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Japan Needs Friends: Donate for Japan Relief

Japan Before & After Tsunami

Donate for Japan Relief
Dedicate your time, spread awareness, or contribute monetarily to aid Japan!
We are not separate. What is happening in Japan is happening to all of us, because we are not separate. The devastation that Japan is facing is a self reflection of the devastation within us all. It is a mirror, an unhealed aspect of ourselves that each person must take responsibility for. I urge all people to look within themselves, because by healing your individual inner world you will automatically heal the outer world, what you perceive to be "out there". We are co-creating our experience, and must take full responsibility for not only our own actions but the actions of others as unhealed aspects of ourselves. 

J. Krishnamurti

While an earthquake and tsunami may seem to be out of our control, they are really unhealed aspects of ourselves manifesting in our physical environment. (A similar thing happens on an "individual level" when disease manifests within the body due to anger, worry, or fear.) These are signs that we must look at ourselves for change. We must help one another, and heal ourselves. Help the world by healing yourself first. You can also spread your love to Japan by donating, raising awareness, or contributing monetarily. Down below our brother Go, who's forever embedded into the Gowhere history has a few words to say about how important Japan relief is to him and thus the world.

Dear readers and family of Gowhere Hip Hop -- My name is Go Katayama and I am writing to you today as a Japanese Chicagoan, and as a member of the GWHH family. As we all know, on March 11th, 2011 a devastating earthquake struck the north eastern coast of Japan. The earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 followed by multiple tsunamis has taken away tens and thousands of lives and has affected people's lives across Japan and the interconnected world. This region still faces numerous aftershocks and a possible outburst of nuclear material.
Today, I write to you from abroad, asking for your help. The evacuation centers across northern Japan lack in food and fuel resources at this very moment. Numerous deaths have occurred in the evacuation centers from starvation and freezing weather.
The real challenge begins today as Japan ends the emergency fix and begins its long road to recovery. Japan is going through much uncertainty at the moment and needs your helping hand. Please donate to the red cross if you can. That would mean a lot to me and the people of Japan.

Follow me on twitter at @gokatayama, as I will be translating and interpreting Japanese media and the latest on the situation in Japan for the rest of the month. Thank you, and God bless!



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