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Columbia College 'Big Mouth Open Mic'

What up Chicago, I'm back at it with my sophomore post! I wanna start by thankin' all of the supporters that helped me blow up my first post to Gowhere Hip Hop which featured the U Dot Fam's "Cold Case Mixtape". This past Thursday I was fortunate enough to be a part of a fresh event at Columbia College Chicago which is known as the "Big Mouth Open Mic" series. It was hosted by Columbia's Demi Lobo (WGCI) and on the boards was DJ Continental. The monthly event is produced by the Student Programming Board (SPB) and it leads into "The Biggest Mouth" competition. This is one of the best ways for students to get on stage to showcase their art as well as express their thoughts. My goal was to reach out to the hip hop/r&b performing artists for networking purposes and also to give them a chance to be exposed on The #1 Chicago Hip Hop Blog! Many of them were def appreciative of the opportunity that I gave them, and that was tight cuz I actually missed class to make this happen (shhh don't tell Kimo Williams). 
The performances that I captured included that of Yani Simone, Isaiah Jones (Harmonious Dynasty- Moses Hall, Nasty Nate, Chris Singleton), Orie, Dre Future, Remy St. James, Devin Loveloss, D. Land & Spot P, M.H., and Malcolm Gregory. Yani Simone had that sexy swagger, Isaiah Jones & HD had that smooth sound, Orie was killin' it with his voice, Dre Future showed good stage presence, Remy St. James was hittin' all types of notes, Devin Loveloss brought a down south feel to the stage, D. Land & Spot got the crowd bumpin', M.H. performed a hit, and Malcolm Gregory expressed his thoughts with emotion!  I apologize if I left anyone out of the mix, but I can always make it up to you if you reach out to me (@JohnB_MillerSt). On behalf of Miller Street Studios, I chose to showcase an extended performance video for three of the acts from the event. All of the performers were unique and showed dedication, but something extra stood out for me in these following videos. I also got a chance to interview M.H. and Isaiah Jones w/ Harmonious Dynasty. Peep 'em out for yourself! 
Extended Performance/Interview
Isaiah Jones (Harmonious Dynasty)
Extended Performance/Interview
Yani Simone
Extended Performance



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