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Katy Perry "E.T." f/ Kanye West
FULL, CDQ, NEW Single from the album, Teenage Dream
Katy Perry & Kanye West?! Talk about an unlikely collab. But what may seem unfathomable at first may actually not be that far-fetched, considering that Katy & Kanye are two of the most popular stars in the music biz and have yet to work together. Similarly, a 90-foot alley-oop may seem unfathomable at first, but when you consider it's Dwyane Wade & LeBron James, the possibility becomes a little less far-fetched too, doesn't it? Now if only the former could contain as much awesomeness as the latter.

Longtime readers should know by now that Kanye West is one of my favorite artists, but how bout Katy Perry?! Well, while I do like to dabble to the top 40 stations, Katy Perry has never really held me over on those, but by no means do I loathe her either. So going into my first impression of "E.T.", there was an outside chance I'd like this, but, at the end of the day, it's just another catchy tune, that while it has future #1 hit written all over it, is also a record that I'll be skipping over when it comes on my dial. The lyrics contain numerous, easy-to-follow metaphors comparing space-themed words and images to sex. Or, sometimes Kanye is just explicit, "Tell me what's next, alien sex!". Katy plays the female who wants to be 'abducted' by her man, as Kanye plays the counterpart that will 'disarm and probe'. I can do without most of these allusions, but admittedly there are a few clever ones from Mr. West (I may never think of Milky Way the same way). Outside of the content, the fusion of Katy & Kanye isn't really working for me; they just don't sound that natural together and the transitions in the futuristic, yet sometimes simple production don't contribute to create my desired smoothness. *shrugs* This song just isn't for me, but it will be for a lot of people so check it out above, see what you think, and vote in the poll below. One thing's for sure though: there's gonna be one crazy video that comes out of this. We shall see. Enjoy! 



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