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Short Dawg 'Southern Flame Spitta Vol. 4' [MIXTAPE]
Presented by: Don Cannon 
Short Dawg a.k.a. "Elvis Freshley," from Young Money Entertainment, has been the talk of the week. His much anticipated mixtape, Southern Flame Spitta Vol. 4, dropped this week and so far it has been reviewed as the best out of all the volumes. "9 To 5" feat. Young Money's Shanell has to be one of my favorites. This track is what he would call "fresh," and shows his ability to cross into the alternative genre. I also like "Baddest" feat. Lloyd and "Lean" feat. Lil Wayne. This project shows growth in his skills as an artist and has definitely got me excited for his album, Fresh, coming at the top of the year. (Find out how to win an autographed copy here). Make sure to download the mixtape above and check out my interview with him below.

GWHH: I am just going to cut to the point, Southern Flame Spitta Vol. 4 (your most anticipated mixtape yet) just dropped, we want to know how is the mixtape doing so far?

SD: Oh man, from what I see it is doing great. It's gotten great reviews and the fans are loving it. I am very grateful and cannot wait to see how it continues to grow.

GWHH: How do you feel it is going to do compared to 3 and 3.5?

SD: I think every series and year gets better and better. I went back to the origins with this one because i got with Don Cannon. We lost touch for 3 and 3.5, but on this one we brought it back.

GWHH: What are some of your favorite tracks?

SD: A couple of my favorites are "Money in My Pocket," the 9 to 5 song with Shanell, and my favorite freestyle would have to be "Miss Me."

GWHH: There were some great collabs on this mixtape, Wayne, Shanell, Lloyd, Sterling Sims, and Birdman just to name a few, who can we expect to see you working with in the future or who would you like to work with?

SD: I am going to continue all the songs with Young Money. I've been friends with Swizz Beatz for a while, and we have mutual respect for each other. So I definitely look forward to working with him. I also would like to work with Pharell on the production side of things. But as far as working with other artists, I'd work with anyone who has a mutual respect for my skills.

GWHH: A lot of your fans still remember your verse from "Me and My Drank," what would you say would be your favorite verse of all time? Do you have a favorite punch line that you stick to?

SD: Verse of all time for me? I have no idea. I hear people quoting stuff I don't even remember I said. A punch line that I quote a lot when I am writing and in my bio would be "All the models come every place I be, and all the young girls want me like a fake I.D."

GWHH: You have adopted the name "Elvis Freshley" because of your alter ego, could you talk a little bit about how you got the name and what it means?

SD: Well I say fresh a lot, they call me fresh and everyone knows that if they get in my car they can hear some Maroon 5 as well as other alternative music. So once I started recording alternative music the name kinda went together.

GWHH: When you say you plan on crossing into other genres of music, which ones in particular are you going to focus on?

SD: I wouldn't say that, I wasn't trying to change my style or nothing like that. It's just something that was in me and I enjoyed listening to it. Once I realized I could make it, I haven't stopped yet.

GWHH: Since signing with Young Money, it seems like it is a perfect fit, what is the chemistry like between you and the other Young Money artists?

SD: It's really like an over-sized family. We all call each other when we need verses and on the holidays. It's real fun. I enjoy it.

GWHH: What are you working on now?

SD: Fresh, an album I am putting together at the top off the year, inspired by the motion picture film and produced by C.N.O.T.E. I am also recording my Young Money debut album, as well as working on a bunch of features, and I just got an idea for my next mixtape. I wanna call it "The Alarm Clock."

GWHH: Some of our fans want to know where you get your "sizzurp" from and how you come up with the ideas for the drawings on your Styrofoam cups?

SD: No comment on the first question. As far as drawings, I have always been into drawing. I used to compete in the rodeo drawing competitions back in Texas. They would give us a blank piece of construction paper and tell us to draw our idea of the rodeo. I ended up winning a few first place competitions, and that is why a white Styrofoam cup is like a white sheet of paper for me.

GWHH: Lastly, when can we expect to see you in Chicago?

SD: My homeboy Brian Lwuh plays for the Bears there, so I definitely want to go check out a game before the season's over. As far as performing there, whenever I get a chance I will be there. I love the Midwest.

Follow Short Dawg on Myspace, Twitter @elvisfreshley, and at Short-Dawg.com.



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