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ESPN 30 For 30: The Fab Five (Video)

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The Fab Five: Jimmy King, Juwan Howard, Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, & Ray Jackson
(Watch the documentary after the jump!)

The early 90s marked a period of time where hip hop was emerging as a powerful presence in pop culture. Coinciding with the increasing influence of the genre was a basketball team that also contributed to its growth: The Fab 5. Last night, ESPN premiered another fantastic installment of their 30 For 30 series as 'The Fab Five' documented the Michigan Wolverines of the early 1990s - from the ups and the downs on the court to their transcendent legacy - illustrated by black socks, black shoes, baggy shorts and an overall epitomization of the growing hip hop culture fused into basketball.

Flat out, 'The Fab Five' is 30 For 30's strongest documentary yet. The mix of interviews, in-game footage, never before seen home videos, and the honest and entertaining quotables (some of which listed below) were fascinating and engaging. The 'student of trash talk', Jalen Rose, who is always a well-spoken and humorous interview, provided the most blunt, and honest insight in the documentary. If only Webber himself agreed to be a part of the documentary and provide his thoughts, memories, and insight as well, 'The Fab Five' would have been even better. 

Other highlights included: the raw footage capturing Webber's long, uncomfortable walk off the court after each title game, and on a lighter note: the Europe trip home videos (featuring C-Webb kickin' a flow) and a pre-high school Chris Webber dunking on kids he made look like 3rd graders, hah! There is even more to take in if you have the time to watch the full 90 minute documentary after the jump (shouts 2 yardie).

"The first day the Fab Five stepped on the University of Michigan campus, that was the start of a revolution. It just so happened that this revolution was televised."
- Jalen Rose

Jimmy King's opinion of Christian Laettner: "A bitch. And I thought Grant Hill was a bitch too."

Rose on Laettner: "I thought he was an overrated p***y. Until I got on the floor with him, and realized he had game." 

Rose on Ohio State: "We called them the Ohio State Fu*keyes." 

Rose on year two: "I didn't feel like a college kid anymore. I felt like a pro that wasn't getting paid."
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The Fab Five (Pt. 1)
The Fab Five (Pt. 2)



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gwill said:


The documentary is just like the Fab Five themselves...vastly over-hyped and falls short at the end.

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