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"I have a quest to have a mic in my hand...without that, its like cryptonite and superman//so Shaheed come in with the sugarcuts, Phife Dawg's my name but on stage call me dyno-mutt." 
- Phife Dawg "Award Tour"
Last week at The Shrine, Phife Dawg and Ali Shaheed had a similiar groove going. This time around it was to help celebrate Phife's b-day. On stage together yet again. Phife providing ill lyrics and Ali Shaheed Muhummad with the cool rhythms to keep the party going. Of course it went down.
I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing both fellas individually that night (for once, BEFORE the show). It wasn't really the work groove for me; I've actually always been a big Tribe head and here I was building with 2/3 of the legendary ATCQ crew. A little geeked? Perhaps... Oh, if you noticed I was rocking the same shirt during my Mikkey Halsted interview, thats because I interviewed Mikk the same night, genius. Don't judge me.
Getting back to Phife's cryptonite raps, its clear the Chicago Hawk is his ultimate vice. Outside of the cold Chicago weather, Phife talks about the inspiration behind his upcoming EP Elma's Grandson, The Songs In The Key Of Phife LP, Derrick Rose, and his love for sports (see Phife's twitter name: @DiggyMusberger). Of course, we talked A Tribe Called Quest. [Special GY312 PSA] The heads need one more tribe album! *crosses fingers to the hip hop gods that be*.
Special shouts to the Five Foot Assasin, once again. His love for sports could be an entire post in itself. He talked sports with me and Sgt. Tibs for about 15 minutes after the interview was over. Much propers for that!

gwhh x atcq
Sgt. Tibs, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, GY312, & Phife Dawg



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