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Ali Shaheed Muhammad Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

"For the future, be true to yourself. If you're gonna be influenced by someone be influenced by them. Don't cop them so much that you're a clone. No one wants to deal with a clone. There's not that much more substance in being a clone, but definitely be influenced by people...take what you can from that and sculpt it into your own situation. In doing so, you'll be happy and I think your people will be happy listening to what you do."
- Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Good advice right?
That was Ali Shaheed Muhammad speaking to the future artists and producers of the next generation. The quote was so powerful I transcribed it for ya'll. Now if you want to hear A Tribe Called Quest's very own Ali Shaheed Muhammad talks about the reinvigoration of NY's hip-hop scene, creativity vs. influencers, and his thoughts about ATCQ iconic stature then you're gonna have to check out the interview.
P.S. I also took the liberty to find out the name of the group that Ali Shaheed Muhammad was raving about in the interview. The name of the group is called H.I.S.D. The album is called The Weakend and in his own words (and tweet) is "the best five dollars i've spent EVER. Its like all that."
Ali Shaheed was not sending anyone off either. Those cats from Houston are nice! Go cop that asaptual.
...And i'm still crossing my fingers for another Tribe album!
Phife Dawg Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop"



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GRANDfathercloc said:

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I represent management for H.I.S.D. and I first want to say they appreciate you taking the time out to find the name of the group. That was a big look on behalf of Ali. If any of you here @gowhere are looking for music interviews or evn for them to do a show in the "GoIll" state just get at me. Once again we appreciate the look.

space up said:

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this is the dope album ive herd and if you read about each song its event better www.theweakend.com the concept is so fresh this album made me feel like when i put on a tribe or dela album like H.I.S.D say rockin mean to fell good and space up go the next level well fellows you got me im spaced up ps there is a manual for there lango check it a there www.peaceuvmine.com

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