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Paypa on Gowhere Radio [Recap]

On last week's edition of Gowhere Radio, we devoted a majority of the show to an in-depth conversation with a Chicago artist on the rise: Paypa! Now, in case you missed the show, you can listen to it all by simply pressing play above. We talked about his recent wave of new music (and played some of it, of course), most notably the sizzling "Black & Red". But we also got his comments on some deep issues behind the scenes, including the controversy of his affiliated Behind Da Scenes Entertainment group recently getting indicted. And furthermore, we got his upcoming artist perspective on how vital blogs are to the artist, in the wake of the Homeland Security seizing. Read his comments below and hear for yourself above!
On the Behind Da Scenes Entertainment Controversy:
"I don't really know nothing about that. What I do know is that's fam. These wasn't just colleagues or business acquaintances, when you're working with people and around people, it becomes more like a family. It's unfortunate, these are not people you would consider crooks; these are generally good people... [On how it affects him] It's absolute and completely total motivation, man... I'm not going nowhere and it made me a million times stronger. Now of course, you got to deal with the emotional and mental anguish of it. Losing good people, good friends, that's never good. We've seen this story before though, we all deal with losses."
On the importance of blogs for artists:
"The relationship between artists and blogs is everything. It's like a relationship between a best friend; you guys are our biggest asset. The artists are nothing without blogs. We're talking about getting started... you guys open up that venue so for that to be shut down, anybody comin' after, from now on, it's gonna be hard to position yourself."
To close out, we have a couple of radio news and notes. We will be on the airwaves on our usual date and time (Thursday night, 8PM on Vocalo.org 89.5 FM), and we will be putting the spotlight on some of our recent interviews and some dope Chicago music of the past week, in addition to more Wu-Tang ticket giveaways. Expect the usual preview/weekly recap sometime tomorrow. And lastly, one week from today, we will be joining Vocalo Music Vox host Jesse Menendez, as he will be interviewing us to discuss in detail some of the stuff we touched on above: the blogs being seized by Homeland Security. It will be a must-listen so stay tuned next Wednesday night as well!



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