 games, this one became more of a must view. Texas is talented enough team to win it all but is inconsistent at times, and has struggled against good bigs. Oakland brings Keith Benson averaging over 18 ppg, 10 rbg and 3.5 bpg.
Verdict: Must Watch (Texas could runaway with it, but I would want to find out first hand, just in case)
12:40 Tennessee vs. Michigan
A game that figures to be competitive and has four worth watching players (Michigan's Darius Morris and Tim Hardaway Jr,, Tennessee's Scotty Hopson and Tobias Harris).  Bruce Pearl's orange suit would make this game watchable even without the talented players though.
Verdict: Should Watch
1:40 Notre Dame vs. Akron
ND and baby Hansbrough will remind the Zips the difference between the MAC and Big East conference.
Verdict: Pass (unless you want to see ND run a 3 point shooting clinic)
2:10 Villanova vs. George Mason *Gus Johnson Alert*
Villanova comes in having lost seven of their last nine and five straight. Yet they have two electric guards in Malik Wayns and Corey Fisher and guardplay rules this time of year. George Mason won 16 straight until losing in their conference finals. They made that historic Final Four run a few years back and have the talent to do something similar again. However, Nova is possibly the most talented 9 seed in recent memory and were destined for a top 5 seed as recently as early February.
Verdict: Must Watch
3:10 Duke vs. Hampton
Kyrie Irving returns for Duke. That begins and concludes the only interesting aspect of this game.
Verdict: Pass (the other stations will let you know if/how he plays) 

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4:10 Florida State vs. Texas A&M
Two tough defensive minded squads. While it won't be a high scoring affair (and will have at least one 5 minute span of total offensive ineptitude), expect some gritty bordering on dirty play and a close game.
Verdict: Should Watch
4;40 UT-San Antonio vs. Ohio State *Gus Johnson Alert*
I'm intrigued... although only to find out who is on Ohio State outside of their seven man rotation that normally plays.
Verdict: Pass
6:50 Boston U. vs Kansas
Unless you bet on this game, I don't see why it will be interesting to watch. Maybe watch to see if any BU players try to get autographs from the Kansas guys after the game?
Verdict: Pass
7:15 Long Island vs North Carolina
LIU actually had a pretty nice season and may be a bit underseeded as a 15. And UNC's youth would seem to make them a susceptible upset target. But I can't seem to escape the feeling that LIU will try to run with UNC and end up running themselves out of the tourney in  hurry.
Verdict: Watchable (At least points will be scored with the 4th and 24th scoring teams in the nation)
7:20 St. Peter's vs. Purdue
I would watch just to see if/how St. Peter's makes a Peacock into an intimidating mascot. Jajuan Johnson will destroy the undersized Peacocks frontcourt.
Verdict: Pass (especially because of the next game)
7:27 Marquette vs. Xavier *Gus Johnson Alert*
Gus Johnson? Check. Great guards on both teams? Check. Two teams that generally keep games close? Check. Lets just say this game is giving me a partial chubs at the mere thought.
Verdict: Must Watch
9:20 Illinois vs. UNLV
Lon Kruger goes up against his old U of I club. The most enticing game of the night session by a good margin. Both teams are deep and talented.
Verdict: Should Watch
9:45 Georgia vs. Washington
Isaiah Thomas and a feisty Huskies squad square off against Georgia and the uber athletic Travis Leslie. Expect an up and down pace, some "ooohHHH" moments, and a dose of sloppy play.
Verdict: Should Watch
9:50 VCU vs. Georgetown
VCU slogged its way to an ugly victory over USC. Georgetown has struggled without Chris Wright who returns (but at what capacity?). This game doesn't figure to be a lot of fun to watch, but does have a bit of upset potential.
Verdict: Watchable
9:57 Indiana State vs. Syracuse *Gus Johnson Alert*
Gus Johnson and Larry Bird's Alma Mater!?!? Tragically not even those facts can redeem this game as Syracuse's size and athleticism will wear the Sycamores down.
Verdict: Pass

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