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Julian Mavunga (a.k.a. J-Money) 'Split Personality' [MIXTAPE]

Julian Mavunga (a.k.a. J-Money) 'Split Personality' [MIXTAPE]
Features 16 NEW Tracks!
You may recall our feature on D1 basketball player Julian Mavunga, a.k.a. J-Money, with the infectious "Show Me The Way" from a couple of weeks ago - a dope prelude to his debut mixtape, Split Personality, which once again proves he can do more than just shoot the rock. The title Split Personality is indicative of what you'll find across 16 new tracks from Mavunga: a variety of concepts and vibes that reflect the many different sides that are in all of us. The mixtape is a well-balanced mix of reflective songs, party songs, original production, and remixes. As a result, it is hard to vibe with every track, especially at the same level that I rocked with "Show Me The Way", but as you can imagine if you have a sense of my taste, I like much of the songs that are similar in content and lyricism. "Regrets", also featuring E. Pif, proves they're a dope mix again, and the following track "Follow My Dreams" is another one that'll earn some burn in the rotation. On the rap side, Mavunga shows some promise with a flow, that when at its best, reminds me of a mix of GLC and a general Atlanta/southern sound. So, from top to bottom, Split Pesonality has a little bit of everything, which means you'll likely find something you like if it's not the tracks listed above, then perhaps solid remixes of "Fall For Your Type", a fun one of "Teach Me How To Dougie", or even the awesome Pac-Man-sampled record! So, it's that time where there's nothin' left to do but click the link above - listen, preview, and download away! Enjoy!



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