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J. Slikk 'A Tribute To Jen DeLeon (The Instrumental LP)'

J. Slikk 'A Tribute To Jen DeLeon (The Instrumental LP)'
Features 27 NEW Tracks! (Tracklist after the jump!)
That's right! Don't rub your eyes. Chicago producer J. Slikk's new instrumental LP is a tribute to someone you already know here at GWHH: our own Jen DeLeon! J. Slikk dedicated this one to her for her grind both here at Gowhere and before she joined the team when she organized the successful Help Me Help Haiti relief event in Chicago. I am sure that Jen, and you reading at home, will appreciate the music that Slikk produces across the project - 27 complete beats that will still fit on a CD you can bounce with in the car. J. Slikk does an excellent job combining samples and the soul that you would expect from him into his overall, raw hip hop sound. 

There are too many favorites to name, but I particularly liked "Bassline", "That Neaux Neaux" (which I think has some 'Oh's' from Robin Thicke's "Wanna Love U Girl", ha), "And You KNOW This" (that has an R&B feel to it) and "Love In The Spring (Lust In The Fall)". Play this one with an open mind (and at full volume) and you'll probably find something to vibe with as well. In fact, it is perfect music to have on in the background, if you're reading, surfing the net, or doin' whatever it is that you do, haha. One last shoutout to Gowhere compadre Maks G, who cranked out the fresh artwork you see above. Give this one a download, and aspiring rappers, if you feel inspired to rap over one or more of these beats, send 'em over to us (let's see who can be resourceful) or J. Slikk himself on Twitter (@JSlikkMusic) as all beats are property of him and licensed by ASCAP. One last fun fact: some of these beats are 2 years old and some of them are even 2 days old. Nice. Check it out and enjoy!



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